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7. Galactic Touchpad Keyboards

The Star Wars Keyboard with LCD Touchpad is a Nerdy Techcessory (GALLERY)
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Two-in-One Desktops

1 Two-in-One Desktops

The iPro Apple Computer by Kurt Merki Jr. Boasts a Curved Base • 1,608 views
Minimalist Tablet Wall Docks

2 Minimalist Tablet Wall Docks

The Juice On-Wall Dock Safely and Stylishly Holds Your iPad • 1,538 views
Precise Robot-Like Peripherals

3 Precise Robot-Like Peripherals

The New Logitech G502 Mouse Takes Gaming to Another Level • 1,376 views
Search Engine Album Art

4 Search Engine Album Art

Halley Docherty Turns Google Street View into Art • 604 views
Futuristic Audio Ink Pens

5 Futuristic Audio Ink Pens

The HP Vision Pens Puts a Whole New Medium in the Hands of Techies • 551 views


Exquisitely Subtle Tech Covers

1 Exquisitely Subtle Tech Covers

The Understated and Low-Key Sleeves Collection by Mujjo are Chic • 20,515 views
Oversized Multimedia Tablets

2 Oversized Multimedia Tablets

The Samsung Galaxy Note Pro Has a Huge 12.2-Inch Display • 6,359 views
Futuristic Fashion Art Films

3 Futuristic Fashion Art Films

Reed + Rader Make a Flower Matrix • 6,355 views
Computer-Projecting Mirrors

4 Computer-Projecting Mirrors

Glass Computers Brings Your Tablet to Every Surface in Your House • 3,568 views
Ultra-Rugged Laptops

5 Ultra-Rugged Laptops

The Dell Latitude Rugged Laptops Can Withstand Harsh Physical Conditions • 3,393 views
Variable Height Workstations

6 Variable Height Workstations

The Varidesk Allows for Quick Adjustments to Open Up More Work Space • 3,240 views
Deceptively Digitalized Portraits

7 Deceptively Digitalized Portraits

These Self-Portaits are Created Via Computer by Kemi Mai • 2,487 views
Convertible Computer Desks

8 Convertible Computer Desks

The Flexus Transformable Table Features a Touchscreen Surface and Stand • 2,246 views
Worldly Internet Usage Trackers

9 Worldly Internet Usage Trackers

Fractl Created a Website That Tracks Internet Usage in Real-Time • 1,518 views
Social Media Virtual Takeovers

10 Social Media Virtual Takeovers

The Facebook Gets Virtual with a Facebook Oculus Rift Takeover • 1,386 views
Deceptive Literary Laptop Cases

11 Deceptive Literary Laptop Cases

The Rutledge 'Bookbook' MacBook Case Looks Like a Leather Book • 1,374 views
High-Performance Gaming Peripherals

12 High-Performance Gaming Peripherals

The High-Tech BLACK Snow Mouse is Made for Serious Gamers • 1,343 views
Digital Display Keyboards

13 Digital Display Keyboards

The Hotkey Keyboard Displays the Shortcuts for Different Programs • 1,247 views
Affordable Tech-Controlling Garments

14 Affordable Tech-Controlling Garments

The Zuzance Hoodie Can Control Your Devices • 1,082 views
Video Game-Inspired Jackets

15 Video Game-Inspired Jackets

Enzo Volante Makes MegaMan Jackets • 1,054 views
Child-Friendly Video Portals

16 Child-Friendly Video Portals

Google is Developing a Child-Friendly Video-Sharing YouTube for Kids • 932 views
Multiple Device-Supporting Docks

17 Multiple Device-Supporting Docks

The EverDock Will Charge Whatever Device Model You Choose • 866 views
Traditional Digitized Notebooks

18 Traditional Digitized Notebooks

Mod Notebooks Let You Digitizes Your Handwritten Words • 733 views
Scientific Poetry Animated Films

19 Scientific Poetry Animated Films

The ATYP Studio Explores Science with Poetry • 700 views
High-Performance Gaming Laptops

20 High-Performance Gaming Laptops

MSI GS Laptops Offer Top-Notch Audio, Video and Processing Speed • 678 views


21 Girly Computer Gadgets

1 21 Girly Computer Gadgets

These Feminine Computer Accessories Scream Girl Power • 3,806 views
60 Experience-Enhancing Gaming Peripherals

2 60 Experience-Enhancing Gaming Peripherals

Gaming is More Immersive with These Gaming Peripherals • 3,490 views
35 Funny Online Generators

3 35 Funny Online Generators

From Undead Font Generators to Hipster Business Generators • 2,085 views
Heartbeat-Authenticating Technology Locks

4 Heartbeat-Authenticating Technology Locks

Nymi Has a Heartbeat Sensor That Will Unlock Your Tech • 2,020 views
Glutinous Computer Food Trucks

5 Glutinous Computer Food Trucks

IBM Technology Truck Thinks Like a Human Stomach • 1,753 views
Gaze-Tracking Content Controllers

6 Gaze-Tracking Content Controllers

This Eye Drop Allows Users to Drag Files Using Only Their Sight • 1,686 views
22 Useful Computer Cleaners

7 22 Useful Computer Cleaners

From Non-Chemical Keyboard Cleaners to Gooey Germ-Fighters • 1,636 views
Multi-Touch Gamer Laptops

8 Multi-Touch Gamer Laptops

The New Razer ‘Blade’ Laptop is a Cutting Edge Gamin • 1,527 views
Name Generated Celebratory Mixups

9 Name Generated Celebratory Mixups

John Travolta Oscars Intro to Idina Menzel is now a Widget • 1,504 views
Military Augmented Reality Headsets

10 Military Augmented Reality Headsets

Q-Warrior by BAE Systems Gives Soldiers Iron Man Vision • 1,461 views
Suction Cup Smartphone Stands

11 Suction Cup Smartphone Stands

'Leafmount' is a Collapsible Stand for Smartphones and Tablets • 1,336 views
Extravagant Social Media Takeovers

12 Extravagant Social Media Takeovers

The Facebook WhatsApp Merger Will Be Extremely Costly • 1,263 views
Illuminated Personal Shoppers

13 Illuminated Personal Shoppers

This LED Retail Lighting System Leads Shoppers to Their Product • 1,211 views
10 Talks on Medical Technologies

14 10 Talks on Medical Technologies

From Non-Invasive Surgery to Cellular Medical Innovations • 1,082 views
Personal Data Monetizing Services

15 Personal Data Monetizing Services

Datacoup is Putting a Price Tag on One's Personal Data • 1,053 views
Cinematic Unibody Multimedia Desktops

16 Cinematic Unibody Multimedia Desktops

The iPro Desktop Concept Revamps the Feel of Apple Desktops • 999 views
Online Presentation Infographics

17 Online Presentation Infographics

ClickMeeting's Graphic Provides 10 Tips for a Successful Webinar • 999 views
Competition Driven Travel Apps

18 Competition Driven Travel Apps

The Voyando Travel Site Makes Hunting for Deals a Competition • 927 views
Smartphone Necklace-Projecting Gadgets

19 Smartphone Necklace-Projecting Gadgets

These Necklace Projectors Put the Future in Your Hands • 923 views
Code-Teaching Robots

20 Code-Teaching Robots

Robotiky the Educational Robot Teaches Kids How to Program • 922 views