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Complete USB-Sized Computers

1 Complete USB-Sized Computers

The Google and ASUS Chromebit Turns Monitors into Working Computers • 6,371 views
LEGO-Friendly Laptop Protectors

2 LEGO-Friendly Laptop Protectors

The Brik Case for Macbook is Infinitely Customizable and Playful • 1,290 views
Private Cloud-Free Networks

3 Private Cloud-Free Networks

The Neobase is a Device That Acts as a Private Social Network • 909 views
Printable Footwear Templates

4 Printable Footwear Templates

Ajust by Selma Durand Makes Online Shoe Shopping More Reliable • 834 views
Personable Email Platforms

5 Personable Email Platforms

Crystal Analyzes Messages for Better E-Communication • 747 views
Drawing Tablet Laptops

6 Drawing Tablet Laptops

The Inklet App Uses Force Touch Tech via Styluses to Edit Images on Screen • 605 views
Layout Mockup Apps

7 Layout Mockup Apps

Adobe Comp CC is a Powerful Mobile Tool for Print and Web Layout Ideation • 546 views
Emotion-Recognizing Advertising Platforms

8 Emotion-Recognizing Advertising Platforms

Virool's Video Ad Tracking Software Monitors Reactions • 539 views
Model-Funded Tech Scholarships

9 Model-Funded Tech Scholarships

Kode with Karlie is a New Tech Scholarship for Girls • 528 views
Crowdsourced Algorithm Databases

10 Crowdsourced Algorithm Databases

Algorithmia is an Open Marketplace for Computer Algorithms • 515 views
Retina Display Laptops

11 Retina Display Laptops

The 12-inch Retina MacBook is Speedy and Lightweight • 471 views
Gaming App-Building Services

12 Gaming App-Building Services

BuildBox Helps People With No Coding Knowledge to Build Gaming Apps • 451 views
Multitasking Computer Servers

13 Multitasking Computer Servers

Nerdalize Offers Two in One Servers and Home Heating Solutions • 335 views
One-Handed Peripherals

14 One-Handed Peripherals

The Twiddler3 is a One-Handed Keyboard and Mouse Hybrid • 229 views
Secure Messaging Apps

15 Secure Messaging Apps

Unsend Your Text Messages and Ensure Privacy with the RackEM App • 199 views
Food Puzzle Apps

16 Food Puzzle Apps

Paula Deen’s Recipe Quest is Similar to the Iconic Candy Crush Game • 55 views


15 Innovative Big Data Startups

1 15 Innovative Big Data Startups

From Collaborative Data Tools to Business Insights Apps • 3,011 views
12 Examples of Consistent Tech Products

2 12 Examples of Consistent Tech Products

Apple Maintains a Solid Brand Identity Through the Years • 2,218 views
Powerful Laptop Designs

3 Powerful Laptop Designs

Chromebook Pixel 2 Takes on Apple by Prioritizing Options and Functions • 2,138 views
Metallic Laptop Designs

4 Metallic Laptop Designs

Apple's Gold MacBook Offers a Different Colorway for a Stylish Look • 1,703 views
Floral Laptop Decals

5 Floral Laptop Decals

The Floral Keyboard Sticker is a Reminder That Spring is Approaching • 1,548 views
22 Examples of Tech Security

6 22 Examples of Tech Security

From Ephemeral Social Networks to DIY Privacy Monitors • 1,436 views
Surreal 3D Paintings

7 Surreal 3D Paintings

This Recreation of Magritte's Work is a Stunning Virtual Reality Painting • 1,339 views
Pen Mouse Peripherals

8 Pen Mouse Peripherals

Penclic Creates a Bluetooth Alternative to Its Original Design • 1,160 views
Web-Based Party Games

9 Web-Based Party Games

Cards Against Originality Lets You Play the Popular Party Game Online • 976 views
Laptop-Carrying Vests

10 Laptop-Carrying Vests

The iDesk Laptop Backpack Holds Your Laptop Close to Your Body • 841 views
Personalized Telemedicine Platforms

11 Personalized Telemedicine Platforms

The Virtual Nurse Provides Healthcare Remotely • 702 views
Anti-Cheating Computer Devices

12 Anti-Cheating Computer Devices

David Titarenco's Game:Ref Aims to Curb Gamer Mouse Hacks • 626 views
Customer Support Robots

13 Customer Support Robots

IBM's Watson Engagement Advisor Enhances Retail Service Experiences • 584 views
Browser Production Studios

14 Browser Production Studios

AudioSauna Allows People to Create Music Online • 542 views
Flexibly Hinged Laptops

15 Flexibly Hinged Laptops

The HP Spectre x360 Can Be Used As a Laptop Or Tablet • 502 views
Social Keyboard Shortcuts

16 Social Keyboard Shortcuts

This Infographic Contains Key Codes for Different Social Media Platforms • 472 views
Emoticon Keyboard Covers

17 Emoticon Keyboard Covers

The Emoji Keyboard Lets You Type Emails Using Only Icons • 453 views
Social Media Sports Streams

18 Social Media Sports Streams

Facebook Will Livestream March Madness Festivities from SXSW 2015 • 433 views
Data-Driven Cycling Classes

19 Data-Driven Cycling Classes

The Pursuit by Equinox is a New High Tech Workout Debuting at SXSW • 427 views
Cloud-Connected Computing Services

20 Cloud-Connected Computing Services

Paperspace Lets You Access Your Computer Through the Cloud • 395 views