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Top 100 Photography Trends of 2015

1 Top 100 Photography Trends of 2015

From Axe-Wielding Camera Bags to Limb-Like Selfie Sticks • 56,625 views
DIY Thermal Cameras

2 DIY Thermal Cameras

The Thermocam Kit Allows Users to DIY Their Own Thermal Imaging Camera • 1,144 views
Paper-Thin Digital Cameras

3 Paper-Thin Digital Cameras

This Ultra-Thin Camera is No Thicker Than a Piece of Paper • 902 views
City-Centric Yoga Photography

4 City-Centric Yoga Photography

This Photo Series Features Yogis Posing in Front of City Landmarks • 728 views
Slow Motion Cameras

5 Slow Motion Cameras

This Sony Camera Lets You Capture Beautifully Precise Slow-Motion Footage • 711 views
360-Degree HD Cameras

6 360-Degree HD Cameras

Sony Transformed 12 Xperia Z5 Smartphones into a 4K Video Camera • 612 views
3D Animal-Scanning Cameras

7 3D Animal-Scanning Cameras

The Beastcam Captures Accurate 3D Renderings of Animals • 584 views
Secure Wearable Tripods

8 Secure Wearable Tripods

The Camera Stabilizer Harness Strap Prevents Fatigue During Recording • 576 views
Wrist-Worn Action Cameras

9 Wrist-Worn Action Cameras

The 'Frodo' Wearable Action Camera Allows for On-the-Go Editing • 489 views
Gesture-Tracking Cameras

10 Gesture-Tracking Cameras

The ZKOO Camera Lets Consumers Have Immerse Interaction with Gaming Apps • 459 views
Camera-Friendly Knapsacks

11 Camera-Friendly Knapsacks

The Incase Kelly Slater Pro Backpack is Designed for Technology Use • 429 views
Bear-Honoring Cameras

12 Bear-Honoring Cameras

The Leica M-P 'Panda' Camera Design Celebrates the Iconic Creature • 331 views
360-Degree Camera Helmets

13 360-Degree Camera Helmets

The Bell 'Helmet 360' is a Safety Device with 4K Video Capabilities • 320 views
Flexible Snake Cameras

14 Flexible Snake Cameras

The 'Link' Camera Features a Lens on Either End of the Snake-Like Design • 314 views
Smart Microscopic Cameras

15 Smart Microscopic Cameras

The 'ScopeAround' Wireless Video Camera Provides Enhanced Functionality • 310 views
Keychain Smartphone Lenses

16 Keychain Smartphone Lenses

The Imvio iPhone Lens Kit Puts Professional Accessories On-Hand • 288 views
Pocket-Sized Digital Cameras

17 Pocket-Sized Digital Cameras

The Fujifilm X70 Camera Delivers Advances Features in a Small Package • 287 views
Encrypted Photo Apps

18 Encrypted Photo Apps

The Reporter Camera App Keeps Your Pictures Private in a Digital Vault • 267 views
Android-Powered Cameras

19 Android-Powered Cameras

The Panasonic Lumix CM10 Android Camera Packs Enhanced Functionality • 263 views
Nighttime Drone Add-Ons

20 Nighttime Drone Add-Ons

This Infrared Module Enables Drone Flying After Dark • 240 views


Touchscreen Car Cameras

1 Touchscreen Car Cameras

The New Car and Driver Car Dash Cam Model Will Be Unveiled at CES 2016 • 6,884 views
23 CES 2016 Photography Innovations

2 23 CES 2016 Photography Innovations

From Night Vision Security Cameras to Pocket-Sized Camcorders • 2,671 views
Micro Action Cameras

3 Micro Action Cameras

'MokaCam' is the World's Smallest 4K Camera • 2,129 views
Selfie-Lighting Phone Cases

4 Selfie-Lighting Phone Cases

This Extraordinary Phone Comes Equipped with Perfect Selfie Lighting • 1,922 views
Remote-Controlled Underwater Vehicles

5 Remote-Controlled Underwater Vehicles

The 'FiFish Atlantis' Recently Made Its Debut at CES 2016 • 1,848 views
Afforable Compact 4K Cameras

6 Afforable Compact 4K Cameras

This Year's CES 2016 Launches Panasonic's New TZ100 Travel Camera • 1,689 views
High-Quality Action Cameras

7 High-Quality Action Cameras

Nikon's 'Keymission 360' at CES 2016 is Meant to Rival the GoPro • 1,433 views
Secure Camera Carriers

8 Secure Camera Carriers

This Peak Design Camera Clip Keeps Equipment Handy for Travelers • 1,105 views
Solar-Power Photography Tools

9 Solar-Power Photography Tools

The 'Enlaps Tikee' Panoramic Photography Solution is Flexible • 943 views
360-Degree Action Cameras

10 360-Degree Action Cameras

The Nikon KeyMission 360 Enables 360-Degree Photos and Video • 933 views
Precision Sensor Cameras

11 Precision Sensor Cameras

The Nikon D5 Makes its Debut at CES 2015 to the Delight of Photographers • 915 views
Selfie Stick Phone Cases

12 Selfie Stick Phone Cases

This Phone Case Comes Complete with a Built-In Extendable Selfie Stick • 880 views
Flash-Embedded Phone Cases

13 Flash-Embedded Phone Cases

The 'Lumee' iPhone 6S Camera Flash Case Makes Crisp Snaps Simple • 872 views
Presenter-Tracking Cameras

14 Presenter-Tracking Cameras

The iSmart LTC-S2007 Auto Tracking Camera Has Facial Recognition • 853 views
Defiant 3D Printed Monuments

15 Defiant 3D Printed Monuments

The Palmyra Temple of Bel Arch is Being Recreated in the West, Twice • 714 views
4K Security Cameras

16 4K Security Cameras

The 'Ultra4' Camera from 'EZVIZ' Made Its Debut at CES 2016 • 622 views
Pocket-Sized Camcorders

17 Pocket-Sized Camcorders

The 'Now Cam' Made Its Debut at CES 2016 • 617 views
Affordable Action Cameras

18 Affordable Action Cameras

The 'EZVIZ FIVE' Action Camera is Set to Debut at CES 2016 • 595 views
Color-Coated Digital Cameras

19 Color-Coated Digital Cameras

The Polaroid 'iZone' Made Its Debut at CES 2016 • 564 views
Food-Monitoring Fridge Cameras

20 Food-Monitoring Fridge Cameras

The 'Fridge Cam' Just Made Its Debut at CES 2015 • 559 views