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Virtual Reality Girlfriends

1 Virtual Reality Girlfriends

This VR Service Provides Users with a Realistic Romantic Experience • 2,967 views
User-Friendly Programming Kits

2 User-Friendly Programming Kits

This 'Starter Kit' Offers an Introduction to Raspberry Pi • 2,958 views
Designer Desktop PCs

3 Designer Desktop PCs

The HP Pavilion Wave is a New Desktop PC that's Meant to be Displayed • 1,020 views
Inexpensive Upgradeable Laptops

4 Inexpensive Upgradeable Laptops

The HackBook Elite is an Affordable Laptop that Runs Mac OS X • 827 views
Shape-Shifting Laptop Tablets

5 Shape-Shifting Laptop Tablets

The Lenovo Yoga Book Tablet Computer Combines Multiple Devices • 790 views
Vibrant Computer Cases

6 Vibrant Computer Cases

This Computer Chassis is Fitted With Colorful LED Lights • 656 views
Anti-Tracking WiFi Adapters

7 Anti-Tracking WiFi Adapters

The Anonabox PRO WiFi Tor & VPN Router Keeps Users Anonymous Online • 531 views
Blockchain-Based Smart Locks

8 Blockchain-Based Smart Locks Uses Digital Smart Contracts to Unlock Physical Objects • 472 views
Ultra-Flexible Convertible Laptops

9 Ultra-Flexible Convertible Laptops

The New Yoga 910 is Equipped With Supremely Flexible Hinges • 375 views
Curved Gaming Laptops

10 Curved Gaming Laptops

The Acer Predator 21 X Game Laptop Features a Sculpted Screen Design • 330 views
Wearable VR Computers

11 Wearable VR Computers

The MSI VR One Virtual Reality Backpack System Provides 90-Minutes of Use • 263 views
Intelligent IoT Controller Boards

12 Intelligent IoT Controller Boards

The Esus Board Lets You Program Apps For Real-World Projects • 262 views
Open-Air 3D Desktop Printers

13 Open-Air 3D Desktop Printers

The 'Cetus3D' 3D Printer is Sized to Sit Next on Workstations • 260 views
Computer-Building Drone Kits

14 Computer-Building Drone Kits

This Development Kit Can Be Used to Create Drone Devices & Computers • 259 views
Graphics-Boosting Laptop Docks

15 Graphics-Boosting Laptop Docks

The iBow External Graphics Docking Station Boosts Mac Performance • 235 views
Airy Gaming PC Systems

16 Airy Gaming PC Systems

The In Win D-Frame 2.0 PC Chassis is Easy to Fill with Custom Components • 221 views
VR Installation Suitcases

17 VR Installation Suitcases

The 'Innoactive' Portable VR Suitcase Packs Components Safely Within • 214 views
Computer-Disabling USB Sticks

18 Computer-Disabling USB Sticks

The 'USB Killer' Computer Stick Surges Devices to Damage Them • 177 views
Mechanized Membrane Keyboards

19 Mechanized Membrane Keyboards

This Razer Gaming Keyboard Offers a Blend Of Crisp and Soft Typing • 166 views
Illuminated Liquid-Cooled Computers

20 Illuminated Liquid-Cooled Computers

The SkyTech Supremacy Gaming PC Desktop is VR-Ready • 147 views


Laptop-Cooling Stands

1 Laptop-Cooling Stands

This Aluminum Laptop Stand Ensures the Health of the Devices • 2,050 views
Portable VR Desktop Computers

2 Portable VR Desktop Computers

This Lenovo Computer's Hardware is Stuffed Into a 2K Monitor • 1,399 views
Retro OS App Filters

3 Retro OS App Filters

Misha Petrick Designed What Windows 95 Instagram Would've Looked Like • 989 views
Portable Gaming Consoles

4 Portable Gaming Consoles

This Portable Console Makes the Xbox One Experience Slimmer • 765 views
Desktop Computer Carrying Cases

5 Desktop Computer Carrying Cases

The Lavolta Carrying Case Fits a 27-Inch iMac Computer • 635 views
Versatile PC Sticks

6 Versatile PC Sticks

The Diginnos Stick Allows You to Compute On the Go • 572 views
Coding Subscription Sets

7 Coding Subscription Sets

The 'Kode With Klossy' Box Supports Female Programmer Initiatives • 494 views
Customizable Gaming Peripherals

8 Customizable Gaming Peripherals

Mad Catz's New Gaming Mouse Collection Prioritizes Ergonomics • 459 views
Lightweight Gaming Computers

9 Lightweight Gaming Computers

This Asus Computer Offers Blindingly Fast Gaming Performance • 415 views
Wearable Cloud Computing Systems

10 Wearable Cloud Computing Systems

This Leather Jacket is Equipped With 10 Raspberry Pi Computers • 351 views
Quantum Particle-Infused Monitors

11 Quantum Particle-Infused Monitors

Samsung's New Gaming Monitors Feature Quantum Dot Displays • 341 views
Immersive Online Campus Tours

12 Immersive Online Campus Tours

Princeton Offers Online Tours for People Who Cannot Attend In Person • 318 views
VR-Ready Gaming Computers

13 VR-Ready Gaming Computers

This Lenovo Computer Offers Unbeatable Compactness and Tech Specs • 302 views
Desktop-Controlled Graphics Cards

14 Desktop-Controlled Graphics Cards

This New Graphics Card Lets Users Control Clock Rates • 277 views
Gigantic Curved-Screen Monitors

15 Gigantic Curved-Screen Monitors

LG's New Monitors Promise Spectacularly Immersive Viewing • 273 views
Encrypted Browsing Apps

16 Encrypted Browsing Apps

Tenta Ensures That Your Browsing History Remains Private • 253 views
Magnified Computer Chip Photography

17 Magnified Computer Chip Photography

The 'Motherboard' Series Shows the Intricate Beauty of Chips • 227 views
Slender Multi-Device Keyboards

18 Slender Multi-Device Keyboards

The Feiz Design Studio K780 Computer Keyboard is Ultra Slim in Size • 218 views
IoT Operating Systems

19 IoT Operating Systems

This Open-Source Operating System is Designed By Google • 218 views
Image Compression Algorithms

20 Image Compression Algorithms

Google's New Compression is More Efficient than JPEGs • 196 views