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15 Innovative Big Data Startups

1 15 Innovative Big Data Startups

From Collaborative Data Tools to Business Insights Apps • 2,277 views
Powerful Laptop Designs

2 Powerful Laptop Designs

Chromebook Pixel 2 Takes on Apple by Prioritizing Options and Functions • 2,116 views
12 Examples of Consistent Tech Products

3 12 Examples of Consistent Tech Products

Apple Maintains a Solid Brand Identity Through the Years • 1,838 views
Metallic Laptop Designs

4 Metallic Laptop Designs

Apple's Gold MacBook Offers a Different Colorway for a Stylish Look • 1,694 views
22 Examples of Tech Security

5 22 Examples of Tech Security

From Ephemeral Social Networks to DIY Privacy Monitors • 1,173 views
Surreal 3D Paintings

6 Surreal 3D Paintings

This Recreation of Magritte's Work is a Stunning Virtual Reality Painting • 1,061 views
Pen Mouse Peripherals

7 Pen Mouse Peripherals

Penclic Creates a Bluetooth Alternative to Its Original Design • 1,017 views
Web-Based Party Games

8 Web-Based Party Games

Cards Against Originality Lets You Play the Popular Party Game Online • 880 views
Personalized Telemedicine Platforms

9 Personalized Telemedicine Platforms

The Virtual Nurse Provides Healthcare Remotely • 637 views
Flexibly Hinged Laptops

10 Flexibly Hinged Laptops

The HP Spectre x360 Can Be Used As a Laptop Or Tablet • 483 views
Browser Production Studios

11 Browser Production Studios

AudioSauna Allows People to Create Music Online • 472 views
Customer Support Robots

12 Customer Support Robots

IBM's Watson Engagement Advisor Enhances Retail Service Experiences • 461 views
Emoticon Keyboard Covers

13 Emoticon Keyboard Covers

The Emoji Keyboard Lets You Type Emails Using Only Icons • 425 views
Social Media Sports Streams

14 Social Media Sports Streams

Facebook Will Livestream March Madness Festivities from SXSW 2015 • 390 views
Cloud-Connected Computing Services

15 Cloud-Connected Computing Services

Paperspace Lets You Access Your Computer Through the Cloud • 379 views
Stylishly Tough Tech Protectors

16 Stylishly Tough Tech Protectors

The Case Studio Offers Customized Designs and Extra Armor • 373 views
Record-Breaking SD Cards

17 Record-Breaking SD Cards

This SanDisk Ultra Card is the World's Highest Capacity microSD Card • 315 views
Data-Driven Cycling Classes

18 Data-Driven Cycling Classes

The Pursuit by Equinox is a New High Tech Workout Debuting at SXSW • 307 views
Energy Usage Analytics

19 Energy Usage Analytics

The Pecan Street Project Uses Big Data to Study Energy Usage • 236 views
Tablet Math-Teaching Tools

20 Tablet Math-Teaching Tools

KnowRe Helps Give Math Students a Better Chance at Succeeding • 224 views


Top 50 Computers Trends in February

1 Top 50 Computers Trends in February

From Device-Converging Apps to Protective Phishing Programs • 13,703 views
Home-Heating Computers

2 Home-Heating Computers

Project Exergy Aims to Heat Your Home with Your Computer • 3,710 views
Superior Photoshop Alternatives

3 Superior Photoshop Alternatives

Affinity Photo Addresses the Advancements Made in Technology • 3,663 views
Smart Whiteboard Markers

4 Smart Whiteboard Markers

Equil Creates a Product to Capture Notes and Ideas in Real Time • 2,611 views
Decorative Webcam Covers

5 Decorative Webcam Covers

Elise Luttik Creates a Fun Accessory to Ensure Privacy When on Computers • 2,386 views
21 Free Internet Initiatives

6 21 Free Internet Initiatives

From Internet Access Vending Machines to Free Data Devices • 1,852 views
Woody Keyboard Supports

7 Woody Keyboard Supports

The Bamboo Keyboard Tray Assists with Ergonomics and Organization • 1,560 views
Beautiful Bamboo Desktops

8 Beautiful Bamboo Desktops

This Wood Computer is Designed to Actually Go on Top of Your Desk • 1,488 views
Floral Laptop Decals

9 Floral Laptop Decals

The Floral Keyboard Sticker is a Reminder That Spring is Approaching • 1,317 views
Animated Bag Webshops

10 Animated Bag Webshops

Bagigia's Creative Web Shop Features an Engaging User Interface • 1,266 views
Web-Based Training Programs

11 Web-Based Training Programs

Cornerstone Learning Provides a System That is Efficient and Effective • 1,095 views
Car Computer Stations

12 Car Computer Stations

Mobil Office's Car Laptop Stand Doubles as a Place to Power Up • 915 views
Schoolyard-Tough Laptops

13 Schoolyard-Tough Laptops

Dell's Chromebook 11 is Designed For the Educational Space • 803 views
Classy Android Tablets

14 Classy Android Tablets

The Dell Venue 8 7000 is Efficiently Designed and Well Assembled • 728 views
Artificially Intelligent Lawyers

15 Artificially Intelligent Lawyers

Powered by Ross is a Supercomputer Providing Aid in Legal Cases • 715 views
Viral Video Networks

16 Viral Video Networks

Channels on Stevie's Video Service Are Based on Popular Social Media Content • 691 views
Whiteboard Laptop Covers

17 Whiteboard Laptop Covers

DrawAttention Maximizes Computer Surfaces for Notes and More • 625 views
Anti-Cheating Computer Devices

18 Anti-Cheating Computer Devices

David Titarenco's Game:Ref Aims to Curb Gamer Mouse Hacks • 533 views
Interactive Braille Tablets

19 Interactive Braille Tablets

The Tactalis Tablet is the Innovative Tablet That Touches Back • 521 views
Device-Oriented TV Episodes

20 Device-Oriented TV Episodes

The Modern Family 'Connection Lost' Episode Will be via Macbook • 471 views