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Top 30 DIY Ideas for May

1 Top 30 DIY Ideas for May

From Floral Crown Crafts to Homemade Marble Boxes • 35,646 views
45 Futuristic Electric Bicycles

2 45 Futuristic Electric Bicycles

From All-Weather Eco Cycles to Cloud-Connected Concept Bikes • 25,171 views
Top 85 Eco Trends in May

3 Top 85 Eco Trends in May

From Litterbug Shaming Campaigns to Alternative Vegetarian Meatballs • 13,212 views
17 Eco-Friendly Wooden Bicycles

4 17 Eco-Friendly Wooden Bicycles

From Bamboo E-Bikes to All-Natural Baby Bikes • 6,370 views
Recycled Tire Art

5 Recycled Tire Art

This Artwork Shows Tires Dissapearing into Streets and Walls • 6,084 views
Solar-Powered Micro Homes

6 Solar-Powered Micro Homes

The New 'Ecocapsule' Homes Make It Easy to Live Off the Grid • 5,405 views
30 High-Tech Agricultural Innovations

7 30 High-Tech Agricultural Innovations

From Wireless Irrigation Tools to Crop Mapping Drones • 4,232 views
100 Decorative Plant Holders

8 100 Decorative Plant Holders

From Recycled Bottle Water Planters to Charming Shoe Planters • 3,490 views
32 Summer Drink Coolers

9 32 Summer Drink Coolers

From High-Performance Beer Coolers to Climatic Solar Coolers • 3,221 views
Bicycle Repair Stations

10 Bicycle Repair Stations

Steamwhistle Supplies Tools for Bike Maintenance at Urban Landmarks • 3,028 views
Pizza Box Projectors

11 Pizza Box Projectors

Pizza Hut Creates Dual-Purpose Packaging That Marries Food and Entertainment • 2,869 views
54 Examples of Recycled Packaging

12 54 Examples of Recycled Packaging

From Newspaper Beer Branding to Sustainable Reduced Shoeboxes • 2,781 views
Capsule-Shaped Shelters

13 Capsule-Shaped Shelters

The Ecocapsule Will Be Unveiled At the Pioneers Festival • 2,396 views
Sustainable Bamboo Homes

14 Sustainable Bamboo Homes

Elora Hardy's Eco-Friendly Bamboo Homes are Breathtakingly Beautiful • 2,056 views
Upcycled Oil Barrel Furniture

15 Upcycled Oil Barrel Furniture

Designer Phil Davidson Creates Amazingly Bright Home Furnishings • 1,912 views
Signaling Bicycle Helmets

16 Signaling Bicycle Helmets

Lumos is a Smart Bicycle Helmet that Improves Road Communication • 974 views
Reusable Take-Out Containers

17 Reusable Take-Out Containers

The 'GO Box' is Designed to Replace Single-Use Restaurant Containers • 958 views
Tree-Sprouting Books

18 Tree-Sprouting Books

Argentinean Publishers Have Designed a Picture Book That Grows into a Tree • 818 views
Industrial Bookstore Pop-Ups

19 Industrial Bookstore Pop-Ups

These Sustainable Retail Displays Are Made from Scaffolding • 815 views
Energy-Tracking Devices

20 Energy-Tracking Devices

Ecoisme is a Smart Monitor That Integrates with Other Solutions • 580 views


Futuristic Electric Bicycles

1 Futuristic Electric Bicycles

Società Piemontese Automobili Designs a Modern and Minimalist Concept • 28,552 views
86 Bike Add-On Accessories

2 86 Bike Add-On Accessories

From Collapsible Bike Helmets to Snack-Themed Bike Bells • 19,914 views
Compact Furniture Collections

3 Compact Furniture Collections

The Travelbox Set Moves Where You Move, Complete with a Bed and More • 9,917 views
50 Examples of Summer Cabins

4 50 Examples of Summer Cabins

From Nature Embedded Architecture to Sustainable Cottage Residences • 9,870 views
40 Creative Ways to Clean

5 40 Creative Ways to Clean

From Wall-Crawling Robotic Cleaners to Microber-Based Vacuums • 7,775 views
10 Affordable Fitness Hacks

6 10 Affordable Fitness Hacks

From Water Bottle Weights to DIY Yoga Mat Straps • 6,668 views
20 Examples of Eco Cargo Bikes

7 20 Examples of Eco Cargo Bikes

From Double-Loaded Bicycles to Parcel-Carrying Scooters • 4,250 views
DIY Mason Jar Gardens

8 DIY Mason Jar Gardens

This Home Herb Garden Tutorial is Practical, Eco-Conscious and Adorable • 4,227 views
DIY Desk Lamps

9 DIY Desk Lamps

This Plywood Light Was Designed to Be Assembled by the User • 4,099 views
Lightweight Luxury Bikes

10 Lightweight Luxury Bikes

This Diamond Shaped Bicycle is a Fusion of Off-Road Riding & Urban Design • 3,711 views
Affordable Electric Bikes

11 Affordable Electric Bikes

The Wave eBike Offers a Long Range and High Speeds at a Low Price • 3,683 views
Upcycled Vintage Fashion

12 Upcycled Vintage Fashion

By Walid Reuses Old Garments to Give Fabric New Life • 3,630 views
Customizable Eco Bottles

13 Customizable Eco Bottles

ZAZA Eco Friendly Water Bottles Are Made from Plants • 3,474 views
Flat-Pack Food Containers

14 Flat-Pack Food Containers

The Fold Project's Reusable Containers Offer an Alternative to Disposal • 3,276 views
Botanically Manufactured Furniture

15 Botanically Manufactured Furniture

The Full Grown Furniture Farm Uses Eco-Friendly Methods • 2,645 views
Sustainable Liquids Packaging

16 Sustainable Liquids Packaging

This Packaging by ecoclean is Both Lightweight and Eco-friendly • 2,627 views
15 DIY Cleaning Products

17 15 DIY Cleaning Products

From Lemon-Infused Counter Wipes to Homemade Carpet Cleaners • 2,624 views
26 Modern Neckties

18 26 Modern Neckties

From Wooden Bow Ties to Edgy Neck Adornments • 2,397 views
Sustainable Garden Beds

19 Sustainable Garden Beds

Vita's African Keyhole Garden Bed Conserves Water Over Time • 2,347 views
26 Ethically Made Clothing Lines

20 26 Ethically Made Clothing Lines

From Hand-Spun Knitwear to Sustainably Sourced Skivvies • 2,259 views


Top 75 Eco Trends in April

1 Top 75 Eco Trends in April

From Electricity-Generating Urinals to Crowdfunded Urban Forests • 20,148 views
62 Urban Placemaking Initiatives

2 62 Urban Placemaking Initiatives

From City Accessibility Projects to Therapeutic Public Art • 20,074 views
Top 70 Youth Trends in April

3 Top 70 Youth Trends in April

From Elusive Millennial Manuals to Jungle Gym Vests • 19,116 views
Complete Lunch Kits

4 Complete Lunch Kits

Al Parque's Portable Lunch Box Design Totes a Salad, Sandwich and Drink • 11,343 views
100 Earth Day Projects

5 100 Earth Day Projects

These Inspiring Initiatives Will Help You Take Action for the Environment • 10,543 views
Desert Water Makers

6 Desert Water Makers

This Innovative Concept Imagines Gathering H2O in the Driest Conditions • 9,852 views
Upcycled Plastic Sculptures

7 Upcycled Plastic Sculptures

Czech Artist Veronika Richterova Makes Creative Art from PET Plastics • 9,700 views
Autonomous Electric Vehicles

8 Autonomous Electric Vehicles

The Chevrolet FNR Concept Appeals to Young Chinese Consumers • 8,128 views
Mystic Woodland Installations

9 Mystic Woodland Installations

Ione Thorkelsson's 'Arboreal Fragments' Mixes Ecology and Design • 7,587 views
Vertical Aeroponic Gardens

10 Vertical Aeroponic Gardens

LA Urban Farms' Tower Gardens Save Water, Space and Time • 7,432 views
Hydroponic Home Gardens

11 Hydroponic Home Gardens

Earth Prime's Personal Garden Helps to Grow Inexpensive Food at Home • 6,081 views
3D-Printed Solar Engines

12 3D-Printed Solar Engines

Andreas Haeuser's DIY Solar Energy Panels Have a Low-Temperature Engine • 5,967 views
Off-Grid Vacation Homes

13 Off-Grid Vacation Homes

This Vacation Home in Hawaii Cost Only $23,000 to Build • 5,447 views
Reused Tube Hangers

14 Reused Tube Hangers

Each Piece of the Trempel Collection is Cut from a Single Cardboard Pipe • 5,435 views
Smart Greenhouses

15 Smart Greenhouses

The SmartGreenHouse Offers a Twist on Urban Gardening • 5,213 views
Eco-Friendly Takeout Packaging

16 Eco-Friendly Takeout Packaging

This Sustainable Food Packaging is Perfect for a Picnic • 4,999 views
LEGO Bottle Caps

17 LEGO Bottle Caps

Clever Caps Link Up with LEGO for Useful Bottle Cap Recycling • 4,924 views
Homemade Plantable Paper

18 Homemade Plantable Paper

This DIY Plantable Seed Paper Project Lets You Give Back for Earth Day • 4,688 views
Effortless Gardening Kits

19 Effortless Gardening Kits

GardenIn's Zero-Maintenance System Comes Out of the Box Pre-Assembled • 4,259 views
Rustic Steampunk Supermarkets

20 Rustic Steampunk Supermarkets

This Award-Winning Whole Foods Austin Location is Retail Playground • 4,219 views