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Luxurious Boomer-Centric Caravans

1 Luxurious Boomer-Centric Caravans

Elite Caravans are Geared Toward Wealthy Baby Boomers • 3,071 views
Power Tool-Powered Vehicles

2 Power Tool-Powered Vehicles

The 'TOXIC' Racer Vehicle is 3D-Printed and Powered by a Drill • 2,905 views
Conceptual Sustainable Helicopters

3 Conceptual Sustainable Helicopters

The Bell FCX-001 Helicopter Aircraft Features AR Controls • 2,322 views
Redefined Futuristic Sports Cars

4 Redefined Futuristic Sports Cars

The Nissan Anion is an Electric Two-Seat Car with Power • 2,310 views
Authentic Vietnamese Cuisine Trucks

5 Authentic Vietnamese Cuisine Trucks

The Vietvan Offers Delicious and Healthy Street Food Options • 703 views
Competitively Priced Electric Cars

6 Competitively Priced Electric Cars

The Lucid Motors Air Will Cost Less Than a Tesla Model S • 653 views
Futuristic Supercar Successors

7 Futuristic Supercar Successors

The McLaren BP23 is the Eagerly Long-Awaited Follow-up to the F1 • 518 views
Car Brand Bicycle Designs

8 Car Brand Bicycle Designs

The PG x Bugatti Bicycle is Complementary to the Chiron • 515 views
Energy-Generating Vehicles

9 Energy-Generating Vehicles

The 'Changan' Ultra-Efficient Vehicle Harnesses Power from Many Sources • 460 views
Upcycled Car Coasters

10 Upcycled Car Coasters

These Arrive Alive Bar Coasters are Made from Wrecked Cars • 428 views
Health-Conscious Food Trucks

11 Health-Conscious Food Trucks

The Healthy Scratch Food Truck will Serve Up Smoothies and Bowls • 381 views
Revived Superbike Sneakers

12 Revived Superbike Sneakers

The Air Jordan IV Motorsports Pays Tribute to MJ's Racing Team • 315 views
Healthy Comfort Food Trucks

13 Healthy Comfort Food Trucks

Milly's Skillet Food Truck Creates "Barnyard Gourmet" Foods to Enjoy • 192 views
Subtle Sports Car Luggage

14 Subtle Sports Car Luggage

The Arlo Skye Audi Carry-on Pays a Quiet Tribute to German Engineering • 112 views
Carnal Family Car Advertisements

15 Carnal Family Car Advertisements

The Volkswagen 'Luv Bug' Commercial is Surprisingly Steamy • 62 views
Fresh Coastal Food Trucks

16 Fresh Coastal Food Trucks

The NoMad Truck Cooks Up Street Cuisine with a Californian Twist • 61 views
Three-Wheel Mobility Systems

17 Three-Wheel Mobility Systems

The Mercane TRANSBOARD v2 is an Eco-Friendly Electric “Kickscooter” • 54 views
Olympic-Inspired Auto Ads

18 Olympic-Inspired Auto Ads

The Subaru Bobsled Commercial Touts the Capabilities of the WRX STI • 46 views


Top 35 Transportation Ideas in February

1 Top 35 Transportation Ideas in February

From Mobile Meditation Buses to Smartphone-Connected Cars • 12,692 views
1930s-Inspired Concept Supercars

2 1930s-Inspired Concept Supercars

This Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic Concept Pays Homage to the Past • 6,378 views
Top 35 Autos Trends in February

3 Top 35 Autos Trends in February

From Aerodynamic Shipping Vehicles to Custom Car-Building Kits • 4,332 views
Autonomous Transportation Pods

4 Autonomous Transportation Pods

Volkswagen's Sedric Car Pod Concept Looks to the Future of Driving • 2,685 views
Gyroscopic Electric Unicycles

5 Gyroscopic Electric Unicycles

The KTM Unicycle Stays Balanced for Compact Urban Transportation • 2,459 views
Opulent Supercar Speedboats

6 Opulent Supercar Speedboats

The Bugatti Niniette 66 Yacht is Inspired by the 1,500-hp Chiron • 2,218 views
Italian Car Brand Sneakers

7 Italian Car Brand Sneakers

The Mizuno x Lamborghini Wave Tenjin 2 Sneaker Shoes Have Hollow Soles • 2,127 views
Bespoke Sports Cars

8 Bespoke Sports Cars

AD Tramontana's Custom Sports Car Can Be Made with 3D-Printed Parts • 2,045 views
Aerodynamic Shipping Vehicles

9 Aerodynamic Shipping Vehicles

The 'KAMAZ Vision' Semi-Trailer Truck Focuses on Efficiency • 1,873 views
Semiautonomous CUVs

10 Semiautonomous CUVs

The 2017 Volvo XC60 Features Similar Engine Power to the XC90 • 1,666 views
Sculpted Electric Sports Cars

11 Sculpted Electric Sports Cars

This Apple Vehicle Design is Stunningly Edgy and Simple • 1,665 views
Luxury SUV Bicycles

12 Luxury SUV Bicycles

The Land Rover Vehicle Bicycle Has the Same Chic Styling as the Car • 1,487 views
Elegant Five-Seater Sedans

13 Elegant Five-Seater Sedans

The Volkswagen Arteon Comes as the Brand's Latest Four-Door Flagship • 1,340 views
Luxury Children

14 Luxury Children's Hospital Vehicles

The Rolls-Royce SRH Kid Car Transports Patients to Surgery • 1,309 views
Self-Analyzing Car Tires

15 Self-Analyzing Car Tires

The Pirelli Connesso Tires Keep Track of Pressure, Balance and More • 1,307 views
Affordable Fully Electric Vehicles

16 Affordable Fully Electric Vehicles

Volvo Cars Announced an EV with a 250 Mile Range for 2019 • 1,168 views
Tall Self-Driving Vehicles

17 Tall Self-Driving Vehicles

The 'Nomic' Autonomous Transportation Vehicle Has an Extended Height • 979 views
Conceptual Consumer Race Cars

18 Conceptual Consumer Race Cars

The Audi Formula Track 2036 Imagines Race Car Driving as a Hobby • 977 views
Opulent Electric Convertibles

19 Opulent Electric Convertibles

The Bentley EXP 12 Speed 6e Features an Electric Powertrain • 884 views
Emergency Drone-Accompanied Cars

20 Emergency Drone-Accompanied Cars

The Land Rover Discovery Project Hero is for Search and Rescue • 753 views


Top 100 Luxury Trends in 2016

1 Top 100 Luxury Trends in 2016

From Designer Fashion Furniture to Festive Lavish Lipstick Lines • 41,669 views
Top 100 Autos Trends of 2016

2 Top 100 Autos Trends of 2016

From Self-Balancing Motorcycles to Supercar Funeral Hearses • 23,317 views
Versatile Camping Trailers

3 Versatile Camping Trailers

The TAXA 'TigerMoth' Trailer Designs Pack Ample Space and Utilities • 9,534 views
Avant-Garde SUVs

4 Avant-Garde SUVs

The Range Rover Velar is a Style-Focused Land Rover Model • 4,525 views
Flying Rideshare Drones

5 Flying Rideshare Drones

The 'Sky2Go' Passenger Drones Avoid Traffic and Cut Commute Times • 4,452 views
Heavy-Duty Expedition Vehicles

6 Heavy-Duty Expedition Vehicles

Bliss Mobil's Campers are Perfect for Traveling to Remote Areas • 3,965 views
Honeycomb Windshield Supercars

7 Honeycomb Windshield Supercars

The Alfa Romeo C18 Car Concept is Aerodynamically Stunning • 3,960 views
Solar Cell-Topped Catamarans

8 Solar Cell-Topped Catamarans

The Solar Dream Catamaran Boat is an Eco-Friendly Vessel • 2,834 views
Speedy Low-Voltage Supercars

9 Speedy Low-Voltage Supercars

The Quant '48Volt' Electric Sport Car Has a Top Speed of 300 km/h • 2,609 views
Terrain-Conquering Snow Vehicles

10 Terrain-Conquering Snow Vehicles

This Conceptual Mountain Vehicle Drives Through Snow with Ease • 2,211 views
Aerodynamic Shipping Vehicles

11 Aerodynamic Shipping Vehicles

The Volvo FH Globetrotter Commercial Truck Adapts to Different Needs • 1,830 views
Gorilla-Inspired Motorcycle Bikes

12 Gorilla-Inspired Motorcycle Bikes

The 'Nazo' Motorcycle Leans Forward Like the Arms of a Gorilla • 1,795 views
Three-Wheeled Go-Kart Toys

13 Three-Wheeled Go-Kart Toys

The Morgan EV3 Junior is a Child-Sized Version of the EV3 • 1,704 views
VR Supercar Systems

14 VR Supercar Systems

This Mercedes Driving Simulation Puts Users Behind the Wheel of a Race Car • 1,689 views
All Electric G-Wagons

15 All Electric G-Wagons

The Arnold Schwarzenegger x Kreisel Electric G-Class is an Eco Luxury SUV • 1,588 views
Branded Consumer Sports Cars

16 Branded Consumer Sports Cars

The Aston Martin Vantage Red Bull Racing Edition is Customizable • 1,532 views
Salvaged Automotive Watches

17 Salvaged Automotive Watches

REC Watches are Made from Recycled Classic Car Parts • 1,527 views
Futuristic Supercar Museum Buildings

18 Futuristic Supercar Museum Buildings

The Lamborghini Museum Draws Inspiration from the Vehicles • 1,496 views
VR Driverless Race Cars

19 VR Driverless Race Cars

The Volkswagen 300 Concept Race Car is Controlled via a VR Headset • 1,423 views
Interchangeable Cartridge Tires

20 Interchangeable Cartridge Tires

The 'Green Hive' Car Tires Keep the Tread in Tip-Top Shape • 1,351 views