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29 Avant-Garde Surfboard Innovations

1 29 Avant-Garde Surfboard Innovations

From Surfboard Exercise Machines to Surfboard Beach Chairs • 7,679 views
Top 90 Autos Trends in July

2 Top 90 Autos Trends in July

From Fast-Charging Electric Buses to Surfboard-Carrying Motorcycles • 4,997 views
Up-Front Car Seats

3 Up-Front Car Seats

Volvo's Excellence Child Seat Concept Combines Safety and Luxury • 3,002 views
Cobranded Luxury Watches

4 Cobranded Luxury Watches

The Breitling x Bentley B06 S Watch is an Ultra-Luxurious Accessory • 1,969 views
3D-Printed Supercars

5 3D-Printed Supercars

Divergent Microfactories Unveils a Stunning Printed Car Design • 1,477 views
Adventurous Automotive Unveilings

6 Adventurous Automotive Unveilings

Trend Hunter Travels to Cali to Preview the Scion iM & Scion iA • 800 views
Airport Automotive Dealerships

7 Airport Automotive Dealerships

Japan's Haneda Airport Will Hosts an Interactive Mercedes-Benz Shop • 541 views
Pop-Up Seaside Dealerships

8 Pop-Up Seaside Dealerships

Tesla's Temporary Car Store Travels to Luxurious Summer Resorts • 452 views
Comfortable Auto Shops

9 Comfortable Auto Shops

Sonic Automotive Shows Off All Its Used Cars with Immersive Technology • 421 views
Automotive Sales Beacons

10 Automotive Sales Beacons

Ford is Revving Up Its Retail Sales Technology with Beacons • 239 views
Live Vehicle Builders

11 Live Vehicle Builders

ZeroLight's Car Configurator Revolutionizes the Auto Purchasing Process • 181 views
Boat-Chartering Services

12 Boat-Chartering Services

The Arrival of UberBOAT in Istanbul is Making Waves • 130 views
Six-Car Showrooms

13 Six-Car Showrooms

RMB Automotive's Intimate Renault Store Shows Off Select Vehicles • 106 views
Smartphone Cooling Devices

14 Smartphone Cooling Devices

This New Air Conditioner is Specifically Made for Cooling Your Phone • 99 views
Boutique Automotive Shops

15 Boutique Automotive Shops

Cadillac Plans to Open 700 Dedicated Small Auto Shops • 79 views
Innovative Ride Share Programs

16 Innovative Ride Share Programs

Ford Makes Co-Owning a Vehicle Possible • 61 views
Experiential Car Shares

17 Experiential Car Shares

Ford's Car-Sharing Program Introduces the Benefits of Resource Splitting • 54 views
Dealership Messaging Services

18 Dealership Messaging Services

Go Auto Uses Text Messaging to Make Interactions Stress-Free • 28 views
Spacious Car-Promoting Ads

19 Spacious Car-Promoting Ads

This Fiat 500X Ad Shows 'Big Black' Testing the Spacious Car Interior • 13 views
Approachable Automotive

20 Approachable Automotive

The automotive industry aims to be more consumer-friendly • 0 views


25 Luxurious Campers

1 25 Luxurious Campers

From Eco-Conscious Campers to Million Dollar Motorhomes • 14,618 views
Upgraded 90s Motorcycles

2 Upgraded 90s Motorcycles

The Honda CB750 Cafe by Rebellion of the Machines is a Retro Refresh • 14,547 views
Single-Wheel Electric Scooters

3 Single-Wheel Electric Scooters

The Moto Pogo is Equipped With Regenerative Braking • 9,066 views
#ExperienceBuick: Detroit Design Tour

4 #ExperienceBuick: Detroit Design Tour

Trend Hunter Returns to 'The D' to Explore Buick Engineering • 8,644 views
Top 80 Autos Trends in June

5 Top 80 Autos Trends in June

From Autonomous Sports Cars to High-Tech Air Fresheners • 8,268 views
5 Unique Ways to Celebrate Father’s Day

6 5 Unique Ways to Celebrate Father’s Day

Toyota Wants to Make Dads Feel Special This Father's Day • 6,518 views
Future-Facing Car Conferences

7 Future-Facing Car Conferences

2015 Ford Trends Conference Tackles Tomorrow's Transportation Needs • 6,461 views
Monocoque Glamping Trailers

8 Monocoque Glamping Trailers

The Nest Caravan Has a Fully Accessorized Interior • 5,877 views
Intimidating Off-Road Vehicles

9 Intimidating Off-Road Vehicles

Mercedes' G500 4x4 Squared Has a Large Frame and Appearance • 5,839 views
Modernized Camper Vans

10 Modernized Camper Vans

This California Camper Van Features the Latest Engineering and Amenities • 4,612 views
Extreme Concept Hypercars

11 Extreme Concept Hypercars

The Tomahawk VGT Will Rip It Up in the Vision Gran Turismo Video Game • 3,818 views
Motorcycle Bicycle Hybrids

12 Motorcycle Bicycle Hybrids

This Retro Moped Combines an Electric Scooter and a Pedal Bike • 3,245 views
Rugged Concept Campers

13 Rugged Concept Campers

The Marq Land Rover Defender is Versatile and Efficient • 2,540 views
35 Bee-Inspired Innovations

14 35 Bee-Inspired Innovations

From Beehive High Heels to Hive-Like Pavilions • 2,482 views
Curvy Crossover Cars

15 Curvy Crossover Cars

The Nissan Juke-R is the Ultimate Crossover Sleeper Car • 2,370 views
Futuristic Hoverboards

16 Futuristic Hoverboards

The Lexus Hoverboard Will Starr in the 'Amazing in Motion' Ad Campaign • 2,234 views
Comic Book-Inspired Trikes

17 Comic Book-Inspired Trikes

Game Over Cycles Designs a Motorcycle Based off the Batmobile • 2,186 views
22 Whimsical Cinderella Innovations

18 22 Whimsical Cinderella Innovations

These Princess Innovations Make the Fairytale a Reality • 1,986 views
Vintage Rowboat Campers

19 Vintage Rowboat Campers

The American Dream Trailer Includes an Integrated Rooftop Boat • 1,966 views
Boxy Industrial Motobikes

20 Boxy Industrial Motobikes

The Yamaha Scorpio by Thrive Motocycles is Made for Mad Max • 1,911 views


Top 95 Autos Ideas in May

1 Top 95 Autos Ideas in May

From Instant-Tint Helmet Visors to Co-Worker Carpooling Apps • 46,529 views
Futuristic Electric Bicycles

2 Futuristic Electric Bicycles

Società Piemontese Automobili Designs a Modern and Minimalist Concept • 35,125 views
86 Bike Add-On Accessories

3 86 Bike Add-On Accessories

From Collapsible Bike Helmets to Snack-Themed Bike Bells • 27,748 views
48 Innovative Mobile Homes

4 48 Innovative Mobile Homes

From Rustic Trailer Residences to Mobile Log Cabins • 20,186 views
Modernized Retro Trucks

5 Modernized Retro Trucks

The Icon Dodge Power Wagon Crew Cab Boasts a Contemporary Interior • 8,925 views
45 Protective Head Gear Products

6 45 Protective Head Gear Products

From Haute Couture Football Helmets to Concealed Head Protection • 5,165 views
Remote Exploration Vehicles

7 Remote Exploration Vehicles

The Earthroamer XV-HD is Designed For Off-Grid Exploration • 4,600 views
Affordable Electric Bikes

8 Affordable Electric Bikes

The Wave eBike Offers a Long Range and High Speeds at a Low Price • 4,464 views
Coat Rack Bicycles

9 Coat Rack Bicycles

The Weelin Bike Can Be Stashed In Your Coat Rack • 4,154 views
Luxury Car Spacecrafts

10 Luxury Car Spacecrafts

The Ferrari Spacecraft Concept Looks to the Future for Inspiration • 4,050 views
Car Bump-Preventing Accessories

11 Car Bump-Preventing Accessories

The Dent Bot Deploys Buffers to Prevent Car Bumps in Parking Lots • 3,865 views
Flying Yacht Hybrids

12 Flying Yacht Hybrids

The Monaco 2050 Brings Avian Qualities to the Sea • 3,715 views
Expedition Vehicles

13 Expedition Vehicles

The Earthcruiser FX is Fitted With Amenities and Luxuries • 3,138 views
Rugged Adventure Bikes

14 Rugged Adventure Bikes

The Super Enduro is a No-Holds-Barred Adventure Bike • 3,114 views
Ambi-Directional Autos

15 Ambi-Directional Autos

This Eco Micro Car Can Drive Sideways to Slip Through City Traffic • 3,094 views
Futuristic Balancing Scooters

16 Futuristic Balancing Scooters

The Ninebot One E+ Could be Likened to an Electronic Unicycle • 2,896 views
Leaning Trikes

17 Leaning Trikes

The Trivek Lets You Sit Tall While Reading • 2,732 views
Modern Drophead Automobiles

18 Modern Drophead Automobiles

The Rolls-Royce Dawn Model Harks Back to Another Era • 2,637 views
13 Unique Car Wash Services

19 13 Unique Car Wash Services

From $11,000 Car Washes to Self-Serve Car Washes • 2,379 views
Reflective White Supercars

20 Reflective White Supercars

The 2015 Mazzanti Evantra Features a Reflective Paint Job • 2,319 views