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Top 65 Tech Photography Trends of 2014

1 Top 65 Tech Photography Trends of 2014

From Strap-On Sports Cameras to Printed Photo Subscriptions • 33,107 views
Branded Picture Booths

2 Branded Picture Booths

PartyPix Offers Marketing Opportunities in the Form of a Party Photo Booth • 6,994 views
Photographer Phone Cases

3 Photographer Phone Cases

The Snap 6 for iPhone 6 Features a Shutter Button for Easy Pic Snapping • 6,346 views
16 CES 2015 Photography Innovations

4 16 CES 2015 Photography Innovations

From 4K Camcorders to Selfie Flash Attachments • 2,466 views
Smartphone Flash Attachments

5 Smartphone Flash Attachments

Lenovo Vibe X2 Pro Brightens Up Your Image for High Quality Captures • 2,356 views
Compact Camera Lights

6 Compact Camera Lights

The GoPro Sidekick Lights Up GoPro Heri Shots • 2,264 views
High-Performance Streaming Camreas

7 High-Performance Streaming Camreas

The Liquid Image Ego LS Camera Was Revealed At CES 2015 • 1,721 views
Spatial Photography Apps

8 Spatial Photography Apps

Fyuse's Dynamic Photo App Gives Photos 3D Definition • 1,651 views
Video Windshield Recorders

9 Video Windshield Recorders

The Cowon Car Box Road Dash Video Recorder Design is Ideal for Driving • 1,533 views
Touchscreen DSLR Cameras

10 Touchscreen DSLR Cameras

The Nikon D5500 is Calling the Shots At CES 2015 • 1,394 views
Pocket-Friendly Cameras

11 Pocket-Friendly Cameras

The Fujifilm XQ2 Takes Quality Images From a Small Package • 1,102 views
Wearable Streaming Cameras

12 Wearable Streaming Cameras

The SnapCam Was Unveiled At CES 2015 • 1,006 views
3D Selfie Scanners (UPDATE)

13 3D Selfie Scanners (UPDATE)

Scanify Can Capture the Contours of Your Face for a Full-Form Image • 979 views
Facial Recognition Cameras

14 Facial Recognition Cameras

The Netatmo Welcome Camera Offers Secure Home Monitoring • 839 views
Real-Time X-Ray Streaming

15 Real-Time X-Ray Streaming

SureTech System Offers Accessible Video Support to Security Personnel • 797 views
Dual-Purpose Camera Manuals

16 Dual-Purpose Camera Manuals

Karin Hilgenkamp Designs DSLR Packaging that Doubles as Instructions • 749 views
Travel Photography Kits

17 Travel Photography Kits

Fujifilm's Extravagant Globe-Trotter Photography Kit Costs $14,000 • 728 views
Customizable Smart Bracelets

18 Customizable Smart Bracelets

The LookSee E-Ink Wearable Lets Your Jewelry Match Your Mood Always • 653 views
Wearable Lifelogging Cameras

19 Wearable Lifelogging Cameras

The Narrative Clip 2 Lifelogging Camera Makes Its Debut at CES 2015 • 564 views
Super-Zoom Bridge Cameras

20 Super-Zoom Bridge Cameras

The Fujifilm FinePix S9900W Offers Serious Zoom • 532 views


Top 30 Photography Ideas in November

1 Top 30 Photography Ideas in November

From Slo-Mo Video Recorders to Panoramic Camera Spheres • 29,526 views
Painting Simulated Photography

2 Painting Simulated Photography

Eduard Gordeev's Rainy Snaps Resemble Oil Canvas Murals • 6,361 views
Somber Marsala Designs

3 Somber Marsala Designs

The Gucci Pre Fall 2015 Collection Incorporates Pantone's Color of the Year • 6,325 views
Camera-Toting Quadcopters

4 Camera-Toting Quadcopters

The Aries Blackbird X10 Captures High Quality Footage • 3,335 views
Mock Historical Selfies

5 Mock Historical Selfies

A HTC Desire Eye Shot These Comical Historical Selfies • 2,119 views
Tactile Photography Boxes

6 Tactile Photography Boxes

The Film Box Kit Appeals to Those with a Passion for Photography • 1,633 views
10 Video Editing Apps

7 10 Video Editing Apps

From Cinematic Film Apps to Uninterrupted Musical Video Apps • 1,545 views
Amphibious Camera Drones

8 Amphibious Camera Drones

The HexH2O Drone Can Float On Water and Snap Underwater Images • 1,403 views
Spam Email Photography

9 Spam Email Photography

Poly-Spam by Cristina De Middel is Inspired by Digital Junk Mail • 1,304 views
Next-Generation Image Formats

10 Next-Generation Image Formats

The Better Portable Graphics Format Could Spell the End of JPEG • 1,047 views
Palm-Sized Selfie Drones

11 Palm-Sized Selfie Drones

The Zano Drone is Designed to Capture Selfies and Videos • 836 views
Personalized GIF Cards

12 Personalized GIF Cards

With Gifpop! You Can Send Customized Cards with Real Life GIFs on Them • 618 views
Image Search Apps

13 Image Search Apps

CamFind is a Handy App That Lets You Reverse Image Search with Photos • 459 views
Receipt Paper Polaroids

14 Receipt Paper Polaroids

The PrintSnap Instant Camera Prints Pictures on Thermal Receipt Paper • 406 views
Edible Selfie Treats

15 Edible Selfie Treats

Firebox's Marshmallow Printing Service Puts Your Face on a Sweet Sheet • 363 views
Camera Lens Pillows

16 Camera Lens Pillows

A Nikon-Inspired Pillow is a Great Gift for Photographers • 357 views
Media Digitization Services

17 Media Digitization Services

Legacybox is a Service That Helps to Turn Print Photos Digital • 351 views
Millennial Photography Campaigns

18 Millennial Photography Campaigns

Nikon's 'I AM Generation Image' Appeals to the Instagram Age • 329 views
27 Presentations on Photography

19 27 Presentations on Photography

From Modernizing Satellite Imaging to the Strength of Clear Vision • 325 views
Social Media-Focused Cameras

20 Social Media-Focused Cameras

The Polaroid Socialmatic Camera is Equipped with WiFi • 244 views