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Top 35 Commuting Innovations in May

1 Top 35 Commuting Innovations in May

From Driverless Transportation Pods to Bus-Tracking Apps • 14,221 views
Personal Wind Turbines

2 Personal Wind Turbines

The 'Binopterus' Provides Wind Power Generation Even at Low Wind Speeds • 6,941 views
Teardrop Trailer House Hybrids

3 Teardrop Trailer House Hybrids

This Tiny Home Combines the Features of a Teardrop Trailer • 4,686 views
Top 25 Eco Transportation Ideas in May

4 Top 25 Eco Transportation Ideas in May

From Invisible Urban Trains to Folding Chair Scooters • 3,619 views
Levitating Magnetic Planters

5 Levitating Magnetic Planters

The Designers of FLYTE Light Bulbs Created a Look of Floating Plants • 1,635 views
18 Eco-Friendly Tech Accessories

6 18 Eco-Friendly Tech Accessories

From Eco Device-Charging Hats to Recycled Leather Speakers • 1,591 views
Eco-Friendly Mountain Chalets

7 Eco-Friendly Mountain Chalets

This French Chalet Was Designed with Sustainable Features • 1,326 views
15 Examples of Wind-Powered Projects

8 15 Examples of Wind-Powered Projects

From Green Streetlamp Designs to Energy-Generating Kites • 1,306 views
28 Examples of Eco-Friendly Bags

9 28 Examples of Eco-Friendly Bags

From Recycled Cork Backpacks to Stylish Vegan Bags • 1,294 views
Portable Toothpaste Pods

10 Portable Toothpaste Pods

Poppits' Eco-Friendly Soft Gel Pods Do Away with Plastic Tubes • 1,221 views
Handcrafted Sustainable Jewelry

11 Handcrafted Sustainable Jewelry

Designer Amado Gudek Makes Eco-friendly Jewelry Pieces • 1,155 views
Custom Sustainable Homes

12 Custom Sustainable Homes

These High-Speed Houses Encourage Sustainability in India • 1,050 views
Rugged Training Scooters

13 Rugged Training Scooters

The Hornet Scooter for Kids Helps Young Ones Find Their Balance • 871 views
32 Eco Toy Designs

14 32 Eco Toy Designs

From Plant-Based Paint Sets to Transformative Toy Boxes • 673 views
Autonomous Unmanned Solar Vessels

15 Autonomous Unmanned Solar Vessels

The 'SeaCharger' Solar Boat is Going from California to Hawaii • 672 views
Road-Straddling Buses

16 Road-Straddling Buses

The Elevated Transit Bus Would Glide Overtop of Beijing Traffic Jams • 651 views
15 Examples of Solar-Powered Vehicles

17 15 Examples of Solar-Powered Vehicles

From 3D-Printed Solar Cars to Autonomous Sailing Vessels • 628 views
Shocking Shark Photography

18 Shocking Shark Photography

This Photographer Swims with Sharks to Capture Them in Their Homes • 610 views
Floating Solar Power Plants

19 Floating Solar Power Plants

This Japanese Plant Will Accommodate the Rise in Clean Energy • 534 views
Neighbourhood Highway Designs

20 Neighbourhood Highway Designs

Buro Koray Duman Fills Negative Road Space With Communal Buildings • 365 views


Top 100 Eco Ideas in May

1 Top 100 Eco Ideas in May

From Portable At-Home Greenhouses to Hotel Gardening Initiatives • 31,584 views
Moveable Modular Homes

2 Moveable Modular Homes

The Wikkel House is a Versatile Abode Made Out of High Quality Cardboard • 17,342 views
Efficient Energy Homes

3 Efficient Energy Homes

Studio 804's New York Street Passive House is Ecological for the Future • 12,146 views
DIY Eco Campers

4 DIY Eco Campers

This Diy Camper is Surprisingly Made from Plastic Campaign Signs • 11,494 views
100 Father-Friendly Gift Ideas

5 100 Father-Friendly Gift Ideas

These Father's Day Presents Include Novelty Colognes to Watches • 7,272 views
Car Pop-Up Campers

6 Car Pop-Up Campers

The BlackFin Camper Box is a Hard-Shell Pop-Up Tent • 4,191 views
Single-Step Folding Bikes

7 Single-Step Folding Bikes

The 'PLOOI' Folding Electric Bike is Ready to Go at the Push of a Button • 3,714 views
Garden-Topped Houses

8 Garden-Topped Houses

This Concept House Features a Rooftop Vegetable Garden and Solar Heating • 3,133 views
Off-Grid Stone Residences

9 Off-Grid Stone Residences

This Off-Grid House Is Made From a Volcanic Rock Material • 2,446 views
Futuristic SUV Electric Motorcycles

10 Futuristic SUV Electric Motorcycles

The 'Carbon SUV' E-Bike Motorcycle is Designed for Performance • 2,443 views
Next-Gen Sustainable Buildings

11 Next-Gen Sustainable Buildings

This Sustainable Building Design Sets a New Standard for the Future • 2,314 views
Bike-Upgrading Motors

12 Bike-Upgrading Motors

The 'GeoOrbital' Wheel Bike Kit Makes Any Traditional Bicycle Electric • 2,209 views
Eco-Friendly Air Coolers

13 Eco-Friendly Air Coolers

The Symphony Cloud Air Cooler is Far More Efficient Than AC Units • 2,054 views
Plastic Bottle Villages

14 Plastic Bottle Villages

Panama's Plastic Bottle Village Project Raises Environmental Awareness • 1,932 views
Ice-Powered Air Conditioners

15 Ice-Powered Air Conditioners

The 'Geizeer' is an Energy-Efficient Air Conditioner for All • 1,651 views
Portable Herb Kits

16 Portable Herb Kits

Etsy's recycledideas Shop Specializes in Indoor Gardening Supplies • 1,602 views
Micro Industrial Eco-Shops

17 Micro Industrial Eco-Shops

These 'Makerspace' Structures in Ghana Will Re-purpose 'E-Waste' • 1,540 views
Autonomous Luxury Cars

18 Autonomous Luxury Cars

The BMW 'i NEXT' Design is a Luxurious Two-Person Electric Car • 1,439 views
Customizable Paper Houses

19 Customizable Paper Houses

This House Made of Paperboard Looks Like It is Made from Wood • 1,264 views
Biodegradable Fungi Chairs

20 Biodegradable Fungi Chairs

The Terreform ONE Seat is Temporal With a Make of Compostable Mushrooms • 1,148 views


Top 25 DIY Ideas in April

1 Top 25 DIY Ideas in April

From DIY Cleansing Grains to Homemade Sauerkraut Kits • 40,066 views
Stilted Solar Homes

2 Stilted Solar Homes

The Sustainable ZED Pods Can Be Installed in Parking Lots • 38,370 views
Top 100 Health Ideas in April

3 Top 100 Health Ideas in April

From Wearable Brand Activations to Luxury Hotel Farmers Markets • 37,264 views
Top 95 Eco Ideas in April

4 Top 95 Eco Ideas in April

From Contemporary Hydroponic Planters to Water Usage-Tracking Devices • 33,368 views
Chic Shipping Container Homes

5 Chic Shipping Container Homes

The Honomobo Shipping Container Living Spaces Satisfy Needs • 17,906 views
72 Examples of Innovative E-Bikes

6 72 Examples of Innovative E-Bikes

From Commute-Mapping Bicycles to Off-Road Electric Bikes • 14,307 views
13 Luxury Mobile Homes

7 13 Luxury Mobile Homes

From Opulent Road Abodes to Monstrous Motor Mansions • 12,012 views
Dual Transportation Auto Concepts

8 Dual Transportation Auto Concepts

The Audi Connected Mobility Comes with an Electric Longboard • 7,307 views
Portable At-Home Greenhouses

9 Portable At-Home Greenhouses

Design House Stockholm's Miniature Greenhouse Brings the Outdoors In • 6,895 views
Streamlined Electric Bike Concepts

10 Streamlined Electric Bike Concepts

This Bike Features an Electric Motor System and a Carbon Frame • 6,592 views
32 Sustainable Lighting Innovations

11 32 Sustainable Lighting Innovations

From Sun-Reflecting Illuminators to Intelligent Urban Lamps • 5,590 views
15 Creative Cardboard Toys

12 15 Creative Cardboard Toys

From DIY Drawing Robots to Prefabricated Playgrounds • 5,169 views
37 Anti-Food Waste Ideas

13 37 Anti-Food Waste Ideas

From Repurposed Fruit Yogurts to Local Food Donation Apps • 5,116 views
DIY Cardboard Toys

14 DIY Cardboard Toys

MacoshDesign Created Downloadable Templates to Make Eco-Friendly Toys • 4,719 views
Portable Induction Hobs

15 Portable Induction Hobs

IKEA's New TILLREDA Induction Hob is Made for Small Living Spaces • 3,920 views
Connected Rooftop Wind Turbines

16 Connected Rooftop Wind Turbines

This Mountable Turbine is The First Connected Wind Energy Source • 3,621 views
Economical Single-Seat Helicopters

17 Economical Single-Seat Helicopters

This Personal Helicopter Design Allows Flyers to Avoid Delays • 3,529 views
Rooftop Spirulina Farms

18 Rooftop Spirulina Farms

This Startup is Growing Edible Algae on Top of a Bangkok Hotel • 2,726 views
Cuisine-Enhancing Farm Boxes

19 Cuisine-Enhancing Farm Boxes

The U-ING Hydroponic Grow System Keeps Fresh Herbs Constantly Growing • 2,592 views
17 Innovative Bike Sensors

20 17 Innovative Bike Sensors

From Health-Centric Road Bikes to Intuitive Cyclist Alerts • 2,461 views