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53 Hydroponic Gardening Innovations

1 53 Hydroponic Gardening Innovations

From Home Farming Boxes to Plug-In Planters • 16,105 views
Top 55 Eco Trends in March

2 Top 55 Eco Trends in March

From Mobile Energy Mill Generators to Sustainable Automated Homes • 5,956 views
Standing Hydroponic Gardens

3 Standing Hydroponic Gardens

This Vertical Gardening System is Automated with Electronics • 3,919 views
Eco Design Initiatives

4 Eco Design Initiatives

Do the Green Thing Promotes Earth Hour with a Collaborative Design Project • 3,765 views
Organic Marijuana Services

5 Organic Marijuana Services

Flow Kana Offers Farm-to-Table Weed That is Connoisseur Grade • 2,493 views
Cantilevered Computer Tables

6 Cantilevered Computer Tables

Wall Laptop Desk Facilitates the Adaptation of Your Home Workstation • 1,984 views
Cardboard Kids

7 Cardboard Kids' Desks

Flatpacked Furnishings Teach Youngsters the Process and Logic of Assembly • 1,935 views
Carbon Positive Houses

8 Carbon Positive Houses

This Prefab Home Only Uses a Tiny Fraction of the Energy It Generates • 1,208 views
Eco 3D Printing Filaments

9 Eco 3D Printing Filaments

Dimension Polymers' Additive Print Material Uses Recycled Plastic • 1,157 views
Decorative Sun Power Paneling

10 Decorative Sun Power Paneling

These Decorative Solar Panels Can Generate Energy Indoors As Well • 808 views
Eco Spray Containers

11 Eco Spray Containers

Resourceful Replenish Packaging was Designed for Continuous Reuse • 625 views
Plantable Coffee Containers

12 Plantable Coffee Containers

This Eco-Friendly Plantable Coffee Cup Turns Into Compost As Well • 604 views
Solar-Powered Kayaks

13 Solar-Powered Kayaks

The Klepper E-Kayak Saves Your Arms the Trouble • 225 views
Neutralizing Natural Deodorants

14 Neutralizing Natural Deodorants

PiperWai's Deodorant is Made with Magnesium, Charcoal and Starch • 136 views
App-Controlled Home Vents

15 App-Controlled Home Vents

The LINQ Home Smart Vents Cut Costs & Eases the Burden on the Planet • 99 views
Maintaining a Personal Voice

16 Maintaining a Personal Voice

Gerard Vlemmings, Founder and Editor, Presurfer • 12 views
Exposing Readers to New Discoveries

17 Exposing Readers to New Discoveries

Kurt Kohlstedt, WebUrbanist and Gajitz • 12 views


Top 85 Eco Concepts in February

1 Top 85 Eco Concepts in February

From Smartphone-Controlled Homes to Sustainable Seaweed Furniture • 30,428 views
Eco Jumbo Jets

2 Eco Jumbo Jets

The Progress Eagle Aircraft Seats 800 and Employs Sustainable Energy • 21,006 views
100 Examples of Timber Architecture

3 100 Examples of Timber Architecture

From Wooden Facades to Mobile Wooden Shelters • 14,490 views
19 Examples of Eco Takeout Packaging

4 19 Examples of Eco Takeout Packaging

From Plant-Based Containers to Plantable Gourmet Packaging • 12,658 views
Converted Tiny Homes

5 Converted Tiny Homes

This Tiny Home is Actually a Converted Storehouse • 10,249 views
Eco-Friendly Burial Pods

6 Eco-Friendly Burial Pods

Capsula Mundi Creates Coffin Containers that Act as Fertilizer for Trees • 7,013 views
50 Examples of Incentivized Innovations

7 50 Examples of Incentivized Innovations

From Paperless Loyalty Apps to Smart Discount Cards • 5,222 views
Plastic Payment Promotions

8 Plastic Payment Promotions

Shoe Brand MAMUT is Accepting Plastic Bottle Payment for their New Line • 4,325 views
42 Glacier-Inspired Innovations

9 42 Glacier-Inspired Innovations

From Global Warming Candles to Paper Iceberg Installations • 4,282 views
40 Pampering Bathroom Products

10 40 Pampering Bathroom Products

From Antioxidant Body Washes to Diamond-Infused Skin Serums • 4,217 views
Accordion Eco Packaging

11 Accordion Eco Packaging

This Cardboard Box Design Can Ship Contents of Various Volumes • 4,057 views
14 Examples of Sustainable Beauty Packaging

12 14 Examples of Sustainable Beauty Packaging

From Bamboo Blush Cases to Spherical Wooden Perfumes • 3,799 views
17 Inventive Betabrand Designs

13 17 Inventive Betabrand Designs

From Patterned Poop Attire to Business Suit Onesies • 3,607 views
Tree Top Studio Structures

14 Tree Top Studio Structures

The Tree Top Studio Uses Passive Cooling • 3,539 views
Gorgeous Garbage Gowns

15 Gorgeous Garbage Gowns

Garbage Gone Glam Hopes You Choose a Garbage Dress for Your Next Function • 3,159 views
Wind Turbine Trellises

16 Wind Turbine Trellises

The Innovative Windflock System Unites Eco Energy and Ornamentation • 2,793 views
Scroll Solar Chargers

17 Scroll Solar Chargers

Rollable Eco Gadget Harnesses the Sun's Energy to Keep Your Phone's Power On • 2,747 views
Eco-Friendly DIY Baskets

18 Eco-Friendly DIY Baskets

Melissa Bahen of Lulu the Baker Adorably Repurposes Paper Bags • 2,494 views
15 Affordable Water Solutions

19 15 Affordable Water Solutions

From Sea-Purifying Canteens to Solar-Powered Toilets • 2,442 views
Fresh Garden Fridges

20 Fresh Garden Fridges

This Organic Refrigerator Integrates Compartments for Growing Your Own Food • 2,411 views


Top 100 Eco Trends of 2014

1 Top 100 Eco Trends of 2014

From Self-Sufficient Treehouse Homes to Chinese Pollution Pictures • 262,973 views
70 Contemporary Treehouse Concepts

2 70 Contemporary Treehouse Concepts

From Secluded Forest Retreats to Modern Arboreal Resorts • 36,326 views
44 Examples of Flat Pack Products

3 44 Examples of Flat Pack Products

From Snap-Together Desk Lighting to Flat Packed Sunglasses • 17,872 views
38 Examples of 3D Printers

4 38 Examples of 3D Printers

From Kid-Friendly 3D Printers to 3D Makeup Printers • 14,837 views
Smart Modular Microfarms

5 Smart Modular Microfarms

These Connected Greenhouse Create Rooftop Gardens in Urban Areas • 14,426 views
23 Kid-Inspired Sustainable Packaging

6 23 Kid-Inspired Sustainable Packaging

From Chalkboard Brew Bags to Playful Snack Blocks • 9,382 views
Sustainable Forest Homes

7 Sustainable Forest Homes

Passive House Che is Located In a Romanian Forest • 8,858 views
Open Source Floating Homes

8 Open Source Floating Homes

The Floating House is Designed By Carl Turner Architects • 8,454 views
Biodegradable Furniture Designs

9 Biodegradable Furniture Designs

This Alki Eco Chair is Made out of a 100% Bioplastic Material • 7,281 views
Quick Assembly Boxes

10 Quick Assembly Boxes

This Smart Cardboard Box Design Uses 15% Less Material and No Tape • 7,246 views
Futuristic Ecological City Blueprints

11 Futuristic Ecological City Blueprints

Vincent Callebaut Imagines What Paris 2050 Will look Like • 6,913 views
Tilted Carbon-Neutral Architecture

12 Tilted Carbon-Neutral Architecture

This Zero Energy House is the Product of Snøhetta and ZEB • 6,686 views
Deluxe Dorm-Style Hotels

13 Deluxe Dorm-Style Hotels

Mezzanine Hotel Rooms Demonstrate Creative Shifts in Luxury Accommodation • 5,875 views
Eco-Friendly Highway Covers

14 Eco-Friendly Highway Covers

A German City Plans to Bury Its Autobahn Under a Green Park • 5,869 views
3D-Printed Cars (UPDATE)

15 3D-Printed Cars (UPDATE)

This Cutting-Edge Local Motors Creation is Now Production-Ready • 5,837 views
20 Examples of Sustainable Toy Packaging

16 20 Examples of Sustainable Toy Packaging

From Flat-Packed Rocking Horses to Responsible Kite Kits • 5,830 views
40 Tesla Motors Innovations

17 40 Tesla Motors Innovations

From Mysterious Electric CUVs to Watch-Branded Roadsters • 5,437 views
Buttoned-Up Shipping Boxes

18 Buttoned-Up Shipping Boxes

This Box Packaging Design for WonderPix Uses Fewer Fasteners • 5,377 views
Returnable Shipping Boxes

19 Returnable Shipping Boxes

The 'There and Back Pack' is a Handy Return Shipping Box • 5,358 views
15 3D-Printed Transportation Innovations

20 15 3D-Printed Transportation Innovations

From Self-Assembling Autos to Printable Concept Cars • 5,345 views