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7. Compact Automatic Cameras

The Lomography LC-A 120 Camera is Fully Automatic (VIDEO)
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Dexterous Cameras

1 Dexterous Cameras

The H5X Hasselblad Camera is Fully Loaded with Features • 621 views
Trailblazing Compact Cameras

2 Trailblazing Compact Cameras

The Fujifilm X100T is the First Camera With an Electronic Rangefinder • 504 views
Revolutionized Photography Branding

3 Revolutionized Photography Branding

BLACKS Undergoes a Design Overhaul that Favors Simplicity • 386 views
Aerial Festival Photography

4 Aerial Festival Photography

These Burning Man Shots Were Captured By a Drone • 162 views
Speedy Shooting Cameras

5 Speedy Shooting Cameras

The Mamiya Leaf Credo 50 Has Ultra-Fast Continuous Shooting • 150 views
Sun Snapshot Apps

6 Sun Snapshot Apps

Lumy is an App to Help You Take a Photo of the Sunrise and Sunset • 139 views
Compact Automatic Cameras

7 Compact Automatic Cameras

The Lomography LC-A 120 Camera is Fully Automatic • 134 views


DIY Vintage Cameras

1 DIY Vintage Cameras

The Konstruktor F by Lomography is a Modernized Vintage Product • 2,346 views
DSLR Smartphone Acessories

2 DSLR Smartphone Acessories

The Sony ILCE-QX1 Turns Your Smartphone into a High Tech Camera • 1,494 views
Perfume Bottle-Shaped Cameras

3 Perfume Bottle-Shaped Cameras

The Sony KW1 Selfie Camera is Designed to Look Like a Perfume Bottle • 1,454 views
Photo-Blending Apps

4 Photo-Blending Apps

Metagramme Creates a Composite Image Out of Your Instagram Pictures • 1,155 views
Handmade Leather Camera Straps

5 Handmade Leather Camera Straps

New York-Based Tap & Dye Creates Quality Heritage Goods • 808 views
Canine Camera Mounts

6 Canine Camera Mounts

GoPro Fetch is a Camera Mount for Dogs That Captures a Dog's Eye View • 735 views
Detachable Sectioned Cameras

7 Detachable Sectioned Cameras

The EXILIM EX-FR10 by Casio Comes in Two Parts • 641 views
Compact Upgraded Cameras

8 Compact Upgraded Cameras

The Fujifilm X30 Camera Has an Electronic Viewfinder • 459 views
3D Topography Renderings

9 3D Topography Renderings

Lee Griggs Animates Mesmerizing Topographies Using 3D Rendering Software • 394 views
Potent WiFi Cameras

10 Potent WiFi Cameras

The Olympus Pen E-PL7 Features the Fastest Autofocus System Around • 370 views
Photographer-Perspective Videos

11 Photographer-Perspective Videos

The 'Paris Through a Pentax' Short Shows the Videographer Angle • 336 views
Light-Embedded Cameras

12 Light-Embedded Cameras

The Pentak K-S1 is Embedded With Futuristic LED Lights • 242 views
DIY Photography

13 DIY Photography

As consumers become more accustomed to DIY, homemade cameras gain popularity • 0 views
Uninhibited Youth

14 Uninhibited Youth

The rise of unbridled teen culture is bluntly expressed in modern photography • 0 views
Extreme POV

15 Extreme POV

Wearable Camera footage is taken up a notch with adventurous and unexpected viewpoints • 0 views


14 iPhone Photography Apps

1 14 iPhone Photography Apps

From Digital Darkroom Apps to Family Album Apps • 8,199 views
3D Picture Manipulation

2 3D Picture Manipulation

Carnegie Mellon University Researchers Developed a 3D Photo Editing Tool • 6,463 views
One-Man Portable Photo Studios

3 One-Man Portable Photo Studios

The Human Light Suit by Erik Schwabel Helps Capture Burning Man • 4,944 views
13 Smartphone Photography Apps

4 13 Smartphone Photography Apps

From High-Speed Photography Apps to Voice-Over Photo Apps • 3,474 views
22 Polaroid Photography Fashion Finds

5 22 Polaroid Photography Fashion Finds

From Floral Polaroid Editorials to Stylish Sister Lookbooks • 2,437 views
60 City Photo Series

6 60 City Photo Series

From Abstract Urban Photography to Stunning Structural Captures • 2,122 views
High-Speed Photography Apps

7 High-Speed Photography Apps

The MIOPS Camera Trigger Sets the Conditions for Dynamic Photos • 2,082 views
Power-Saving Wearable Cameras

8 Power-Saving Wearable Cameras

The Wearable Ambarella Camera Records High-Quality Video • 2,028 views
15 POV Shot Marketing Videos

9 15 POV Shot Marketing Videos

From Camera-Embedded Soccer Balls to Urban Speed Cycling Campaigns • 1,727 views
Charitable Camera Straps

10 Charitable Camera Straps

The ONA Camera Strap Raises Awareness for Clean Drinking Water • 1,395 views
Selfie Assessment Apps

11 Selfie Assessment Apps

The Selfie Analyzer Lets You Know How Good Your Selfies Are Pre-Posting • 1,335 views
Dedicated Selfie Apps

12 Dedicated Selfie Apps

'Selfie' is an App for Selfies Where You Can Connect with Other Photo Lovers • 1,269 views
Phone-Transforming Chest Plates

13 Phone-Transforming Chest Plates

The Camrig Miveu Turns Your Existing iPhone Into a POV Camera • 1,264 views
X-Ray Innards Photography

14 X-Ray Innards Photography

The 'Invisible Light' Photo Series Shows Inner Features of Objects • 1,191 views
Digital Darkroom Apps

15 Digital Darkroom Apps

The 1-Hour Photo App Makes You Wait to See Your Smartphone Snapshots • 1,083 views
Camera-Combining Phone Cases

16 Camera-Combining Phone Cases

This GoPro Case Uses Your Smartphone as a Video Viewing Screen • 1,078 views
Considerate Concert Apps

17 Considerate Concert Apps

The Kimd App is for Taking Pictures at Concerts Without Disturbing Others • 977 views
Pelican POV Videos

18 Pelican POV Videos

This Stunning Pelican GoPro Video Was Captured in Tanzania • 821 views
WiFi Signal Photography

19 WiFi Signal Photography

The Series by Luis Hernan Turns WiFi Signals Into Rainbow Streams of Light • 759 views
Snapshotting Design Apps

20 Snapshotting Design Apps

The Schnapps Mac Plug-In Takes Time Lapsed Videos of Your Design Process • 531 views