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Imprinted Bodily Photography

1 Imprinted Bodily Photography

Justin Bartels Created IMPRESSION After Dating Women in College • 4,538 views
Derelict Architecture Photography

2 Derelict Architecture Photography

The Forgotten Heritage Series by Matthew Emmett Portrays a Void • 3,023 views
Stick and Shoot Cameras

3 Stick and Shoot Cameras

This Sticky Selfie Camera Turns Any Surface Into a Makeshift Photo Booth • 2,797 views
Double Selfie Sticks

4 Double Selfie Sticks

The Stesco Mount Aligns Two Smartphones for Unique Depth Perception Pictures • 2,413 views
Professional Photo Apps

5 Professional Photo Apps

The Priime App Features Filters Created by Professional Photographers • 2,045 views
Long-Range Phone Lenses

6 Long-Range Phone Lenses

The iPhone 80X Telescope Lets You Take Quality Photos from a Distance • 1,709 views
Market Stall Photography

7 Market Stall Photography

Photographer Richard John Seymour Captures China's Commodity City • 1,529 views
Decorative Sun Power Paneling

8 Decorative Sun Power Paneling

These Decorative Solar Panels Can Generate Energy Indoors As Well • 1,308 views
Gritty Desert Portraiture

9 Gritty Desert Portraiture

Vegas and She by Stefanie Moshammer Documents Life in Las Vegas • 1,174 views
Versatile Drone Attachments

10 Versatile Drone Attachments

Percepto Computer Vision Adds App-Controlled Features to Drones • 992 views
Floating Camera Mounts

11 Floating Camera Mounts

The U-Float Mount is Optimized for Water-Based Shooting • 673 views
Tactile Children

12 Tactile Children's Books

This 3D Printed Book Project Helps Young Blind Kids Read Earlier • 590 views
WiFi-Equipped Cameras

13 WiFi-Equipped Cameras

The Nikon D7200 Has WiFi and Various Key Improvements • 520 views
3D Printed Cake Decorations

14 3D Printed Cake Decorations

Albert Hejin Uses a Portable Food Printer to Offer Custom Cake Designs • 517 views
Waterproof Quadcopters

15 Waterproof Quadcopters

The Splash Drone Can Float On Water and Capture Underwater Shots • 514 views
Master Photo Apps

16 Master Photo Apps

The Enlight Photo Editing App Claims to Crush Its Competition • 511 views
Live Smartphone Tourism

17 Live Smartphone Tourism

Lopeca Lets You Explore Remotely Using Mobile Video Tours From Locals • 355 views
One-Shot Photography Apps

18 One-Shot Photography Apps

The WhiteAlbum App Gives You One Chance to Take a Good Photo • 340 views
Smiling Selfie Cameras

19 Smiling Selfie Cameras

The Smilfie Pod Helps Groups Take Photos Without Awkward Selfie Arms • 314 views
Data-Yielding Space Apps

20 Data-Yielding Space Apps

The NASA Asteroid Hunter App is for the Citizen Scientist • 218 views


Top 35 Photography Ideas in February

1 Top 35 Photography Ideas in February

From 3D Selfie Scanners to Branded Picture Booths • 123,844 views
Photography-Based Smartphone Protectors

2 Photography-Based Smartphone Protectors

The Moment iPhone Case Boasts a Multistate Shutter Button • 12,868 views
25 Camera Mount Accessories

3 25 Camera Mount Accessories

From Canine Camera Mounts to Oral Camera Mounts • 4,390 views
Superior Photoshop Alternatives

4 Superior Photoshop Alternatives

Affinity Photo Addresses the Advancements Made in Technology • 3,661 views
Prismatic Plexiglass Photography

5 Prismatic Plexiglass Photography

Joanna Mcclure's Through the Looking Glass is Like a Kaleidoscope • 3,553 views
Oral Camera Mounts

6 Oral Camera Mounts

Ho Stevie!'s GoPro Camera Mount Fits into the Mouth • 3,400 views
Camouflaged Emotion Art

7 Camouflaged Emotion Art

Romina Ressia's 'What Do You Hide?' Highlights Hidden Feelings • 3,369 views
Majestic Russian Photography

8 Majestic Russian Photography

Photography Elena Shumilova Captures the Unspoiled Beauty of Russia • 3,110 views
Photographic Phone Cases

9 Photographic Phone Cases

This Smartphone Lens Attachment Includes Four in One for Expert Images • 2,742 views
Monochromatic Landscape Art

10 Monochromatic Landscape Art

Climate Vortex Sutra by Photographer David Benjamin Sherry is Vibrant • 2,614 views
Disaster Relief Drones

11 Disaster Relief Drones

UAViators is Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles to Deliver Humanitarian Aid • 2,270 views
Foraging Food Photography

12 Foraging Food Photography

Faux Foraging by James Tolich is a Photo Essay Dedicated to Irony • 2,217 views
Many-Lensed Videography

13 Many-Lensed Videography

An Action Camera Set Lets You Capture Multiple Angles with Minimal Effort • 2,125 views
Nose Photography Apps

14 Nose Photography Apps

NosePost Saves Your Fingers from Freezing When You Want to Take an Image • 2,119 views
Delicate Dance Compositions

15 Delicate Dance Compositions

365 Photos by Mickael Jou is a Stunning Photoshopped Series • 2,105 views
Reflective Photo Apps

16 Reflective Photo Apps

Ray-Ban's Unique Photography App Lets You Create Double Exposure Shots • 1,768 views
Interchangeable Lens Camera Drones

17 Interchangeable Lens Camera Drones

The Micro Four Thirds System Will Be Used In DJI Camera Drones • 1,462 views
Camera-Embedded Bike Lights

18 Camera-Embedded Bike Lights

The Fly12 Bicycle Headlight Includes an HD Camera • 1,205 views
Selfie Photography Studios

19 Selfie Photography Studios

This Fun Photo Studio Improves Your Posing and Shooting Skills • 1,068 views
Selective Lifelogging Cameras

20 Selective Lifelogging Cameras

The QindredCam Only Takes Money Shots • 1,037 views