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WiFi-Enabled Neckties

1 WiFi-Enabled Neckties

These Smart Ties Make It Easier to Connect to the Internet Anywhere • 1,604 views
Interactive Tech Retail

2 Interactive Tech Retail

The Intel Ultra Store is an Immersive Retail Experience in Beijing • 1,591 views
Jacked Hard Drives

3 Jacked Hard Drives

The SanDisk Extreme 500 Packs Tons of Storage Space • 1,290 views
Keyboard Shortcut Charts

4 Keyboard Shortcut Charts

This Infographic Lists the Best Keyboard Shortcuts Across Platforms • 1,262 views
Dinosaur Education Websites

5 Dinosaur Education Websites

This Site Lets Users Learn Real Facts about Jurassic Park Dinosaurs • 855 views
Bluetooth Trackpad Keyboards

6 Bluetooth Trackpad Keyboards

The Moky Keyboard Can Also Function As a Trackpad • 725 views
Avant-Garde VR Headsets

7 Avant-Garde VR Headsets

This Stylish VR Helmet is Designed for Modern Consumers • 484 views
All-In-One Monitors

8 All-In-One Monitors

The Asus Zen AiO Features Slick Tapered Edges and Great Specs • 377 views
Surround Sound Tablets

9 Surround Sound Tablets

The ASUS ZenPad Tablet Features Surround Sound Technology • 315 views
Screen Stutter-Proof Laptops

10 Screen Stutter-Proof Laptops

The Nvidia G-Sync Gaming Laptop's Screen Doesn't Stutter • 309 views
Helium-Filled Hard Drives

11 Helium-Filled Hard Drives

The Ultrastar Archive Ha10 is Aimed at Business Users • 212 views
Touch-Sensitive Keyboards

12 Touch-Sensitive Keyboards

The 'Synaptics' Clever Keypad Will Help to Speed Up Writing Time • 202 views
Online Wedding Compendiums

13 Online Wedding Compendiums

Google Compiled a Complete Guide for Wedding Planning Services • 173 views
Gesture-Controlled Touchpads

14 Gesture-Controlled Touchpads

The 'Moky' Keyboard Uses Laser Sensors to Create a Visual Touchpad • 171 views
Insight in Unconventional Places

15 Insight in Unconventional Places

Caroline Hinton VP Software - Product/Strategic Partnerships • 168 views
Paternal Lifestyle Guides

16 Paternal Lifestyle Guides

'Fatherly' is a New Parenting Website Designed for Modern Fathers • 150 views
Serendipitous Dating Services

17 Serendipitous Dating Services

'Tab' is a Dating Tool That Matches Up Users Entirely at Random • 146 views
Prioritizing Email Applications

18 Prioritizing Email Applications

'Spark' is an Application That Will Organize Important Emails • 123 views
Touch-Based Spacebar Keys

19 Touch-Based Spacebar Keys

The SmartBar Brings Touch Capabilities to Keyboard Spacebars • 116 views
Map-Based Lodging Tools

20 Map-Based Lodging Tools

This New Website Provides Travelers with Map-Based Hotel Searches • 107 views


50 Examples of Android Innovations

1 50 Examples of Android Innovations

From Home Automation Televisions to Curved-Display Laptops • 7,041 views
Color Scheme Generators

2 Color Scheme Generators

'Coolers' is a Website That Helps You Choose the Ideal Shade for Any Room • 3,258 views
Wearable Hard Drives

3 Wearable Hard Drives

The ReVault is a Wireless Hard Drive That You Can Wear Around Wrist or Neck • 1,919 views
Bedside Charging Stations

4 Bedside Charging Stations

This Bedside Lamp is an All-in-One Easy Charging Station for Electronics • 1,287 views
Computer Screen Projectors

5 Computer Screen Projectors

The HTD=01 Concept by Number One Disappears When Not in Use • 1,153 views
3D Shopping Simulators

6 3D Shopping Simulators

Visageo is a Fashion Shopping Platform That Visualizes Items in 3D • 738 views
Mushroom-Shaped Computers

7 Mushroom-Shaped Computers

The 'Endless' Mini Computer is Aimed At Developing Countries • 651 views
Thermos-Shaped Drones

8 Thermos-Shaped Drones

The Sprite Drone Can Be Tossed Into a Backpack • 643 views
$9 Computers

9 $9 Computers

The CHIP Computer Can Fit On a Post-It Note • 637 views
Television-Converting Computers

10 Television-Converting Computers

Endless by Matt Dalio is a Cheaper Option for Developing Worlds • 461 views
Pro Wrestling Streaming Subscriptions

11 Pro Wrestling Streaming Subscriptions

The WWE Network is an OTT Service for Fanatics • 362 views
Sticky Web Ads

12 Sticky Web Ads

Post-It Transforms Annoying Web Advertisements into Useful Ones • 358 views
Customized Microchip Libraries

13 Customized Microchip Libraries

The eGranary Pocket Library Provides Access to Information • 353 views
Copyable Coding Platforms

14 Copyable Coding Platforms

Asciinema Lets You Record and Share Your Terminal Sessions Online • 335 views
Tiered Streaming Subscriptions

15 Tiered Streaming Subscriptions

DramaFever is an OTT Streaming Service Showcasing Asian Programming • 304 views
Ad-Supported Streaming Channels

16 Ad-Supported Streaming Channels

Viewster is a Registration-Free On-Demand Video Service • 297 views
Web Ad-Filtering Extensions

17 Web Ad-Filtering Extensions

The Advertising Filter System Lets Users Choose What Ads They See • 285 views
Biodegradable Computer Chips

18 Biodegradable Computer Chips

Researchers Created a Computer Chip Made Almost Entirely of Wood • 267 views
Interactive All-Touch Computers

19 Interactive All-Touch Computers

HP's Sprout Computer Blends the Physical and the Digital • 233 views
Price Adjustment Platforms

20 Price Adjustment Platforms

The 'Paribus' Plugin Automatically Fetches the Best Price for Consumers • 215 views