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7. Versatile Hybrid Laptops

The HP Envy x2 Offers Different Forms and Functionalities in One package (GALLERY)
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Projected Touchscreen Tables

1 Projected Touchscreen Tables

Ideum's Dynamic Desktop Comprises Projected Capacitive Touch Tables • 17,202 views
Leather-Made Laptop Accessories

2 Leather-Made Laptop Accessories

These Macbook Air Covers Feature a Luxe and Durable Design • 2,192 views
Task-Outsourcing Sites

3 Task-Outsourcing Sites

Tech Job Site 199Jobs Helps You Complete Tasks for Just a Few Dollars • 682 views
Internet Anonymity Charts

4 Internet Anonymity Charts

This Infographic Offers Privacy Tips on How to Stay Anonymous Online • 464 views
Record-Breaking SD Cards

5 Record-Breaking SD Cards

The SanDisk Extreme PRO SD Card is the First to Store 512 Gigabytes • 320 views
Collaborative Audio Laptops

6 Collaborative Audio Laptops

The Toshiba Chromebook 2 Comes With Fine-Tuned Skullcandy Speakers • 145 views
Versatile Hybrid Laptops

7 Versatile Hybrid Laptops

The HP Envy x2 Offers Different Forms and Functionalities in One package • 134 views


43 Examples of Ergonomic Tech

1 43 Examples of Ergonomic Tech

These Ergonomic Designs Make Gaming, Texting and Working Comfortable • 7,318 views
25 3D-Printed Home Decor Finds

2 25 3D-Printed Home Decor Finds

From 3D Printed Tea Sets to Bulbous Textured Seating • 5,091 views
Hexagonal Gaming Computers

3 Hexagonal Gaming Computers

The Alienware Area-51 Computer Has an Otherworldly Design • 3,759 views
34 3D-Printed Decor Ideas

4 34 3D-Printed Decor Ideas

From Organic Color-Changing Lights to 3D-Printed Ceramics • 3,666 views
Gamer Console USBs

5 Gamer Console USBs

This Adorable USB Port Looks Like a Miniature Nintendo Game Boy Color • 2,652 views
Lightweight Desktop Computers

6 Lightweight Desktop Computers

The Acer Chromebox CX1 is Equipped With a Chrome Operating System • 2,296 views
12 Tech-Focused Subscriptions

7 12 Tech-Focused Subscriptions

From Printed Photo Subscriptions to Biometric Buying Systems • 1,011 views
Illuminating Rainbow Keyboards

8 Illuminating Rainbow Keyboards

This Light Up Computer Keyboard Design is Perfect for Gamers • 900 views
Elegant Pivoting Laptops

9 Elegant Pivoting Laptops

The Acer Aspire R-Series Machines Pivot Between Laptop and Tablet Modes • 647 views
13 Large Screen Tech Finds

10 13 Large Screen Tech Finds

From Senior Citizen Tablets to Smartphones for Boomers • 618 views
Sugary Tech Accessories

11 Sugary Tech Accessories

Necessary Clothing's Macaroon Laptop Sleeve Celebrates the Parisian Snack • 597 views
Touchscreen Gaming Laptops

12 Touchscreen Gaming Laptops

The Lenovo Y70 Touch Gaming Laptop is Surprisingly Thin • 561 views
Record-Breaking Hard Drives

13 Record-Breaking Hard Drives

This Seagate Drive is the World's First 8 Terabyte Hard Disk Drive • 506 views
DIY Tablet Kits

14 DIY Tablet Kits

The ImaginTech Tablet Kit is Designed to Teach Kids About Android Technology • 505 views
Creative Cookie Ads

15 Creative Cookie Ads

Delikatesy Centrum's Web Cookie Banner is Paired with Snacks • 427 views
Curved Computer Monitors

16 Curved Computer Monitors

The New Dell Computer Screens are Bent for Better Gaming • 308 views
Multi-Device Keyboards

17 Multi-Device Keyboards

This Logitech Keyboard Lets You Type on Your Laptop, Tablet and Smartphone • 210 views
Eco Tech

18 Eco Tech

A desire for a more sustainable experience prompts nature-friendly technology • 0 views
Alternative Ink

19 Alternative Ink

The expansion of printing sees brands turning to unexpected sources of ink • 0 views
Printed Architecture

20 Printed Architecture

The 3D printing boom sees the practice expand into structural design • 0 views


50 Retail Technology Innovations

1 50 Retail Technology Innovations

From Interactive Shopping Signs to Futuristic Shopping Beacons • 22,553 views
49 3D Printed Fashions

2 49 3D Printed Fashions

From 3D Skyscraper Heels to 3D-Printed Eyeglasses • 11,799 views
28 Indian Tech Innovations

3 28 Indian Tech Innovations

From Floating Solar Farms to Lightning-Powered Bikes • 6,520 views
42 Portable External Battery Designs

4 42 Portable External Battery Designs

From Beautiful Backup Chargers to Tiny Portable Chargers • 5,063 views
Lying Down Laptop Stands

5 Lying Down Laptop Stands

The 'Super Upward-Looking Dozing Desk' Lets People Work Comfily in Bed • 4,953 views
Painterly Laptop Decals

6 Painterly Laptop Decals

Etsy's Free Stickers Decals Shop Features Artful Tech Accessories • 4,037 views
29 Examples of Millennial Communication

7 29 Examples of Millennial Communication

From Video Confession Apps to Anonymous Social Apps • 3,305 views
32 Face-Scanning Innovations

8 32 Face-Scanning Innovations

From Virtual Display Headsets to Smile-Requiring TVs • 3,205 views
Lightweight Professional Laptops

9 Lightweight Professional Laptops

The MSI WS60 Laptop is Perfect for Professionals On the Go • 2,195 views
Computer-Controlled Car Prototypes

10 Computer-Controlled Car Prototypes

Siemens Electric Cars Could Function as Computers on Wheels • 2,109 views
18 Atypical Thanko Fashion Finds

11 18 Atypical Thanko Fashion Finds

From Furry Feline Earbuds to Cooling Baseball Caps • 1,837 views
Colorful Computer Virus Catalogs

12 Colorful Computer Virus Catalogs

This is an Illustrated Guide to Some of History's Worst Viruses • 1,718 views
Dripping Paint Tech Decor

13 Dripping Paint Tech Decor

This Colorful Macbook Keyboard Decal is Fit For Apple's Wireless Devices • 1,689 views
13 3D-Printed Foods

14 13 3D-Printed Foods

From 3D-Printed Candies to Skeletal Sugar Cubes • 1,388 views
Reversible USB Cables

15 Reversible USB Cables

The USB Type-C Standard Cable Works When Shoved In Upside Down • 1,006 views
Monstrously Massive Monitors

16 Monstrously Massive Monitors

This 34-Inch LG Monitor is Jaw-Droppingly Big • 827 views
Copper-Cooled Computers

17 Copper-Cooled Computers

The Silent Power PC is Cooled by a Clump of Copper Filaments • 762 views
Ultra-Fast Gaming Mouse

18 Ultra-Fast Gaming Mouse

The Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury FPS Mouse Will Improve Players' Game • 636 views
Portable Gaming Tablets

19 Portable Gaming Tablets

The Nvidia Shield Tablet Aims to Take Mobile Gaming to the Next Level • 619 views
Snapshotting Design Apps

20 Snapshotting Design Apps

The Schnapps Mac Plug-In Takes Time Lapsed Videos of Your Design Process • 529 views