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Top 100 Home Trends in 2016

1 Top 100 Home Trends in 2016

From Miniature Backyard Home Extensions to Travel-Friendly Tiny Homes • 83,016 views
Top 100 Modern Trends of 2016

2 Top 100 Modern Trends of 2016

From Freestanding Tea Houses to Upcycled Office Scraps • 69,142 views
Top 100 Kitchen Trends in 2016

3 Top 100 Kitchen Trends in 2016

From Automatic Composting Devices to App-Connected Ovens • 63,882 views
Top 100 Eco Trends in 2016

4 Top 100 Eco Trends in 2016

From Passive House Factory Standards to Recycled Fast Fashion • 39,671 views
Top 100 Transportation Trends of 2016

5 Top 100 Transportation Trends of 2016

From Dual-Seat Electric Bikes to Hydrogen Snow Vehicles • 30,431 views
Top 100 Social Good Trends in 2016

6 Top 100 Social Good Trends in 2016

From Awareness-Raising Photography to DIY Wooden Beehives • 25,299 views
Top 100 Architecture Trends in 2016

7 Top 100 Architecture Trends in 2016

From Spherical Greenhouse Pavilions to Rose Perforated Museums • 18,205 views
Top 100 Activism Trends of 2016

8 Top 100 Activism Trends of 2016

From Satirical Anti-Gun Campaigns to Social Activism T-Shirts • 17,435 views
Top 50 Home Trends in February

9 Top 50 Home Trends in February

From Almond-Milking Devices to Indoor Bed Tents • 14,814 views
30 Examples of Sustainable Food Packaging

10 30 Examples of Sustainable Food Packaging

From Hybrid Meal Deliveries to Food Waste Pasta Boxes • 4,452 views
Educational Aquatic Boats

11 Educational Aquatic Boats

The 'Aeon Explorer' Surface Vessel Offers Stunning Views Below the Waves • 2,879 views
Ancient Wooden Tables

12 Ancient Wooden Tables

The Riva 1920 Earth Table is Made from Kauri Wood • 2,789 views
33 Eco Dining Innovations

13 33 Eco Dining Innovations

From Sustainable Food Waste Eateries to Vegan Ice Cream Schools • 2,307 views
12 Solar Roofing Innovations

14 12 Solar Roofing Innovations

From Printed Solar Cells to Sustainable Metal Roofing Solutions • 1,698 views
17 Examples of Eco-Friendly Coffee Packaging

15 17 Examples of Eco-Friendly Coffee Packaging

From Compostable Coffee Pods to Boxed Cold Brew • 1,578 views
Recycled Kitchen Cabinets

16 Recycled Kitchen Cabinets

The IKEA Kungsbacka Cabinet is Made from Recycled Materials • 1,562 views
Speedy Low-Voltage Supercars

17 Speedy Low-Voltage Supercars

The Quant '48Volt' Electric Sport Car Has a Top Speed of 300 km/h • 1,542 views
Printed Solar Cells

18 Printed Solar Cells

Solafast and Norwood are Teaming Up to Print Solar Inks on to Plastic Film • 1,411 views
Eco-Friendly Makeup Sponges

19 Eco-Friendly Makeup Sponges

The 'Perfecting Blender Duo' Introduces Eco Makeup Tools with EcoFoam • 1,349 views
Salvaged Automotive Watches

20 Salvaged Automotive Watches

REC Watches are Made from Recycled Classic Car Parts • 1,246 views


Customized Eco Homes

1 Customized Eco Homes

The eXo/nat Concept is a Modern and Adaptable Alternative to Green Living • 8,049 views
Stackable Zero-Energy Homes

2 Stackable Zero-Energy Homes

The '#150 Skilpod' is a Stackable Prefab Home for Eco-Friendly Living • 5,791 views
Maintenance-Free Automated Planters

3 Maintenance-Free Automated Planters

Botanium Allows People to Grow Fruits and Vegetables Indoors • 3,373 views
Eco-Friendly Lifestyle Stores

4 Eco-Friendly Lifestyle Stores

Toronto's 'EcoExistence' Sells Products That are Good for the Planet • 3,270 views
Foliage-Monitoring Drones

5 Foliage-Monitoring Drones

The 'Linnaeus' is a Flying Vehicle Drone Monitors Green Spaces • 2,168 views
Dock-Free Bike-Sharing Systems

6 Dock-Free Bike-Sharing Systems

bluegogo Lets Riders Share Bikes Without Having to Deposit Them • 2,090 views
Convertible Herbal Tea Packaging

7 Convertible Herbal Tea Packaging

These Conceptual Tea Blends Come in Potted Plant Packages • 1,994 views
Air-Filtering Scarves

8 Air-Filtering Scarves

Wair is a Stylish Scarf Filter That Protects Commuters From Smog and Germs • 1,905 views
Inverted Roof Designs

9 Inverted Roof Designs

This Cleverly Designed Domed Roof Keeps Homes Cool in Arid Climates • 1,838 views
Recycled Denim Home Sofas

10 Recycled Denim Home Sofas

This Kare Design Sofa is Made with Pillows Crafted from Old Jeans • 1,826 views
Sustainable Minimalist Backpacks

11 Sustainable Minimalist Backpacks

'[paper.]' Backpacks are Made from Eco-Friendly Materials • 1,765 views
Single-Cup Water Boilers

12 Single-Cup Water Boilers

The 'MIITO Precise' Warms Single Cups of Water to Save Resources • 1,716 views
Waste-Reducing Fruit Snacks

13 Waste-Reducing Fruit Snacks

The 'Barnana' Snacks are Made from Imperfect Bananas • 1,390 views
Recyclable Laptop Stands

14 Recyclable Laptop Stands

The Lapaloft Cardboard Portable Laptop Stand Works with the MacBook • 1,291 views
Colorful Sustainable Hummus

15 Colorful Sustainable Hummus

ChicP Reduces Food Waste by Using So-Called "Ugly" Produce • 1,232 views
Rejected Potato Chip Snacks

16 Rejected Potato Chip Snacks

The Dieffenbach Uglies Kettle Cooked Chips is Made from Ugly Produce • 1,186 views
Infrastructure-Altering Rail Startups

17 Infrastructure-Altering Rail Startups

Eco-Friendly Locomore Offers Cheap Train Tickets in Germany • 1,177 views
Pollinating Bee Drones

18 Pollinating Bee Drones

The Ground-Breaking Automated Pollination System B-Droid is a Robotic Bee • 1,143 views
Package-Free Eco Stores

19 Package-Free Eco Stores

'Unpacked Halifax' is Canada's First Zero Waste Store on the East Coast • 1,142 views
Reclaimed Wood Speakers

20 Reclaimed Wood Speakers

The 'Rockit Logs' Audiophile Speakers are Made Using Logging Waste • 1,089 views