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Top 50 Home Ideas in August

1 Top 50 Home Ideas in August

From Elevated Housing Domes to Functional Micro Apartments • 9,540 views
Top 100 Eco Ideas in August

2 Top 100 Eco Ideas in August

From Grassy Horse Sculptures to Upcycled Skateboard Guitars • 8,392 views
Top 85 Architecture Trends in August

3 Top 85 Architecture Trends in August

From Donut-Shaped Stadiums to Transparent Mountainside Pods • 4,650 views
Micro Dwelling Festivals

4 Micro Dwelling Festivals

Small Homes are Celebrated at Canada's Tiny House Festival • 2,168 views
Modular Carbon-Capturing Filters

5 Modular Carbon-Capturing Filters

This Structure Could Help Capture Carbon on an Industrial Scale • 988 views
Food Redistribution Initiatives

6 Food Redistribution Initiatives

Moisson Montreal's Food Recovery Program Reallocates Usable Goods • 822 views
Wind-Powered Bridges

7 Wind-Powered Bridges

This Bridge Will Soon Be Able to Generate Renewable Energy • 814 views
Air Quality-Based Jewelry

8 Air Quality-Based Jewelry

These Werable Data Objects Visualize the Burden of Urban Pollution • 492 views
Submerged Mountain Museums

9 Submerged Mountain Museums

This Massive Concrete Structure is Partially Embedded in a Mountainside • 407 views
Solar-Powered Outlet Adapters

10 Solar-Powered Outlet Adapters

The 'SunPort' Allows Users to Run Multiple Devices on Solar Power • 260 views
Replenishing Spray Bottles

11 Replenishing Spray Bottles

The Squeasy Pouch Comes with a Refill to Make Another Cleaning Product • 191 views
Air-Purifying Towers

12 Air-Purifying Towers

The Smog Free Tower Purifies Air and Releases It Back Into the Environment • 171 views
Potent Laundry Detergents

13 Potent Laundry Detergents

This Concentrated Laundry Sauce is Capable of Washing Over 100 Loads • 165 views
Energy Efficiency Rating Platforms

14 Energy Efficiency Rating Platforms

This Startup Wants to Grade the Energy Efficiency of Each Home • 76 views
Water-Activated Cleaners

15 Water-Activated Cleaners

Splosh Lets Consumers Take on the Task of Diluting its Product with Water • 73 views
Condensed Soap Packaging

16 Condensed Soap Packaging

The Econcentrate Hand Soap Concentrate Comes in a Two-Part System • 57 views
Whimsical Beach Trash Art

17 Whimsical Beach Trash Art

These Glittery Sculptures are Made from Pieces of Plastic Sea Garbage • 48 views
Natural Aromatic Bug Repellent

18 Natural Aromatic Bug Repellent

The Skeeter Skidaddler is a Safe and Natural Bug Repellent • 47 views
Organic Rodent Repellents

19 Organic Rodent Repellents

This Non-Toxic Repellent Helps Keep Rats and Mice Out of Protected Areas • 16 views


Top 100 Health Trends in July

1 Top 100 Health Trends in July

From Olive Water Beverages to Scientific Beauty Supplements • 48,665 views
53 Affordable Housing Initiatives

2 53 Affordable Housing Initiatives

From Repurposed Shipping Shelters to Seamless Green Skyscrapers • 19,035 views
Waste Container Swimming Pools

3 Waste Container Swimming Pools

The 'Pool Box' is Housed Inside of an Old Dumpster • 17,713 views
Top 100 Eco Innovations in July

4 Top 100 Eco Innovations in July

From Arborous Device Chargers to Personified Planter Decor • 13,828 views
21 Innovative Motorized Bikes

5 21 Innovative Motorized Bikes

From Surfboard-Carrying Motorcycles to Flying Motorcycles • 12,756 views
Solar Panel Windows

6 Solar Panel Windows

This Innovation Turns Solar Cell Technology Completely Transparent • 11,655 views
Multi-Mode Motorcycles

7 Multi-Mode Motorcycles

The 'Tesla Model M' Transitions from Race Mode to Eco Mode Via Computer • 10,125 views
32 Environmental Art Pieces

8 32 Environmental Art Pieces

From Grassy Horse Sculptures to Stellar Sand Portraits • 8,420 views
Tiny Debt-Free Homes

9 Tiny Debt-Free Homes

Joel Weber Builds a 145 Square Feet House to Save on Room and Board • 7,963 views
52 Crafting Activities for Tweens

10 52 Crafting Activities for Tweens

From Paperclip Doll Hangers to Meshed Mood Boards • 6,786 views
Tree-Hugging Spiral Staircases

11 Tree-Hugging Spiral Staircases

This Eco-Friendly Staircase Makes It Easy to Climb Trees • 5,793 views
Floor-Stored Dining Rooms

12 Floor-Stored Dining Rooms

This Tiny House Stores The Dining Table in the Floor and Bed in the Roof • 5,055 views
41 Eco-Friendly Office Solutions

13 41 Eco-Friendly Office Solutions

From Tree Top Studio Structures to Garden-Embedded Interiors • 4,878 views
40 Statement-Making Sunglasses

14 40 Statement-Making Sunglasses

From Daring Dinosaur Shades to Faux Fur Sunglasses • 3,648 views
Upcycled Pub Interiors

15 Upcycled Pub Interiors

Hong Kong's Crafty Cow Gastropub Makes Use of New and Reclaimed Materials • 3,523 views
Rustic Mobile Offices

16 Rustic Mobile Offices

These Mobile Micro Offices Help Workers Escape the Office Cubicle • 3,300 views
Biodiversity-Promoting Abodes

17 Biodiversity-Promoting Abodes

This Lightweight Shelter Blends into the Natural Environment • 3,257 views
Multi-Level Tree Houses

18 Multi-Level Tree Houses

This Play Place Offers Everything from a Homework Desk to a Slide Exit • 3,120 views
Upcycled Food Containers

19 Upcycled Food Containers

These Clever Containers Provide an Eco-Friendly Food Storage Solution • 3,013 views
3D-Printed Office Buildings

20 3D-Printed Office Buildings

These Fully Functional Cement Structures Will be Built in Dubai • 2,821 views


Top 90 Eco Innovations in June

1 Top 90 Eco Innovations in June

From Mishappen Produce Discounts to Plantable Condolence Cards • 46,433 views
29 Avant-Garde Surfboard Innovations

2 29 Avant-Garde Surfboard Innovations

From Surfboard Exercise Machines to Surfboard Beach Chairs • 10,419 views
24 Geodesic Designs

3 24 Geodesic Designs

From LED Dome Architecture to Geodesic Camping Shelters • 10,141 views
30 Mirrored Architecture Ideas

4 30 Mirrored Architecture Ideas

From Reflective Camouflaged Houses to Mirrored Farm Buildings • 9,713 views
Futuristic Grocer Concepts

5 Futuristic Grocer Concepts

Carlo Ratti Associati Imagines the Future of Supermarkets as Digital • 6,949 views
Future-Facing Car Conferences

6 Future-Facing Car Conferences

2015 Ford Trends Conference Tackles Tomorrow's Transportation Needs • 6,532 views
Air-Filtering Plant Guides

7 Air-Filtering Plant Guides

This Infographic Explains Purifying House Plants and Indoor Air Toxins • 6,325 views
25 Contemporary Coffee Machines

8 25 Contemporary Coffee Machines

From Wood Block Brewers to Smart Artisan Coffeemakers • 4,815 views
Tunable Smart Windows

9 Tunable Smart Windows

These Windows' Tints Can Be Adjusted to Control Brightness and Opacity • 4,455 views
Off-Road Electric Bikes

10 Off-Road Electric Bikes

This Eco-Friendly Bike Features Electric Powertrain Technology • 4,106 views
95 Portable Music Players

11 95 Portable Music Players

From Jellybean Bluetooth Speakers to Wooden Speaker Boxes • 3,919 views
Recycled Milk Jug Seating

12 Recycled Milk Jug Seating

The 'Racer Rocker Chair' is a Small Upcycled Lightweight Storage Chair • 3,875 views
Pop-Up Offices

13 Pop-Up Offices

This Outdoor Pop-Up Office Brings People and Nature Together • 3,281 views
Printed Solar Cells

14 Printed Solar Cells

This Inexpensive and Ultra-Thin Technology is Great for Developing Countries • 3,279 views
Eco-Friendly Device Docks

15 Eco-Friendly Device Docks

The Gingko Solar Tree Charges Smartphones in a Sustainable Way • 3,046 views
35 Bee-Inspired Innovations

16 35 Bee-Inspired Innovations

From Beehive High Heels to Hive-Like Pavilions • 2,897 views
Upcycled Living Rooms

17 Upcycled Living Rooms

These Upcycled Rooms Reveal Private Worlds in Public Spaces • 2,518 views
Bow Tie-Inspired Seating

18 Bow Tie-Inspired Seating

These Bamboo Bow Tie Chairs are Heated and Bent into Shape • 2,512 views
Sustainable Agave Surfboards

19 Sustainable Agave Surfboards

This Surfboard is Made Entirely from Sustainable Agave Materials • 2,286 views
Upcycled Van Campers

20 Upcycled Van Campers

'Caravan Tokyo' Turns Old Vehicles into Traveling Accommodations • 2,279 views