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Top 100 Celeb Fashion Trends of 2015

1 Top 100 Celeb Fashion Trends of 2015

From Songstress Fragrance Ads to Velour Hip Hop Fashion • 31,045 views
Comedic Movie Character Covers

2 Comedic Movie Character Covers

The Vogue February 2016 Cover Features Actor Ben Stiller • 2,306 views
Gender Fluid Photoshoots

3 Gender Fluid Photoshoots

The Vogue Korea February 2016 Issue Challenges Gender Norms • 1,826 views
Sophisticated Rapper Sneakers

4 Sophisticated Rapper Sneakers

The Air Jordan 10 OVO Shoes Were Designed by Singer Drake • 1,388 views
Beachy Patriotic Editorials

5 Beachy Patriotic Editorials

The W Magazine Selena Gomez Cover Story was Shot by Steven Klein • 1,320 views
$14,000 Chocolates

6 $14,000 Chocolates

The Ross Limited was Created in Honor of Iconic Female Hollywood Stars • 1,254 views
Sunny Spring Fashions

7 Sunny Spring Fashions

The Kendall Jenner Penshoppe Campaign is Stylishly Casual • 1,101 views
Homage-Paying Magazine Covers

8 Homage-Paying Magazine Covers

Brazilian Publication 'Veja' Printed 12 Different David Bowie Covers • 730 views
Geisha Sportswear Collections

9 Geisha Sportswear Collections

The 'Asian-Arena' Adidas Originals Infuses Asian Clothing Culture • 634 views
Celebrity Constellation Tributes

10 Celebrity Constellation Tributes

The Late David Bowie Was Honored with His Very Own Stardust • 432 views
Rap Feud Fashion Collections

11 Rap Feud Fashion Collections

The Kanye West Twitter Beef Spawned a New Clothing Line • 406 views
Rap Feud Video Games

12 Rap Feud Video Games

The 'Meeky Mill' Video Game Hilariously Captures the Drake and Meek Mill Fued • 149 views
Exclusive Influencer Apps

13 Exclusive Influencer Apps

Celebrities are Helping to Boost Twitter Moments with New Social Tools • 144 views
Celeb Literature Associations

14 Celeb Literature Associations

Actress Emma Watson Established an Online Feminist Book Club • 66 views
Iconic Rapper Mobile Ads

15 Iconic Rapper Mobile Ads

The T-Mobile Super Bowl Ad Hilarious Parodies a Popular Song • 57 views
Charitable Beer Campaigns

16 Charitable Beer Campaigns

Stella Artois and Matt Damon Encourage People to Buy a Lady a Drink • 47 views
DJ-Advice Text Generators

17 DJ-Advice Text Generators

Khaled Ipsum by Patrick Wong Turns Placeholder Text into Words of Wisdom • 46 views
Celebrity Detection Ads

18 Celebrity Detection Ads

Hyundai's 'Ryanville' Super Bowl Commercial Stars Ryan Reynolds • 44 views
Boy Band Messenger Apps

19 Boy Band Messenger Apps

The Planet App Unites 5 Seconds of Summer Fans • 38 views
Inclusive Presidential Social Accounts

20 Inclusive Presidential Social Accounts

The White House Officially Launched its Own Snapchat Story • 38 views


Aged Galactic Character Images

1 Aged Galactic Character Images

These Photographs Show Star Wars Actors in the Past and Now • 17,355 views
Top 100 Celebs Trends of 2015

2 Top 100 Celebs Trends of 2015

From Maturing Reality Star Covers to Award Show Photobooths • 13,306 views
33 Gifts for Drake Fans

3 33 Gifts for Drake Fans

From Rapper-Inspired Christmas Sweaters to Lyrical Rapper Hats • 7,213 views
Youngest Sister Editorials

4 Youngest Sister Editorials

This Celeb Photoshoot Stars Bella Hadid, Kylie Jenner and Lottie Moss • 4,476 views
Gender Fluid Couture Campaigns

5 Gender Fluid Couture Campaigns

The Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer Campaign Lacks Gender Barriers • 4,436 views
60 Game of Thrones Gifts

6 60 Game of Thrones Gifts

From Medieval Coloring Books to Throne-Themed Tree Ornaments • 3,803 views
Celebrity Christmas Sweatshirts

7 Celebrity Christmas Sweatshirts

These Ugly Pop Culture Sweaters Play on a Popular Holiday Hymn • 3,249 views
Tattoo-Covered Bags

8 Tattoo-Covered Bags

The One Direction Backpack is Here in Time for Louis Tomlinson's 24th Birthday • 1,257 views
Fleeting Fashion Lines

9 Fleeting Fashion Lines

Merchandise from Travi$ Scott's Rodeo Tour is Only on Sale for 72 Hours • 1,053 views
Iconic Antique Dishes

10 Iconic Antique Dishes

The David Bowie Plate is a Classic Way to Pay Tribute to Late Legend • 957 views
Rockstar Cocktail Tributes

11 Rockstar Cocktail Tributes

These Drink Recipes Honor Musician David Bowie Legendary Aesthetic • 927 views
Reality Star Emojis

12 Reality Star Emojis

Kim Kardashian's Kimojis Focus on the Celebrities Well-Known Accomplishments • 359 views
Jet-Skiing DJ Games

13 Jet-Skiing DJ Games

'Flappy Khaled' is a Video Game Based on DJ Khaled's Inspiring Snapchats • 218 views
Lyrical Messaging Services

14 Lyrical Messaging Services

This Justin Bieber Texting Service Lets You Anonymously Send Lyrics • 171 views
Celebrity Christmas Cards

15 Celebrity Christmas Cards

Opening Ceremony and Deer Dana Teamed Up for Printable Christmas Cards • 150 views
Lyrical Rapper Cakes

16 Lyrical Rapper Cakes

These Decorated Desserts Feature Lyrics from Popular Songs by Drake • 146 views
Boy Band Break Bars

17 Boy Band Break Bars

KitKat is Selling Special Edition Chocolate Bars for the One Direction Break • 125 views
Digital Pop Star Communities

18 Digital Pop Star Communities

The Bieber Fever Fan Club is a Place for Beliebers to Connect Online • 71 views
Cost-Free Fan Clubs

19 Cost-Free Fan Clubs

The New Metallica Met Club Has Been Overhauled to Feature Exclusive Perks • 48 views
Pop Punk Fan Clubs

20 Pop Punk Fan Clubs

The All Time Low Fan Club Refers to Members as "Hustlers" • 39 views