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Top 100 Tech Trends of 2015

1 Top 100 Tech Trends of 2015

From Menswear E-Commerce Sites to Pocket-Sized Computers • 42,510 views
Top 100 Computers Trends of 2015

2 Top 100 Computers Trends of 2015

From Drawing Tablet Laptops to Magnetic Modular Keyboards • 27,587 views
35 Travel Tech Solutions

3 35 Travel Tech Solutions

From WiFi Hotspot Luggage to Travel-Friendly Printers • 6,148 views
Carbon-Fiber Laptops

4 Carbon-Fiber Laptops

The Lenovo Yoga 900S is Sheathed In a Carbon Fiber Shell • 2,044 views
Stress-Detecting Dresses

5 Stress-Detecting Dresses

This Smart Clothing Piece from Intel Reacts to the Body's Adrenals • 2,010 views
Home Automation Assistants

6 Home Automation Assistants

The 'Lola' Home Automation System Helps Streamline the IOT Experience • 1,716 views
Ergonomic Computer Mounts

7 Ergonomic Computer Mounts

The Loctek Swivel Monitor Mount Enables Better Posture Through Design • 1,410 views
Comfortable Wearable Computers

8 Comfortable Wearable Computers

The Handsfree Toshiba Wearvue TG-1 Glasses Reduce Eye Strain • 905 views
DIY Wireless Speakers

9 DIY Wireless Speakers

This DIY Project Lets Makers Create Custom AirPlay Speakers • 879 views
Gilded Desktop Designs

10 Gilded Desktop Designs

Goldgenie is Now Coating iMacs and Macbooks in 24 Carat Gold • 860 views
Spherical Mini Computers

11 Spherical Mini Computers

The 'Endless Mini' Launched at CES 2016 Introduces Accessible Computing • 820 views
3D Model Search Engines

12 3D Model Search Engines

The 'Yobi3D' Web Search Engine Makes it Easy to Find 3D Printing Files • 780 views
Dextrous Gaming Mice

13 Dextrous Gaming Mice

The ROCCAT Kiro Computer Mouse Design is Ambidextrous for Both Hands • 736 views
20 Coding Education Initiatives

14 20 Coding Education Initiatives

From Child Computer Kits to Visible Minority Coding Bootcamps • 718 views
Compact Keyboard Peripherals

15 Compact Keyboard Peripherals

The Jorno Mobile Keyboard is Redesigned to be Impossibly Thin • 685 views
Self-Cooling Computers

16 Self-Cooling Computers

The Compulab Airtop Mini Desktop PC is High-Performance without a Fan • 666 views
Port-Expanding USB Keys

17 Port-Expanding USB Keys

The Satechi USB Type-C Adapter Expands Computer Port Functionality • 666 views
Multi-Drive Computer Systems

18 Multi-Drive Computer Systems

The Synology 'DiskStation' Hard Drive Bay Enables Affordable Backups • 664 views
Maker Prototyping Gadgets

19 Maker Prototyping Gadgets

The tinylab Prototyping System Enables Customized Technology Products • 657 views
Pocket-Sized Computer Servers

20 Pocket-Sized Computer Servers

The 'Ocean' Wireless Server is Focused on Portable Usage • 657 views


60 Gifts for Aspiring Musicians

1 60 Gifts for Aspiring Musicians

From Portable iPad Docking Mixers to Percussion Writing Tools • 12,950 views
Ergonomic Laptop Satchels

2 Ergonomic Laptop Satchels

The 'HELCY' Laptop Bag Adjusts the Height and Angle of Laptops on Desks • 2,478 views
Glasses-Free 3D Technology

3 Glasses-Free 3D Technology

KDX Announces K3DX 3D Technology at CES 2016 • 2,179 views
Tablet-Powered 3D Printers

4 Tablet-Powered 3D Printers

The 'LumiFold' Compact Resin 3D Printer Takes up Little Space • 1,929 views
Child Computer Kits

5 Child Computer Kits

The Kano Coding Kit Teaches Children STEM Skills in a Playful Manner • 1,249 views
Photography Brand 3D Printers

6 Photography Brand 3D Printers

The Polaroid ModelSmart 250S 3D Printer Comes to CES 2016 • 1,228 views
Modular Arduino Electronics

7 Modular Arduino Electronics

Microduino Uses Electronic Modules to Help Kids Develop STEM Skills • 1,199 views
Soft Wooden Peripherals

8 Soft Wooden Peripherals

The OrĂ©e 'Board 2' Wood Keyboard is Carved from a Single Piece of Walnut • 1,159 views
Smart Gaming Mouses

9 Smart Gaming Mouses

The SteelSeries Rival 700 is Unveiled as the First Smart Mouse at CES 2016 • 983 views
Processor Manufacturer Computers

10 Processor Manufacturer Computers

The Intel Core M Compute Stick is Unveiled at CES 2016 • 739 views
Supercharged Internet Systems

11 Supercharged Internet Systems

The Portal WiFi System is a Revolutionary Router at CES 2016 • 737 views
Fitness-Inspired Peripherals

12 Fitness-Inspired Peripherals

The Logitech Yoga Mouse was Unveiled During a Press Event at CES 2016 • 713 views
IOT Maker Kits

13 IOT Maker Kits

The Adafruit 'Feather HUZZAH' WiFi Start Kit Enables Custom IOT Applications • 581 views
Next-Generation Hard Drives

14 Next-Generation Hard Drives

The LaCie Porsche Design Desktop USB-C Drive is Observed at CES 2016 • 546 views
Facial Recognition Security Cameras

15 Facial Recognition Security Cameras

The iCamPRO Smart Security Camera Features 360-Degree Coverage • 538 views
Device-Charging Monitors

16 Device-Charging Monitors

The Acer H7 Monitor Will Debut at CES 2016 Featuring a USB Type-C Port • 521 views
Multipurpose Computer Peripherals

17 Multipurpose Computer Peripherals

The BLOODY ML160 Gaming Laser Mouse Keeps Hands from the Keys • 519 views
Digital Art Pencils

18 Digital Art Pencils

The Astropad Apple Pencil Lets Creatives Draw on Tech Surfaces • 506 views
DIY Interface Modules

19 DIY Interface Modules

The 'NextDev' IoT User Interface System is a Low-Cost Module for Makers • 492 views
Affordable Open-Source Printers

20 Affordable Open-Source Printers

The 'Witbox 2' Open-Source 3D Printer is Ready for Home or Office • 490 views