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Top 50 Home Ideas in August

1 Top 50 Home Ideas in August

From Elevated Housing Domes to Functional Micro Apartments • 33,144 views
Top 100 Eco Ideas in August

2 Top 100 Eco Ideas in August

From Grassy Horse Sculptures to Upcycled Skateboard Guitars • 28,236 views
Top 70 Luxury Ideas in August

3 Top 70 Luxury Ideas in August

From Opulent Private Islands to Pinot Noir Champagne • 24,022 views
Inexpensive 3D-Printed Villas

4 Inexpensive 3D-Printed Villas

This Mind-Blowing House Was Built in Just 10 Days Using a 3D Printer • 6,885 views
73 Fabulous Manicure Ideas

5 73 Fabulous Manicure Ideas

From Extravagant Diamond Manicures to 3D-Printed Fingernails • 5,392 views
Natural Barbecue Scrapers

6 Natural Barbecue Scrapers

The Cedar Scraper is a Clean Barbecue Alternative to the Bristle Brush • 1,606 views
Magnetic Self-Watering Planters

7 Magnetic Self-Watering Planters

This Magnetic Planter Can Be Placed Anywhere in Your Home • 1,260 views
Found Object Sideboards

8 Found Object Sideboards

This Upcycled Furniture Piece Takes Inspiration from Barnacles • 975 views
Overflowing Foliage Offices

9 Overflowing Foliage Offices

The ‘easyCredit’ Office Building has a Unique Design for Each Level • 926 views
Garden-Building Blocks

10 Garden-Building Blocks

The 'OrtoBrick' Lets You Create Your Very Own Home Herb Garden • 765 views
Air Quality-Monitoring Sculptures

11 Air Quality-Monitoring Sculptures

These Fabricated Objects Help to Measure Atmospheric Conditions • 648 views
Typographic Egg Maps

12 Typographic Egg Maps

This Tiny Map Expands When Squeezed to Show Close-Up Directions • 606 views
Pop-Up Eco-Energy Labs

13 Pop-Up Eco-Energy Labs

The Shell Eco-Marathon Experience Took Place in Rotterdam • 354 views
Recycled Couture Collections

14 Recycled Couture Collections

This 'Waste2Wear' Fashion Line is Made from 100% Recycled PET Bottles • 265 views
Tiny Portable Classrooms

15 Tiny Portable Classrooms

This Classroom and Community Center is Built On Wheels • 164 views
Intelligent Energy Towers

16 Intelligent Energy Towers

The Orison Energy Tower Charges Up When Utility Rates are Low • 151 views
Herb-Infused Water Menus

17 Herb-Infused Water Menus

The Artistic Menu at Creo Offers Guests a Unique List of Herbal Waters • 104 views
Eco Yoga Mats

18 Eco Yoga Mats

These Flexible Foams From Bloom are Derived From Sustainably Sourced Algae Biomass • 87 views
Bee-Tracking Wearables

19 Bee-Tracking Wearables

These RFID Trackers for Insects Could Solve the Bee Crisis • 47 views
Pollution-Converting Steel Plants

20 Pollution-Converting Steel Plants

The Sustainable Steel Practice Generates Bioethanol From Bunnies • 39 views


50 Compact Housing Units

1 50 Compact Housing Units

From Solar-Powered Micro Homes to Super Slender Houses • 16,504 views
Top 100 Health Trends in August

2 Top 100 Health Trends in August

From Organic Tampon Subscriptions to Inflatable Yoga Studios • 12,598 views
28 Environmental Photography Series

3 28 Environmental Photography Series

From Chinese Pollution Pictures to Haunting Nature Shoots • 9,049 views
Toxic Surfing Photography

4 Toxic Surfing Photography

The 'HAZMAT Surfing' Series Imagines the Grim Future of Surfing • 8,209 views
Whimsical Fairytale Cabins

5 Whimsical Fairytale Cabins

This Distorted Cabin is Reminiscent of Classic Storybook Homes • 7,234 views
Impenetrable Bike Tires

6 Impenetrable Bike Tires

These Rugged Tires Help Cyclists from Getting a Flat • 6,961 views
Eco Team-Building Retreats

7 Eco Team-Building Retreats

Long Point Eco Adventures Offers Skill-Building Activities & Adventure • 6,628 views
Personalized Backyard Pods

8 Personalized Backyard Pods

The 'Podzook' is a Sphere-Shaped Space Perfect for the Backyard • 6,108 views
DIY Solar Vans

9 DIY Solar Vans

Daniel Theobald's DIY Solar Car Project Turns an 1966 Volkswagen Eco-Friendly • 4,952 views
Sophisticated Sidecar Bicycles

10 Sophisticated Sidecar Bicycles

This Sidecar Bike is Perfect for Cruising Down the Boardwalk • 4,918 views
Recycled Concrete Homes

11 Recycled Concrete Homes

This Australia Architect Used Recycled Materials to Create an Eco Dwelling • 4,167 views
45 Eco-Friendly Art Pieces

12 45 Eco-Friendly Art Pieces

From Cardboard Animal Sculptures to Sustainable Pop-Art Decor • 3,966 views
24 Adult Onesie Outfits

13 24 Adult Onesie Outfits

From Digital Hotspot Onesies to One-Piece Runner Outfits • 3,883 views
33 Innovative Canopy Designs

14 33 Innovative Canopy Designs

From Technicolor Floral Canopies to Origami Playground Canopies • 2,858 views
Elevated Sustainable Homes

15 Elevated Sustainable Homes

This Elevated Eco House is a Practical Space That Reduces Waste • 2,557 views
25 Upcycled Fashion Pieces

16 25 Upcycled Fashion Pieces

From Recycled Rubbish Sneakers to Upcycled Scarf Dresses • 2,142 views
Upcycled Industrial Apparel

17 Upcycled Industrial Apparel

This Chic Australian Clothing Line is Made with Repurposed Materials • 2,108 views
85 Humanitarian Initiatives

18 85 Humanitarian Initiatives

In Honor of World Humanitarian Day, These Ideas Provide Global Aid • 1,964 views
Sun-Reflecting Illuminators

19 Sun-Reflecting Illuminators

The 'Lucy' Sun Mirror Tracks and Redirects Natural Light • 1,948 views
Upcycled Ocean Trash Eyewear

20 Upcycled Ocean Trash Eyewear

These Sungalesses are Made from Recycled Fishing Nets • 1,818 views


Top 100 Health Trends in July

1 Top 100 Health Trends in July

From Olive Water Beverages to Scientific Beauty Supplements • 58,398 views
53 Affordable Housing Initiatives

2 53 Affordable Housing Initiatives

From Repurposed Shipping Shelters to Seamless Green Skyscrapers • 28,294 views
Waste Container Swimming Pools

3 Waste Container Swimming Pools

The 'Pool Box' is Housed Inside of an Old Dumpster • 20,091 views
Top 100 Eco Innovations in July

4 Top 100 Eco Innovations in July

From Arborous Device Chargers to Personified Planter Decor • 15,882 views
21 Innovative Motorized Bikes

5 21 Innovative Motorized Bikes

From Surfboard-Carrying Motorcycles to Flying Motorcycles • 15,828 views
Solar Panel Windows

6 Solar Panel Windows

This Innovation Turns Solar Cell Technology Completely Transparent • 13,912 views
Multi-Mode Motorcycles

7 Multi-Mode Motorcycles

The 'Tesla Model M' Transitions from Race Mode to Eco Mode Via Computer • 12,220 views
Tiny Debt-Free Homes

8 Tiny Debt-Free Homes

Joel Weber Builds a 145 Square Feet House to Save on Room and Board • 10,082 views
Top 85 Architecture Trends in August

9 Top 85 Architecture Trends in August

From Donut-Shaped Stadiums to Transparent Mountainside Pods • 9,896 views
Floor-Stored Dining Rooms

10 Floor-Stored Dining Rooms

This Tiny House Stores The Dining Table in the Floor and Bed in the Roof • 9,603 views
52 Crafting Activities for Tweens

11 52 Crafting Activities for Tweens

From Paperclip Doll Hangers to Meshed Mood Boards • 9,506 views
32 Environmental Art Pieces

12 32 Environmental Art Pieces

From Grassy Horse Sculptures to Stellar Sand Portraits • 9,341 views
41 Eco-Friendly Office Solutions

13 41 Eco-Friendly Office Solutions

From Tree Top Studio Structures to Garden-Embedded Interiors • 6,869 views
Tree-Hugging Spiral Staircases

14 Tree-Hugging Spiral Staircases

This Eco-Friendly Staircase Makes It Easy to Climb Trees • 6,048 views
Rustic Mobile Offices

15 Rustic Mobile Offices

These Mobile Micro Offices Help Workers Escape the Office Cubicle • 5,756 views
40 Statement-Making Sunglasses

16 40 Statement-Making Sunglasses

From Daring Dinosaur Shades to Faux Fur Sunglasses • 5,639 views
Biodiversity-Promoting Abodes

17 Biodiversity-Promoting Abodes

This Lightweight Shelter Blends into the Natural Environment • 4,879 views
Upcycled Pub Interiors

18 Upcycled Pub Interiors

Hong Kong's Crafty Cow Gastropub Makes Use of New and Reclaimed Materials • 4,166 views
Upcycled Food Containers

19 Upcycled Food Containers

These Clever Containers Provide an Eco-Friendly Food Storage Solution • 4,135 views
Electricity-Free Vegetable Storage

20 Electricity-Free Vegetable Storage

This Device Allows You to Store Veggies at Room Temperature • 3,940 views