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18. Self-Editing Video Montages

LiveLight Uses Machine Learning to Cut the Boring Parts of Film Reels
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75 Examples of Weird Fine Art Photography

1 75 Examples of Weird Fine Art Photography

From Floral Afro Photography to Ominous Omen Photography • 17,506 views
One-Man Portable Photo Studios

2 One-Man Portable Photo Studios

The Human Light Suit by Erik Schwabel Helps Capture Burning Man • 2,178 views
Mirror-Packing Selfie Cameras

3 Mirror-Packing Selfie Cameras

The CaseCam Includes a Camera Lens Mirror for Improved Visibility • 1,844 views
X-Ray Innards Photography

4 X-Ray Innards Photography

The 'Invisible Light' Photo Series Shows Inner Features of Objects • 1,100 views
Considerate Concert Apps

5 Considerate Concert Apps

The Kimd App is for Taking Pictures at Concerts Without Disturbing Others • 810 views
Floral Afro Photography

6 Floral Afro Photography

Oleg Oprisco's Fine Art Photography is Complex to Produce • 653 views
Digital Darkroom Apps

7 Digital Darkroom Apps

The 1-Hour Photo App Makes You Wait to See Your Smartphone Snapshots • 622 views
Dedicated Selfie Apps

8 Dedicated Selfie Apps

'Selfie' is an App for Selfies Where You Can Connect with Other Photo Lovers • 609 views
Selfie Assessment Apps

9 Selfie Assessment Apps

The Selfie Analyzer Lets You Know How Good Your Selfies Are Pre-Posting • 350 views
Prancing Ballerina Photography

10 Prancing Ballerina Photography

Dane Shitagi Captures Dance Photography for the Ballerina Project • 292 views
Opposing Viewpoint Photography

11 Opposing Viewpoint Photography

Travel Photography Series 'Lens Between Us' Shows Opposite Views • 284 views
Ominous Omen Photography

12 Ominous Omen Photography

Yutha Yamanaka's Self-Portraits Reveal Bad Omens • 247 views
Melting Ice Cream Timelapses

13 Melting Ice Cream Timelapses

The 'Creamlapse' Timelapse Shows • 149 views
DIY Pinhole Cameras

14 DIY Pinhole Cameras

The Viddy Camera is Made of Cardboard and Reclaimed Materials • 134 views
Video Recording Headphones

15 Video Recording Headphones

The Soundsight Headphones Let You Record and Stream HD Video • 94 views
Mobile Extensions

16 Mobile Extensions

Seeking convenience, consumers turn to excess add-ons • 0 views


Surreal Eco Photography

1 Surreal Eco Photography

This Photo Series by Mojebory Boasts Beautiful Otherworldly Elements • 17,849 views
Cyclist-Photographing Sheep

2 Cyclist-Photographing Sheep

The Tour De France Yorkshire Will Be Shot by Sheep with Sony Cameras • 16,515 views
Feline Fusion Photography

3 Feline Fusion Photography

UnderCats Swapped Cat Faces with those of Cat Owners • 16,215 views
Solitary Superhero Snapshots

4 Solitary Superhero Snapshots

Benoit Lapray Creates a Series of Concept Photos of Superheroes • 12,947 views
Abandoned Arboreal Autos

5 Abandoned Arboreal Autos

These Old Cars Have Been Left in the Forest for 70 Years • 9,150 views
Surreal Selfie Photography

6 Surreal Selfie Photography

Self Portrait Photography • 4,683 views
Psychedelic Selfie Photography

7 Psychedelic Selfie Photography

Logan Zillmer's Conceptual Photography Creates Impressive Stories • 2,805 views
Sentimental Adoption Snapshots

8 Sentimental Adoption Snapshots

Kate T. Parker's 'Blended' Documents Love for an Adopted Child • 2,568 views
Waterproof Social Media Cameras

9 Waterproof Social Media Cameras

TheQ Camera is Perfect for Taking Underwater Swimming Pictures • 2,244 views
Sea Storm Snapshots

10 Sea Storm Snapshots

Dalton Portella Captures Ocean Waves as They Crash and Create • 1,697 views
Furniture Store Snooze Photography

11 Furniture Store Snooze Photography

Kevin Frayer Photographed Customers Sleeping in an Ikea Store • 1,600 views
Filtered Polaroid Cameras

12 Filtered Polaroid Cameras

The Lomo’Instant Cameras Bring Back Traditional Filters and Polaroids • 1,333 views
High-Speed Photography Apps

13 High-Speed Photography Apps

The MIOPS Camera Trigger Sets the Conditions for Dynamic Photos • 1,274 views
Experimental Underwater Photography

14 Experimental Underwater Photography

This Unique Underwater Photo Series Uses a Scanner as a Camera • 1,249 views
Retro Instagram Reels

15 Retro Instagram Reels

Reelagram Turns Instagram Photography Authentically Vintage • 1,149 views
Waterproof Social Cameras

16 Waterproof Social Cameras

TheQ Camera is a Colorful Option for Summer Vacations • 1,111 views
Soccer Celebrity Hairstyles

17 Soccer Celebrity Hairstyles

Rob the Original Created Works of Art with Hair Designs • 1,046 views
Printed Photo Subscriptions

18 Printed Photo Subscriptions

Timeshel's Picture Printing Service Helps You Document Every Moment • 965 views
3D-Photo Edit Apps

19 3D-Photo Edit Apps

Matter is a Photo Editor with 3D Features Built-In • 922 views
Exposé Drone Photography

20 Exposé Drone Photography

Drone on the Farm Hopes to Aerially Capture Instances of Animal Cruelty • 894 views


Voyeuristic X-Ray Portraits

1 Voyeuristic X-Ray Portraits

Nick Veasey Reveals Secrets in His Series Entitled X-Ray Voyeurism • 37,078 views
Macro Photography Accessories

2 Macro Photography Accessories

The Flash Adapter by Ernest and Agnieszka Lysa Provides More Control • 4,314 views
Versatile Photography Flashes

3 Versatile Photography Flashes

The Flashmate Ring Camera Light Lets Photographers Get the Best Shot • 4,269 views
Pocket-Sized Projectors

4 Pocket-Sized Projectors

The Odin Projector Replaces the Average Television Screen • 3,417 views
Festival Photographer Drones

5 Festival Photographer Drones

Twitter's Dronie Snaps Sky Selfies at Cannes Lions 2014 • 3,311 views
28 GoPro Innovations

6 28 GoPro Innovations

From Superhero Flying POV Videos to Camera-Embedded Cars • 2,838 views
65 Father

7 65 Father's Day Gifts for the Photographer

From Hands-Free Cameras to Camera Lens Pillows • 2,484 views
Miniature Cheese Cameras

8 Miniature Cheese Cameras

The Chobi Cam Cheese Mini Digital Camera Gets People to Say 'Cheese!' • 2,280 views
Floating Paint Photography

9 Floating Paint Photography

These Colorful Liquid Splashes are Caught in Midair • 2,136 views
Violent Vase Photography

10 Violent Vase Photography

'Flowervases' Capture Flower Vase Mid Shatter • 1,956 views
Foggy Silhouetted Landscapes

11 Foggy Silhouetted Landscapes

Nicolas Bouvier's Landscape Photo Series is Mysterious • 1,178 views
Super Zoom Cameras

12 Super Zoom Cameras

The Panasonic FZ1000 is a Panasonic Camera with High-Quality Zoom • 1,069 views
Self-Portrait Phone Extenders

13 Self-Portrait Phone Extenders

Quick Selfie Pole Allows People to Take Better Photos of Themselves • 995 views
Thumbdrive-Sized Cameras

14 Thumbdrive-Sized Cameras

The Bemo Social Video Camera Comes in Three Fun-Loving Colors • 901 views
Smoky Train Snapshots

15 Smoky Train Snapshots

Steam Engine Smoke From Trains Makes a Beautiful Effect • 887 views
Credit Card-Sized Flashes

16 Credit Card-Sized Flashes

The Nova Off-Camera Wireless Flash is Made for iPhone Users • 719 views
Climate Change Campaigns

17 Climate Change Campaigns

This Sombre Polar Bears GoPro Video Will Haunt You • 707 views
Cotton Cloud Snapshots

18 Cotton Cloud Snapshots

Alexis Mire's 'The Cotton Series' Portrays Beautiful Cotton Clouds • 699 views
Haunting Hybrid Photography

19 Haunting Hybrid Photography

This Surreal Photo Manipulation Series is Mysterious and Poignant • 676 views
Camera-Embedded Cars

20 Camera-Embedded Cars

BMW is Integrating GoPro Action Cameras Into its Cars • 643 views