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Multi-Tasking Tablets

1 Multi-Tasking Tablets

The Jolla Tablet is the First of Its Kind to be Crowdsourced • 4,047 views
Desktop Virtualization Devices

2 Desktop Virtualization Devices

Dell's New Android Dongle Allows Users Palm-Held PC Access • 2,166 views
Touchscreen-Projecting Bracelets

3 Touchscreen-Projecting Bracelets

The Cicret Bracelet Converts Your Arm into a Touch Screen • 1,678 views
56 Wonderful WiFi Innovations

4 56 Wonderful WiFi Innovations

From Bovine WiFi Statues to Doorbell WiFi Devices • 1,284 views
Wireless Storage Wristbands

5 Wireless Storage Wristbands

The Pinto Wristband Lets You Carry Date on Your Wrist • 653 views
Coffee Cost Calculators

6 Coffee Cost Calculators

People Can Crunch How Much They Will Spend on Starbucks in a Year • 567 views
Solar-Powered Educational Kiosks

7 Solar-Powered Educational Kiosks

The Hello Hub Internet Kiosk Will Help Educate More Nigerians • 542 views
Experimental Advent Calendars

8 Experimental Advent Calendars

This Online Advent Calendar Unveils a New Web Experiment Each Day • 501 views
In-Browser Editing Programs

9 In-Browser Editing Programs

Project Photoshop Streaming Provides Online Photo Editing in Chrome • 498 views
Recipe-Stashing Tablets

10 Recipe-Stashing Tablets

The Key Ingredient Recipe Tablet is Aimed Towards Cooking Enthusiasts • 329 views
Revolutionizing Cognitive Robotics

11 Revolutionizing Cognitive Robotics

Jon Iwata Shares an Innovative Computer Intelligence Talk • 237 views
Greeting Card Inbox Extensions

12 Greeting Card Inbox Extensions

The Gmail Plugin Dear Inbox Sends Emails as Physical Printed Cards • 221 views
Laser-Etched Pies

13 Laser-Etched Pies

This Delicious Dessert Has Been Customized with a Rendering of the Mayflower • 190 views
Scenic Route Map Apps

14 Scenic Route Map Apps

Yahoo Labs Creates a Digital Map that Encourages People to Smell the Roses • 181 views
Seamless Connectivity Systems

15 Seamless Connectivity Systems

The Pylon System Offers a Safe Wireless Experience • 180 views
Upstart Data Services

16 Upstart Data Services

Bolt Super 4G is Taking the Indonesian Telecom Market By Storm • 137 views
Connected Maintenance

17 Connected Maintenance

Auto care gets technological as consumers demand further control • 0 views
Printed Prosthetics

18 Printed Prosthetics

3D printing expands to the health sector to increase mobility and availability • 0 views
Commonplace Connectivity

19 Commonplace Connectivity

The Internet of Things marks a shift towards a necessity for connectivity • 0 views


Lifechanging Internet Devices

1 Lifechanging Internet Devices

Karma Go Lets You Take the Internet Everywhere • 11,786 views
47 Examples of Predictive Technology

2 47 Examples of Predictive Technology

From Face-Recognizing Ads to Future-Predicting Motorbikes • 5,660 views
Textile Tech Designs

3 Textile Tech Designs

The Ora Ito Mobility Collection is Full of Soft Textures and Materials • 3,089 views
Responsive Website Builders

4 Responsive Website Builders

Webydo Helps Build Responsive Sites Without Needing to Know Code • 858 views
Weather Forecasting Supercomputers

5 Weather Forecasting Supercomputers

The Cray XC470TM Can Make 16,000 Trillion Calculations a Second • 822 views
Hybrid Tablets

6 Hybrid Tablets

The Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 is Both Tablet and Ultrabook • 791 views
Secure Searching Sticks

7 Secure Searching Sticks

This USB Device Ensures Private Browsing and Internet Anonymity • 739 views
Cinema-Quality Monitors

8 Cinema-Quality Monitors

LG's New 4K Monitor Has a Mind-Bogglingly High Resolution • 710 views
Versatile Gaming Speakers

9 Versatile Gaming Speakers

The Razer Leviathan 2.1 Soundbar Can Be Used For Gaming, Music & Movies • 706 views
Hairy Screen Savers

10 Hairy Screen Savers

Purchasing This Fun Screen Saver Raises Money for Movember • 592 views
Minimalist Laptop Stands

11 Minimalist Laptop Stands

The Flio Laptop Stand is Collapsible and Ultra Slim • 477 views
Laminated Android Tablets

12 Laminated Android Tablets

The Nokia N1 Tablet Improves on the Beloved iPad Designs • 423 views
Web-Based Video Services

13 Web-Based Video Services

Skype For Web Will Allow You To Skype Through Your Web Browser • 318 views
Travel Streaming Apps

14 Travel Streaming Apps

Bring the Popcorn's PLEX Plugin Lets You Stream Video Anywhere • 291 views
Powerful Graphics Amplifiers

15 Powerful Graphics Amplifiers

The Alienware Graphics Amplifier Turbocharges Gamers' Laptops • 266 views
Revolutionizing Human Computation

16 Revolutionizing Human Computation

Luis Von Ahn's Computer Talk Compares Human and Tech Solutions • 195 views
Building Superior Batteries

17 Building Superior Batteries

Brad Templeton's Power Talk Explains the Science Behind Computer Speed • 182 views