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Controversial Celeb Exhibits

1 Controversial Celeb Exhibits

Kim Kardashian Hosted the Famous Exhibition Featuring Nude Sculpture • 43,438 views
Queen-Emulating Editorials

2 Queen-Emulating Editorials

Rihanna Poses as Marie Antoinette in This Terry Richardson Cover Shoot • 7,059 views
Celebrity Motherhood Editorials

3 Celebrity Motherhood Editorials

PAPER Included Images That Speak to Blac Chyna's Pregnancy • 3,535 views
Controversial Rapper Murals

4 Controversial Rapper Murals

Lushux Created a Famous Mural to Honor Kanye's Iconic Celebrity Video • 1,056 views
Filter-Centered Celebrity Editorials

5 Filter-Centered Celebrity Editorials

Willow Smith Was the Focus of GARAGE Magazine App's Issue • 819 views
Sporty Songstress Editorials

6 Sporty Songstress Editorials

Melanie C Shows Her Strength in a Yoga Shoot for Love Magazine • 653 views
Animated Songstress Avatars

7 Animated Songstress Avatars

Bj√∂rk New Album Debuts With a Simulated Augmented Reality Appearance • 575 views
Rapper-Themed Pop-Up Restaurants

8 Rapper-Themed Pop-Up Restaurants

Powamekka Cafe Memorializes Tupac Shakur with Food • 491 views
Dreamy Celebrity Bride Covers

9 Dreamy Celebrity Bride Covers

The Wonderland Magazine Cover Shows Kim Kardashian in Wedding Attire • 472 views
Rapper-Designed Gentlemen

10 Rapper-Designed Gentlemen's Clubs

'The Ballet' by Drake Spotlights Female Dancers in a New Way • 376 views
Film Festival Concerts

11 Film Festival Concerts

John Legend is Hosting a Free Concert in Toronto as Part of TIFF 2016 • 88 views
Rapper-Starring TV Programs

12 Rapper-Starring TV Programs

Tyler, the Creator Will Soon Be Getting His Own Show on VICELAND • 68 views
Celebrity Combat Bread Ads

13 Celebrity Combat Bread Ads

Sylvester Stallone Stars in this Warburtons Bakery Commercial Spot • 45 views
Rapper-Developed Educational Programs

14 Rapper-Developed Educational Programs

Vince Staples Joined with Levi's for the 'Music Project' • 29 views
Heartthrob-Directed Bourbon Ads

15 Heartthrob-Directed Bourbon Ads

This Kentucky Bourbon Brand's Ad Was Led by Matthew McConaughey • 19 views
Hockey Star Coffee Commercials

16 Hockey Star Coffee Commercials

The New Tim Hortons Ad Features Two NHL Stars on a Coffee Run • 16 views


48 Olympic-Inspired Ideas

1 48 Olympic-Inspired Ideas

From Rio-Navigating Chatbots to Olympian VR Experiences • 3,465 views
Opulent Socialite Editoirals

2 Opulent Socialite Editoirals

Vogue's Kendall Jenner Editorial Shows the Model in Statement Apparel • 2,818 views
Tearful Celebrity Fashion Campaigns

3 Tearful Celebrity Fashion Campaigns

This Balmain Fall Ad Features Kim Kardashian and Kanye West • 2,714 views
Anti-Body Shaming Letters

4 Anti-Body Shaming Letters

Plus-Size Model Ashley Graham Speaks Out in an Essay for 'Lenny Letter' • 718 views
Monstrous Museum Exhibitions

5 Monstrous Museum Exhibitions

LACMA Hosts an Eerie Exhibit of Guillermo del Toro's Creative Process • 501 views
Anti-Hero Movie Pop-Ups

6 Anti-Hero Movie Pop-Ups

The Suicide Squad is Thanking Toronto with its Brand Activation • 419 views
Online Abuse Blockers

7 Online Abuse Blockers

The Instagram Comment Filter is Being Implemented to Battle Online Trolls • 290 views
Lavish Fitness Bootcamps

8 Lavish Fitness Bootcamps

'R4.0' in Malibu is a Luxury Fitness Ranch for the Rich and Famous • 283 views
Collaborative Launch Parties

9 Collaborative Launch Parties

Travis Scott Joined with Apple to Host an Album Release Event • 264 views
Label-Curated Photo Series

10 Label-Curated Photo Series

Drake's OVO Fest Was Followed with an Intimate Toronto-Centered Release • 254 views
Celebrity Trash Cans

11 Celebrity Trash Cans

New Yorkers Voted on the "Trashiest Celebs" by Throwing Garbage into Cans • 219 views
Backstage Festival Candids

12 Backstage Festival Candids

Jason M Peterson Captured Chicago's Lollapalooza Music Festival • 218 views
Celebrity Rapper University Classes

13 Celebrity Rapper University Classes

This College Course is Based Around the Topic of Kanye West • 154 views
Celebrity Newspaper Portraits

14 Celebrity Newspaper Portraits

Michael Cross Depicts Well-Known Figures Over Printed Paper • 120 views
Fast Food Raps

15 Fast Food Raps

These Drawings Highlight Kanye West's Poem About McDonald's Food • 105 views
Gangster Film TV Remakes

16 Gangster Film TV Remakes

Martin Scorcese's 'The Departed' is Being Released as an Amazon Series • 100 views
Comment-Editing Social Updates

17 Comment-Editing Social Updates

Users Will Soon Be Able to Filter Their Own Instagram Comments • 83 views
Comedic Rap Releases

18 Comedic Rap Releases

Kevin Hart's 'Chocolate Droppa' Character is Releasing a Real Rap Album • 71 views
Celebrity Cooking Shows

19 Celebrity Cooking Shows

VH1 is Pairing Up Snoop Dogg & Martha Stewart for a New Cooking Show • 67 views
Iconic French Actress Apparel

20 Iconic French Actress Apparel

Joyrich's Graphic Clothing Collection Celebrates Brigitte Bardot • 66 views