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Top 100 Photography Tech Trends in 2016

1 Top 100 Photography Tech Trends in 2016

From Image-Stabilizing Smartphones to Wearable VR Cameras • 39,359 views
Toroidal Photography Lenses

2 Toroidal Photography Lenses

The New Lens by the Sphere Optics Company is the First of Its Kind • 1,432 views
Stabilized Smartphone Rigs

3 Stabilized Smartphone Rigs

The 'LitleCane' Smartphone Stabilizer Keeps Footage Streamlined • 844 views
Charging Photography Smartphone Cases

4 Charging Photography Smartphone Cases

The 'Moment' Battery Photo Case is for the iPhone 7 • 721 views
Photography Gear-Organizing Apps

5 Photography Gear-Organizing Apps

MyGearVault Helps Pro Photographers Keep Track of Their Gear • 609 views
Smartphone Photo USB Drives

6 Smartphone Photo USB Drives

The Picture Keeper Connect Extends Smartphone Storage Capabilities • 398 views
Texturing-Enhancing Photography Apps

7 Texturing-Enhancing Photography Apps

The Mextures App Allows Users to Add Texture to Their Photos • 331 views
Vintage Cardboard Cameras

8 Vintage Cardboard Cameras

The Collapsible Cardboard Jollylook is Styled After Early Cameras • 303 views
Professional Photographer Directories

9 Professional Photographer Directories

The 500px Photographer Directory Gathers Thousands of Pros • 299 views
Scuba Diver Smartphone Protectors

10 Scuba Diver Smartphone Protectors

The 'LenzO' Underwater iPhone Case Enables Deep-Sea Photography • 293 views
Military-Inspired Camera Straps

11 Military-Inspired Camera Straps

The Colfax Design Works Camera Sling Strap is Made in the USA • 279 views
Secure Action Cam Cases

12 Secure Action Cam Cases

The 'Artemis' Rugged Case for GoPro Protects from Drops and Damage • 268 views
Nature Photography Drones

13 Nature Photography Drones

The 'Onyx' Natural Photography Drone Tracks Wildlife without Disturbance • 262 views
Old Smartphone Photography Toys

14 Old Smartphone Photography Toys

'Pixlplay' Turns an Old Smartphone into a Kids Camera • 227 views
Stabilized Smartphone Gimbals

15 Stabilized Smartphone Gimbals

The 'MSE Rover' Smartphone Mounting System Offers Stability • 210 views
User-Friendly Photography Apps

16 User-Friendly Photography Apps

The Zen Photo Editor Makes It Easy for Users to Adjust Their Photos • 190 views
Foot Selfie Sticks

17 Foot Selfie Sticks

The 'SelfieFeet' Allows Users to Take Selfies Using Their Feet as the Mount • 178 views
Photo-Specific Typography Apps

18 Photo-Specific Typography Apps

The 'Font Candy' App Allows Users to Add Text to Their Photos • 154 views
Real-Time Event Photo Apps

19 Real-Time Event Photo Apps

'' Lets Guests Broadcast Live Event Photos for Everyone to Enjoy • 148 views
Camera-Syncing VR Apps

20 Camera-Syncing VR Apps

VR Video App Camarada is Making VR Content More Accessible to Consumers • 116 views


Top 10 Photography Innovations at CES 2017

1 Top 10 Photography Innovations at CES 2017

From Camera-Carrying Drones to Smart Fridge Cameras • 3,994 views
eCommerce Product Photography Boxes

2 eCommerce Product Photography Boxes

The 'LilyCube' Creates a Product Photography Studio Anywhere • 1,545 views
HD Instant Cameras

3 HD Instant Cameras

The Polaroid Pop Instant Camera Offered Enhanced Capabilities at CES 2017 • 1,512 views
Surreal Astronaut Photography

4 Surreal Astronaut Photography

Thomas Pesquet Captured Stunning Scenes During His Journey to Space • 1,073 views
Dynamic 4K Production Cameras

5 Dynamic 4K Production Cameras

The AJA Cion Production Camera is Prepared for Advanced Recording • 914 views
Pocket-Sized VR Cameras

6 Pocket-Sized VR Cameras

The 'TwoEyes' 360 VR Camera Captures the Natural Human View • 736 views
Auto-Follow Camera Drones

7 Auto-Follow Camera Drones

The 'MyDrone' 4K Camera Drone Keeps an Eye on the User • 623 views
Film-Inspired Photo Apps

8 Film-Inspired Photo Apps

The 'Filmborn' Film Stock Photo App Transforms Pics into Rustic Captures • 590 views
3D Printed Bone Replacements

9 3D Printed Bone Replacements

Bone Reconstruction in Landmine Victims is Possible with 3D Printing • 588 views
Screenless Concert Cameras

10 Screenless Concert Cameras

The 'Moment' Hand Camera Discreetly Captures Experiences • 566 views
Exterior Security Camera Lights

11 Exterior Security Camera Lights

The Ring Security Floodlight Camera Illuminates, Records and More • 516 views
Emotional Meal Apps

12 Emotional Meal Apps

This Facial Recognition App Utilizes Mood Mapping to Make Food Suggestions • 506 views
Multi-Device Charging Towers

13 Multi-Device Charging Towers

The 'DOCK ME' Smart Charging Tower Combines Cables and Devices • 443 views
Stargazer Camera Mounts

14 Stargazer Camera Mounts

The 'STARSLIDER' Camera Motion System Features a Modular Design • 402 views
Prestigious Free Photography Courses

15 Prestigious Free Photography Courses

Harvard's Photography Course is Available Online • 375 views
Smartphone-Connected Camera Enhancers

16 Smartphone-Connected Camera Enhancers

Johan Godfroid's Operational System is a Part of CES 2017 • 368 views
Ultra HD Action Cameras

17 Ultra HD Action Cameras

The LeEco Liveman C1 4K Action Camera was Announced at CES 2017 • 330 views
360-Degree Social Media Cameras

18 360-Degree Social Media Cameras

The 'Insta360 Air' Spherical Camera Captures Everything Around You • 308 views
Heat-Mapping Cameras

19 Heat-Mapping Cameras

The FLIR C3 Rugged Thermal Camera was Unveiled at CES 2017 • 301 views
Selfie-Enhancing Smartphone Cameras

20 Selfie-Enhancing Smartphone Cameras

The Vivo V5 Plus Takes Selfies with Perfect Bokeh • 246 views