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Simplified Website Publishing Platforms

1 Simplified Website Publishing Platforms

Make Your Own Beautiful Website On Squarespace • 19,173 views
Retro Typewriter Keyboards

2 Retro Typewriter Keyboards

The Philo PC Concepts Blends the Old and the New for a Unique Design • 3,021 views
Omnidirectional Charging Cables

3 Omnidirectional Charging Cables

BelayCords are Stylish and Rugged to Ensure Optimal Usage • 1,908 views
Comfort-Focused Tech Accessories

4 Comfort-Focused Tech Accessories

The Peak MacBook Cover Boasts an Ergonomic Design • 1,884 views
20 Examples of Compact Computers

5 20 Examples of Compact Computers

From Dual Display Laptops to Ultra-Thin Portable Desktops • 1,593 views
Wood Computer Stands

6 Wood Computer Stands

Evernote Helps Organize Desks with the Bent Ply Family • 1,541 views
Projection Gaming Systems

7 Projection Gaming Systems

Microsoft RoomAlive Turns Any Room into a Giant Xbox Game • 1,261 views
Sci-Fi Computers

8 Sci-Fi Computers

The Ubi Computer Takes Commands Via Natural Conversation • 1,218 views
Hanging Tablet Holders

9 Hanging Tablet Holders

The TABI Tablet Holder and Hanging Offers Full Versatility • 1,167 views
Desktop Communication Apps

10 Desktop Communication Apps

The New Google Hangouts App is Fully Desktop-Based • 1,073 views
Intuitive Presentation Software

11 Intuitive Presentation Software

Sway's Digital Presentation Software Lets You Create on the Go • 1,050 views
Creepy Cursor Ads

12 Creepy Cursor Ads

Netservice's Ads Compare Spooky and Regular Cursor Icons • 752 views
Thin Tablet Upgrades

13 Thin Tablet Upgrades

The Apple iPad Air 2 Utilizes Sophisticated Technology to Fit Everything in • 729 views
Dual-Screen Laptop Attachments

14 Dual-Screen Laptop Attachments

DuoScreen Helps Set Up a Laptop Dual Screen System with a USB • 720 views
Keyboard-Hiding Accessories

15 Keyboard-Hiding Accessories

The Macessity Lowkey Stand Promotes a Clean and Simple Desk • 706 views
Digital Art Platforms

16 Digital Art Platforms

The Depict Services Lets You Turn Blank Screens Into Works of Art • 601 views
Customizable Split Keyboards

17 Customizable Split Keyboards

This Split Keyboard Plays Up Ergonomics and Customization • 441 views
Accidental Tablet Releases

18 Accidental Tablet Releases

The iPad Air 2 and Mini 3 are Leaked by Apple Before Official Reveal • 414 views
Energy-Efficient Computers

19 Energy-Efficient Computers

The New Apple iMac Has An Awesome 5K Display • 368 views
Luxury Next-Gen Tablets

20 Luxury Next-Gen Tablets

The iPad mini 3 Offers a Stunning Display and New Color Options • 338 views


Projected Touchscreen Tables

1 Projected Touchscreen Tables

Ideum's Dynamic Desktop Comprises Projected Capacitive Touch Tables • 28,342 views
25 3D-Printed Home Decor Finds

2 25 3D-Printed Home Decor Finds

From 3D Printed Tea Sets to Bulbous Textured Seating • 7,383 views
Virtual Reality iPads

3 Virtual Reality iPads

AirVR is a Headset That Leverages iOS Retina Hardware • 4,158 views
Leather-Made Laptop Accessories

4 Leather-Made Laptop Accessories

These Macbook Air Covers Feature a Luxe and Durable Design • 3,051 views
Task-Outsourcing Sites

5 Task-Outsourcing Sites

Tech Job Site 199Jobs Helps You Complete Tasks for Just a Few Dollars • 2,813 views
Universal Mobile Keyboards

6 Universal Mobile Keyboards

Microsoft Creates an Accessory for Both iOS and Android Tablets • 2,265 views
Foot Massaging Computer Covers

7 Foot Massaging Computer Covers

The Leggage Laptop Travel Case Increases Circulation on Airplanes • 1,417 views
Internet Anonymity Charts

8 Internet Anonymity Charts

This Infographic Offers Privacy Tips on How to Stay Anonymous Online • 1,083 views
Collaborative Inbox Apps

9 Collaborative Inbox Apps

The Front App Lets Others Help You Tackle an Overwhelming Inbox • 1,029 views
Kid Coding Classes

10 Kid Coding Classes's Studio Code Curriculum Teaches Computer Programming for Kids • 985 views
Record-Breaking SD Cards

11 Record-Breaking SD Cards

The SanDisk Extreme PRO SD Card is the First to Store 512 Gigabytes • 824 views
Touchscreen Gaming Laptops

12 Touchscreen Gaming Laptops

The Lenovo Y70 Touch Gaming Laptop is Surprisingly Thin • 792 views
Elegant Pivoting Laptops

13 Elegant Pivoting Laptops

The Acer Aspire R-Series Machines Pivot Between Laptop and Tablet Modes • 737 views
Faux Wood Laptop Skins

14 Faux Wood Laptop Skins

SlickWraps' Gives Your Computer Personality with its Wood Grain Skin • 659 views
Abstract Desktop Wallpapers

15 Abstract Desktop Wallpapers

Method Represents Its Air Refreshers as Colorful Designs for Computers • 623 views
DIY Tablet Kits

16 DIY Tablet Kits

The ImaginTech Tablet Kit is Designed to Teach Kids About Android Technology • 590 views
Organized Tech Hubs

17 Organized Tech Hubs

UNITI is a Smart Stand That Aids with Tech Organization • 581 views
Nostalgic Typewriter Keyboards

18 Nostalgic Typewriter Keyboards

This Vintage Computer Keyboard Looks Like a Set of Typewriter Keys • 580 views
Compact Wifi Connectors

19 Compact Wifi Connectors

This Wifi Signal Extender Improves Net Access for Multiple Devices • 433 views
Curved Computer Monitors

20 Curved Computer Monitors

The New Dell Computer Screens are Bent for Better Gaming • 398 views