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Top 70 Youth Trends in April

1 Top 70 Youth Trends in April

From Elusive Millennial Manuals to Jungle Gym Vests • 16,032 views
Top 75 Eco Trends in April

2 Top 75 Eco Trends in April

From Electricity-Generating Urinals to Crowdfunded Urban Forests • 14,204 views
100 Earth Day Projects

3 100 Earth Day Projects

These Inspiring Initiatives Will Help You Take Action for the Environment • 6,768 views
LEGO Bottle Caps

4 LEGO Bottle Caps

Clever Caps Link Up with LEGO for Useful Bottle Cap Recycling • 3,180 views
Complete Lunch Kits

5 Complete Lunch Kits

Al Parque's Portable Lunch Box Design Totes a Salad, Sandwich and Drink • 3,010 views
Eco-Friendly Takeout Packaging

6 Eco-Friendly Takeout Packaging

This Sustainable Food Packaging is Perfect for a Picnic • 2,491 views
Produce-Only Restaurants

7 Produce-Only Restaurants

CORE Kitchen's Healthy Fast Food is Made Purely From Fresh Produce • 2,118 views
Elegant Geometric Lighting

8 Elegant Geometric Lighting

The Nanoleaf Gem is the World's First Decor LED Bulb • 1,896 views
Galactic Gardening Pods

9 Galactic Gardening Pods

AstroGro is a 3D-Printed and Self-Sustainable Micro Farming Concept • 1,537 views
Flat-Packed Footwear Pouches

10 Flat-Packed Footwear Pouches

The 'Pikkpack Shoes by You' Packaging Shows How Portable It Is • 960 views
Solar Stained Glass

11 Solar Stained Glass

Current Window is a Sustainable Stained Glass Project • 836 views
Urban Farming Innovations

12 Urban Farming Innovations

Jana Pijak Discusses Her Top Picks for City Gardening Solutions • 749 views
Sustainable Saharan Cities

13 Sustainable Saharan Cities

The City Sand Tower Concept is Envisioned For the Sahara Desert • 680 views
Branded City Cleanups

14 Branded City Cleanups

For Each Product United by Blue Sells, a Pound of Trash is Removed • 622 views
Metro Vegetable Gardens

15 Metro Vegetable Gardens

This Hydroponic Tokyo Garden Takes Up Space on the Subway Line • 617 views
Sustainable City Hall Buildings

16 Sustainable City Hall Buildings

The Buenos Aires City Hall Was Designed By Foster + Partners • 609 views
Eco-Friendly Hobby Subscriptions

17 Eco-Friendly Hobby Subscriptions

Green Kid Crafts Playfully Teaches Children About the Environment • 528 views
Upcycled Bottle Bedding

18 Upcycled Bottle Bedding

W Hotels Totes Eco Luxury with Sheets Made from Upcycled Plastic Bottles • 339 views
Plant Doctor Networks

19 Plant Doctor Networks

The Plantwise Plant Clinics Addresses Food Security with a Knowledge Bank • 305 views
Floating Power Plants

20 Floating Power Plants

These Enormous Japanese Solar Plants Will Produce 3,300 MWh of Energy • 287 views


62 Urban Placemaking Initiatives

1 62 Urban Placemaking Initiatives

From City Accessibility Projects to Therapeutic Public Art • 15,324 views
Upcycled Plastic Sculptures

2 Upcycled Plastic Sculptures

Czech Artist Veronika Richterova Makes Creative Art from PET Plastics • 7,702 views
Desert Water Makers

3 Desert Water Makers

This Innovative Concept Imagines Gathering H2O in the Driest Conditions • 6,987 views
Mystic Woodland Installations

4 Mystic Woodland Installations

Ione Thorkelsson's 'Arboreal Fragments' Mixes Ecology and Design • 6,407 views
Vertical Aeroponic Gardens

5 Vertical Aeroponic Gardens

LA Urban Farms' Tower Gardens Save Water, Space and Time • 4,965 views
Eco Popsicle Packaging

6 Eco Popsicle Packaging

Vegetable and Fruit Treats are Wrapped in Green, Recyclable Sleeves • 4,599 views
Hydroponic Home Gardens

7 Hydroponic Home Gardens

Earth Prime's Personal Garden Helps to Grow Inexpensive Food at Home • 4,234 views
Smart Greenhouses

8 Smart Greenhouses

The SmartGreenHouse Offers a Twist on Urban Gardening • 3,913 views
Off-Grid Vacation Homes

9 Off-Grid Vacation Homes

This Vacation Home in Hawaii Cost Only $23,000 to Build • 3,689 views
3D-Printed Solar Engines

10 3D-Printed Solar Engines

Andreas Haeuser's DIY Solar Energy Panels Have a Low-Temperature Engine • 3,519 views
Autonomous Electric Vehicles

11 Autonomous Electric Vehicles

The Chevrolet FNR Concept Appeals to Young Chinese Consumers • 3,508 views
Reused Tube Hangers

12 Reused Tube Hangers

Each Piece of the Trempel Collection is Cut from a Single Cardboard Pipe • 3,280 views
Homemade Plantable Paper

13 Homemade Plantable Paper

This DIY Plantable Seed Paper Project Lets You Give Back for Earth Day • 3,136 views
Garden-to-Table Cafes

14 Garden-to-Table Cafes

This Kreuzberg Garden Project is an Organic Food Hub with a Quaint Cafe • 2,638 views
Rustic Steampunk Supermarkets

15 Rustic Steampunk Supermarkets

This Award-Winning Whole Foods Austin Location is Retail Playground • 2,561 views
Effortless Gardening Kits

16 Effortless Gardening Kits

GardenIn's Zero-Maintenance System Comes Out of the Box Pre-Assembled • 2,300 views
Stick-On Window Planters

17 Stick-On Window Planters

Spoon and Tomago's Paper Planter Are Versatile and Compact • 2,296 views
Low-Tech Lumber Irons

18 Low-Tech Lumber Irons

This Wooden De-Wrinkler Rids Your Clothes of Creases with Elbow Grease • 2,270 views
Temporary Friendship Bracelets

19 Temporary Friendship Bracelets

Flash Tattoos Creates Beautiful Body Art Full of Vibrant Colors • 2,230 views
Smart Payment Mugs

20 Smart Payment Mugs

Users Can Pay For Their Drinks Using the Environmentally Friendly Coffee Cup • 2,203 views


Top 85 Eco Concepts in February

1 Top 85 Eco Concepts in February

From Smartphone-Controlled Homes to Sustainable Seaweed Furniture • 43,196 views
53 Hydroponic Gardening Innovations

2 53 Hydroponic Gardening Innovations

From Home Farming Boxes to Plug-In Planters • 38,930 views
Top 55 Eco Trends in March

3 Top 55 Eco Trends in March

From Mobile Energy Mill Generators to Sustainable Automated Homes • 25,752 views
Sustainable Micro Dwellings

4 Sustainable Micro Dwellings

Chris Heininge's Small Living Space is Only 280 Square Feet • 19,277 views
Eco Design Initiatives

5 Eco Design Initiatives

Do the Green Thing Promotes Earth Hour with a Collaborative Design Project • 12,418 views
Flat-Packed Tabletop Workstations

6 Flat-Packed Tabletop Workstations

Adjustable Standing Desks Make it Simple to Set Up Shop Anywhere • 9,559 views
Standing Hydroponic Gardens

7 Standing Hydroponic Gardens

This Vertical Gardening System is Automated with Electronics • 8,174 views
3D-Printed Solar Cars

8 3D-Printed Solar Cars

Students at NTU Created a Futuristic Car Design with Additive Manufacturing • 7,977 views
Eco Garden Kits

9 Eco Garden Kits

The Vive Planting Set Prepares Kids for Easily Growing Greenery in Their Backyards • 7,678 views
Hand-Written Wrappers

10 Hand-Written Wrappers

Hornea Bakery Packaging Would Come Personalized with Ingredients and Recipes • 7,520 views
45 Health-Conscious Lifestyle Products

11 45 Health-Conscious Lifestyle Products

From Natural Home Cleaners to Energy-Saving Air Purifiers • 6,961 views
Flat Packed Lamps

12 Flat Packed Lamps

The Kavo DIY Table Lamp Lets the Buyer Participate in the Building • 6,959 views
Sustainable Solar Homes

13 Sustainable Solar Homes

The NexusHaus Relies on Solar Power to Meet Its Energy Needs • 6,733 views
Shipping Container Gardens

14 Shipping Container Gardens

Cropbox Blends Greenhouses and Hydroponics for Mobile Farming • 6,076 views
Cardboard Kids

15 Cardboard Kids' Desks

Flatpacked Furnishings Teach Youngsters the Process and Logic of Assembly • 5,979 views
Wristworn Ant Farms

16 Wristworn Ant Farms

The Ant Watch Creates a Small Ecosystem for You to Flaunt on Your Arm • 5,780 views
Backyard Farming Kits

17 Backyard Farming Kits

AKER Supplies Homeowners with a Complete Set of Urban Farming Equipment • 5,694 views
Solar-Powered Blinds

18 Solar-Powered Blinds

BRI/SO Smart Shutters Promise Privacy, Sunlight Obstruction and Electricity • 5,354 views
Plug-Propped Lamps

19 Plug-Propped Lamps

The Wald Outlet Light is Freestanding and Anchored to the Socket • 5,343 views
Educational Packaging Toys

20 Educational Packaging Toys Creates Eco-Friendly Packaging that Doubles as Playthings • 5,170 views