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Top 100 Eco Ideas in July

1 Top 100 Eco Ideas in July

From Plant-Based Finger Paints to Climate-Controlled Offices • 14,516 views
Top 40 Commuting Ideas in July

2 Top 40 Commuting Ideas in July

From Connective Carpooling Apps to Commuter Safety Devices • 4,657 views
Top 30 Transportation Ideas in July

3 Top 30 Transportation Ideas in July

From Foldable Electric Bikes to Autonomous IoT Vechiles • 3,530 views
Sustainable Rammed-Earth Houses

4 Sustainable Rammed-Earth Houses

Casa Candelareia is Built from Soil Excavated On-Site • 3,393 views
24 Urban Garden Concepts

5 24 Urban Garden Concepts

From Eco-Friendly Floating Greenhouses to Urban Surf Parks • 1,317 views
Solar-Powered Refugee Shelters

6 Solar-Powered Refugee Shelters

The SolarCabin Provides Eco-Friendly Housing to Asylum Seekers • 770 views
Partition-Free Hotel Rooms

7 Partition-Free Hotel Rooms

This Open Air Hotel Room is in the Middle of the Swiss Alps • 745 views
Rustic Cat Furniture

8 Rustic Cat Furniture

This Eco-Friendly Cat Furniture is Perfect for Cat Lovers • 716 views
Luxury Campground Communities

9 Luxury Campground Communities

The 'AutoCamp' Transitions People into Small Home living • 505 views
Converted Ship Pavilions

10 Converted Ship Pavilions

An Architecture Studio Used an Old Ship to Make Its Newest Installation • 492 views
Biologically Enhanced Cotton Seeds

11 Biologically Enhanced Cotton Seeds

'Indigo Cotton' Increases Crop Yields and Reduces Water Usage • 327 views
Personal Air Purifiers

12 Personal Air Purifiers

This Mask Was Designed to Protect Against Poor Weather Conditions • 215 views
Charitable Honey Skincare

13 Charitable Honey Skincare

These Skincare Products are Organic and Good for the Environment • 170 views
Sustainable Tuna Products

14 Sustainable Tuna Products

Blue Harbor Fish Co. is Selling Sustainably Caught Wild Albacore Tuna • 111 views
Sustainable Mosquito Traps

15 Sustainable Mosquito Traps

'Biotrap' is a Sustainable Tool to Help Keep Bugs Away • 72 views
Storybook Bedding Designs

16 Storybook Bedding Designs

This Organic Children's Bedding Inspires a Love of Storytelling • 65 views
Recyclable Paperboard Coffee Cups

17 Recyclable Paperboard Coffee Cups

Frugalpac Has Developed a Coffee Cup That Can Be Recycled • 40 views
Sustainable Vitamin Batteries

18 Sustainable Vitamin Batteries

The New Concept from Harvard Scientists Stores Energy Using Vitamins • 37 views
Groundbreaking Off-Grid Ports

19 Groundbreaking Off-Grid Ports

The Port of Los Angeles Will Rely Solely On Renewable Energy Sources • 30 views
Tequila-Based Car Parts

20 Tequila-Based Car Parts

Ford Repurposes Waste Agave from Jose Cuervo Plantations to Build Cars • 30 views


Top 60 Cosmetics Trends in June

1 Top 60 Cosmetics Trends in June

From Interactive Beauty Festivals to Vacation-Scented Masks • 47,300 views
Top 100 Eco Ideas in June

2 Top 100 Eco Ideas in June

From Solar Panel Retail Programs to Recycled Cotton Jeans • 44,804 views
Tiny Prefabricated Houses

3 Tiny Prefabricated Houses

This Eco-Friendly Home Can Be Set Up Quickly • 16,836 views
Top 35 Commuting Ideas in June

4 Top 35 Commuting Ideas in June

From Boosted Hybrid Vehicles to Trackable Rideshare Programs • 13,199 views
Top 35 Eco Transportation Ideas in June

5 Top 35 Eco Transportation Ideas in June

From Bicycle-Touring Trains to Eco Vehicle Plugins • 11,461 views
Floating Tiny Houses

6 Floating Tiny Houses

'The River Den' is an Affordable Moving Home on the Water • 7,897 views
Top 30 Transportation Ideas in June

7 Top 30 Transportation Ideas in June

From Eco Flying Cable Cars to Turbine-Powered Trucks • 7,457 views
Agricultural Wall Art

8 Agricultural Wall Art

These Agricultural Art Pieces Work as Small Ecosystems That Decorate Homes • 5,726 views
36 Unsually Crafted Men

9 36 Unsually Crafted Men's Watches

From Supercar-Inspired Timepieces to Minimalist Nautical Watches • 5,029 views
Fairy Tale Green Homes

10 Fairy Tale Green Homes

These Green Roof Houses Save on Energy and Look Stunning • 4,755 views
Sustainable Coffee Carts

11 Sustainable Coffee Carts

'Nespresso on Wheels' Shares Nespresso Coffee Pods' Recycling Efforts • 4,559 views
Sustainable Glass Homes

12 Sustainable Glass Homes

This Natural Family Home is Covered by a Sustainable Dome • 4,348 views
Bicycle-Car Hybrids

13 Bicycle-Car Hybrids

This Vehicle Could Resolve Transport Issues That Stem from Overpopulation • 4,246 views
Nature-Themed Houses

14 Nature-Themed Houses

This Large Home Was Built Around an Enormous Oak Tree • 3,336 views
Self-Powered Trolleybus Gardens

15 Self-Powered Trolleybus Gardens

This Piezoelectric Architecture Merges Design & Sustainability • 3,253 views
Eco Urban Micro-Homes

16 Eco Urban Micro-Homes

This Small Urban Home is Made With Rigid Eco-Friendly Standards • 2,596 views
Slow-Moving Sculptural Bicycles

17 Slow-Moving Sculptural Bicycles

This Slow Bicycle Takes Inspiration from Theo Jansen’s Strandbeest • 2,480 views
Single-Liter Cars

18 Single-Liter Cars

This Student-Designed 3D-Printed Vehicle Competed at the Shell Eco-Marathon • 2,121 views
Pop-Up Garden Oases

19 Pop-Up Garden Oases

This Empty Storefront Was Transformed into a Tranquil Temporary Venue • 1,770 views
16 Diminutive Driving Devices

20 16 Diminutive Driving Devices

From Ocean-Going Go-Karts to All-Electric Roadsters • 1,712 views


45 Tiny House Designs

1 45 Tiny House Designs

From Charitable Micro-Homes to Mini DIY Homes • 27,203 views
Solar Canopy Designs

2 Solar Canopy Designs

Brooklyn SolarWorks Creates Canopies to Make the Most of Rooftop Space • 22,413 views
Top 35 Commuting Innovations in May

3 Top 35 Commuting Innovations in May

From Driverless Transportation Pods to Bus-Tracking Apps • 18,198 views
Top 30 Transportation Innovations in May

4 Top 30 Transportation Innovations in May

From Heavy-Duty Electric Trucks to Invisible Urban Trains • 15,926 views
20 Smart Home Gadgets

5 20 Smart Home Gadgets

From Smart Home Interfaces to Solar-powered Watering Robots • 11,439 views
25 Examples of Modern Watering Cans

6 25 Examples of Modern Watering Cans

From Easy-Pour Packaging to Skewed Landscaping Tools • 9,676 views
Top 45 Eco Design Ideas in May

7 Top 45 Eco Design Ideas in May

From DIY Cardboard Toys to Floating Urban Forests • 9,606 views
Personal Wind Turbines

8 Personal Wind Turbines

The 'Binopterus' Provides Wind Power Generation Even at Low Wind Speeds • 9,570 views
Converted Van DIYs

9 Converted Van DIYs

Filmmaker Zach Both Shows How to Transform a Van Into a Modern Apartment • 9,514 views
Multi-Hued Wood Tables

10 Multi-Hued Wood Tables

Romain Luppi Uses Dead Wood to Create These Unique Tables • 8,903 views
Rustic Tiny Homes

11 Rustic Tiny Homes

This Home Combines a Rustic Aesthetic with a More Modern One • 7,862 views
Reclaimed Redwood Homes

12 Reclaimed Redwood Homes

This Home Is Almost Entirely Made Up of Reclaimed Materials • 6,336 views
Economical Off-Grid Cabins

13 Economical Off-Grid Cabins

This Heated Cabin Offers Refuge From the Pacific Northwest Winter • 5,349 views
Printed Concrete Micro-Homes

14 Printed Concrete Micro-Homes

This Concrete Tiny House Was 3D-Printed in Just 24 Hours • 5,026 views
28 Examples of Eco-Friendly Bags

15 28 Examples of Eco-Friendly Bags

From Recycled Cork Backpacks to Stylish Vegan Bags • 4,862 views
Efficient Home Designs

16 Efficient Home Designs

Hennebery Eddy Architects' Home is Loaded with Self-Sufficient Features • 4,415 views
Tilapia Aquaponic Farms

17 Tilapia Aquaponic Farms

Verticulture Grows Basil in a Way that May be the Future • 4,366 views
Passive House Factories

18 Passive House Factories

This Sustainable Factory's Design Lives Up to The Company's Purpose • 4,294 views
Multi-Terrain Electric Bikes

19 Multi-Terrain Electric Bikes

The Super 73 Electric Cruiser Bike is Designed for the Urban Rider • 4,237 views
Top 25 Eco Transportation Ideas in May

20 Top 25 Eco Transportation Ideas in May

From Invisible Urban Trains to Folding Chair Scooters • 4,194 views