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Top 90 Eco Innovations in June

1 Top 90 Eco Innovations in June

From Mishappen Produce Discounts to Plantable Condolence Cards • 39,033 views
29 Avant-Garde Surfboard Innovations

2 29 Avant-Garde Surfboard Innovations

From Surfboard Exercise Machines to Surfboard Beach Chairs • 6,419 views
95 Portable Music Players

3 95 Portable Music Players

From Jellybean Bluetooth Speakers to Wooden Speaker Boxes • 2,316 views
25 Contemporary Coffee Machines

4 25 Contemporary Coffee Machines

From Wood Block Brewers to Smart Artisan Coffeemakers • 2,293 views
Sustainable Agave Surfboards

5 Sustainable Agave Surfboards

This Surfboard is Made Entirely from Sustainable Agave Materials • 1,384 views
Shipping Container Children

6 Shipping Container Children's Centers

This Industrial Children's Activity Center is in Australia • 1,307 views
Upcycled Van Campers

7 Upcycled Van Campers

'Caravan Tokyo' Turns Old Vehicles into Traveling Accommodations • 1,209 views
Machineless Coffee Brewers

8 Machineless Coffee Brewers

'Little Dripper' is an Eco-Friendly Pour-Over Coffee Brewer • 1,184 views
Utensil-Packaged Flower Seeds

9 Utensil-Packaged Flower Seeds

This Unique Package Design Uses a Spoon-Like Container to Hold Seeds • 1,012 views
Biodegradable Bowls

10 Biodegradable Bowls

This Line of Stylish and Functional Tableware is Made from Food Waste • 685 views
Protective Vegetable Packaging

11 Protective Vegetable Packaging

This Resealable Endive Box Creates a Longer Shelf Life • 669 views
Environmental Risk Charts

12 Environmental Risk Charts

This Climate Change Map Shows the Countries Whose Survival is Threatened • 518 views
Pedal-Powered Eyewear

13 Pedal-Powered Eyewear

These Sustainable Sunglasses are Made Using Pedal-Power and Recycled Wood • 449 views
Green-Toned Eateries

14 Green-Toned Eateries

Green Station is a Healthy Fast Food Joint Branded with Green Interior Decor • 365 views
Plastic Pollution Awareness Trees

15 Plastic Pollution Awareness Trees

This Plastic-Leafed Tree Raises Awareness to Stop Littering • 332 views
Earth-Friendly Produce Packages

16 Earth-Friendly Produce Packages

Nature & More Uses Sugar Cane to Create Compostable Packaging • 314 views
Garden-Shrouded Skate Parks

17 Garden-Shrouded Skate Parks

The Aure√† Cuadrado Garden Skate Park is Surrounded by Vegetation • 304 views
Upcycled Ocean Trash Sneakers

18 Upcycled Ocean Trash Sneakers

These Stylish Kicks are Made Entirely Out of Ocean Plastic Trash • 254 views
Vegan Pet Soaps

19 Vegan Pet Soaps

'Clean Canine' is a Cruelty-Free Organic Dog Shampoo • 174 views
Meta Potato Bags

20 Meta Potato Bags

Emerald Packaging Uses Bags Partly Made from Potato Resin • 143 views


24 Geodesic Designs

1 24 Geodesic Designs

From LED Dome Architecture to Geodesic Camping Shelters • 7,886 views
30 Mirrored Architecture Ideas

2 30 Mirrored Architecture Ideas

From Reflective Camouflaged Houses to Mirrored Farm Buildings • 7,670 views
Air-Filtering Plant Guides

3 Air-Filtering Plant Guides

This Infographic Explains Purifying House Plants and Indoor Air Toxins • 5,109 views
Futuristic Grocer Concepts

4 Futuristic Grocer Concepts

Carlo Ratti Associati Imagines the Future of Supermarkets as Digital • 4,103 views
Tunable Smart Windows

5 Tunable Smart Windows

These Windows' Tints Can Be Adjusted to Control Brightness and Opacity • 2,994 views
Off-Road Electric Bikes

6 Off-Road Electric Bikes

This Eco-Friendly Bike Features Electric Powertrain Technology • 2,704 views
35 Bee-Inspired Innovations

7 35 Bee-Inspired Innovations

From Beehive High Heels to Hive-Like Pavilions • 2,437 views
Eco-Friendly Device Docks

8 Eco-Friendly Device Docks

The Gingko Solar Tree Charges Smartphones in a Sustainable Way • 2,324 views
Recycled Milk Jug Seating

9 Recycled Milk Jug Seating

The 'Racer Rocker Chair' is a Small Upcycled Lightweight Storage Chair • 2,321 views
Printed Solar Cells

10 Printed Solar Cells

This Inexpensive and Ultra-Thin Technology is Great for Developing Countries • 2,262 views
Dad-Celebrating Coffee Sets

11 Dad-Celebrating Coffee Sets

Soma and Intelligentsia Teamed Up to Make the Ultimate Gift for Dads • 2,149 views
Water-Saving Shower Heads

12 Water-Saving Shower Heads

This Eco-Conscious Shower Head Will Reduce Daily Water Consumption • 1,885 views
Arborous Device Chargers

13 Arborous Device Chargers

This Design-Conscious Solar Charging Station Resembles a Ginkgo Tree • 1,594 views
Energy-Generating Kites

14 Energy-Generating Kites

'KiteGen' Technology Produces Wind Power by Harnessing Giant Kites • 1,554 views
Bamboo Ski Poles

15 Bamboo Ski Poles

The 'Poleplant' Provides Sustainable Poles That are Perfect for Skiing or Hiking • 1,411 views
Upcycled Bike Reflectors

16 Upcycled Bike Reflectors

'Cyclesigns' are Bicycle Reflectors Made from Roadside Traffic Signs • 1,393 views
Upcycled Umbrella Art

17 Upcycled Umbrella Art

Izaskun Chinchilla Designed This Colorful Umbrella Canopy in NYC • 1,349 views
38 Animal Awareness Ads

18 38 Animal Awareness Ads

From Animal-Saving Beers to Pre-Extinct Animal Photography • 1,338 views
Pop-Up Offices

19 Pop-Up Offices

This Outdoor Pop-Up Office Brings People and Nature Together • 1,330 views
Upcycled Living Rooms

20 Upcycled Living Rooms

These Upcycled Rooms Reveal Private Worlds in Public Spaces • 1,280 views


Top 30 DIY Ideas for May

1 Top 30 DIY Ideas for May

From Floral Crown Crafts to Homemade Marble Boxes • 45,191 views
45 Futuristic Electric Bicycles

2 45 Futuristic Electric Bicycles

From All-Weather Eco Cycles to Cloud-Connected Concept Bikes • 37,020 views
Futuristic Electric Bicycles

3 Futuristic Electric Bicycles

Societ√† Piemontese Automobili Designs a Modern and Minimalist Concept • 34,974 views
86 Bike Add-On Accessories

4 86 Bike Add-On Accessories

From Collapsible Bike Helmets to Snack-Themed Bike Bells • 27,589 views
Compact Furniture Collections

5 Compact Furniture Collections

The Travelbox Set Moves Where You Move, Complete with a Bed and More • 18,706 views
Top 85 Eco Trends in May

6 Top 85 Eco Trends in May

From Litterbug Shaming Campaigns to Alternative Vegetarian Meatballs • 16,945 views
55 Examples of Urban Garden Innovations

7 55 Examples of Urban Garden Innovations

From DIY Urban Farming Kits to Portable Herb Planters • 15,023 views
50 Examples of Summer Cabins

8 50 Examples of Summer Cabins

From Nature Embedded Architecture to Sustainable Cottage Residences • 14,101 views
100 Decorative Plant Holders

9 100 Decorative Plant Holders

From Recycled Bottle Water Planters to Charming Shoe Planters • 12,687 views
Recycled Tire Art

10 Recycled Tire Art

This Artwork Shows Tires Dissapearing into Streets and Walls • 10,794 views
17 Eco-Friendly Wooden Bicycles

11 17 Eco-Friendly Wooden Bicycles

From Bamboo E-Bikes to All-Natural Baby Bikes • 10,675 views
Solar-Powered Micro Homes

12 Solar-Powered Micro Homes

The New 'Ecocapsule' Homes Make It Easy to Live Off the Grid • 10,275 views
37 Creative Ways to Clean

13 37 Creative Ways to Clean

From Wall-Crawling Robotic Cleaners to Microber-Based Vacuums • 9,801 views
46 Examples of Recycled Packaging

14 46 Examples of Recycled Packaging

From Newspaper Beer Branding to Sustainable Reduced Shoeboxes • 8,625 views
10 Affordable Fitness Hacks

15 10 Affordable Fitness Hacks

From Water Bottle Weights to DIY Yoga Mat Straps • 8,242 views
32 Summer Drink Coolers

16 32 Summer Drink Coolers

From High-Performance Beer Coolers to Climatic Solar Coolers • 6,091 views
Burger Delivery Boxes

17 Burger Delivery Boxes

Sierra Nevada Takeout Packaging Arranges Your Combo Meal Compactly • 5,862 views
30 High-Tech Agricultural Innovations

18 30 High-Tech Agricultural Innovations

From Wireless Irrigation Tools to Crop Mapping Drones • 5,817 views
20 Examples of Eco Cargo Bikes

19 20 Examples of Eco Cargo Bikes

From Double-Loaded Bicycles to Parcel-Carrying Scooters • 5,464 views
Pizza Box Projectors

20 Pizza Box Projectors

Pizza Hut Creates Dual-Purpose Packaging That Marries Food and Entertainment • 4,875 views