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2. Ketchup-Scooping Fries

KFC Romania's Dipping French Fries Are Trough-Like For Holding More Sauce
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Facial Recognition Doorbells

1 Facial Recognition Doorbells

The Chui Offers Revolutionary Secure Access to One's Home • 611 views


Illuminated Emotion Blankets

1 Illuminated Emotion Blankets

British Airways' Happiness Blanket Reflects a Traveler's Feelings • 6,647 views
22 Unusual Firework Displays

2 22 Unusual Firework Displays

From Live-Rewinding Light Shows to Drinking Fireworks • 1,858 views
Waterproof Book Bags

3 Waterproof Book Bags

The You-Bumi Cover Lets You Read in the Bath or Shower Without Wet Pages • 1,086 views
Smile Currency Campaigns

4 Smile Currency Campaigns

Teatreneu's Pay with a Smile Only Charges for Laughs at a Comedy Show • 575 views
Bicep-Building Bicycles

5 Bicep-Building Bicycles

The FitRider Lets You Work Out Your Arms and Legs at the Same Time • 415 views


Shade-Solving Solar Panels

1 Shade-Solving Solar Panels

Unified Solar Likely Solves the Problem of Shaded Solar Panels • 1,659 views
Weapon-Shaped Knives

2 Weapon-Shaped Knives

This Gun Knife Personifies Bringing a Gun to a Knife Fight • 1,097 views
Anthem-Belting Beer Fridges

3 Anthem-Belting Beer Fridges

Molson Canadian Has Created the 'Anthem Beer Fridge' • 777 views