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100 Gifts for Outdoor Enthusiasts

1 100 Gifts for Outdoor Enthusiasts

From Mobile Camping Kitchens to Fire-Starting Pens • 31,899 views
Top 100 Eco Ideas in November

2 Top 100 Eco Ideas in November

From Infinity Symbol Gardens to Refurbished Barn Homes • 30,112 views
100 Gifts for Cyclists

3 100 Gifts for Cyclists

These Bicycle Gifts Enhance Safety and Style on the Road • 12,112 views
100 Gift Ideas for Gardeners

4 100 Gift Ideas for Gardeners

From Automated Herb Planters to Soil-Analyzing Devices • 11,571 views
100 Gifts for the Environmentalist

5 100 Gifts for the Environmentalist

From Growing Garden Terrariums to Solar-Powered Backpacks • 8,808 views
Top 60 Life Trends in November

6 Top 60 Life Trends in November

From Financial Literacy PSAs to Gamified Laundry Robots • 8,705 views
100 Gift Ideas for Vegans

7 100 Gift Ideas for Vegans

From Chocolaty Seaweed Snacks to Cruelty-Free Makeup Brushes • 5,305 views
Foldable Commuter Scooters

8 Foldable Commuter Scooters

Green Ride Created Inu Scooters in Isreal for Easy On-the-Go Travel • 3,964 views
Charming Country Cabins

9 Charming Country Cabins

The 'Shelters By The Sea' Cabins Offer Safety From the Elements • 2,999 views
24 Functional Packaging Designs

10 24 Functional Packaging Designs

From Measured Spice Packaging to Self-Watering Plant Bags • 2,872 views
Elegant Off-Grid Shelters

11 Elegant Off-Grid Shelters

Thoreau's Cabin is Designed to Complement Its Natural Surroundings • 2,675 views
32 Waste-Eliminating Designs

12 32 Waste-Eliminating Designs

From Waste-Reducing Bottle Caps to Waste-Free Espresso Pods • 2,133 views
90 Gifts for Skincare Enthusiasts

13 90 Gifts for Skincare Enthusiasts

From Tomato-Charcoal Face Masks to Healing Skin Oil • 1,999 views
Comprehensive Farming Kits

14 Comprehensive Farming Kits

The 'Farm from a Box' Contains Everything Needed to Run a Small Farm • 1,459 views
Indoor Vegetable Aerogardens

15 Indoor Vegetable Aerogardens

The Miracle Gro Grower is Designed to Grow Veggies in Small Spaces • 1,367 views
Renewable Resource Raincoats

16 Renewable Resource Raincoats

This QWSTION Rain Jacket is a Blend of High Fashion and Function • 1,325 views
26 At-Home Barista Necessities

17 26 At-Home Barista Necessities

From Hazelnut Coffee Butters to Organic Coffee Syrups • 830 views
Open-Air Offices

18 Open-Air Offices

The 'Offices With Terraces' Structure Will Embrace Natural Light and Fresh Air • 723 views
Planted-Powered Lamps

19 Planted-Powered Lamps

This 'Plant Lamp' Utilizes Microorganisms to illuminate • 384 views
Cylindrical Beekeeping Units

20 Cylindrical Beekeeping Units

The 'Sun Hive' Provides an Alternative Format for Natural Beekeepers • 377 views


Compact Eight-Person Homes

1 Compact Eight-Person Homes

The 'ESCAPE Traveler XL' is a Portable Large Family Home • 11,987 views
Fashion-Forward Breathing Masks

2 Fashion-Forward Breathing Masks

Airinum Designed Stylish Urban Masks That Filter Air Pollution • 10,644 views
100 Examples of Eco-Friendly Gadgets

3 100 Examples of Eco-Friendly Gadgets

From Eco-Friendly Way-Finders to Rainproof Solar Chargers • 7,872 views
100 Gifts for Animal Lovers

4 100 Gifts for Animal Lovers

From Cruelty-Free Makeup Brushes to Animal-Saving Beer • 5,015 views
Rising Sea Level Photos

5 Rising Sea Level Photos

These Images Predict How the World Will Look If Climate Change Continues • 4,207 views
60 Compact Packaging Ideas

6 60 Compact Packaging Ideas

From Bulk Tea Bag Packaging to Accordion Eco Packaging • 3,833 views
Vertical Forest Buildings

7 Vertical Forest Buildings

Stefano Boeri Designs a Living Green Tower in Switzerland • 3,129 views
39 Paper Lantern Designs

8 39 Paper Lantern Designs

From Planted Paper Lanterns to Delicate Origami Illuminators • 3,076 views
Sustainable Split Homes

9 Sustainable Split Homes

This Unusual Home Appears to Be Split Down the Middle • 2,918 views
Abstract Eco-Friendly Homes

10 Abstract Eco-Friendly Homes

This Vacation Home is Integrated into a Protected Nature Reserve • 2,817 views
Shipping Container Coffee Shops

11 Shipping Container Coffee Shops

This Repurposed Shipping Container Cafe Also Sells Coffee Machines • 2,795 views
Large-Scale Vertical Farms

12 Large-Scale Vertical Farms

This Company Aims to Make Local Produce More Accessible for Consumers • 2,772 views
Commuter-Friendly Bicycles

13 Commuter-Friendly Bicycles

This Bike Features a Number of Handy Storage Solutions • 2,584 views
Curved Sustainable Housing

14 Curved Sustainable Housing

This Home in Brazil Was Made with a Self-Supporting Curved Roof Shell • 2,436 views
Eco Waterfront Homes

15 Eco Waterfront Homes

The Elliot Bay House Has a Roof That Directs Rainwater into a Garden Pool • 2,381 views
Bamboo Grove Offices

16 Bamboo Grove Offices

This Japanese Bamboo Office Contains Work Spaces on Different Planes • 2,309 views
Motorcycle-Mimicking Electric Bikes

17 Motorcycle-Mimicking Electric Bikes

This Ono Bike Uses the Same Body Shape as a Real Motorcycle • 2,131 views
Connected Home Farms

18 Connected Home Farms

This Grove Labs Contraption Lets You Easily Grow Veggies At Home • 2,106 views
Weather-Reacting Window Gadgets

19 Weather-Reacting Window Gadgets

The AXIS Gear Motorizes You Window Coverings to Save Electricity • 1,803 views
Waste-Reducing Glass Candles

20 Waste-Reducing Glass Candles

'BottleUp' Uses Its Proceeds to Reduce Glass Waste Even Further • 1,683 views


Top 65 DIY Trends in October

1 Top 65 DIY Trends in October

From Sunflower Seed Spreads to Wooden Birthday Cakes • 47,415 views
Top 100 Home Trends in October

2 Top 100 Home Trends in October

From City Skyline Shelves to Stackable Solar Homes • 45,463 views
Top 100 Eco Trends in October

3 Top 100 Eco Trends in October

From Shipping Container Villages to Cork Yoga Mats • 36,600 views
100 Examples of Eco-Friendly Architecture

4 100 Examples of Eco-Friendly Architecture

From Vaulted Bamboo Pavilions to Recycled Waste Homes • 22,187 views
Eco-Friendly Underground Mansions

5 Eco-Friendly Underground Mansions

This Luxe Underground Dwelling Minimizes the Use of Green Space • 12,441 views
Top 100 Architecture Trends in October

6 Top 100 Architecture Trends in October

From Single-Room Hotels to Cozy Timber Hideaways • 9,443 views
Spherical Underground Fridges

7 Spherical Underground Fridges

The Ground Fridge is a Modern Version of the Traditional Root Cellar • 7,782 views
House-Bus Cabins

8 House-Bus Cabins

This Couple Created a Vacation Home by Refurbishing a School Bus • 7,085 views
Wheel-Free Sports Cars

9 Wheel-Free Sports Cars

This New ‘Audi Concept’ Visualizes a Sleek Car Without Wheels • 6,713 views
55 Pollution-Fighting Products

10 55 Pollution-Fighting Products

From Pollution-Reducing Pods to Air Filtration Fashion • 6,266 views
Botanical Living Buildings

11 Botanical Living Buildings

This Design System Has Buildings Intertwined with Trees and Plants • 5,800 views
Personal Air Conditioners

12 Personal Air Conditioners

'Evapolar' Cools an Immediate Area Instead of a Whole Room at the Office • 5,689 views
Plastic Bottle Shingles

13 Plastic Bottle Shingles

These Upcycled Plastic Bottles are Made Into Sustainable Roofing Tiles • 4,589 views
Airy Luxury Abodes

14 Airy Luxury Abodes

This Hawaiian Mansion Takes Advantage of Sea Breezes and Natural Ventilation • 4,540 views
Panoramic Japanese Farmhouses

15 Panoramic Japanese Farmhouses

This Cozy Cottage Takes Advantage of the Surrounding Elements • 4,379 views
44 Treetop Dwellings

16 44 Treetop Dwellings

From Secluded Tree House Homes to Tree House Office Pods • 4,368 views
Tree Trunk Canvases

17 Tree Trunk Canvases

This Artist Created Mother Nature Paintings Using Tree Trunks as Canvases • 4,278 views
Rugged Eco-Friendly Scooters

18 Rugged Eco-Friendly Scooters

The Daymak Beast Off-Road Scooter is Made for Getting Around in Style • 4,210 views
Contorted Scenery Portraits

19 Contorted Scenery Portraits

This Artist Creates Surreal Landscape Images by Disfiguring Pictures • 3,598 views
Coffee Waste Planters

20 Coffee Waste Planters

This Sustainable Herb Garden Uses the Waste Generated from Coffee Shops • 3,493 views