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Anti-Paparazzi Scarves

1 Anti-Paparazzi Scarves

This Anti-Flash Scarf Protects the Wearer's Privacy • 2,132 views
Viral Instagram Campaigns

2 Viral Instagram Campaigns

This Selena Gomez Photo is the Most Liked Photo of All Time • 2,077 views
Printed Musculoskeletal Masks

3 Printed Musculoskeletal Masks

Björk Created a 3D-Printed Mask Using Her Facial Structure • 1,339 views
Celebrity Breakup Insurance

4 Celebrity Breakup Insurance

Taobao is Offering Insurance Based on Taylor Swift's Love Life • 971 views
Hyper-Real Villainous Collectibles

5 Hyper-Real Villainous Collectibles

The Joker Figurine from 'Hot Toys' Looks Eerily Realistic • 959 views
64 Celebrity Marketing Campaigns

6 64 Celebrity Marketing Campaigns

From Candid Fashion Campaigns to Socially Conscious Ads • 916 views
Stripes-Only Clothing Lines

7 Stripes-Only Clothing Lines

The Everlane x Gia Coppola Features Nothing but Striped Garments • 724 views
Artist-Honoring Illustrations

8 Artist-Honoring Illustrations

Selman Hoşgör Payed Tribute to David Bowie with a Vibrant Art Series • 597 views
Artificially Aged Portraits

9 Artificially Aged Portraits

Sara Zaher's 'Forever Young' Series Imagines Older Celebrities • 511 views
Dinosaur-Edited Celebrity Photos

10 Dinosaur-Edited Celebrity Photos

Lorenz Valentino Edits Himself into Celebrity Instagram Photos • 352 views
Reggae Family Photography

11 Reggae Family Photography

The Marley Family Starred in GQ to Celebrate the Singer's Legacy • 242 views
360-Degree VR Performances

12 360-Degree VR Performances

Bjork Livestreamed a 360-Degree Concert in Virtual Reality • 213 views
Celebrity-Infused Social Activism

13 Celebrity-Infused Social Activism

We Are the Movement Enlists Stars to Speak On Racial Injustice • 142 views
Imperfect Athlete Commercials

14 Imperfect Athlete Commercials

Ronda Rousey is the Star of the #NeverPerfect Reebok Campaign • 53 views
Multicultural Beauty Campaigns

15 Multicultural Beauty Campaigns

The #BornandMade Campaign Encourages Women to Share Their Stories • 48 views
Awkward Sneaker Commercials

16 Awkward Sneaker Commercials

Jonah Hill Pretends to Be an Awful Spokesperson in a Reebok Commercial • 32 views
Comedic Music Video Parodies

17 Comedic Music Video Parodies

BBC Radio 1 Puts a Humorous Spin on Kanye West's Famous • 21 views
Star-Studded Ad Campaigns

18 Star-Studded Ad Campaigns

These Retro Calvin Klein Ads Reveal the Insecurities of Celebrities • 19 views
Inclusive Patriotic Campaigns

19 Inclusive Patriotic Campaigns

'We Are America' Allows John Cena to Explain What Being American Is • 16 views
Star-Studded Holiday Ads

20 Star-Studded Holiday Ads

This Holiday Ad for Champs Sports Shows How to Style adidas Originals • 14 views


Geeky Galactic Shades

1 Geeky Galactic Shades

Stormtroopers as Iconic Movie Characters Digitally Printed onto Blinds • 6,439 views
Pop Star Emojis

2 Pop Star Emojis

Justin Bieber is the New Subject of a Series of Custom Emojis • 2,574 views
Inspirational Tribute Posters

3 Inspirational Tribute Posters

Duminda Perera Created Gradient Posters of Influential Celebrities • 2,554 views
Moody Actress Editorials

4 Moody Actress Editorials

The Violet Grey Emilia Clarke Cover Shoot is Glamorously Dark • 1,993 views
Celebrity Anti-Poaching Campaigns

5 Celebrity Anti-Poaching Campaigns

Cara Delevingne Modeled Painted Photography for Animal Rights • 1,801 views
Stylistic Director Sculptures

6 Stylistic Director Sculptures

Mike Leavitt Imagined Famous Film Directors as Their Own Creations • 1,762 views
Curvy Celebrity Covers

7 Curvy Celebrity Covers

Kim Kardashian Flaunted Her Post-Pregnancy Figure for a GQ Magazine Cover • 1,655 views
Candid Hip-Hop Photography

8 Candid Hip-Hop Photography

A Photographer Captures Toned Down and Candid Photos of Rappers • 1,413 views
Multi-Generational Magazine Covers

9 Multi-Generational Magazine Covers

This Kate Moss Vogue Cover Celebrates Family Values • 1,036 views
Social Media Hitchhiking Projects

10 Social Media Hitchhiking Projects

Shia LaBeouf Relies on Twitter Go on a Road Trip for Art's Sake • 338 views
Celebrity Skiing Reality Shows

11 Celebrity Skiing Reality Shows

'Miracle in Snow' is a Chinese Reality Show About Ice Sports • 288 views
Rewarding Rapper Sodas

12 Rewarding Rapper Sodas

You Can Receive Prizes by Posting Pictures of These Unique Sprite Soda Cans • 244 views
Illustrative Music Video Books

13 Illustrative Music Video Books

These Coloring Book Drawings Are Inspired by Beyonce's Lemonade • 223 views

14 Men's Body Image Campaigns

This Video Shows Men Realize That Their Ideal Body Isn't What They Want • 197 views
Reconstructed LEGO Music Videos

15 Reconstructed LEGO Music Videos

Veronica Watson Remakes Lemonade By Beyonce Using Building Blocks • 194 views
Rapper-Flavored Ice Creams

16 Rapper-Flavored Ice Creams

Morgenstern’s Finest Ice Cream is Hosting a Kanye Flavor Week • 156 views
Immersive Director Museums

17 Immersive Director Museums

The Swiss Charlie Chaplin Museum Lets You Live Just Like Him • 110 views
Private Supermodel Editorials

18 Private Supermodel Editorials

Tyler Ford Captures Bella Hadid for the Anniversary of Visionaire • 96 views
Telling Your Story

19 Telling Your Story

Lin-Manuel Miranda's Talk on Stories Discusses Anecdotes That Resonate • 83 views
Chinese eSports Influencers

20 Chinese eSports Influencers

Yu Jingxi Uses His eSports Expertise to Broadcast Video Games Online • 78 views