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Wooden Golfer Camera Holders

1 Wooden Golfer Camera Holders

The Puttskee 'PuttCAM' Smartphone Mounts Record Golf Games • 1,194 views
Balancing Photography Rigs

2 Balancing Photography Rigs

The 'miniRIG' Gimbal Stabilizers Ensure Optimal Control • 1,127 views
Feline Culinary Photoshoots

3 Feline Culinary Photoshoots

Maro the Cosplay Chef Cat Combines Authentic Food and Outfits • 954 views
Dedicated Documentation Cameras

4 Dedicated Documentation Cameras

The Nokia 'Twist' Media Camera Captures 15 Second Bursts • 697 views
Action Cam Broadcasting Systems

5 Action Cam Broadcasting Systems

The 'FREECAST' Live video Broadcaster Attaches Right onto Cameras • 497 views
Selfie GIF Creators

6 Selfie GIF Creators

The Giphy Says App Instantly Turns Your Voice and Face into a GIF • 439 views
Weatherproof Wireless Security Cameras

7 Weatherproof Wireless Security Cameras

The Reolink 'Argus' Mounted Camera Works Indoors or Out • 328 views
Stylistic Photography Algorithms

8 Stylistic Photography Algorithms

Adobe and Cornell's 'Deep Photo Style Transfer' Mimics Images • 204 views
Collision-Warning Vehicle Dash Cams

9 Collision-Warning Vehicle Dash Cams

The Garmin Dash Cam 55 Saves GPS Location and More • 167 views
Promotional Photo-Op ATMs

10 Promotional Photo-Op ATMs

This Attack on Titan ATM Encourages Photo-Taking Nearby • 117 views
Age-Guessing Photo Apps

11 Age-Guessing Photo Apps

Microsoft's New Sprinkles App Aims to Be a Fun Alternative to Snapchat • 115 views
Multipurpose Phone Cases

12 Multipurpose Phone Cases

Protean Turns iPhones Into a Pro Camera, GPS, Wall Speaker or a TV • 103 views
Hands-Free Filming Wearables

13 Hands-Free Filming Wearables

Thanko's 'Smaneck' is a Hands-Free Phone Holder for Filming • 92 views
DIY Selfie Lights

14 DIY Selfie Lights

Adafruit's 3D Printed Project Helps to Enhance One's Phone Photography • 71 views
Selfie-Enabling Instant Cameras

15 Selfie-Enabling Instant Cameras

The Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Camera Unit Snaps Short-Range Shots • 42 views
Action Cam Storage Cards

16 Action Cam Storage Cards

The Team Group 'Go Cards' MicroSD Memory Cards are Speedy • 24 views


Top 25 Mobile Photography Trends in March

1 Top 25 Mobile Photography Trends in March

From Amateur Animation Toys to Voiceover Photo Apps • 13,751 views
Top 25 Mobile Photography Ideas in February

2 Top 25 Mobile Photography Ideas in February

From HD Instant Cameras to Sticky Smartphone Mounts • 6,815 views
Top 30 Photography Concepts in February

3 Top 30 Photography Concepts in February

From Toroidal Photography Lenses to HD Instant Cameras • 6,480 views
Analog Viewfinder Cameras

4 Analog Viewfinder Cameras

The 'LUCID' Point-and-Shoot Digital Camera is Simplistic • 2,408 views
Analog Camera-Upgrading Devices

5 Analog Camera-Upgrading Devices

The 'I'm Back' Turns Analog Cameras into DSLRs • 2,093 views
Aquatic 4K Camera Drones

6 Aquatic 4K Camera Drones

The 'Gladius' Drone Enables Users to Take Underwater Photography • 1,847 views
DIY Interchangeable Lens Cameras

7 DIY Interchangeable Lens Cameras

The Croz DIY Small Digital Camera is Completely Scaled-Down • 1,750 views
Holographic Hospital Design

8 Holographic Hospital Design

This Operating Room Design Software Uses Augmented Reality Holograms • 1,578 views
Interchangeable Component Phone Cases

9 Interchangeable Component Phone Cases

The Monarch VII 'MARK 1' Photography Phone Case is Versatile • 1,198 views
Multi-Copy Picture Cameras

10 Multi-Copy Picture Cameras

The 'Halo' Printer Camera Offers Digital and Physical Copies • 1,173 views
Modular Photography Packs

11 Modular Photography Packs

The Lexdray San Francisco Camera Pack Transitions for Different Needs • 930 views
Social Media Drones

12 Social Media Drones

After Launching Spectacles, Snap is Creating the Snap Drone • 726 views
Wearable Timepiece Panoramic Cameras

13 Wearable Timepiece Panoramic Cameras

The 'Beoncam' Wearable 360-Degree Mini Cameras are Rugged • 680 views
Portable Document Scanners

14 Portable Document Scanners

The IRIScan Book 5 Makes Scanning Simple on the Go • 513 views
Collapsing Smartphone Stabilizers

15 Collapsing Smartphone Stabilizers

The Steadicam 'Volt' Ensures Shake-Free Videos on Smartphones • 464 views
Owner-Following Photography Drones

16 Owner-Following Photography Drones

The 'QUADRO' Drone Robots Document Your Life Wherever You Go • 402 views
Sturdy Camera Clip Holsters

17 Sturdy Camera Clip Holsters

The Shai Gear 'SpiderLight' Camera Holders Keep Equipment Handy • 342 views
Budget Video-Capturing Quadcopters

18 Budget Video-Capturing Quadcopters

The Kudrone Mini Drone Shoots in 4K and Costs Less Than $200 • 273 views
Augmented Photo Booths

19 Augmented Photo Booths

V Energy Drink's 'Mardi Gras Photobooth' Automatically Adds Props • 181 views
Efficient HD Pocket Cameras

20 Efficient HD Pocket Cameras

The 'AMO' 360-Degree Fashion Camera is Pocket-Sized • 141 views