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Top 100 Tech Ideas in April

1 Top 100 Tech Ideas in April

From Droplet Digital Cameras to Smart Hydration Bottles • 11,295 views
Top 50 Computer Ideas in April

2 Top 50 Computer Ideas in April

From VR-Compatible PCs to Object-Scanning Software • 6,989 views
Professional Laptop Folios

3 Professional Laptop Folios

The Carry-On Macbook Sleeve by Mujjo Offers Style for the Office • 2,108 views
Powerful Mini PCs

4 Powerful Mini PCs

This Ubuntu PC Stick Makes Miniature Computing a Razor-Sharp Affair • 1,291 views
Professional Emoji Concepts

5 Professional Emoji Concepts

These Empowering Google Emojis Depict Professions for Men and Women • 490 views
Micro Computing Tutorial Kits

6 Micro Computing Tutorial Kits

This Raspberry Pi Tutorial Kit Helps You Pick Up Coding Skills • 439 views
Mobile OS Desktops

7 Mobile OS Desktops

The AOC AIC All-in-One Computer System Runs Remix OS • 421 views
Easily Upgraded Mini Computers

8 Easily Upgraded Mini Computers

The ASRock DeskMini Features a Design that's Focused on Upgrading • 404 views
Advanced Micro Computers

9 Advanced Micro Computers

The MiQi Micro Computer Features a Quad Core CPU • 233 views
User-Friendly 3D Printers

10 User-Friendly 3D Printers

The 'Anvil' High-Quality 3D Printer is Focused on Being Easy to Use • 228 views
Smartphone-Free VR Consoles

11 Smartphone-Free VR Consoles

The Pockulus Headset is Designed to Make VR Technology More Accessible • 195 views
Health-Oriented Device Holders

12 Health-Oriented Device Holders

The Twelve South 'ParcSlope' Laptop Holder is for Apple Products • 191 views
Transforming Tablet Laptops

13 Transforming Tablet Laptops

The Asus Transformer Book T302 Merges Laptops and Tablets Further • 189 views
Accessibility Computer Peripherals

14 Accessibility Computer Peripherals

The CEBA 'GlassOuse' Mouse Redesigns the Mouse for the Disabled • 188 views
Height-Adjusting Laptop Stands

15 Height-Adjusting Laptop Stands

The Tiny Tower is a Portable Stand For Ergonomic Computer Use • 186 views
Industrial Drop-Proof Cases

16 Industrial Drop-Proof Cases

The Surface Book Urban Armor Gear Case Can Withstand a 4-Foot Drop • 173 views
Efficient Email Applications

17 Efficient Email Applications

'Front' Streamlines Messages on One Convenient Interface • 134 views
Pocket-Sized Gaming PCs

18 Pocket-Sized Gaming PCs

The DragonBox 'Pyra' Open Source Games Console is Small Yet Mighty • 128 views
Laptop Anti-Theft Apps

19 Laptop Anti-Theft Apps

Track My Mac Helps to Locate and Lock a Missing Laptop • 126 views
Slim Stick Pocket PCs

20 Slim Stick Pocket PCs

The Zotac Windows 10 PC Sticks Comes in Two Options to Serve Users • 120 views


Top 40 Computer Ideas in March

1 Top 40 Computer Ideas in March

From Eye-Tracking Gaming Laptops to Curved 3D-Printed Keyboards • 7,961 views
DIY Crafting Machines

2 DIY Crafting Machines

The 'Mr Beam II' Laser Cutter and Engraver Offers Superb Crafting Uses • 4,130 views
Smartphone-Sized PCs

3 Smartphone-Sized PCs

The Hercules 'PalmTop' Mobile PC is Packed with Impressive Components • 1,567 views
Caterpillar-Inspired 3D Printers

4 Caterpillar-Inspired 3D Printers

This 3D Printing Solution Could Form Uniquely Structured Objects • 1,464 views
PC-Packed Folding Keyboards

5 PC-Packed Folding Keyboards

The Pipo KB2 Compact PC is a Folding Keyboard with a Computer Inside • 994 views
Pint-Sized Premium Tablets

6 Pint-Sized Premium Tablets

The Compact New iPad Pro Offers Improved Processing and Photography • 855 views
Versatile Tablet Cases

7 Versatile Tablet Cases

This iPad Pro Case Lets You Switch Between Keyboard and Video Modes • 805 views
One-Step Product Printers

8 One-Step Product Printers

The Stratasys J750 Multi-Color 3D Printing System is Efficient • 685 views
Cost-Effective 3D Printers

9 Cost-Effective 3D Printers

The YSoft 'be3D eDee' Printer Makes Print Management Easier • 677 views
DIY Security Cameras

10 DIY Security Cameras

This Microsoft Project Lets You Build Your Own Security Camera • 674 views
Futuristic Gaming Laptops

11 Futuristic Gaming Laptops

The New Razer Blade Laptop Offers Next-Level Gaming Perforance • 670 views
Affordable 3D Printing Systems

12 Affordable 3D Printing Systems

The 'SLASH' LCD-SLA System Enables Professional 3D Printing • 647 views
Liquid Cooling Computer Cases

13 Liquid Cooling Computer Cases

The ThermalTake CORE P5 Liquid Cooling Computer Case is Efficient • 617 views
Open-Source Microcomputers

14 Open-Source Microcomputers

This New Linux Machine Offers Boosted WiFi Connectivity • 547 views
Chic Multi-Device Sheaths

15 Chic Multi-Device Sheaths

The North and Sparrow Olive Attache Case Keeps Documents and Tech Secure • 538 views
Stripped-Down Gaming Keyboards

16 Stripped-Down Gaming Keyboards

The Black Widow X Keyboard Features a Unique Naked Aesthetic • 475 views
Glass Optic 3D Printers

17 Glass Optic 3D Printers

The Autodesk 'Ember' 3D Printer System Streamlines Manufacturing • 440 views
Future-Ready Mini PCs

18 Future-Ready Mini PCs

The Gigabyte 'Brix' is a Powerful PC Ready for Enhanced Computing • 427 views
DIY Arcade Machines

19 DIY Arcade Machines

This Arcade Machine is Made Using a Raspberry Pi 2 Computer • 417 views
Approachable Data Mining Tools

20 Approachable Data Mining Tools

Data USA Allows Consumers Open Access to Stats About Their Country • 409 views