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Top 100 Computer Ideas in November

1 Top 100 Computer Ideas in November

From Ergonomic Lap Desks to Drop-Proof Laptop Cases • 37,404 views
Ergonomic Lap Desks

2 Ergonomic Lap Desks

The 'LapPad' is a Transportable Lap Desk That Can Be Used Anywhere • 5,049 views
At-Home Manufacturing Equipment

3 At-Home Manufacturing Equipment

The Nomad 883 Desktop CNC Mill Makes Crafting Products Easy • 3,394 views
3D Printer Photocopiers

4 3D Printer Photocopiers

The Eora 3D Scanner Allows Items to Be Scanned for Copying in Minutes • 2,485 views
Pocket-Sized Projectors

5 Pocket-Sized Projectors

The Sony HD Pico Mobile Projector Makes Presentations Anywhere Simple • 1,496 views
Affordable AR Headsets

6 Affordable AR Headsets

The Asus Augmented Reality Headset is Set for a 2016 Release • 1,489 views
WiFi-Enabled Leather Bags

7 WiFi-Enabled Leather Bags

The 'Voyager' Smart Travel Bag Acts as a Travelling Hotspot • 1,459 views
Mini Smartphone Cords

8 Mini Smartphone Cords

The Popcord Keychain USB Charger is Available for Apple and Android Devices • 1,353 views
Virtual Reality Handsets

9 Virtual Reality Handsets

The Oculus Touch Controller Turns Virtual Worlds Tactile • 1,132 views
Vice Grip Phone Docks

10 Vice Grip Phone Docks

The Rokform Predator iPhone Docking Station Keeps Your Device Secure • 815 views
Reversible Syncing Cables

11 Reversible Syncing Cables

The XL Reversible iPhone USB Cable Will Work When Used in Any Direction • 769 views
Centralized Smart Home Connectors

12 Centralized Smart Home Connectors

The nCube Smart Home Device Controller Links Everything Together • 667 views
Streamlined USB Adaptors

13 Streamlined USB Adaptors

This Laptop Accessory Seamlessly Blends with Your MacBook • 658 views
Interactive Electronic Stores

14 Interactive Electronic Stores

The Microsoft Flagship Store Invites You to Try Out Its New Gadgets • 569 views
Cinematic VR Cameras

15 Cinematic VR Cameras

The 'Lytro Immerge' is Designed to Capture 360 Degrees of VR Footage • 504 views
Memory Card Hard Drives

16 Memory Card Hard Drives

The TarDisk Pear Allows You to Double the Storage on Your MacBook • 498 views
10 Operating System Innovations

17 10 Operating System Innovations

From Palm-Sized PCs to Open-Source OS Communities • 424 views
Superior Minimalist Monitors

18 Superior Minimalist Monitors

The Acer Predator XB271HU Features the 'Zero Frame Design' • 415 views
Simulaneous Charging Cables

19 Simulaneous Charging Cables

The Zolt Charger Design Allows Users to Connect Three Devices at Once • 397 views
Papercraft Computer Stands

20 Papercraft Computer Stands

The FHOLD Cardboard Laptop Stand Lifts and Cools Your Device • 365 views


Top 100 Tech Trends in October

1 Top 100 Tech Trends in October

From Organic Tech Shops to Self-Balancing Hoverboards • 101,279 views
Top 50 Computer Trends in October

2 Top 50 Computer Trends in October

From 4K Media Streamers to Multi-Network Routers • 58,581 views
Wireless Folding Keyboards

3 Wireless Folding Keyboards

The Flyshark 2 Features Many Convenient Shortcuts and Uses Little Power • 4,128 views
Military-Grade Computer Cases

4 Military-Grade Computer Cases

The Dux Case For Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Provides Optimal Protection • 2,400 views
Ergonomic Laptop Add-Ons

5 Ergonomic Laptop Add-Ons

The VEYEM Dual Monitor Laptop Stand Makes Productivity Better Than Ever • 2,130 views
Carved Laptop Protectors

6 Carved Laptop Protectors

This Glitty Walnut MacBook Cover Adds a Touch of Texture to Your Laptop • 1,788 views
Discreet Charging Equipment

7 Discreet Charging Equipment

The Aaden Battery Charger by Bluelounge Ensures Gadgets Remain Powered • 1,478 views
Miniature GPS Trackers

8 Miniature GPS Trackers

The LightBug is the World's Smallest Tracker that Can Be Affixed Anywhere • 1,413 views
Palm-Sized PCs

9 Palm-Sized PCs

The MagicStick Computer Packs Impressive Features in a Tiny Design Frame • 1,383 views
Screen-Splitting Devices

10 Screen-Splitting Devices

Skreens Allows You to Play Games While Watching TV on the Same Screen • 1,214 views
Rolling Device Dividers

11 Rolling Device Dividers

The Rolo Charge Allows You to Carry All Your Gear Easily and Efficiently • 968 views
Smartphone Display Docks

12 Smartphone Display Docks

This Display Dock Converts Windows 10 Phones Into Makeshift Computers • 941 views
Inexpensive Virtual Reality Gear

13 Inexpensive Virtual Reality Gear

The Freefly VR Headset Utilizes Your Smartphones Capabilities • 933 views
Powerful Processor Laptops

14 Powerful Processor Laptops

The New Dell XPS 13 9350 Will Provide Capability in a Small Form • 933 views
Networked Door Locks

15 Networked Door Locks

The Yale Linus Smart Lock Works on the Nest Dedicated Network for Fast Usage • 932 views
Curved Computer Displays

16 Curved Computer Displays

HP's 'Envy' Boasts a Wide 34-Inch Curved Screen with Incredible Graphics • 878 views
Design-Friendly Computers

17 Design-Friendly Computers

Apple's New 4K iMac is Perfect For Graphic Designers and Artists • 870 views
Wooden Computer Replicas

18 Wooden Computer Replicas

This Macintosh Design Boasts a Wooden Keyboard with Gold-Plated Zinc Keys • 830 views
Computer Tower Carry-Ons

19 Computer Tower Carry-Ons

The Lian-Li PC-TU300 Features a Rugged, Travel-Ready Design • 810 views
3D Printed Jewelry Services

20 3D Printed Jewelry Services

Trove Custom Jewelry Provides a Totally Bespoke Experience • 808 views