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Top 15 Robots Trends in August

1 Top 15 Robots Trends in August

From Robot-Run Hotels to Poacher-Tracking Drones • 1,536 views
Stylish Wi-Fi Routers

2 Stylish Wi-Fi Routers

Google's 'OnHub' Wireless Router Boasts Strong Signals and Style • 936 views
Gaming Hard Drives

3 Gaming Hard Drives

The Seagate Game Drive Helps You Add Storage Space to Your Xbox One • 425 views
Eco-Friendly Printers

4 Eco-Friendly Printers

This Sustainable Epson Printer Comes with Refillable Ink Tanks • 309 views
Hard Rock Spam Checkers

5 Hard Rock Spam Checkers

HeavyGifts' Unique Web Captcha Tests How Metal a Music Fan Is • 291 views
Simplified Internet Routers

6 Simplified Internet Routers

Google's OnHub System is Set to Simplify Wi-Fi Connections • 270 views
Web-Based Presentation Programs

7 Web-Based Presentation Programs

This Site Allows Users to Add Audience Analytics to Presentations • 144 views
Facial Recognition Art Installations

8 Facial Recognition Art Installations

This Open-Source Art Creates Empathy for Kidnapping Victims • 110 views
Virtual Dementia Simulators

9 Virtual Dementia Simulators

This Vitrual Reality System is a Learning Tool for Dementia Caregivers • 89 views
Tailored School Technology

10 Tailored School Technology

Elaine Mah Reveals How Intel Matches Students with Back to School Tech • 75 views
Virtual Reality Cockpits

11 Virtual Reality Cockpits

This Invention Offers Consumers the Thrill of Flying from Your Desk • 68 views
Crowdfunded Gaming Sites

12 Crowdfunded Gaming Sites

This Platform Allows Users to Finance New Computer Games • 66 views
Animated Resume Videos

13 Animated Resume Videos

This Clever Design Student Turned a Resume Into an Artistic Video • 60 views
Wheelchair-Connected Speech Software

14 Wheelchair-Connected Speech Software

Stephen Hawking's Speech System is Now Free for Everyone • 59 views
Musical Food Pairings

15 Musical Food Pairings

This Web-Based Food Delivery System Shares Soundtracks with Consumer Orders • 58 views
Monitor-Rotating Devices

16 Monitor-Rotating Devices

Focus-Dynamics' 'Rotato' Changes a Screen's Orientation with One Touch • 33 views
Shared-Viewing Streaming Extensions

17 Shared-Viewing Streaming Extensions

The Showgoers Extension Lets You Link Your Netflix Accounts • 26 views
Contract-Reviewing Services

18 Contract-Reviewing Services

This Start-Up Proofreads Legal Documents to Check for Errors • 17 views
Personalized Authentication Systems

19 Personalized Authentication Systems

'Windows Hello' Gets to Know Users on a Very Personal Level • 16 views
Smartphone Surveillance

20 Smartphone Surveillance

Mobile devices are updated with increased security to ease consumer fears • 0 views


Top 30 Computer Concepts in July

1 Top 30 Computer Concepts in July

From Touch-Sensitive Keyboards to All-In-One Monitors • 6,540 views
Top 20 Robots Trends in July

2 Top 20 Robots Trends in July

From Anxiety-Alleviating Cocktails to Warehouse Robotics Competitions • 6,523 views
Ink-Free Photo Printers

3 Ink-Free Photo Printers

The 'droPrinter' is an App-Connected Portable Printer Used for Smartphones • 1,323 views
Analog Modular Tools

4 Analog Modular Tools

The Programmable Modules in the Palette Gear are Physical and Digital Tools • 1,195 views
Educational Camera Kits

5 Educational Camera Kits

The Naturebytes Wildlife Camera Lets Kids Learn About Nature by Coding • 832 views
Screen-Supplementing Accessories

6 Screen-Supplementing Accessories

The Sliden'Joy Adds Extra Screens To Your Laptop • 557 views
Unleashing the Power of Collaboration

7 Unleashing the Power of Collaboration

Niki Hall, VP Corporate Marketing, Polycom • 346 views
Kid-Friendly Programming Devices

8 Kid-Friendly Programming Devices

The 'Micro:bit' is an Educational Device for Young Programmers • 293 views
Data-Targeting Millennial Infographics

9 Data-Targeting Millennial Infographics

This Infographic Details Gen Y Attitudes on Web Privacy • 279 views
Collaborative Task Management Apps

10 Collaborative Task Management Apps

The 'GigJam' App Helps Deconstruct and Share To-Do Lists • 208 views
Digital Puppetry Software

11 Digital Puppetry Software

This Animation Software Allows Users to Control Designs with Their Hands • 203 views
Distraction-Free Browsers

12 Distraction-Free Browsers

This Minimalist Browser is Designed to Keep Users More Focused • 159 views
Sapphire Disk Storage

13 Sapphire Disk Storage

Nanoform Stores Miniscule-Sized Files for Eternal Data Preservation • 135 views
Paper-Thin Tablets

14 Paper-Thin Tablets

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 Takes Lightness to New Extremes • 132 views
Ephemeral Email Extensions

15 Ephemeral Email Extensions

This Chrome Plugin Offers Self-Destructing Email for Sensitive Content • 124 views
Computer File-Replacing Programs

16 Computer File-Replacing Programs

Quip Apps is an Anti-Office Document and Spreadsheet Editor • 117 views
Musical Software Ads

17 Musical Software Ads

A Woman Finds the Magic of Youth in This HP Sprout Commercial • 89 views
Creepy Privacy Ads

18 Creepy Privacy Ads

Innocence in Danger Uses Unsettling Ad Retargeting to Build Privacy Awareness • 81 views
Soaring to New Heights in Sound

19 Soaring to New Heights in Sound

Kevin Doohan, CMO, DTS • 49 views
Desktop Deforestation Wallpapers

20 Desktop Deforestation Wallpapers

Green Nation Urges People to Be Mindful of Printed Paper Waste • 40 views