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Carbon Fiber Commuter Scooters

1 Carbon Fiber Commuter Scooters

The Moveo 2016 Foldable Electric Scooter Has a Compact Aesthetic • 1,552 views
Biodegradable Food Packaging

2 Biodegradable Food Packaging

This Material Has a Low Impact on the Environment • 1,237 views
Electric Bike Conversion Wheels

3 Electric Bike Conversion Wheels

The Electron Wheel Turns Any Bike into an Electric Bike • 1,227 views
Sustainable Residential Towers

4 Sustainable Residential Towers

The 'Beacon' Tower Uses Heat Extraction Pumps and Solar Panels • 761 views
Steam-Bent Wooden Lodges

5 Steam-Bent Wooden Lodges

This Cornish Gamekeeper's Lodge's Facade is Covered in Curving Timber • 613 views
Eco-Friendly Cork Backpacks

6 Eco-Friendly Cork Backpacks

These Bags Were Designed to Help Counter the Effects of Fast Fashion • 582 views
Compact Electric Commuter Bikes

7 Compact Electric Commuter Bikes

The Tern Vektron Folding Electric Commute Bike is Bosch-Powered • 537 views
DIY Fermentation Kits

8 DIY Fermentation Kits

This Kit Allows People to Create Their Own Nutritious Fermented Foods • 436 views
20 Water Purification Systems

9 20 Water Purification Systems

From Water Purification Stations to Solar-Powered Filtration Systems • 319 views
Reclaimed 90s-Inspired Clothing

10 Reclaimed 90s-Inspired Clothing

Topshop Has Released its New Eco-Friendly 'Reclaim' Collection • 308 views
Miniature Efficient Hybrid Cars

11 Miniature Efficient Hybrid Cars

The New MINI Hybrid Expands the Capabilities of the Compact Car • 280 views
Miniature Marine Robots

12 Miniature Marine Robots

These Mussel-Like Robots are Studying the Impact Of Climate Change • 159 views
Surreptitious Solar Panels

13 Surreptitious Solar Panels

Dyaqua's Panels are Indistinguishable from Common Building Materials • 141 views
Ozone Water Purifiers

14 Ozone Water Purifiers

The O-Pen Gadget Precisely Destroys Bacteria and Viruses In Water • 120 views
Bottle-Recycling Vase Sleeves

15 Bottle-Recycling Vase Sleeves

The 'Kami no Tsubo' Bottle Vase Turns Old Plastic Bottles into Art • 120 views
Potato-Based Cheeses

16 Potato-Based Cheeses

'Chato' is a Waste-Reducing Plant-Based Cheese Substitute • 114 views
Trash-Made Animal Art

17 Trash-Made Animal Art

Bordalo II's Immaculate Wildlife Sculptures are Made from Junkyard Scraps • 101 views
Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

18 Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

The Verso Natura Line Includes Dish Soap, Detergent & Toilet Paper • 101 views
Bio-Based Detergents

19 Bio-Based Detergents

This Eco-Friendly Detergent Makes Use Of 65 Percent Biological Ingredients • 97 views
Essential Oil Carpet Cleaners

20 Essential Oil Carpet Cleaners

This DIY Carpet Cleaner Uses Natural Purifying Oils • 91 views


Top 100 Eco Ideas in September

1 Top 100 Eco Ideas in September

From Railroad-Topping Parks to Meal Kit Mini Fridges • 19,554 views
Top 85 Beauty Trends in October

2 Top 85 Beauty Trends in October

From Pumpkin Spice Highlighters to Portable Manicure Pens • 14,100 views
Top 100 Eco Design Ideas in September

3 Top 100 Eco Design Ideas in September

From Expansive Family Dwellings to Plastic-Made Artworks • 10,363 views
Eco Prefab Homes

4 Eco Prefab Homes

This Wood House by ArchiBlox Features a Green Roof and Sustainable Wood • 9,600 views
Top 50 Transportation Ideas in September

5 Top 50 Transportation Ideas in September

From Heroic Custom Motorcycles to Foldable Electric Bikes • 8,387 views
Energy-Generating Tents

6 Energy-Generating Tents

This Outdoor Camping Tent Captures Energy from the Sun for Functionality • 7,795 views
Cylindrical Bamboo Huts

7 Cylindrical Bamboo Huts

The Treehouse Suite is an Idyllic Beach Resort in Mexico • 2,857 views
All-in-One Solar Panels

8 All-in-One Solar Panels

The 'SolPad' Home Solar Panel Can be Used On or Off the Grid • 2,370 views
Sustainable Paper Beer Bottles

9 Sustainable Paper Beer Bottles

The Carlsberg Green Fiber Bottle Does Away with Glass and Metal • 2,345 views
Top 25 Eco Transportation Ideas in September

10 Top 25 Eco Transportation Ideas in September

From Gilded Electric Cars to Eco Urban Pathways • 2,202 views
65 Juice Blend Innovations

11 65 Juice Blend Innovations

From Charcoal Juices to Superfood-Infused Lemonades • 2,153 views
Personal Takeout Packaging

12 Personal Takeout Packaging

These WR/BR To-Go Kits Turn Cafeteria Grub Into Convenient Fast Food • 2,072 views
Top 25 Commuting Ideas in September

13 Top 25 Commuting Ideas in September

From Elderly Ridesharing Initiatives to Motocross Bike Hybrids • 1,972 views
Play-Inspiring Moving Boxes

14 Play-Inspiring Moving Boxes

AnyVan's Cardboard Moving Boxes Transform into Castles and Forts • 1,607 views
Flood-Proof River Refuges

15 Flood-Proof River Refuges

This Floating Pavilion Reacts to the Rise and Fall of the Water Way • 1,482 views
Typhoon-Strength Wind Turbines

16 Typhoon-Strength Wind Turbines

Atsushi Shimizu's Wind Turbine Can Withstand Gale Force Winds • 1,459 views
Intelligent Indoor Microgardens

17 Intelligent Indoor Microgardens

SproutsIO Makes It Possible to Grow Produce at Home Without Soil • 1,410 views
Portable Clean Energy Units

18 Portable Clean Energy Units

The X200 Power Hub Provides Green Energy to Appliances and Devices • 1,342 views
Modular Desktop Terrariums

19 Modular Desktop Terrariums

These Miniature Terrariums Offer Three Different Climates • 1,245 views
Chic Recycled Clothing

20 Chic Recycled Clothing

'I AM NOT A VIRGIN' Creates Recycled Clothes Using Discarded Plastic • 1,092 views


Top 100 Eco Ideas in August

1 Top 100 Eco Ideas in August

From Surplus Produce Apps to Miniature Greenhouse Pods • 19,511 views
Top 90 Beauty Trends in September

2 Top 90 Beauty Trends in September

From Male-Targeting Face Serums to Plant-Based Makeup Palettes • 18,564 views
Top 100 Eco Design Trends in August

3 Top 100 Eco Design Trends in August

From Upcycled Men's Jeans to Sustainable Rattan Chairs • 17,003 views
Top 65 Transportation Trends in August

4 Top 65 Transportation Trends in August

From Handcrafted Bamboo Bikes to Gasoline Delivery Apps • 10,567 views
Flatpack Portable Shelters

5 Flatpack Portable Shelters

These Shelters Were Designed for Emergency Situations • 6,867 views
All-Natural Beauty Boutiques

6 All-Natural Beauty Boutiques

Toronto's Detox Market Helps Consumers Glow from the Inside Out • 6,677 views
35 Commuting Trends in August

7 35 Commuting Trends in August

From Electric Taxi Fleets to Running Track Trains • 4,135 views
35 Alternative Milk Beverages

8 35 Alternative Milk Beverages

These Alternative Milks Boast Clean Ingredients and Sustainability • 4,055 views
29 Unconventional Condiment Flavors

9 29 Unconventional Condiment Flavors

From Artichoke-Based Mixes to Spice-Infused Honeys • 3,872 views
Top 30 Eco Transportation Trends in August

10 Top 30 Eco Transportation Trends in August

From Eco-Friendly Limousines to Durable Car Chargers • 3,750 views
Recycled Metal Car Replicas

11 Recycled Metal Car Replicas

This Artistic Display Was Created by 50 Different Artists • 3,528 views
Intricately Timbered Homes

12 Intricately Timbered Homes

'House Akerudden' is Built from Seven Different Types of Local Wood • 3,429 views
Folding E-Bicycle Designs

13 Folding E-Bicycle Designs

The Gi FlyBike Spins the Benefits of Power Assistance and Portability • 2,971 views
Rugged Rescue Vehicles

14 Rugged Rescue Vehicles

Nissan's Navara EnGuard Concept Packs a Portable Battery Pack • 2,805 views
Customized Miniature Cabins

15 Customized Miniature Cabins

These Cabins Could Function as Quirky Guest Houses • 2,551 views
Sports Car-Inspired E-Bikes

16 Sports Car-Inspired E-Bikes

Pininfarina's E-Voluzione is Based on Its Experience with Ferrari • 2,477 views
Abstract Sustainable Stools

17 Abstract Sustainable Stools

These Chairs Have Atypical Shapes and an Eco-Friendly Design • 2,326 views
Imbricated Brick Houses

18 Imbricated Brick Houses

Tadeo House is a Red Brick Residence in Chiapas, Mexico • 2,275 views
Multi-Functional Garbage Boxes

19 Multi-Functional Garbage Boxes

This Bin Helps to Keep the Home Clean Without Sacrificing Style • 2,205 views
Eco Tween Fashion Kits

20 Eco Tween Fashion Kits

The Fashion Angels Garbage to Glam Upcycling Product Lineup is Interactive • 2,034 views