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20. Confusing Name Ads

The Mistaken Identity Project Shows Struggles of Sharing a Celebrity's Name (VIDEO)
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Nationalistic Celeb Covers

1 Nationalistic Celeb Covers

The LOVE Magazine Fall/Winter 2014 Covers are Vibrant and Colorful • 1,196 views
46 Tributes to ESPYS Host Drake

2 46 Tributes to ESPYS Host Drake

From Contemporary Rap Caricatures to Disguised Celeb Interviews • 1,067 views
Romantic Rapper Tanks

3 Romantic Rapper Tanks

The Kanye Muscle Tank Expects More of Your Significant Other • 1,064 views
Actor Themed Art Events

4 Actor Themed Art Events

The Bill Murray Art Show Honors the Actor's Endless Amount of Roles • 1,032 views
11 James Garner Tributes

5 11 James Garner Tributes

These Innovations Honor the Recent Passing of Actor James Garner • 820 views
Fashion Icon Dolls

6 Fashion Icon Dolls

Karl Lagerfeld Barbie Will Be Part of Mattel's Barbie Collector Series • 631 views
10 Behati Prinsloo Photoshoots

7 10 Behati Prinsloo Photoshoots

The Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo Wedding was a Stylish Affair • 520 views
Budget Celebrity Costumes

8 Budget Celebrity Costumes

Instagram User Waverider Does the Best Low-Budget Celebrity Dress Up • 518 views
Real-Life Disney Princesses

9 Real-Life Disney Princesses

First Look at Frozen's Elsa on 'Once Upon a Time' Set • 499 views
Southwestern Chic Editorials

10 Southwestern Chic Editorials

The Blake Lively Vogue August 2014 Cover Shoot is Picturesque • 444 views
15 Weird Al Parodies

11 15 Weird Al Parodies

From Buzz Word-Mocking Songs to Comedian Mockumentaries • 336 views
Action Hero Editorials

12 Action Hero Editorials

The Expendables Photos for Vanity Fair are Refreshingly Dapper • 122 views
Pop Song Parodies

13 Pop Song Parodies

Trend Hunter’s Armida Ascano Discusses Tacky By Weird Al Yankovic and Others • 80 views
Celebrity Socializing Apps

14 Celebrity Socializing Apps

Facebook is Releasing a Social Media App Called 'Mentions' for Celebs • 47 views
Handy Rap Parodies

15 Handy Rap Parodies

Weird Al Parodies Iggy Azalea’s Fancy in His Next Video Release • 41 views
Confusing Name Ads

16 Confusing Name Ads

The Mistaken Identity Project Shows Struggles of Sharing a Celebrity's Name • 35 views
Singer-Boxer Spoofs

17 Singer-Boxer Spoofs

Drake as Manny Pacquiao for the ESPYS Sings 'Let It Go' • 21 views


Photoshopped Celebrity Bodies

1 Photoshopped Celebrity Bodies

E! Onlines Uses a Poll to Create the 'Perfect Celebrity Body' • 17,816 views
15 Celebratory Ryan Gosling Products

2 15 Celebratory Ryan Gosling Products

From Sacred Celebrity Candles to Hunky Baby Daddy Tees • 4,433 views
Untouched Fashion Ads

3 Untouched Fashion Ads

The Vanessa Hudgens Bongo Campaign Has No Retouching or Filters • 3,973 views
Exotic Pop Star Editorials

4 Exotic Pop Star Editorials

The Harper’s Bazaar Arabia July 2014 Cover Shoot Stars Rihanna • 2,441 views
Gritty Glam Editorials

5 Gritty Glam Editorials

The Harper’s Bazaar China 'Transformers' Photoshoot Stars Nicola Peltz • 2,333 views
Dreamy Songstress Editorials

6 Dreamy Songstress Editorials

The Madame Figaro July 2014 Cover Shoot Stars Lana Del Rey • 2,323 views
36 Body Positive Campaigns

7 36 Body Positive Campaigns

In Celebration of the Release of the ESPN Body Issue 2014 • 1,966 views
Retro Celebrity Editorials

8 Retro Celebrity Editorials

This Mila Kunis Editorial Goes Back in Time • 1,908 views
Reptilian Supermodel Editorials

9 Reptilian Supermodel Editorials

The Harper’s Bazaar Vietnam June 2014 Shoot Features Naomi Campbel • 1,758 views
Self-Styled Celeb Editorials

10 Self-Styled Celeb Editorials

Diane Kruger Stuns in the Latest MyTheresa.com Photo Shoot • 1,723 views
Sultrily Happy Editorials

11 Sultrily Happy Editorials

The Cosmopolitan Magazine August 2014 Cover Shoot Stars Megan Fox • 1,540 views
Sensually Illuminated Lookbooks

12 Sensually Illuminated Lookbooks

Adriana Lima Stars in the Desigual Fall 2014 Campaign • 1,438 views
Glamorous Songstress Campaigns

13 Glamorous Songstress Campaigns

Rita Ora Poses for the Roberto Cavalli Fall/Winter 2014 Photoshoot • 1,295 views
Sensual Lifeguard Editorials

14 Sensual Lifeguard Editorials

The GQ UK August 2014 Cover Shoot Stars Actress Jessica Alba • 948 views
Architectural Celeb Editorials

15 Architectural Celeb Editorials

The Harper’s Bazaar US August 2014 Cover Shoot Stars Cameron Diaz • 929 views
58 Tributes to LeBron James

16 58 Tributes to LeBron James

From Basketball Star Sneakers to Quirky NBA Athlete Portraits • 900 views
Paparazzi Celeb Editorials

17 Paparazzi Celeb Editorials

The Marie Claire US August 2014 Cover Shoot Stars Zoe Saldana • 820 views
Unbelievable Cosmetic Transformations

18 Unbelievable Cosmetic Transformations

Maria Malone-Guerbaa's Celeb Makeup Looks are Metamorphic • 767 views
Greyscale Bedhead Editorials

19 Greyscale Bedhead Editorials

The Sky Ferreira i-D Photoshoot has a Rock Star Edge • 751 views
Cottaging Celebrity Editorials

20 Cottaging Celebrity Editorials

Liv Tyler Emphasis Girl Power in the July Issue of Violet Grey • 742 views


Photoshopped Celebrity Parodies

1 Photoshopped Celebrity Parodies

These Superimposed Images of Nicholas Cage are Hilarious • 41,608 views
Mock Celebrity Selfies

2 Mock Celebrity Selfies

Dan Rubin's 'Phonies' Mock the Selfie Phenomenon with Celeb Faces • 22,476 views
High-Heeled Male Choreography

3 High-Heeled Male Choreography

Yanis Marshall and Co Are Flawless in This Sexy Beyoncé Dance • 16,509 views
Coquettish Poolside Editorials

4 Coquettish Poolside Editorials

The Pretty Little Liars Cast Sizzles in This New GQ Shoot • 12,750 views
100 Kickstarter Projects

5 100 Kickstarter Projects

LeVar Burton Raised $1,000,000 in One Day To Revive Reading Rainbow • 9,164 views
Ceremonial Celebrity Snapshots

6 Ceremonial Celebrity Snapshots

The Kanye and Kim Wedding Photo is Now Instagram's Most Liked Ever • 7,525 views
Urban Celeb Editorials

7 Urban Celeb Editorials

Miranda Kerr Stuns in Latest The Edit Photo Shoot • 4,226 views
Seductively Cloned Editorials

8 Seductively Cloned Editorials

The W Magazine June/July 2014 Cover Shoot Stars Amber Heard • 3,246 views
Carefree Celeb Editorials

9 Carefree Celeb Editorials

Lana Del Rey Stars in the Fader Magazine June/July 2014 Issue • 2,879 views
35 Funky Flip Flops

10 35 Funky Flip Flops

From Street Art Sandals to Fancy Philanthropic Footwear • 2,724 views
Floral Bohemian Editorials

11 Floral Bohemian Editorials

Keira Knightley Stars in the Glamour July 2014 Cover Story Shoot • 2,699 views
Pastel Princess Editorials

12 Pastel Princess Editorials

Elle Fanning Stars in the ASOS Magazine July 2014 Issue • 2,587 views
45 Examples of Mugshots

13 45 Examples of Mugshots

From Princess Mugshot Photography to Faux Celebrity Mugshots • 2,512 views
Bronzed Actress Hair Ads

14 Bronzed Actress Hair Ads

The L’Oreal Professionnel Beach Waves Campaign Stars Kirsten Dunst • 2,298 views
Brooding Heartthrob Editorials

15 Brooding Heartthrob Editorials

Jamie Dornan Stars in the Interview Magazine June 2014 Issue • 2,214 views
Country Chic Editorials

16 Country Chic Editorials

Lucy Hale Stars in the FLARE July 2014 Cover Editorial • 2,112 views
Hipbone-Baring Dresses

17 Hipbone-Baring Dresses

The Kendall Jenner MMVA Dress Looks Like a Luxe Loincloth • 2,012 views
Whimsically Seductive Editorials

18 Whimsically Seductive Editorials

The ELLE US July 2014 Cover Shoot Stars Actress Anna Kendrick • 1,767 views
Ravishing Rock Princess Editorials

19 Ravishing Rock Princess Editorials

The Red Magazine July 2014 Cover Shoot Stars Liv Tyler • 1,674 views
Brazilian Pride Covers

20 Brazilian Pride Covers

The Vogue Brazil June 2014 Cover Shoot Creates Buzz for the World Cup • 1,669 views