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Photography-Based Smartphone Protectors

1 Photography-Based Smartphone Protectors

The Moment iPhone Case Boasts a Multistate Shutter Button • 10,716 views
25 Camera Mount Accessories

2 25 Camera Mount Accessories

From Canine Camera Mounts to Oral Camera Mounts • 3,991 views
Superior Photoshop Alternatives

3 Superior Photoshop Alternatives

Affinity Photo Addresses the Advancements Made in Technology • 3,141 views
Oral Camera Mounts

4 Oral Camera Mounts

Ho Stevie!'s GoPro Camera Mount Fits into the Mouth • 3,050 views
Camouflaged Emotion Art

5 Camouflaged Emotion Art

Romina Ressia's 'What Do You Hide?' Highlights Hidden Feelings • 2,550 views
Monochromatic Landscape Art

6 Monochromatic Landscape Art

Climate Vortex Sutra by Photographer David Benjamin Sherry is Vibrant • 2,435 views
Majestic Russian Photography

7 Majestic Russian Photography

Photography Elena Shumilova Captures the Unspoiled Beauty of Russia • 2,061 views
70 Degrees of Virtual Reality Headgear

8 70 Degrees of Virtual Reality Headgear

Innovative Hologram Glasses to Augmented Reality Visors • 1,846 views
Disaster Relief Drones

9 Disaster Relief Drones

UAViators is Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles to Deliver Humanitarian Aid • 1,740 views
Photographic Phone Cases

10 Photographic Phone Cases

This Smartphone Lens Attachment Includes Four in One for Expert Images • 1,700 views
Nose Photography Apps

11 Nose Photography Apps

NosePost Saves Your Fingers from Freezing When You Want to Take an Image • 1,494 views
Many-Lensed Videography

12 Many-Lensed Videography

An Action Camera Set Lets You Capture Multiple Angles with Minimal Effort • 1,320 views
Reflective Photo Apps

13 Reflective Photo Apps

Ray-Ban's Unique Photography App Lets You Create Double Exposure Shots • 1,072 views
Camera-Embedded Bike Lights

14 Camera-Embedded Bike Lights

The Fly12 Bicycle Headlight Includes an HD Camera • 1,045 views
Interchangeable Lens Camera Drones

15 Interchangeable Lens Camera Drones

The Micro Four Thirds System Will Be Used In DJI Camera Drones • 953 views
Selective Lifelogging Cameras

16 Selective Lifelogging Cameras

The QindredCam Only Takes Money Shots • 818 views
Ultra-Megapixel DSLRs

17 Ultra-Megapixel DSLRs

The Canon EOS 5DS Offers the Highest Resolution Full-Frame Ever • 807 views
Weather-Resistant Cameras

18 Weather-Resistant Cameras

The Pentax K-S2 is Designed to Battle the Elements • 762 views
Gamified Event Photography Apps

19 Gamified Event Photography Apps

Dudr is a Social Photo App That Lets Groups Share Images as a Game • 555 views
Camera-Toting Kite Balloons

20 Camera-Toting Kite Balloons

The Action Cam Skyshot Helikite is a Kite-Balloon Hybrid • 483 views


Top 65 Tech Photography Trends of 2014

1 Top 65 Tech Photography Trends of 2014

From Strap-On Sports Cameras to Printed Photo Subscriptions • 34,886 views
Photographer Phone Cases

2 Photographer Phone Cases

The Snap 6 for iPhone 6 Features a Shutter Button for Easy Pic Snapping • 9,447 views
Romantic Photography Lenses

3 Romantic Photography Lenses

Cubify's Made with Love Bokeh Photography Kit is 3D-Printed • 8,113 views
Branded Picture Booths

4 Branded Picture Booths

PartyPix Offers Marketing Opportunities in the Form of a Party Photo Booth • 7,570 views
Smartphone Flash Attachments

5 Smartphone Flash Attachments

Lenovo Vibe X2 Pro Brightens Up Your Image for High Quality Captures • 4,103 views
16 CES 2015 Photography Innovations

6 16 CES 2015 Photography Innovations

From 4K Camcorders to Selfie Flash Attachments • 3,215 views
Compact Camera Lights

7 Compact Camera Lights

The GoPro Sidekick Lights Up GoPro Heri Shots • 3,103 views
Spatial Photography Apps

8 Spatial Photography Apps

Fyuse's Dynamic Photo App Gives Photos 3D Definition • 2,856 views
High-Performance Streaming Camreas

9 High-Performance Streaming Camreas

The Liquid Image Ego LS Camera Was Revealed At CES 2015 • 2,786 views
Touchscreen DSLR Cameras

10 Touchscreen DSLR Cameras

The Nikon D5500 is Calling the Shots At CES 2015 • 2,512 views
Video Windshield Recorders

11 Video Windshield Recorders

The Cowon Car Box Road Dash Video Recorder Design is Ideal for Driving • 2,312 views
Amphibious Camera Drones

12 Amphibious Camera Drones

The HexH2O Drone Can Float On Water and Snap Underwater Images • 2,068 views
Customizable Smart Bracelets

13 Customizable Smart Bracelets

The LookSee E-Ink Wearable Lets Your Jewelry Match Your Mood Always • 1,736 views
3D Selfie Scanners (UPDATE)

14 3D Selfie Scanners (UPDATE)

Scanify Can Capture the Contours of Your Face for a Full-Form Image • 1,674 views
Puzzling Lens Cases

15 Puzzling Lens Cases

This Fun iPhone Case Comes with Detachable Photography Lenses • 1,666 views
Pocket-Friendly Cameras

16 Pocket-Friendly Cameras

The Fujifilm XQ2 Takes Quality Images From a Small Package • 1,648 views
Dual-Purpose Camera Manuals

17 Dual-Purpose Camera Manuals

Karin Hilgenkamp Designs DSLR Packaging that Doubles as Instructions • 1,385 views
Portable Conference Webcams

18 Portable Conference Webcams

The Logitech ConferenceCam Connect Makes It Easier to Teleconference • 1,283 views
Travel Photography Kits

19 Travel Photography Kits

Fujifilm's Extravagant Globe-Trotter Photography Kit Costs $14,000 • 1,282 views
Wearable Streaming Cameras

20 Wearable Streaming Cameras

The SnapCam Was Unveiled At CES 2015 • 1,276 views