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15 Examples of Hacker-Proof Technology

1 15 Examples of Hacker-Proof Technology

From Ultra-Secure Calling Apps to Anonymous Social Apps • 3,432 views
Next-Generation Computing Platforms

2 Next-Generation Computing Platforms

Microsoft Windows 10 Will Include a New and Modern Web Browser • 2,347 views
Flexible Projected Computers

3 Flexible Projected Computers

All-in-One Apple Concept is Convenient as iPad and Powerful as iMac • 1,864 views
13 Internet Security Software Innovations

4 13 Internet Security Software Innovations

From Anti-Malware Apps to Habit-Based Theft Detectors • 1,155 views
Laptop Video Game Streaming

5 Laptop Video Game Streaming

Windows 10 Xbox One Streaming Doesn't Require Additional Hardware • 1,027 views
Augmented Reality Holograms

6 Augmented Reality Holograms

Microsoft's Windows Holographic Brings New Dimension to Virtual Worlds • 609 views
All-in-One Wall-Mounted Tablets

7 All-in-One Wall-Mounted Tablets

Microsoft Surface Hub Raises Notions of Hi-Tech to the Next Level • 503 views
Portable Network Boxes

8 Portable Network Boxes

Sat-Fi Uses Satellite Tech to Make Net & Phone Access Possible Anywhere • 468 views
Converged Communication Services

9 Converged Communication Services

Google Voice and Hangouts are Set To Be Integrated • 294 views
Device-Converging Apps

10 Device-Converging Apps

Ubuntu Touch Connects Separate Devices into Single Entity • 221 views
Hybrid Gaming Laptops

11 Hybrid Gaming Laptops

The PlayBox Incorporates Playstation 4 and Xbox 360 Into a Single Laptop • 192 views
Portable Multi-Monitors

12 Portable Multi-Monitors

LapExpand Adds One or Two Extra Screens to Enhance Computing Experiences • 188 views
14 Lectures About Programming

13 14 Lectures About Programming

From Enhancing Browser Features to Being Successful on Purpose • 174 views
Automotive E-Commerce Templates

14 Automotive E-Commerce Templates

Sophio Provides Mobile-Ready Webstores for Car Part Sellers • 165 views
Outsourced Printing

15 Outsourced Printing

Services for 3D printing usher in a new era for maker culture • 0 views


Top 100 Computer Trends of 2014

1 Top 100 Computer Trends of 2014

From Hexagonal Gaming Computers to Elegantly Thrifty Laptops • 15,987 views
Connected Home Kits

2 Connected Home Kits

The Smart Home Kit From LittleBits Doesn't Require Knowledge of Coding • 3,007 views
Slimmed-Down Gaming Laptops

3 Slimmed-Down Gaming Laptops

The New Alienware Laptops Made Their Debut At CES 2015 • 2,867 views
Magnetic Modular Keyboards

4 Magnetic Modular Keyboards

The TextBlade Can Be Pulled Apart and Stuffed In Your Pocket • 2,625 views
14 CES 2015 Computer Innovations

5 14 CES 2015 Computer Innovations

From Curved Personal Computers to Ultra-Smooth Gaming Monitors • 2,526 views
Writing-Friendly Tablets

6 Writing-Friendly Tablets

The Encore Write 2 Comes With Digitizer Stylus Input • 2,000 views
Sophisticated Internet Browsers

7 Sophisticated Internet Browsers

Microsoft Introduces the Advanced Spartan Browser for Windows 10 • 1,436 views
Retro Tech Tributes

8 Retro Tech Tributes

This Original Apple iMac Mimics the Shape of the Very First Model • 1,406 views
Capable Modular Keyboards

9 Capable Modular Keyboards

The Layer Keyboard Affords Different Arrangements According to the Desk • 1,305 views
Movie Wardrobe Websites

10 Movie Wardrobe Websites

Spylight Makes Outfits Worn by TV and Movie Characters Shoppable • 1,026 views
Indestructible Storage Devices

11 Indestructible Storage Devices

Durable External Hard Drive is Designed to Hold Data on Expeditions • 1,022 views
Wireless Charging Stations

12 Wireless Charging Stations

CES 2015 Shows How Energous WattUp Can Power Devices from a Distance • 1,004 views
Miniature Fanless Computers

13 Miniature Fanless Computers

The MintBox Mini Will Appeal to Linux Loyalists • 678 views
Gorilla Glass Hard Drives

14 Gorilla Glass Hard Drives

CES 2015 Features the Luxuriously Reflective LaCie Mirror • 661 views
Ultra Slim Hard Drives

15 Ultra Slim Hard Drives

The Beautifully Thin Seagate Seven is Unveiled at CES 2015 • 632 views
Compact Laptop Chargers

16 Compact Laptop Chargers

Zolt is Touted as the Smallest and Lightest Charger Ever • 602 views
Social Yogi Networks

17 Social Yogi Networks

NomadYOGI is a Place for the Yoga Community to Come Together Online • 491 views
Compact Portable Projectors

18 Compact Portable Projectors

The Spyro 2 Was Displayed At CES 2015 • 479 views
Miniscule Desktop Computers

19 Miniscule Desktop Computers

The HP Pavilion Mini PC Was Introduced At CES 2015 • 467 views
The Future of Tech

20 The Future of Tech

BK Yoon Shares Predictions for the Future in his CES 2014 Technology Keynote • 438 views


56 Wonderful WiFi Innovations

1 56 Wonderful WiFi Innovations

From Bovine WiFi Statues to Doorbell WiFi Devices • 2,533 views
Touchscreen-Projecting Bracelets

2 Touchscreen-Projecting Bracelets

The Cicret Bracelet Converts Your Arm into a Touch Screen • 2,277 views
Digital-Integrating Flagship Stores

3 Digital-Integrating Flagship Stores

This In-Store Retail Experience Includes Online Elements • 1,881 views
23 E-Security Solutions

4 23 E-Security Solutions

From Personally Secured Cloud Systems to Uncrackable Flash Drives • 1,772 views
Next-Generation Image Formats

5 Next-Generation Image Formats

The Better Portable Graphics Format Could Spell the End of JPEG • 1,047 views
Travel-Friendly Smartphone Mounts

6 Travel-Friendly Smartphone Mounts

The ClampHero Lets You Secures Phones & Tablets While Traveling • 939 views
Anti-Ghosting Gaming Keyboards

7 Anti-Ghosting Gaming Keyboards

The Cougar 500K Keyboard Offers Full N-Key Rollover • 897 views
Wireless Storage Wristbands

8 Wireless Storage Wristbands

The Pinto Wristband Lets You Carry Date on Your Wrist • 716 views
Curved Computer Monitors

9 Curved Computer Monitors

The Samsung SE790C is an Ultra-Wide Curved Monitor • 652 views
Experimental Advent Calendars

10 Experimental Advent Calendars

This Online Advent Calendar Unveils a New Web Experiment Each Day • 521 views
Lightning-Fast Internet Services

11 Lightning-Fast Internet Services

US Internet is Offering the World's Fastest Home Internet • 424 views
The Future of Computers

12 The Future of Computers

Jeremy Howard's Programming Keynote Explores Digital Learning • 402 views
Real-Time Translating Video Chats

13 Real-Time Translating Video Chats

Skype Translator Lets Foreigners Communicate in Native Language • 390 views
Millennial Browser Extensions

14 Millennial Browser Extensions

This Chrome Extension Erases the Word Millennial From Your Vocab • 285 views
Revolutionizing Cognitive Robotics

15 Revolutionizing Cognitive Robotics

Jon Iwata Shares an Innovative Computer Intelligence Talk • 275 views
High-Resolution Touchscreen Laptops

16 High-Resolution Touchscreen Laptops

The New Chromebook 14 Has a Crystal Clear Touchscreen Display • 220 views
Laser-Etched Pies

17 Laser-Etched Pies

This Delicious Dessert Has Been Customized with a Rendering of the Mayflower • 196 views
Upstart Data Services

18 Upstart Data Services

Bolt Super 4G is Taking the Indonesian Telecom Market By Storm • 165 views
Innovating Through Hackathons

19 Innovating Through Hackathons

Elliott Masie's Hack Talk Offers an Alternative Way to Ideate • 164 views
Printed Prosthetics

20 Printed Prosthetics

3D printing expands to the health sector to increase mobility and availability • 0 views