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Top 50 Computers Trends in February

1 Top 50 Computers Trends in February

From Device-Converging Apps to Protective Phishing Programs • 11,915 views
Superior Photoshop Alternatives

2 Superior Photoshop Alternatives

Affinity Photo Addresses the Advancements Made in Technology • 3,190 views
Home-Heating Computers

3 Home-Heating Computers

Project Exergy Aims to Heat Your Home with Your Computer • 2,668 views
Decorative Webcam Covers

4 Decorative Webcam Covers

Elise Luttik Creates a Fun Accessory to Ensure Privacy When on Computers • 2,057 views
21 Free Internet Initiatives

5 21 Free Internet Initiatives

From Internet Access Vending Machines to Free Data Devices • 1,503 views
Smart Whiteboard Markers

6 Smart Whiteboard Markers

Equil Creates a Product to Capture Notes and Ideas in Real Time • 1,392 views
Woody Keyboard Supports

7 Woody Keyboard Supports

The Bamboo Keyboard Tray Assists with Ergonomics and Organization • 1,333 views
Beautiful Bamboo Desktops

8 Beautiful Bamboo Desktops

This Wood Computer is Designed to Actually Go on Top of Your Desk • 1,191 views
Animated Bag Webshops

9 Animated Bag Webshops

Bagigia's Creative Web Shop Features an Engaging User Interface • 679 views
Artificially Intelligent Lawyers

10 Artificially Intelligent Lawyers

Powered by Ross is a Supercomputer Providing Aid in Legal Cases • 636 views
Schoolyard-Tough Laptops

11 Schoolyard-Tough Laptops

Dell's Chromebook 11 is Designed For the Educational Space • 615 views
Web-Based Training Programs

12 Web-Based Training Programs

Cornerstone Learning Provides a System That is Efficient and Effective • 566 views
Car Computer Stations

13 Car Computer Stations

Mobil Office's Car Laptop Stand Doubles as a Place to Power Up • 556 views
Classy Android Tablets

14 Classy Android Tablets

The Dell Venue 8 7000 is Efficiently Designed and Well Assembled • 450 views
Whiteboard Laptop Covers

15 Whiteboard Laptop Covers

DrawAttention Maximizes Computer Surfaces for Notes and More • 434 views
Device-Oriented TV Episodes

16 Device-Oriented TV Episodes

The Modern Family 'Connection Lost' Episode Will be via Macbook • 410 views
Interactive Braille Tablets

17 Interactive Braille Tablets

The Tactalis Tablet is the Innovative Tablet That Touches Back • 390 views
Photo-Sharing Interfaces

18 Photo-Sharing Interfaces

Flickr Introduces a User-Friendly Interface Redesign • 362 views
Torrent Software Entertainment

19 Torrent Software Entertainment

'Children of the Machine' is BitTorent's First Original Series • 324 views
Clickbait-Combating Tech

20 Clickbait-Combating Tech

The Downworthy Plug-In Targets Hyperbolic Headlines • 290 views


Top 100 Computer Trends of 2014

1 Top 100 Computer Trends of 2014

From Hexagonal Gaming Computers to Elegantly Thrifty Laptops • 17,123 views
Flexible Projected Computers

2 Flexible Projected Computers

All-in-One Apple Concept is Convenient as iPad and Powerful as iMac • 4,960 views
15 Examples of Hacker-Proof Technology

3 15 Examples of Hacker-Proof Technology

From Ultra-Secure Calling Apps to Anonymous Social Apps • 4,543 views
Slimmed-Down Gaming Laptops

4 Slimmed-Down Gaming Laptops

The New Alienware Laptops Made Their Debut At CES 2015 • 3,363 views
Next-Generation Computing Platforms

5 Next-Generation Computing Platforms

Microsoft Windows 10 Will Include a New and Modern Web Browser • 3,156 views
Magnetic Modular Keyboards

6 Magnetic Modular Keyboards

The TextBlade Can Be Pulled Apart and Stuffed In Your Pocket • 2,958 views
14 CES 2015 Computer Innovations

7 14 CES 2015 Computer Innovations

From Curved Personal Computers to Ultra-Smooth Gaming Monitors • 2,893 views
Writing-Friendly Tablets

8 Writing-Friendly Tablets

The Encore Write 2 Comes With Digitizer Stylus Input • 2,258 views
Retro Tech Tributes

9 Retro Tech Tributes

This Original Apple iMac Mimics the Shape of the Very First Model • 2,069 views
Sophisticated Internet Browsers

10 Sophisticated Internet Browsers

Microsoft Introduces the Advanced Spartan Browser for Windows 10 • 1,761 views
13 Internet Security Software Innovations

11 13 Internet Security Software Innovations

From Anti-Malware Apps to Habit-Based Theft Detectors • 1,662 views
Capable Modular Keyboards

12 Capable Modular Keyboards

The Layer Keyboard Affords Different Arrangements According to the Desk • 1,593 views
Wireless Charging Stations

13 Wireless Charging Stations

CES 2015 Shows How Energous WattUp Can Power Devices from a Distance • 1,510 views
Movie Wardrobe Websites

14 Movie Wardrobe Websites

Spylight Makes Outfits Worn by TV and Movie Characters Shoppable • 1,193 views
Laptop Video Game Streaming

15 Laptop Video Game Streaming

Windows 10 Xbox One Streaming Doesn't Require Additional Hardware • 1,168 views
Indestructible Storage Devices

16 Indestructible Storage Devices

Durable External Hard Drive is Designed to Hold Data on Expeditions • 1,143 views
Compact Portable Projectors

17 Compact Portable Projectors

The Spyro 2 Was Displayed At CES 2015 • 931 views
All-in-One Wall-Mounted Tablets

18 All-in-One Wall-Mounted Tablets

Microsoft Surface Hub Raises Notions of Hi-Tech to the Next Level • 885 views
Miniscule Desktop Computers

19 Miniscule Desktop Computers

The HP Pavilion Mini PC Was Introduced At CES 2015 • 880 views
Augmented Reality Holograms

20 Augmented Reality Holograms

Microsoft's Windows Holographic Brings New Dimension to Virtual Worlds • 859 views