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Top 100 Architecture Ideas in November

1 Top 100 Architecture Ideas in November

From Biodegradable Forest Shelters to Dual Sport Facilities • 59,299 views
Top 75 Eco Ideas in November

2 Top 75 Eco Ideas in November

From Record-Breaking Electric Cars to Celebratory Snack Packaging • 27,766 views
Top 65 Auto Ideas in November

3 Top 65 Auto Ideas in November

From Luxury Plug-In Hybrids to Bicycle Traffic Sensors • 19,495 views
100 Presents for the Car Lover

4 100 Presents for the Car Lover

From Wireless Driving Assistants to Formula One Furniture • 16,656 views
100 Examples of Magnificent Murals

5 100 Examples of Magnificent Murals

From Whimsical Street Art to Massive Mud Murals • 8,821 views
Pop Culture Car Accessories

6 Pop Culture Car Accessories

The Fresh Prince Bel-Air Freshener Concept is Made for Millenials • 3,569 views
Driver-Focused Mobile Accessories

7 Driver-Focused Mobile Accessories

This Car Smartphone Holder is Conveniently Fitted to One's Wheel • 2,611 views
40 Driver Performance Devices

8 40 Driver Performance Devices

From Driver-Analyzing Apps to Comprehensive Navigation Apps • 2,390 views
Laser-Powered Cars

9 Laser-Powered Cars

The Chaparral 2X Concept Uses a Laser Powertrain • 2,334 views
Sophisticated Convertible Cars

10 Sophisticated Convertible Cars

The Bentley Grand Convertible Offers Luxurious Open-Air Driving • 2,109 views
Colorful Headlight Covers

11 Colorful Headlight Covers

DECALKITS Sells Auto Accessories for Custom Car Fans • 2,029 views
Urban Electric Scooters

12 Urban Electric Scooters

The Mini CitySurfer is Inspired By Kick Scooters • 1,786 views
Modern Adventurer Motorhomes

13 Modern Adventurer Motorhomes

The Winnebago Travato is Made for Outdoor Explorers Not Retirees • 1,633 views
Commemorative Euro Trains

14 Commemorative Euro Trains

The Eurostar e320 Marks Eurostar's 20th Anniversary • 1,234 views
27 Examples of Advertising in Cars

15 27 Examples of Advertising in Cars

From Artistic Camper Ads to Bear-Patterned Olympic Taxis • 1,206 views
In-Car Air Purifiers

16 In-Car Air Purifiers

PURGGO Cleans Car Air with Purifying Bamboo Charcoal • 1,147 views
Mini All-Terrain Vehicles

17 Mini All-Terrain Vehicles

This Compact Electric Car Floats on Water Without Flooding • 1,073 views
Hoarding Auto Adverts

18 Hoarding Auto Adverts

The Honda Fit Billboard Showcases All the Items One Can Put in Their Car • 961 views
Configurable Race Cars

19 Configurable Race Cars

This Dynamic Race Car Design Boasts a Curvaceous Body & Tuneable Parts • 603 views
Car Aromatherapy Devices

20 Car Aromatherapy Devices

This Plug-In Car Freshener Lets You Make Use of Your Own Essential Oils • 578 views


Top 100 Tech Ideas in October

1 Top 100 Tech Ideas in October

From Sleek Smartphone Cameras to Robotic Vehicle Valets • 114,251 views
Gliding Electric Vessels

2 Gliding Electric Vessels

This Personal Quadrofoil Boasts High Speed and Low Noise on the Water • 11,998 views
Wearable Scooters

3 Wearable Scooters

The Belt Scooter is Worn Around Your Waist Like a Belt • 5,806 views
Luxurious Gunsmith SUVs

4 Luxurious Gunsmith SUVs

The Holland & Holland Range Rover Includes a Luxurious Gun Case • 5,777 views
Limited Edition Luxury Motorbikes

5 Limited Edition Luxury Motorbikes

The Ducati Diavel Titanium Debuts at EICMA in Milan • 5,473 views
Ultimate Outdoorsy Vehicles

6 Ultimate Outdoorsy Vehicles

The Filson x AEV Jeep Wrangler is Rugged and Stylish • 5,379 views
Shockingly Eccentric Motorbikes

7 Shockingly Eccentric Motorbikes

The Bienville Legacy is Visually Stunning • 4,259 views
Luxury Executive Cars

8 Luxury Executive Cars

The Porsche Panamera Exclusive Series is Made for Successful Business People • 4,190 views
Special Operation SUVs

9 Special Operation SUVs

The Range Rover Autobiography Black Features a Gun Cabinet • 3,655 views
35 Examples of Automated Technology

10 35 Examples of Automated Technology

From Garage Opener Apps to Robotic Gas Pumps • 2,871 views
Bike-Boosting Motors

11 Bike-Boosting Motors

The Rubbee 2.0 is a Smart Motor For Bicycles • 2,424 views
Adrenaline-Spiked Trucks

12 Adrenaline-Spiked Trucks

The Ford Vaughn Gittin Jr. Can Be Used For Drifting and Jumping • 2,316 views
22 Examples of Innovative Automotive Tech

13 22 Examples of Innovative Automotive Tech

Innovative Auto Tech Makes Use of Prediction for Safety • 2,260 views
Impressively Augmented Coupes

14 Impressively Augmented Coupes

The 2015 Hennessey HPE700 Supercharged Ford Mustang is a Powerhouse • 2,219 views
Classic Commemorating Cars

15 Classic Commemorating Cars

The Commemorative Edition Camaro Celebrates an American Classic • 2,140 views
Futuristic Flying Cars

16 Futuristic Flying Cars

The AeroMobil Blends Roadster and Light Aircraft in One Compact Package • 2,063 views
Monstrous Retro Cars

17 Monstrous Retro Cars

The Hoonicorn Mustang Offers Insane Power In a Retro Package • 2,009 views
Neo-Retro Convertibles

18 Neo-Retro Convertibles

The Porsche 911 Targa Boasts an Automatic Roof In Place of a Sun Roof • 1,980 views
Futuristic Island Yachts

19 Futuristic Island Yachts

Project Utopia Could be Mistaken for a Landed Alien Spaceship • 1,856 views
Smartphone Auto Accessories

20 Smartphone Auto Accessories

The Belkin Vent Car Mount for Smartphones is Sleek and Versatile • 1,853 views


Top 100 Architecture Ideas in October

1 Top 100 Architecture Ideas in October

From Striking Marble Apartments to Super Slim Condominiums • 150,134 views
100 Innovative Coffee Makers

2 100 Innovative Coffee Makers

From App-Controlled Coffee Machines to Compact Coffee Machines • 18,588 views
Relaxing Yacht Concepts

3 Relaxing Yacht Concepts

Christian Grande's Luxury Boat Concept Stresses Relaxation on the Seas • 8,742 views
Sci-Fi Biker Helmets

4 Sci-Fi Biker Helmets

The Lightmode Motorcycle Helmet Gives Safety a Futuristic Twist • 8,078 views
Tourist Submarine Vehicles

5 Tourist Submarine Vehicles

The Technology of Pathfinders Enables an Exciting New Type of Tourism • 8,008 views
32 Examples of Sharing Economy Innovations

6 32 Examples of Sharing Economy Innovations

From Free Stuff Finders to Homemade Meal-Sharing Apps • 7,675 views
Luxury Armored SUVs

7 Luxury Armored SUVs

The Prombron Black Shark is Sleek and • 6,407 views
Shooting Star Yachts

8 Shooting Star Yachts

Igor Lobanov's Luxury Boat Design is Romantic and Futuristic • 6,162 views
Capsule Water Taxis

9 Capsule Water Taxis

The 2015 Jet Taxi is an Upgrade to Water Travel • 5,914 views
Hollywood Hearthrob Motorbikes

10 Hollywood Hearthrob Motorbikes

The KRGT-1 is Keanu Reeves' Dream Motorbike • 5,806 views
Luxurious Concept Cars

11 Luxurious Concept Cars

The Citroen Divine DS is an Ultra-Luxurious Concept Vehicle • 5,212 views
Monstrous Italian Motorbikes

12 Monstrous Italian Motorbikes

The Agusta Brutale Dragster 800 Blends Style & Performance • 5,095 views
Automotive Desks

13 Automotive Desks

This Car Work Desk Will Help You Speed Through the Work Day • 4,673 views
Multisensory Automotive Lounges

14 Multisensory Automotive Lounges

The Sound of Porsche Pop-Up is Like a Modern Record Store • 4,460 views
Severed Limb Stunts

15 Severed Limb Stunts

A Model of a Severed Leg is the Star of This Mini Cooper Advertising Stunt • 4,236 views
Car-Inspired Boats

16 Car-Inspired Boats

The Toyota Ponam-31 is a Luxury Sports Utility Cruiser • 3,930 views
Flying Motorcycles

17 Flying Motorcycles

This Flying Motorcycle is a Cross Between a Motorbike and a Gyrocopter • 3,880 views
Urban Smart Bicycles

18 Urban Smart Bicycles

The Rogue C6 Smart Bicycle is Targeted Towards Urban Cyclists • 3,813 views
Futuristic Samurai Motobikes

19 Futuristic Samurai Motobikes

The Ronin 47 Motocycle is a Limited Edition Design • 3,390 views
360-Degree Bike Lights

20 360-Degree Bike Lights

The Orfos Flare Lights Improve Cyclists' Visibility • 3,343 views