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Top 35 Commuting Innovations in May

1 Top 35 Commuting Innovations in May

From Driverless Transportation Pods to Bus-Tracking Apps • 14,821 views
Top 25 Sharing Economy Ideas in May

2 Top 25 Sharing Economy Ideas in May

From Flexible Car-Sharing Apps to In-Store Co-Working Spaces • 12,125 views
Top 45 Eco Design Ideas in May

3 Top 45 Eco Design Ideas in May

From DIY Cardboard Toys to Floating Urban Forests • 8,023 views
Converted Sprinter Vans

4 Converted Sprinter Vans

Filmmaker Cyrus Sutton Shows How He Lives on the Road in His Converted Van • 6,102 views
Top 25 Concept Car Ideas in May

5 Top 25 Concept Car Ideas in May

From Autonomous Taxi Services to Driverless Racing Cars • 5,095 views
Top 25 Eco Transportation Ideas in May

6 Top 25 Eco Transportation Ideas in May

From Invisible Urban Trains to Folding Chair Scooters • 3,790 views
Brutalist Naked Motorbikes

7 Brutalist Naked Motorbikes

This Special Version Of the Brutale 800 Roadster Screams Performance • 3,266 views
18 Hydrogen-Powered Vehicles

8 18 Hydrogen-Powered Vehicles

From Hydrogen Supercar Concepts to Futuristic Fuel Cell Cars • 2,842 views
CD Slot Smartphone Docks

9 CD Slot Smartphone Docks

The Radmo Mobile Car Mount Securely Holds Devices in Place • 2,160 views
Customizable Truck Campers

10 Customizable Truck Campers

This Pickup Truck Camper Lets You Pick and Choose Features and Add-Ons • 1,921 views
Compact Fighter Jets

11 Compact Fighter Jets

The Gripen E 39-8 Can Handle Surprisingly Heavy Take-Off Loads • 1,760 views
Student-Designed Coupes

12 Student-Designed Coupes

This Skoda Rapid Spaceback Was Converted Into a Sporty Coupe • 875 views
Autonomous Unmanned Solar Vessels

13 Autonomous Unmanned Solar Vessels

The 'SeaCharger' Solar Boat is Going from California to Hawaii • 826 views
Supercharged Motorsport Cars

14 Supercharged Motorsport Cars

The New BMW M Performance Cars Offer Upgraded Power and Performance • 772 views
Homage-Paying Motorbikes

15 Homage-Paying Motorbikes

This Supercharged Custom Motorbike Pays Tribute To the BMW R5 • 711 views
15 Examples of Solar-Powered Vehicles

16 15 Examples of Solar-Powered Vehicles

From 3D-Printed Solar Cars to Autonomous Sailing Vessels • 704 views
Road-Straddling Buses

17 Road-Straddling Buses

The Elevated Transit Bus Would Glide Overtop of Beijing Traffic Jams • 701 views
Elevated Tunnel Buses

18 Elevated Tunnel Buses

The 'Transit Elevated Bus' Moves Overtop of Traffic For A Speedier Ride Time • 578 views
Wrapped-Window Cars

19 Wrapped-Window Cars

The New Aston Martin Vanquish Zagato Concept Features Stunning Design • 533 views
Electric-Assist Kick Bikes

20 Electric-Assist Kick Bikes

The Peugeot e-Kick Helps You Kickstart Your Commute • 512 views


Compact Camping Trailers

1 Compact Camping Trailers

The Timberleaf is Scaled Down to Size for Functionality and Portability • 26,551 views
Top 60 Auto Ideas in May

2 Top 60 Auto Ideas in May

From Lightweight Hybrid Vehicles to Gold-Plated Dream Cars • 14,356 views
Heavy-Duty Electric Bikes

3 Heavy-Duty Electric Bikes

The Moto Parilla Carbon Bike Easily Adapts To Its Surroundings • 7,734 views
100 Father-Friendly Gift Ideas

4 100 Father-Friendly Gift Ideas

These Father's Day Presents Include Novelty Colognes to Watches • 7,495 views
A Day in Taiwan with Godfrey Gao

5 A Day in Taiwan with Godfrey Gao

Godfrey Gao Explores His Homeland in the Stunning Infiniti Q30 • 7,101 views
Single-Seat Cars

6 Single-Seat Cars

The Vector May Be a Solution to Traffic Congestion • 4,345 views
Weather-Resistant Electric Bikes

7 Weather-Resistant Electric Bikes

This Electric Eco Bike Aims to Solve Pollution Issues in Cities • 4,266 views
Car Pop-Up Campers

8 Car Pop-Up Campers

The BlackFin Camper Box is a Hard-Shell Pop-Up Tent • 4,263 views
Fashionable Luxury Yachts

9 Fashionable Luxury Yachts

Lujac Desautel's 'La Petite Terrasse' Boat Concept Embodies Elegance • 3,919 views
Weather-Resistant Camping Trailers

10 Weather-Resistant Camping Trailers

The Base Trailer Provides a Comfortable Home Away from Home • 3,886 views
Folding Fat Bikes

11 Folding Fat Bikes

The RadMini Bike Offers Ultimate Portability and Functionality • 3,297 views
Turbine-Powered Trucks

12 Turbine-Powered Trucks

The Nikola Zero Four-Wheeler Operates Using Electricity and Wind Power • 3,155 views
Futuristic SUV Electric Motorcycles

13 Futuristic SUV Electric Motorcycles

The 'Carbon SUV' E-Bike Motorcycle is Designed for Performance • 2,450 views
38 Uber Service Ideas

14 38 Uber Service Ideas

From Long-Distance Rideshares to Ride-Ordering Speakers • 1,934 views
City-Slicker Motorbikes

15 City-Slicker Motorbikes

The Brinco S Urban Motorbike Offers Unquestioned Street Credibility • 1,654 views
Quirky Luxury Vehicles

16 Quirky Luxury Vehicles

The Mitsuoka Viewt Features Innovative Taxi-Like Design Cues • 1,646 views
Helicopter-Inspired Flying Cars

17 Helicopter-Inspired Flying Cars

'Lilium' Creates Electric Plane Vessels for Personal Use • 1,491 views
Autonomous Luxury Cars

18 Autonomous Luxury Cars

The BMW 'i NEXT' Design is a Luxurious Two-Person Electric Car • 1,490 views
Opulently Upgraded Cars

19 Opulently Upgraded Cars

This Mitsuoka Special Edition Car Features Handmade Wire WHeels • 1,466 views
Film-Inspired Concept Cars

20 Film-Inspired Concept Cars

The Chevrolet Tron: Legacy Cruze Lights Up Blue Like in the Gamer Movie • 1,435 views


Top 75 Modern Ideas in April

1 Top 75 Modern Ideas in April

From Nudist Art Fair Tours to Textile Butcher Concept Shops • 24,741 views
70 Creative Outdoor Ads

2 70 Creative Outdoor Ads

From Urban Garden Billboards to Interactive Paper Bus Ads • 23,429 views
Retractable Seat Motorcycles

3 Retractable Seat Motorcycles

The MV 800 RvR Twin Concept Motorcycle Features a Modular Design • 20,052 views
Top 100 Auto Ideas in April

4 Top 100 Auto Ideas in April

From Hybrid Plug-In Sedans to Culinary Car Owner Perks • 19,062 views
13 Luxury Mobile Homes

5 13 Luxury Mobile Homes

From Opulent Road Abodes to Monstrous Motor Mansions • 12,075 views
Pedal-Powered Cars

6 Pedal-Powered Cars

The PodRide Lets You Get Around Easily In Different Environments • 11,978 views
High-Speed Motorcycle Concepts

7 High-Speed Motorcycle Concepts

The Orion Streamliner Draws Inspiration from Birds of Prey • 10,084 views
Cedar Teardrop Trailers

8 Cedar Teardrop Trailers

This Teardrop Trailer Features Liberal Use Of Gorgeous Red Cedar • 8,206 views
Dual Transportation Auto Concepts

9 Dual Transportation Auto Concepts

The Audi Connected Mobility Comes with an Electric Longboard • 7,399 views
Futuristic Auto Cockpits

10 Futuristic Auto Cockpits

Peugeot's i-Cockpit Transforms Vehicular Control and Interior Appearance • 7,199 views
Sporty Amphibious Cars

11 Sporty Amphibious Cars

The Amphiborgini Was Made By SeaRoader Amphibious Vehicles • 7,051 views
A Day in Hong Kong With Kevin Poon

12 A Day in Hong Kong With Kevin Poon

Entrepreneur Kevin Poon Takes an Inspiring Drive with Infiniti • 6,314 views
Ultra-Compact Bicycles

13 Ultra-Compact Bicycles

The 'Halfbike' is Designed For Compact Urban Storage • 5,018 views
Sleek Two-Tone Campers

14 Sleek Two-Tone Campers

The Airstream 'Nest' Fiberglass and Aluminum Trailer is Lightweight • 4,086 views
3D Crosswalk Illusions

15 3D Crosswalk Illusions

This Illusory Indian Crosswalk Design Enhances Safety for Pedestrians • 3,697 views
Economical Single-Seat Helicopters

16 Economical Single-Seat Helicopters

This Personal Helicopter Design Allows Flyers to Avoid Delays • 3,537 views
Foldable E-Bike Concepts

17 Foldable E-Bike Concepts

Ford's MoDe:Flex eBike Demonstrates Smart Mobility • 3,418 views
Multi-Tasking Driving Ads

18 Multi-Tasking Driving Ads

This Holiday Autos Ad Features Five Inventions for Travelers • 3,152 views
Stripped Utilitarian Motorbikes

19 Stripped Utilitarian Motorbikes

This Custom Moto Guzzi Motorcycle Has Exposed Bike Framework • 3,068 views
Artfully Handcrafted Motorcycles

20 Artfully Handcrafted Motorcycles

'k101' is a BMW-Inspired Motorcycle Made by Artists and Designers • 2,848 views