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Top 20 Mobile Photography Trends in June

1 Top 20 Mobile Photography Trends in June

From Custom Smartphone Lenses to Polaroid Photo Apps • 3,715 views
Brutalist Architecture Photography

2 Brutalist Architecture Photography

These Images Show Concrete Architecture From Around the World • 2,430 views
Luxury 3D Printers

3 Luxury 3D Printers

Pollen's Advanced 3D Printer Pam Can Print Multi Materials Simultaneously • 1,366 views
Long-Exposure Firefly Photography

4 Long-Exposure Firefly Photography

These Images Show the Thousands of Fireflies in Japanese Gardens • 1,123 views
Body Image Photo Campaigns

5 Body Image Photo Campaigns

A Student Created Photos That Magnify Body Image Issues that Girls Face • 799 views
Aquatic Filtered Camera Cases

6 Aquatic Filtered Camera Cases

The SANDMARC for GoPros Offers Filters to Contrast the Water Hues • 697 views
Obstacle-Evading Drones

7 Obstacle-Evading Drones

The Typhoon H Pro Drone Uses Intel RealSense Technology • 525 views
AI Colorization Software

8 AI Colorization Software

'Algorithmia' Uses Deep Learning to Colorize Black and White Photos • 456 views
Aerial Flower Photography

9 Aerial Flower Photography

These Photos Showcase Tulip Fields from a New Perspective • 444 views
Mirrorless 4K Cameras

10 Mirrorless 4K Cameras

The Fujifilm X-T2 Camera Offers High-End Autofocus Performance • 437 views
Stylistic Photo Filter Apps

11 Stylistic Photo Filter Apps

The Prisma App Transforms Selfies Into Veritable Works Of Art • 388 views
Abandoned Town Photography

12 Abandoned Town Photography

This Artist Took Illicit Photos of Abandoned Towns in Fukushima • 341 views
Symmetrical Landscape Photos

13 Symmetrical Landscape Photos

Lucas Inacio's Symmetrical Photos Are Reminiscent of Paintings • 328 views
Bespoke Camera Mounts

14 Bespoke Camera Mounts

This GoPro Mounting System is Designed Just For the GoPro HERO Session • 324 views
Predatoryl Fin Cameras

15 Predatoryl Fin Cameras

The Shark CafĂ© Aquatic Camera Tracks the Movement and Behaviors of Sharks • 271 views
Aerial Zoom Cameras

16 Aerial Zoom Cameras

The Zenmuse Z3 is DJI's First Integrated Aerial Zoom Camera • 194 views
Luxe 3D-Printed Cameras

17 Luxe 3D-Printed Cameras

The Lux Camera Embraces Open-Source 3D-Printing Design • 192 views
Weatherproof Outdoor Cameras

18 Weatherproof Outdoor Cameras

The Nest Cam Outdoor Camera is Designed to Function Outside Your Home • 154 views
Tethered Photography Cables

19 Tethered Photography Cables

The TetherBoost Pro Allows Creatives to Shoot Without Losing Signal • 129 views
Crisp-Capture Cameras

20 Crisp-Capture Cameras

This 4K Action Camera Features Image Stabilization and Distortion COrrection • 123 views


Top 25 Mobile Photography Trends in May

1 Top 25 Mobile Photography Trends in May

From Branded Messaging Filters to Selfie-Specific Drones • 3,907 views
Blood Dress Photo Shoots

2 Blood Dress Photo Shoots

An Artist Was Inspired by Milk Ads and Created This Grisly Photo Shoot • 2,231 views
40 Social Media Photo Applications

3 40 Social Media Photo Applications

From Illuminated Photo Cubes to Personalized Swim Shorts • 2,100 views
Adhesive Hands-Free Cameras

4 Adhesive Hands-Free Cameras

'Podo' is a Stick and Shoot Camera That Can Be Attached to Any Surface • 1,942 views
Camera Beer Caps

5 Camera Beer Caps

This Beck's Beer Bottle Comes With a 360-Degree Camera Lens • 1,935 views
Candid Hip-Hop Photography

6 Candid Hip-Hop Photography

A Photographer Captures Toned Down and Candid Photos of Rappers • 1,457 views
Long-Exposure Films

7 Long-Exposure Films

This Artist Used Long-Exposure Photographs to Capture This Film • 1,398 views
Astrophotography Cameras

8 Astrophotography Cameras

TinyMOS' 'Tiny1' Camera Shoots Detailed Pictures of the Night Sky • 1,361 views
Landscape Drone Photography

9 Landscape Drone Photography

The Aerial Photos Capture Beauty and Movement in the Chosen Subjects • 982 views
Continuously Recording Cameras

10 Continuously Recording Cameras

This Smart Camera Shares Moments in Real-Time with Minimal Editing • 980 views
3D Camera Smartphone Add-Ons

11 3D Camera Smartphone Add-Ons

The 'Eye-Plug' Camera Device is a Light-Field Camera for Smartphones • 971 views
Action Cam Shot Glasses

12 Action Cam Shot Glasses

The Polaroid Cube Shot Glass Captures a POV of Drinkers • 929 views
Equality-Promoting Campaigns

13 Equality-Promoting Campaigns

The Trans at Work Campaign Highlights Trans People's Accomplishments • 780 views
Neglected Building Photography

14 Neglected Building Photography

This Photographer Tries to Find the Beauty in Old Buildings • 662 views
Illuminated Glow Worm Photography

15 Illuminated Glow Worm Photography

Photographer Shaun Jeffers Captures the Beauty of Glow Worms • 635 views
AI Personal Fitness Trainers

16 AI Personal Fitness Trainers

The 'Vi' Headset Provides Real-Time Feedback for Athletes • 609 views
Compact Photography Selfie Tripods

17 Compact Photography Selfie Tripods

The Accmor Tripod Selfie Stick Adapts to Different Needs • 599 views
Spoofed Photography Ads

18 Spoofed Photography Ads

These Lens & Shutter Phone Photography Ads Poke Fun at Apple's Campaign • 572 views
Customizable Smartphone Cameras

19 Customizable Smartphone Cameras

The Bluboo Maya Comes With a Powerful Quad-Core Processor • 525 views
4K 360-Degree Cameras

20 4K 360-Degree Cameras

The 360Fly 4K Camera Requires No Post-Production to Stitch Images • 462 views