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Top 100 Tech Trends of 2016

1 Top 100 Tech Trends of 2016

From Selfie-Taking Soda Bottles to Levitating Cloud Speakers • 94,226 views
Top 100 Computer Trends of 2016

2 Top 100 Computer Trends of 2016

From Smartphone-Powered Laptops to Wearable VR Computers • 29,454 views
Ergonomic Laptop Holders

3 Ergonomic Laptop Holders

The Griffin Technology Elevator Laptop Lift Stand is Stylish • 718 views
PC Screen Smartphone Mounts

4 PC Screen Smartphone Mounts

The Smartphone Tablet Monitor Attachment Mount Increases Efficiency • 680 views
Inexpensive Open-Source Laptops

5 Inexpensive Open-Source Laptops

The Olimex 'Teres I' Laptop Kit is an Affordable DIY System • 631 views
Dual-Purpose Laptop Tablets

6 Dual-Purpose Laptop Tablets

The NEC LaVie Hybrid Zero Tablet Notebooks Offer a Lightweight Design • 336 views
Silent GPU-Cooling Cases

7 Silent GPU-Cooling Cases

Palit Microsystems' 1050 Ti KalmX Keeps GPUs Cool without Fans or Liquid • 232 views
Stylish Accessory Technology Collections

8 Stylish Accessory Technology Collections

The ASUS 'Z-LUXX' Technology Series is Richly Designed • 231 views
Laptop Power Usage Dongles

9 Laptop Power Usage Dongles

The Satechi USB-C Power Meter Tester Displays Energy Usage • 137 views
Touch Keyboard Tablet Laptops

10 Touch Keyboard Tablet Laptops

The Lenovo Yoga A12 Android Tablet Laptop is a Multipurpose Device • 101 views
Super-Secure Email Services

11 Super-Secure Email Services

The Lavabit Email Platform is Virtually Unhackable • 86 views
UHD Disc Drives

12 UHD Disc Drives

The Pioneer 4K Ultra HD Blu-Ray PC Drive Enables HD Content Streaming • 85 views
Lightweight Mobile Laptops

13 Lightweight Mobile Laptops

The Onda Xiaoma 21 12.5-Inch Laptop Packs Impressive Specs • 74 views
Personal Cloud Storage Devices

14 Personal Cloud Storage Devices

The Apollo Cloud Keeps Photos, Files and Data Private and Secure • 58 views
The Potential of Nanomaterials

15 The Potential of Nanomaterials

George Tulevski's Talk About Nanotechnology is on Computing • 41 views
GPS-Tracking USB Keys

16 GPS-Tracking USB Keys

The ExacTrak 'Security Guardian' PC USB Device Offers is Secure • 34 views
Cloud Document Password Platforms

17 Cloud Document Password Platforms

'Quix' is a Simple Way to Password Protect Files in the Cloud • 27 views


Stylish Desktop PC Systems

1 Stylish Desktop PC Systems

The Endless Linux Desktop Mini PCs are Competitively Priced • 4,385 views
14 Computer Technologies from CES 2017

2 14 Computer Technologies from CES 2017

From Triptych Laptop Screens to Aluminum Unibody PCs • 2,398 views
Elegant Leather Laptop Sleeves

3 Elegant Leather Laptop Sleeves

The Sleek Carriers from Mujjo's are Made with Leather and Felt • 1,825 views
Precision Protection Laptop Cases

4 Precision Protection Laptop Cases

The Cartella Slim MacBook Pro 13 Case Protects without Thickness • 1,792 views
Razor-Thin Computer Screens

5 Razor-Thin Computer Screens

The Dell 27 Ultra-Thin PC Monitor is Ideal for Gaming or Spreadsheets • 1,420 views
Recyclable Laptop Stands

6 Recyclable Laptop Stands

The Lapaloft Cardboard Portable Laptop Stand Works with the MacBook • 1,190 views
Triptych Laptop Screens

7 Triptych Laptop Screens

Razer's Three-Screened 'Project Valerie' is Debuting at CES 2017 • 1,074 views
Router-Sized PCs

8 Router-Sized PCs

The Compulab IPC3 Fanless Mini PC Handles Intense Power in a Small Frame • 1,064 views
Credit Card-Sized Computers

9 Credit Card-Sized Computers

The Intel Compute Card Shows Off a Lean Design at CES 2017 • 978 views
Camera-Covering Laptop Attachments

10 Camera-Covering Laptop Attachments

The Intelligent Security Camera Cover Maximizes Privacy • 834 views
Multi-Material Print Machines

11 Multi-Material Print Machines

The 'NexD1' 3D Printer Produces Circuits, 3D Objects and More • 788 views
Dual-Power Supply Laptops

12 Dual-Power Supply Laptops

The Acer Predator 21 X Mobile Gaming Laptop Has a Curved Display • 682 views
Premium Inexpensive Laptops

13 Premium Inexpensive Laptops

The LG Gram 14 Laptop Showed Off 21-Hours of Battery Life at CES 2017 • 545 views
Sustainable Wooden PCs

14 Sustainable Wooden PCs

The Volta V Wooden Computer is Easily Upgraded and Stylish • 529 views
Ultra-Wide 4K Monitors

15 Ultra-Wide 4K Monitors

The 40-Inch Philips 4K Monitor Supports Up to Four Inputs at Once • 503 views
Laptop-Upgrading Docks

16 Laptop-Upgrading Docks

The OWC DEC MacBook Pro Laptop Dock Adds Storage and Ports • 492 views
Hybrid Tablet Laptops

17 Hybrid Tablet Laptops

The Dell XPS 13 2-in-1 Hybrid is Debuting at CES 2017 • 484 views
Immersive Ultra HD Desktops

18 Immersive Ultra HD Desktops

The HP Envy Curved AIO 34 Desktop Showed Off Style at CES 2017 • 443 views
VR-Ready Gaming Laptops

19 VR-Ready Gaming Laptops

The Lenovo Legion Y720 and Y520 were Announced at CES 2017 • 398 views
Compact Business Laptops

20 Compact Business Laptops

The Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon Laptop Computer PC is Professional • 357 views