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Top 100 Luxury Trends in 2016

1 Top 100 Luxury Trends in 2016

From Designer Fashion Furniture to Festive Lavish Lipstick Lines • 36,964 views
Top 100 Autos Trends of 2016

2 Top 100 Autos Trends of 2016

From Self-Balancing Motorcycles to Supercar Funeral Hearses • 20,013 views
Versatile Camping Trailers

3 Versatile Camping Trailers

The TAXA 'TigerMoth' Trailer Designs Pack Ample Space and Utilities • 5,448 views
Honeycomb Windshield Supercars

4 Honeycomb Windshield Supercars

The Alfa Romeo C18 Car Concept is Aerodynamically Stunning • 3,789 views
Flying Rideshare Drones

5 Flying Rideshare Drones

The 'Sky2Go' Passenger Drones Avoid Traffic and Cut Commute Times • 2,575 views
Heavy-Duty Expedition Vehicles

6 Heavy-Duty Expedition Vehicles

Bliss Mobil's Campers are Perfect for Traveling to Remote Areas • 1,926 views
Aerodynamic Shipping Vehicles

7 Aerodynamic Shipping Vehicles

The Volvo FH Globetrotter Commercial Truck Adapts to Different Needs • 1,650 views
Terrain-Conquering Snow Vehicles

8 Terrain-Conquering Snow Vehicles

This Conceptual Mountain Vehicle Drives Through Snow with Ease • 1,583 views
Speedy Low-Voltage Supercars

9 Speedy Low-Voltage Supercars

The Quant '48Volt' Electric Sport Car Has a Top Speed of 300 km/h • 1,535 views
Gorilla-Inspired Motorcycle Bikes

10 Gorilla-Inspired Motorcycle Bikes

The 'Nazo' Motorcycle Leans Forward Like the Arms of a Gorilla • 1,343 views
All Electric G-Wagons

11 All Electric G-Wagons

The Arnold Schwarzenegger x Kreisel Electric G-Class is an Eco Luxury SUV • 1,131 views
Salvaged Automotive Watches

12 Salvaged Automotive Watches

REC Watches are Made from Recycled Classic Car Parts • 1,103 views
Digital Bumper Sticker Displays

13 Digital Bumper Sticker Displays

The 'Talelight' Digital Bumper Stickers Can be Personalized • 969 views
Hyperloop Highway Vehicles

14 Hyperloop Highway Vehicles

The 'Hornet' Car Vehicle Design is an Automobile of the Future • 890 views
LED-Mounted Concept Cars

15 LED-Mounted Concept Cars

The Citroen C-Aircross Hints at the French Automaker's Design Future • 883 views
Three-Wheeled Go-Kart Toys

16 Three-Wheeled Go-Kart Toys

The Morgan EV3 Junior is a Child-Sized Version of the EV3 • 879 views
Danger-Detecting Dash Cams

17 Danger-Detecting Dash Cams

The 'Dride' Auto Dash Cam Records Drives and Warns of Problems • 785 views
Escape Tool Car Chargers

18 Escape Tool Car Chargers

The Ztylus Stinger Car Charger Adapter Breaks Windows and Cuts Seat Belts • 757 views
VR Driverless Race Cars

19 VR Driverless Race Cars

The Volkswagen 300 Concept Race Car is Controlled via a VR Headset • 697 views
Futuristic Supercar Museum Buildings

20 Futuristic Supercar Museum Buildings

The Lamborghini Museum Draws Inspiration from the Vehicles • 640 views


30 Gifts for Boomers

1 30 Gifts for Boomers

From Geometric Landscape Wines to Boomer-Specific Electric Bikes • 11,557 views
Helicopter-Equipped RVs

2 Helicopter-Equipped RVs

The Furrion Elysium RV Showed Off a Luxury Design at CES 2017 • 11,200 views
Top 10 Transportation Innovations at CES 2017

3 Top 10 Transportation Innovations at CES 2017

From Automated AI Vehicles to Single-Wheel Scooters • 6,852 views
Vehicle Roof Rack Tents

4 Vehicle Roof Rack Tents

The Tapui Baja Series Roof Tent Keeps Campers High and Dry • 6,038 views
Eco Electric Yacht Boats

5 Eco Electric Yacht Boats

The Tesla Model Y Yacht is Entirely Self-Sustaining and Eco-Friendly • 4,881 views
Retro-Inspired Supercars

6 Retro-Inspired Supercars

The Vultran Solair is a Modern Car Inspired by the Classics • 2,917 views
Modernized Muscle Car Concepts

7 Modernized Muscle Car Concepts

The Opel GT References the Original GM GT from the 1960s • 2,733 views
Hybrid Supercar SUVs

8 Hybrid Supercar SUVs

The Lamborghini Urus will Hit the Market in 2018 • 2,182 views
Mini Modern Metropolis Taxis

9 Mini Modern Metropolis Taxis

The i100 Auto Rickshaw Offers Safety and Stability on the Street • 2,146 views
Aerodynamic Shipping Trucks

10 Aerodynamic Shipping Trucks

The 'CASPI' Truck is Focused on Fuel Efficiency and Speed • 1,906 views
Aviation-Inspired Modern Vehicles

11 Aviation-Inspired Modern Vehicles

The Jaguar F-Type GT Concept Blends Different Aesthetics • 1,853 views
Snowy Supercar Schools

12 Snowy Supercar Schools

Lexus is Now Offering Winter Driving Lessons in Japan • 1,830 views
Luxury Car Brand Yachts

13 Luxury Car Brand Yachts

The Lexus Sport Yacht Produces Immense Speed in a Sleek Design • 1,592 views
Retro-Futuristic Van Concepts

14 Retro-Futuristic Van Concepts

The Volkswagen 'ID Buzz' Van Refences the Hippy Vans of the 60s • 1,495 views
Edgy Rally Race SUVs

15 Edgy Rally Race SUVs

This Audi Race Vehicle Concept Does Away with the Need for Teams • 1,427 views
Smartphone-Connected Cars

16 Smartphone-Connected Cars

Faraday Future Shows Off Its Electric FF 91 Model During CES 2017 • 1,214 views
Custom Car-Building Kits

17 Custom Car-Building Kits

The Ford GT Car Order Kit Allows Buyers to Create Before they Purchase • 951 views
All-Electric Transport Vans

18 All-Electric Transport Vans

The Renault Master ZE is a Cleaner and Quieter Option for Cities • 900 views
Real-Time Auto Repair Apps

19 Real-Time Auto Repair Apps

The 'Autorepairio' App Connects Car Owners with Reliable Mechanics • 751 views
Accident-Sensing Dashboard Cameras

20 Accident-Sensing Dashboard Cameras

The Vava Dash Camera Automatically Saves Important Footage • 747 views