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Top 100 Kitchen Trends in 2015

1 Top 100 Kitchen Trends in 2015

From Magnetic Wall Storage to Digital Cooking Tables • 150,451 views
Top 100 Home Trends of 2015

2 Top 100 Home Trends of 2015

From Industrial Summer Homes to Floor-Stored Dining Rooms • 92,296 views
Top 100 Baby Trends of 2015

3 Top 100 Baby Trends of 2015

From Chic Diaper Backpacks to Hanging Felt Cradles • 59,426 views
Top 100 Eco Transportation Trends of 2015

4 Top 100 Eco Transportation Trends of 2015

From Hybrid Bicycle Concepts to Sporty Electric Cars • 30,396 views
Top 100 Publicity Stunt Trends of 2015

5 Top 100 Publicity Stunt Trends of 2015

From Social Media Rum Tastings to Temporary 12-Hour Stores • 27,975 views
Top 100 Eco Trends in 2015

6 Top 100 Eco Trends in 2015

From Personalized Backyard Pods to Conscientious Wooden Furniture • 19,653 views
Luxurious Eco-Friendly Abodes

7 Luxurious Eco-Friendly Abodes

This West Hollywood Home Boasts a Number of Sustainable Features • 2,804 views
Foraged Forest Jewelry

8 Foraged Forest Jewelry

Erin LaRocque Creates Delicate Eco-Friendly Pendants • 2,213 views
Robot-Run Farms

9 Robot-Run Farms

This Japanese Robot Farm is Monitored By Autonomous Systems • 1,885 views
Transforming Recycled Shopping Bags

10 Transforming Recycled Shopping Bags

This H&M Packaging Concept Transforms into a Clothing Hanger • 1,352 views
Ultra-Clean Wood Stoves

11 Ultra-Clean Wood Stoves

The 'Mulciber' is a Wood Stove That Produces Clean Air • 1,040 views
Biodegradable Burial Suits

12 Biodegradable Burial Suits

The Infinity Burial Suit is an Eco-Friendly Alternative to Cremation • 860 views
App-Connected E-Bikes

13 App-Connected E-Bikes

The 'Piaggio Wi-Bike' Allows Riders to Control Their Bike with Their Phone • 821 views
Shipping Container Cupboards

14 Shipping Container Cupboards

The Pandora Cabinets Creatively Upcycle Freight Boxes into Furniture • 729 views
Affordable Electric Bicycles

15 Affordable Electric Bicycles

The 'Propella' Electric Lightweight Bike Offers Enhanced Range • 713 views
French Deco-Inspired Furniture

16 French Deco-Inspired Furniture

Amoia Studio Creates Stunning Products Out of Organic Materials • 417 views
Self-Cleaning T-Shirts

17 Self-Cleaning T-Shirts

This Hydrophobic T-Shirt is Completely Stain-Proof • 417 views
Modern Grass-Growing Abodes

18 Modern Grass-Growing Abodes

This Green Residence is Designed to Promote Tranquility • 402 views
Saltwater-Powered Lanterns

19 Saltwater-Powered Lanterns

The Hydra-Light PL-500 Lantern is Powered By Saltwater • 397 views
Transformative Shirt Packaging

20 Transformative Shirt Packaging

This Shirt Packaging Design Changes into a Clothing Hanger • 390 views


Top 100 Sports Trends in 2015

1 Top 100 Sports Trends in 2015

From Gamified Spin Classes to Cardio Workout Desks • 54,183 views
Top 100 Health Trends of 2015

2 Top 100 Health Trends of 2015

From Wearable Medical Devices to Festival Fitness Gear • 33,720 views
100 Sustainable Energy Solutions

3 100 Sustainable Energy Solutions

These Products Aid the Drive of National Cut Your Energy Cost Day • 13,367 views
15 CES 2016 Transportation Innovations

4 15 CES 2016 Transportation Innovations

From Affordable Electric Cars to Personal Mobility Robots • 7,557 views
Customizable Wooden Micro Homes

5 Customizable Wooden Micro Homes

This Company Builds Wooden Trailers for Eco-Conscious Consumers • 7,529 views
35 Culinary Couture Accessories

6 35 Culinary Couture Accessories

From Cheeseburger Hair Bows to Charming Citrus Jewelry • 6,612 views
25 Extra-Ordinary Eco Cabins

7 25 Extra-Ordinary Eco Cabins

From Elegant Off-Grid Shelters to Sustainable Wooden Studios • 4,890 views
Top 50 Credit Crunch Trends of 2015

8 Top 50 Credit Crunch Trends of 2015

From Urban Co-Living Spaces to Customized Finance Apps • 4,837 views
Short-Term Seasonal Housing

9 Short-Term Seasonal Housing

The Great Wall of Western Australia Offers Eco-Centric Homes • 4,147 views
Rustic Tiny Homes

10 Rustic Tiny Homes

The Esk'et Tiny Home Pays Tribute to Aboriginal Traditions • 2,883 views
Two-Story Flatpack Greenhouses

11 Two-Story Flatpack Greenhouses

This Flatpack Urban Farm is Housed Inside a Shipping Container • 2,596 views
Hybrid Adventurer Vehicles

12 Hybrid Adventurer Vehicles

The Volkswagen Tiguan GTE Active Concept is a Powerful Off-Road SUV • 2,561 views
Multi-Power Eco Vehicles

13 Multi-Power Eco Vehicles

The mö Solar Electricity Velomobile Can be Powered by the Sun or Humans • 2,349 views
Modular Mobile Homes

14 Modular Mobile Homes

The Alpod's Aluminum Structure Makes it Lightweight and Eco-Friendly • 1,995 views
Winterized Vertical Farms

15 Winterized Vertical Farms

This Startup Supplies Alaskans with Fresh Produce Year-Round • 1,970 views
Affordable Electric Cars

16 Affordable Electric Cars

The Chevy Bolt Was Unveiled at CES 2016, Beating Tesla to the Finish Line • 1,656 views
Quick Collapsing Scooters

17 Quick Collapsing Scooters

Stigo's Foldable Bike is a Portable Electric Scooter Ideal for Commuters • 1,629 views
16 Sustainable Grocery Innovations

18 16 Sustainable Grocery Innovations

From Boutique Discount Grocers to Small Batch Supermarkets • 1,472 views
Psychedelic Eco-Friendly Activewear

19 Psychedelic Eco-Friendly Activewear

teeki Yoga Gear is Crafted from Recycled Water Bottles • 1,448 views
Candle-Powered LED Lights

20 Candle-Powered LED Lights

The Lumir C Lamp is an Eco-Friendly Alternative to Battery Lanterns • 1,387 views


100 Gifts for Cyclists

1 100 Gifts for Cyclists

These Bicycle Gifts Enhance Safety and Style on the Road • 35,552 views
30 Indoor Gardening Innovations

2 30 Indoor Gardening Innovations

From Portable Herb Planters to Planter-Enabled Furniture • 33,583 views
100 Eco-Friendly Organic Gifts

3 100 Eco-Friendly Organic Gifts

From Tree Bark Teddies to Hip Vegan Footwear • 26,597 views
100 Gift Ideas for Vegans

4 100 Gift Ideas for Vegans

From Chocolaty Seaweed Snacks to Cruelty-Free Makeup Brushes • 24,163 views
100 Gifts for Animal Lovers

5 100 Gifts for Animal Lovers

From Cruelty-Free Makeup Brushes to Animal-Saving Beer • 14,610 views
Anti-Debt Housing

6 Anti-Debt Housing

The 'Porta Palace' is a Small Mobile Home that Rebels Against Mortgages • 12,100 views
90 Gifts for Skincare Enthusiasts

7 90 Gifts for Skincare Enthusiasts

From Tomato-Charcoal Face Masks to Healing Skin Oil • 10,641 views
Long-Range Electric Buses

8 Long-Range Electric Buses

The Electric Volkswagen 'Microbus' is Set to be Debuted at CES 2016 • 8,914 views
Speedy Three-Wheel Scooters

9 Speedy Three-Wheel Scooters

The Sway 'Lithium PLUS' Electric Three-Wheeler is Eco-Friendly and Fun • 7,459 views
Collapsible Electric Scooters

10 Collapsible Electric Scooters

The 'Xcooter' is Set to Be Unveiled at CES 2016 • 6,544 views
Sustainable Aquaponic Urban Gardens

11 Sustainable Aquaponic Urban Gardens

This Urban Farm Uses Fish Waste to Fertilize Plants • 4,799 views
Honeycomb Acoustic Partitions

12 Honeycomb Acoustic Partitions

These Modular Office Dividers are Made of Hexagonal Hemp Shapes • 4,774 views
Slick Segmented Trains

13 Slick Segmented Trains

This Mag Lev Train Proposes Private Carriages for Groups of Passengers • 4,336 views
Electrified Classic Vans

14 Electrified Classic Vans

This Electric Van Was Crafted Together From a 1964 Volkswagen Type 2 Van • 4,191 views
Motorcycle-Inspired Automobiles (UPDATE)

15 Motorcycle-Inspired Automobiles (UPDATE)

Toyota's i-Road Rethinks the Future of Transporation • 3,601 views
Secure Micro Vehicles

16 Secure Micro Vehicles

The 'μrban' 3-Wheel Car Concept Features an Electric Drive System • 3,353 views
Iconic Electric Three-Wheelers

17 Iconic Electric Three-Wheelers

Morgan Motors' Ev3 Takes Cues from the Brand's Classic '3 Wheeler' • 2,750 views
Tiny Hourglass Gardens

18 Tiny Hourglass Gardens

This Tiny Garden is Situated in an Hourglass to Fit Into One's Pocket • 2,661 views
Printed Smartphone Docks

19 Printed Smartphone Docks

These 3D-Printed Wood Accessories Fit the Fairphone 2 • 2,176 views
Commuter-Friendly E-Bikes

20 Commuter-Friendly E-Bikes

The 'Yunma EVELO' Recently Debuted at CES 2016 • 2,121 views