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26 Kid-Inspired Sustainable Packaging

1 26 Kid-Inspired Sustainable Packaging

From Chalkboard Brew Bags to Playful Snack Blocks • 3,166 views
Stacked Cube Skyscrapers

2 Stacked Cube Skyscrapers

This Sustainable Skyscraper Houses a Flexible Mixed-Use Interior • 2,430 views
20 Examples of Sustainable Toy Packaging

3 20 Examples of Sustainable Toy Packaging

From Flat-Packed Rocking Horses to Responsible Kite Kits • 2,352 views
Bovine Dairy Branding

4 Bovine Dairy Branding

Animal Yogurt Packaging is Visually Appealing and Totally Playful for Kids • 1,935 views
Sustainable Tech Packaging

5 Sustainable Tech Packaging

Be Green Packaging Offers Eco-Friendly Solutions for Consumer Goods • 847 views
Fairy Tale Confections

6 Fairy Tale Confections

Miss Muffet & Co. Creates Kid- and Eco-Friendly Packaging • 676 views
Responsible Kite Packaging

7 Responsible Kite Packaging

Lily Li's Versatile Design Can be Repurposed as Storage and Supplies • 673 views
Illuminating Doll Boxes

8 Illuminating Doll Boxes

This Toy Box Packaging for a Doll Doubles as a Lamp • 632 views
Community-Building Recycled Vaults

9 Community-Building Recycled Vaults

3Space's Hatch Project Turns Empty Banks Into Free Public Space • 630 views
Sustainable Repackaging Strategies

10 Sustainable Repackaging Strategies

The Hershey's Miniatures Rebrand Saves 2,000 Trees Per Year • 504 views
Plaited Paper Packaging

11 Plaited Paper Packaging

Hybrid Crayon Candles are Tucked into Slots and Folds a an Eco Container • 371 views
3D-Printed Auto Opportunities

12 3D-Printed Auto Opportunities

Researchers Point the Way to Innovative Applications in Car Making • 368 views
Ethical Aromatherapy Collections

13 Ethical Aromatherapy Collections

The Vitruvi Fragrances are Inspired by Global Daily Rituals • 358 views
Curlicue Ceiling Lights

14 Curlicue Ceiling Lights

Curly Wooden Lamps Artistically Express Carpenters' Beautiful Byproduct • 253 views
Futuristic Desert Cities

15 Futuristic Desert Cities

Abu Dhabi’s Masdar City is Designed for Self-Sufficient Communal Living • 235 views
Pavilion-Printing Pavilions

16 Pavilion-Printing Pavilions

A Hi-Tech Room Printer Can Create Small Buildings Quite Resourcefully • 181 views
Playful Electricity Generation

17 Playful Electricity Generation

A Skipping Rope Lamp Uses Daytime Games to Power Light at Night • 170 views
Organic Leafy Implements

18 Organic Leafy Implements

Expand Your Creativity to Assembling Your Own Natural Grass Stylus • 170 views
Symbiotic Flower Pots

19 Symbiotic Flower Pots

This Aquarium Planter Supports Fish and the Growing of Herbs Indoors • 166 views
Sustainable Business Shifts

20 Sustainable Business Shifts

Sinopec Group Moves Away from the Oil Market to 3D Printing • 158 views


Top 100 Eco Trends of 2014

1 Top 100 Eco Trends of 2014

From Self-Sufficient Treehouse Homes to Chinese Pollution Pictures • 254,244 views
70 Contemporary Treehouse Concepts

2 70 Contemporary Treehouse Concepts

From Secluded Forest Retreats to Modern Arboreal Resorts • 25,928 views
44 Examples of Flat Pack Products

3 44 Examples of Flat Pack Products

From Snap-Together Desk Lighting to Flat Packed Sunglasses • 11,788 views
38 Examples of 3D Printers

4 38 Examples of 3D Printers

From Kid-Friendly 3D Printers to 3D Makeup Printers • 11,406 views
Smart Modular Microfarms

5 Smart Modular Microfarms

These Connected Greenhouse Create Rooftop Gardens in Urban Areas • 8,725 views
Age-Adapting Eco Bicycles

6 Age-Adapting Eco Bicycles

Wishbone Design Studio's Growing Bike is Made From 100% Recycled Carpet • 6,810 views
Disposable Drone Prototypes

7 Disposable Drone Prototypes

This Biodegradable Drone Concept is Made Out of Mushroom Materials • 6,379 views
Sustainable Forest Homes

8 Sustainable Forest Homes

Passive House Che is Located In a Romanian Forest • 5,745 views
Open Source Floating Homes

9 Open Source Floating Homes

The Floating House is Designed By Carl Turner Architects • 5,654 views
Eco-Friendly Highway Covers

10 Eco-Friendly Highway Covers

A German City Plans to Bury Its Autobahn Under a Green Park • 4,761 views
Quick Assembly Boxes

11 Quick Assembly Boxes

This Smart Cardboard Box Design Uses 15% Less Material and No Tape • 4,532 views
Tilted Carbon-Neutral Architecture

12 Tilted Carbon-Neutral Architecture

This Zero Energy House is the Product of Snøhetta and ZEB • 4,511 views
16 3D-Printed Transportation Innovations

13 16 3D-Printed Transportation Innovations

From Self-Assembling Autos to Printable Concept Cars • 4,309 views
26 Examples of 3D-Printed Architecture

14 26 Examples of 3D-Printed Architecture

From 3D-Printed Mud Houses to Snaking 3D-Printed Homes • 3,790 views
40 Tesla Motors Innovations

15 40 Tesla Motors Innovations

From Mysterious Electric CUVs to Watch-Branded Roadsters • 3,787 views
3D-Printed Cars (UPDATE)

16 3D-Printed Cars (UPDATE)

This Cutting-Edge Local Motors Creation is Now Production-Ready • 3,718 views
Motorized Shoe-Strapped Accessories

17 Motorized Shoe-Strapped Accessories

Rollkers Electronic Shoes are Being Displayed at CES 2015 • 3,715 views
Portable Sub-Zero Homes

18 Portable Sub-Zero Homes

Leaf House Version.3 is Designed to Withstand Sub-Zero Temperatures • 3,688 views
Buttoned-Up Shipping Boxes

19 Buttoned-Up Shipping Boxes

This Box Packaging Design for WonderPix Uses Fewer Fasteners • 3,329 views
Sustainable Seaweed Furniture

20 Sustainable Seaweed Furniture

Jonas Edvard and Nikolaj Steenfatt Create Raw Chairs and Lamps • 3,190 views


100 Gift Ideas for Your Girlfriend

1 100 Gift Ideas for Your Girlfriend

From Dainty Wrist Adornments to Silky Hearrthob Pillows • 118,433 views
Top 100 Tech Ideas in December

2 Top 100 Tech Ideas in December

From Multi-Tasking Tablets to Commemorative Euro Trains • 103,728 views
86 Gifts for Wine Lovers

3 86 Gifts for Wine Lovers

From Hooded Wine Sleeves to Magnetic Bottle Openers • 86,585 views
100 Gifts for the Teen

4 100 Gifts for the Teen

From School Supply Clutches to Pocket-Sized Phone Printers • 55,938 views
Top 100 Lifestyle Ideas in December

5 Top 100 Lifestyle Ideas in December

From Terrifying Wedding Photography to Surreal Digital Museums • 48,407 views
Top 70 Social Good Ideas in December

6 Top 70 Social Good Ideas in December

From world Hunger Photoshoots to Feminine Mustache Ads • 14,471 views
Luxury Tiny Homes

7 Luxury Tiny Homes

The Tiny Heirloom Features an Automated House Control System • 11,839 views
Top 100 Architecture Trends in December

8 Top 100 Architecture Trends in December

From Alabaster Swedish Homes to Quilted Aluminum Abodes • 10,498 views
Top 60 Eco Ideas in December

9 Top 60 Eco Ideas in December

From Eco Feline Homes to Lightweight Water Bottles • 10,121 views
Bicycle-Towed Campers

10 Bicycle-Towed Campers

This Conceptual Eco-Friendly Camper is Designed to be Pedal-Powered • 7,652 views
Electric Cargo Tricycles

11 Electric Cargo Tricycles

The johanson3 Lets You Stand While Riding • 6,984 views
Ultimate Pop-Up Tents

12 Ultimate Pop-Up Tents

Cinch by Jake Jackson Boasts Solar Power and LED Capabilities • 6,810 views
Space-Saving Green Homes

13 Space-Saving Green Homes

The Beach Avenue Home Makes the Most of its Tiny Plot of Land • 6,505 views
Solar-Powered Homes

14 Solar-Powered Homes

The Taoshouse's Energy Needs are Met By a Solar Array • 5,845 views
Tree-Shaped Turbines

15 Tree-Shaped Turbines

The Winds Tree Generates Power From Low-Speed Winds • 4,209 views
Minature Mason Jar Dioramas

16 Minature Mason Jar Dioramas

CB2's Gnome Terrarium is Adorably Quirky in its Design • 3,965 views
Body Clock-Conscious Homes

17 Body Clock-Conscious Homes

The Photon Space Home Helps Residents Embrace Circadian Rhythms • 3,877 views
Upcycled Stone Decor

18 Upcycled Stone Decor

Ghigos Studio's Recycled Stones Repurposes Rocks as Candlestick Holders • 3,197 views
Retiree-Run Urban Farms

19 Retiree-Run Urban Farms

The Homefarm Concept Blends Retirement Home and Aquaponic Farm • 3,171 views
Enveloped Hilltop Homes

20 Enveloped Hilltop Homes

Austria's Haus Hohlen Has Been Enclosed in an Enveloping Exterior • 2,334 views