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Top 100 Auto Ideas in April

1 Top 100 Auto Ideas in April

From Inexpensive 3D-Printed Cars to Sporty Plug-In Cars • 21,938 views
Custom Luxury Minibuses

2 Custom Luxury Minibuses

Lexani Motorcars Turns a Mercedes Sprinter Van into a Gold-Plated Ride • 13,252 views
Luxury Car Lounge Concepts

3 Luxury Car Lounge Concepts

The Volvo Lounge Console Includes a Luxury Footrest and TV Screen • 11,726 views
Mobile Eatery Concepts

4 Mobile Eatery Concepts

The Peugeot Food Truck Converts into a Pop-Up Restaurant • 10,305 views
Sloping Motorcycle Concepts

5 Sloping Motorcycle Concepts

The BMW Apollo by Mehmet Doruk Erdem is Made to Set Speed Records • 9,814 views
Luxury Camper Vans

6 Luxury Camper Vans

The Horizon Mercedes Multi Concept Lets You Camp In Style • 9,588 views
Converted Luxury Vans

7 Converted Luxury Vans

The Senzati Jet is a Converted Mercedes Sprinter Van • 9,301 views
Stunning Concept Bikes

8 Stunning Concept Bikes

The Mazda Kodo Bike Features a Wildly Adventurous Design • 7,828 views
Sleek Concept Cars

9 Sleek Concept Cars

The Lincoln Continental Concept is Equipped For Both Work and Play • 6,494 views
Autonomous Electric Vehicles

10 Autonomous Electric Vehicles

The Chevrolet FNR Concept Appeals to Young Chinese Consumers • 6,191 views
Sci-Fi Motorbikes

11 Sci-Fi Motorbikes

The Rivet Motorcycle Was Designed By William Shatner • 4,950 views
Palatial Converted Jetliners

12 Palatial Converted Jetliners

The World's First Private 747-8 Jet Boasts an Opulent Interior • 4,653 views
Electric Aircraft Engines

13 Electric Aircraft Engines

Siemens' Prototype Electric Aircraft Motor is Surprisingly Powerful • 3,995 views
Upgraded Camping Vans

14 Upgraded Camping Vans

The New Volkswagen Transporter Series Features Styling & Tech Upgrades • 3,864 views
Brutal SUV Concepts

15 Brutal SUV Concepts

The Qoros 2 SUV PHEV Features an Aggressive, Blocky Design • 3,669 views
Steam Engine Motorbikes

16 Steam Engine Motorbikes

This Steam-Powered Motorcycle Was Built By Revatu Customs • 3,433 views
Sleek Concept Cars

17 Sleek Concept Cars

The Kia Novo Concept Hints At Kia's Future Designs • 3,174 views
Augmented Auto Eyewear

18 Augmented Auto Eyewear

The MINI Augmented Vision Improves Driving Capabilities • 2,707 views
Redesigned Luxury SUVs

19 Redesigned Luxury SUVs

The New Lexus RX SUV is a Reworked Version of the Original Bestseller • 2,623 views
Spacious Converted Campers

20 Spacious Converted Campers

The Roadtrek Zion Can Seat Five and Sleep Three • 2,465 views


40 Impressive Custom Cars

1 40 Impressive Custom Cars

From Wooden Punch Buggies to 3D-Printed Muscle Cars • 59,516 views
Luxury Observation Yachts

2 Luxury Observation Yachts

Lujac Desautel's Amazing Yacht Design Presents Unobstructed Vistas • 19,635 views
Top 90 Auto Trends in March

3 Top 90 Auto Trends in March

From Built-in HD Radios to V2V-Enabled Smart Cars • 13,335 views
Cyclist-Protecting Campaigns

4 Cyclist-Protecting Campaigns

The Volvo Life Paint Makes Bikes and Helmets Much More Visible • 11,497 views
Lightweight Supercars

5 Lightweight Supercars

The Falcon F7 Features an Aluminum and Carbon Fiber Chassis • 11,065 views
Futuristic Three-Wheelers

6 Futuristic Three-Wheelers

These Yamaha 3-Wheeler Prototypes Tease at Future Vehicles • 10,786 views
Supersonic Cargo Planes

7 Supersonic Cargo Planes

The PAK TA Heavy Transport Craft Concept Will Fly At 2,000 KM/H • 9,783 views
Luxury Business Vans

8 Luxury Business Vans

The Carlex Jet Van Sports 24k Gold Trim and a Soundproof Interior • 9,286 views
3D-Printed Solar Cars

9 3D-Printed Solar Cars

Students at NTU Created a Futuristic Car Design with Additive Manufacturing • 8,712 views
Rugged Motorcycle Concepts

10 Rugged Motorcycle Concepts

The Honda Bulldog Design Moves Away from Traditional Leisure Bikes • 7,908 views
Convenient Convertible Wheelchairs

11 Convenient Convertible Wheelchairs

The Optimo Reconfigures for Its User to Change Position • 7,581 views
Fashion Designer Cars

12 Fashion Designer Cars

The Paul Smith Land Rover Defender Sports 27 Different Paint Colors • 7,478 views
Simplified Hybrid Gliders

13 Simplified Hybrid Gliders

The GloW Glider & Microlight Hybrid is Designed For Casual Flying • 7,134 views
Chainless Folding Bikes

14 Chainless Folding Bikes

The JIVR Folding Bike Reduces Clutter with a Chainless Design • 6,634 views
Cyclist Signal Gloves

15 Cyclist Signal Gloves

For Urban Cycling Safety, These Gloves Keep Motorists Informed of Turns • 6,355 views
Super Speedy Bicycles

16 Super Speedy Bicycles

The Raht Racer Can Travel as Fast as a Car • 6,320 views
Off-Roading Vehicle Concepts

17 Off-Roading Vehicle Concepts

The Easter Jeep Safari Concepts Showcase the Company's Expertise • 5,681 views
Futuristic Funeral Carriages

18 Futuristic Funeral Carriages

This Modern Coffin Carriage is an Avant-Garde Take on Antique Designs • 5,347 views
Futuristic Electric Cars

19 Futuristic Electric Cars

The Audi R8 e-tron is a High-Performance Electric Beast • 5,213 views
Futuristic 3D Printed Vehicles

20 Futuristic 3D Printed Vehicles

The EDAG Genesis is Inspired By a Turtle's Skeleton • 4,827 views