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Top 25 DIY Ideas in April

1 Top 25 DIY Ideas in April

From DIY Cleansing Grains to Homemade Sauerkraut Kits • 34,202 views
Top 100 Health Ideas in April

2 Top 100 Health Ideas in April

From Wearable Brand Activations to Luxury Hotel Farmers Markets • 31,401 views
Top 95 Eco Ideas in April

3 Top 95 Eco Ideas in April

From Contemporary Hydroponic Planters to Water Usage-Tracking Devices • 27,866 views
Dual Transportation Auto Concepts

4 Dual Transportation Auto Concepts

The Audi Connected Mobility Comes with an Electric Longboard • 5,748 views
Cuisine-Enhancing Farm Boxes

5 Cuisine-Enhancing Farm Boxes

The U-ING Hydroponic Grow System Keeps Fresh Herbs Constantly Growing • 581 views
Illusionary 3D Crosswalks

6 Illusionary 3D Crosswalks

These Geometric Optical Illusion Road Decals Inspire Safer Crossings • 509 views
Enormous Lettuce Factories

7 Enormous Lettuce Factories

SPREAD Co.'s Sustainable Agricultural System Addresses Food Security • 458 views
Liveable Cardboard Abodes

8 Liveable Cardboard Abodes

The Wikkelhouse is a Sustainable House Made From Recycled Paper • 428 views
Wireless Shifting Electric Bikes

9 Wireless Shifting Electric Bikes

The Stromer ST2 S is a Fast Electric Bike with a 110-Mile Range • 418 views
Eco-Friendly Phone Chargers

10 Eco-Friendly Phone Chargers

This Phone-Charging Plant Powers Your Smartphone Battery the Green Way • 387 views
Emissions-Reducing Efficient Engines

11 Emissions-Reducing Efficient Engines

The Ford 2.0-Liter EcoBlue Diesel Engine is Powerful • 337 views
Powered Electric Bike Trailers

12 Powered Electric Bike Trailers

The 'Carla' Cargo Trailer Enhances Electric Bikes with Extra Power • 260 views
Multifunctional Wine Boxes

13 Multifunctional Wine Boxes

The Viajes de un Catador Box Wine Packaging is for Storage and Serving • 189 views
Eco-Friendly Tortilla Bowls

14 Eco-Friendly Tortilla Bowls

KFC India is Testing an Edible Bowl for Environmental Purposes • 161 views
Solar Energy Startups

15 Solar Energy Startups

This Solar Startup Offers Solar Power Services and Accepts Mobile Payments • 121 views
Modular Insect Farms

16 Modular Insect Farms

The Cricket Shelter is an Urban Farm for Raising Free-Range Crickets • 76 views
3D Printed Cheeses

17 3D Printed Cheeses

These Dairy 3D Printers Create Real Milk-Based Products More Sustainably • 67 views
Crowdsourced Ecological Apps

18 Crowdsourced Ecological Apps

This Environmental Information Leverages the Power Of the Crowd • 57 views
Coastal Biodiversity Apps

19 Coastal Biodiversity Apps

This Wildlife App Showcases the Species of British Columbia's Coast • 21 views
Rapid Moving Services

20 Rapid Moving Services

The Trusk Startup Works Like An Uber For All Your Moving Needs • 13 views


Stilted Solar Homes

1 Stilted Solar Homes

The Sustainable ZED Pods Can Be Installed in Parking Lots • 33,881 views
13 Luxury Mobile Homes

2 13 Luxury Mobile Homes

From Opulent Road Abodes to Monstrous Motor Mansions • 10,153 views
Chic Shipping Container Homes

3 Chic Shipping Container Homes

The Honomobo Shipping Container Living Spaces Satisfy Needs • 9,976 views
72 Examples of Innovative E-Bikes

4 72 Examples of Innovative E-Bikes

From Commute-Mapping Bicycles to Off-Road Electric Bikes • 8,909 views
32 Sustainable Lighting Innovations

5 32 Sustainable Lighting Innovations

From Sun-Reflecting Illuminators to Intelligent Urban Lamps • 4,166 views
Portable At-Home Greenhouses

6 Portable At-Home Greenhouses

Design House Stockholm's Miniature Greenhouse Brings the Outdoors In • 3,447 views
37 Anti-Food Waste Ideas

7 37 Anti-Food Waste Ideas

From Repurposed Fruit Yogurts to Local Food Donation Apps • 3,371 views
15 Creative Cardboard Toys

8 15 Creative Cardboard Toys

From DIY Drawing Robots to Prefabricated Playgrounds • 3,347 views
Portable Induction Hobs

9 Portable Induction Hobs

IKEA's New TILLREDA Induction Hob is Made for Small Living Spaces • 2,385 views
DIY Cardboard Toys

10 DIY Cardboard Toys

MacoshDesign Created Downloadable Templates to Make Eco-Friendly Toys • 2,349 views
Economical Single-Seat Helicopters

11 Economical Single-Seat Helicopters

This Personal Helicopter Design Allows Flyers to Avoid Delays • 2,223 views
Connected Rooftop Wind Turbines

12 Connected Rooftop Wind Turbines

This Mountable Turbine is The First Connected Wind Energy Source • 2,222 views
17 Innovative Bike Sensors

13 17 Innovative Bike Sensors

From Health-Centric Road Bikes to Intuitive Cyclist Alerts • 2,216 views
Compact Public Transportation Vehicles

14 Compact Public Transportation Vehicles

The 'Tempo' Compact Vehicle Offers Space for Two Riders • 1,969 views
Invisible Urban Trains

15 Invisible Urban Trains

The Sanaa Train by Seibu Railway Company is Designed Using Reflective Glass • 1,898 views
Tiny Hemp Homes

16 Tiny Hemp Homes

This Hemp Home Makes Use Of Sustainable Hemp-Based Materials • 1,589 views
Futuristic Rescue Aircrafts

17 Futuristic Rescue Aircrafts

The Sikorsky 'KANI' Light Electric Aircraft Features Space for Two • 1,515 views
Futuristic Hover Bikes

18 Futuristic Hover Bikes

The Chico is a Conceptual Vehicle that Features a Rounded Pod Shape • 1,411 views
25 Smart Cycling Precautions

19 25 Smart Cycling Precautions

From Laser Bike Light Indicators to Traffic-Sensing Cycling Devices • 1,260 views
Bacteria-Powered Lighting

20 Bacteria-Powered Lighting

Glowee Uses Bioluminescent Bacteria as a Sustainable Source of Light • 1,232 views


Top 100 Eco Ideas in March

1 Top 100 Eco Ideas in March

From Biodegradable Shopping Bags to Apartment Compost Kits • 27,557 views
Top 100 Architecture Ideas in March

2 Top 100 Architecture Ideas in March

From Robot-Built Pavilions to Sensory Government Buildings • 16,102 views
Top 70 Science Ideas in March

3 Top 70 Science Ideas in March

From Plant-Specific Probiotics to Printed Biomimicry Dresses • 14,166 views
Comfortable Glamping Yurts

4 Comfortable Glamping Yurts

WeatherPort Yurts are Perfect for Idyllic Outdoor Adventures • 10,620 views
20 Healthy Home Designs

5 20 Healthy Home Designs

From Airy Luxury Abodes to Energy-Positive Homes • 9,309 views
Dual-Seat Electric Bikes

6 Dual-Seat Electric Bikes

The Ruckus Bike Has an Extra-Long Cushion Designed for Passengers • 8,711 views
Eco-Friendly Glamping Cabins

7 Eco-Friendly Glamping Cabins

These Triangular Cabins are Designed for Luxury Camping Trips • 7,169 views
Tubular Tree Abodes

8 Tubular Tree Abodes

Aibek Almassov Designs a House that Wraps Around a Fully Grown Tree • 6,963 views
Plastic Bottle-Recycling Cutters

9 Plastic Bottle-Recycling Cutters

This Plastic Bottle Cutter Turns Waste into Usable Materials • 6,929 views
Recycled Tire Furniture

10 Recycled Tire Furniture

Bamboo House India Turns Scrap Tires into Beautiful Upcycled Furniture • 6,257 views
Streamlined Electric Bike Concepts

11 Streamlined Electric Bike Concepts

This Bike Features an Electric Motor System and a Carbon Frame • 5,248 views
Magnetic Motor Hypercars

12 Magnetic Motor Hypercars

The 'Concept_One' is an All-Electric Vehicle Designed for Speed • 3,569 views
Short-Range Commuter Scooters

13 Short-Range Commuter Scooters

The 'DriftWheels' Hoverboard Scooter Makes Short Commutes Easier • 3,268 views
Indoor Gardening Systems

14 Indoor Gardening Systems

The 'Summit Grow Lab' Allows Users to Set Up an Urban Garden Anywhere • 3,115 views
Natural Plant Air Purifiers

15 Natural Plant Air Purifiers

The 'Clairy' Natural Air Purifier Merges Technology and Nature • 3,007 views
Hydroelectric Battery Chargers

16 Hydroelectric Battery Chargers

The 'Enomad' Hydroelectric Generator is Small Enough for a Backpack • 2,849 views
Sea Tree Planters

17 Sea Tree Planters

The TetraPOT is a Living Solution to Sea Defense Around the World • 2,799 views
Developmental Toddler Toys

18 Developmental Toddler Toys

The 'Willa Walker' Makes Learning to Walk a More Streamlined Task • 2,573 views
Dual-Packaging Herb Kits

19 Dual-Packaging Herb Kits

This Student Project is Designed to Promote Urban Gardening • 2,389 views
Sliced Wood Serving Displays

20 Sliced Wood Serving Displays

The Two-Tier Tree Wood Platter Adds an Eco-Friendly Touch to Serving • 2,346 views