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Top 55 Eco Trends in March

1 Top 55 Eco Trends in March

From Mobile Energy Mill Generators to Sustainable Automated Homes • 22,274 views
Wristworn Ant Farms

2 Wristworn Ant Farms

The Ant Watch Creates a Small Ecosystem for You to Flaunt on Your Arm • 4,280 views
Sustainable Solar Homes

3 Sustainable Solar Homes

The NexusHaus Relies on Solar Power to Meet Its Energy Needs • 4,155 views
45 Health-Conscious Lifestyle Products

4 45 Health-Conscious Lifestyle Products

From Natural Home Cleaners to Energy-Saving Air Purifiers • 3,379 views
Dew-Harvesting Greenhouses

5 Dew-Harvesting Greenhouses

Roots Up Designs a Plant House that Waters Itself • 3,281 views
Eco Garden Kits

6 Eco Garden Kits

The Vive Planting Set Prepares Kids for Easily Growing Greenery in Their Backyards • 2,563 views
Eco Popsicle Packaging

7 Eco Popsicle Packaging

Vegetable and Fruit Treats are Wrapped in Green, Recyclable Sleeves • 2,420 views
Backyard Farming Kits

8 Backyard Farming Kits

AKER Supplies Homeowners with a Complete Set of Urban Farming Equipment • 2,360 views
Educational Packaging Toys

9 Educational Packaging Toys Creates Eco-Friendly Packaging that Doubles as Playthings • 2,345 views
20 Leisurely Experiences for Women

10 20 Leisurely Experiences for Women

From Female-Focused Festival Lounges to Natural Cosmetic Spas • 2,262 views
Coca-Cola Cardboard Displays

11 Coca-Cola Cardboard Displays

The 'Give It Back Rack' is Part of the Brand's Big Green Initiative • 1,924 views
Eco Coffee Pods

12 Eco Coffee Pods

The Droops Coffeemaker Would Use Dissolvable Java Capsules for Responsible Brewing • 1,757 views
Crowdfunded Urban Forests

13 Crowdfunded Urban Forests

The PopUP Forest Project Wants to Transform Times Square into Greenery • 1,620 views
Recycled Skateboard Wallets

14 Recycled Skateboard Wallets

These Wallets are Hand Made From Old Skateboard Decks • 788 views
Eco Arboreal Urns (UPDATE)

15 Eco Arboreal Urns (UPDATE)

The Bios Urn is an Environment-Enhancing Option for Burying Remains • 697 views
Personal Portable Power

16 Personal Portable Power

MetAir Solstice Provides LED Light and a USB Charger Wherever Its Needed • 692 views
Scented Vinegar Cleaners

17 Scented Vinegar Cleaners

The Yummy Life's All-Natural Homemade Cleaners Mask Vinegar's Harshness • 610 views
Groundbreaking Eco-Towns

18 Groundbreaking Eco-Towns

North West Bicester is a Government-Designated Eco-Town in the UK • 589 views
Illustrated Teatime Packaging

19 Illustrated Teatime Packaging

T'O'clock Branding is Centered Around Establishing Healthy Rituals • 474 views
Play-Powered Pumps

20 Play-Powered Pumps

Seesaw Water Filtration System Collects and Cleans H2O Through Fun Activities • 427 views


Top 85 Eco Concepts in February

1 Top 85 Eco Concepts in February

From Smartphone-Controlled Homes to Sustainable Seaweed Furniture • 40,278 views
Sustainable Micro Dwellings

2 Sustainable Micro Dwellings

Chris Heininge's Small Living Space is Only 280 Square Feet • 15,133 views
Eco Design Initiatives

3 Eco Design Initiatives

Do the Green Thing Promotes Earth Hour with a Collaborative Design Project • 5,833 views
3D-Printed Solar Cars

4 3D-Printed Solar Cars

Students at NTU Created a Futuristic Car Design with Additive Manufacturing • 5,391 views
Hand-Written Wrappers

5 Hand-Written Wrappers

Hornea Bakery Packaging Would Come Personalized with Ingredients and Recipes • 5,073 views
Cardboard Kids

6 Cardboard Kids' Desks

Flatpacked Furnishings Teach Youngsters the Process and Logic of Assembly • 4,462 views
Shipping Container Gardens

7 Shipping Container Gardens

Cropbox Blends Greenhouses and Hydroponics for Mobile Farming • 4,297 views
Vertical Forest Facades

8 Vertical Forest Facades

This Urban Treehouse Protects Residents from Air and Noise Pollution • 3,836 views
Flat-Packed Tabletop Workstations

9 Flat-Packed Tabletop Workstations

Adjustable Standing Desks Make it Simple to Set Up Shop Anywhere • 3,645 views
Solar-Powered Blinds

10 Solar-Powered Blinds

BRI/SO Smart Shutters Promise Privacy, Sunlight Obstruction and Electricity • 3,572 views
Air Filtration Fashion

11 Air Filtration Fashion

Qiadan Yin Peng's Runway Collection Showcases Face Mask Designs • 3,288 views
Plug-Propped Lamps

12 Plug-Propped Lamps

The Wald Outlet Light is Freestanding and Anchored to the Socket • 3,210 views
12 Examples of Eco-Crowdfunding Projects

13 12 Examples of Eco-Crowdfunding Projects

From DIY Bamboo Bicycles to Aquaponic Greenhouse Eateries • 3,106 views
Cantilevered Computer Tables

14 Cantilevered Computer Tables

Wall Laptop Desk Facilitates the Adaptation of Your Home Workstation • 3,072 views
Flat Packed Lamps

15 Flat Packed Lamps

The Kavo DIY Table Lamp Lets the Buyer Participate in the Building • 3,008 views
Eco-Manufactured Vehicles

16 Eco-Manufactured Vehicles

BMW Concept Car is 3D-Printed Out of Degradable Materials • 2,834 views
Tree-Covered Apartments

17 Tree-Covered Apartments

25 Verde is a Refreshing Mini-Forest in the City of Turin, Italy • 2,762 views
Earthy Eyewear Brands

18 Earthy Eyewear Brands

Buy a Pair of These Hardwood Sunglasses and Two Trees Will be Planted • 2,497 views
Educational Craft Subscriptions

19 Educational Craft Subscriptions

Green Kid Crafts' Activity Boxes Gift Smarts & Sustainability • 2,310 views
Exotic Debonair Accessories

20 Exotic Debonair Accessories

The Fox Bow Tie Reveals One's Soft Side • 2,186 views


53 Hydroponic Gardening Innovations

1 53 Hydroponic Gardening Innovations

From Home Farming Boxes to Plug-In Planters • 29,566 views
Eco Jumbo Jets

2 Eco Jumbo Jets

The Progress Eagle Aircraft Seats 800 and Employs Sustainable Energy • 25,267 views
100 Examples of Timber Architecture

3 100 Examples of Timber Architecture

From Wooden Facades to Mobile Wooden Shelters • 21,045 views
26 Examples of Eco Takeout Packaging

4 26 Examples of Eco Takeout Packaging

From Plant-Based Containers to Plantable Gourmet Packaging • 15,949 views
Converted Tiny Homes

5 Converted Tiny Homes

This Tiny Home is Actually a Converted Storehouse • 13,546 views
Futuristic Ecological City Blueprints

6 Futuristic Ecological City Blueprints

Vincent Callebaut Imagines What Paris 2050 Will look Like • 11,175 views
Eco-Friendly Burial Pods

7 Eco-Friendly Burial Pods

Capsula Mundi Creates Coffin Containers that Act as Fertilizer for Trees • 9,034 views
Biodegradable Furniture Designs

8 Biodegradable Furniture Designs

This Alki Eco Chair is Made out of a 100% Bioplastic Material • 8,450 views
50 Examples of Incentivized Innovations

9 50 Examples of Incentivized Innovations

From Paperless Loyalty Apps to Smart Discount Cards • 7,689 views
Standing Hydroponic Gardens

10 Standing Hydroponic Gardens

This Vertical Gardening System is Automated with Electronics • 6,635 views
Accordion Eco Packaging

11 Accordion Eco Packaging

This Cardboard Box Design Can Ship Contents of Various Volumes • 5,986 views
40 Pampering Bathroom Products

12 40 Pampering Bathroom Products

From Antioxidant Body Washes to Diamond-Infused Skin Serums • 5,767 views
14 Examples of Sustainable Beauty Packaging

13 14 Examples of Sustainable Beauty Packaging

From Bamboo Blush Cases to Spherical Wooden Perfumes • 5,767 views
42 Glacier-Inspired Innovations

14 42 Glacier-Inspired Innovations

From Global Warming Candles to Paper Iceberg Installations • 5,156 views
Plastic Payment Promotions

15 Plastic Payment Promotions

Shoe Brand MAMUT is Accepting Plastic Bottle Payment for their New Line • 4,895 views
Siamese Beverage Sleeves

16 Siamese Beverage Sleeves

This Double Beer Carrier is Resourceful in Both Material and Function • 4,885 views
Wind Turbine Trellises

17 Wind Turbine Trellises

The Innovative Windflock System Unites Eco Energy and Ornamentation • 4,856 views
Scroll Solar Chargers

18 Scroll Solar Chargers

Rollable Eco Gadget Harnesses the Sun's Energy to Keep Your Phone's Power On • 4,734 views
Tree Top Studio Structures

19 Tree Top Studio Structures

The Tree Top Studio Uses Passive Cooling • 4,551 views
Gorgeous Garbage Gowns

20 Gorgeous Garbage Gowns

Garbage Gone Glam Hopes You Choose a Garbage Dress for Your Next Function • 4,045 views