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20. Cube-Shaped Digital Sundials

The Sun Cube Tells the Time Using Sunlight and Shadows (GALLERY)
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The Selfies Seen

1 The Selfies Seen 'Round the World

Trend Hunter Enters the Alcatel ONETOUCH Unexpected Casting Call • 13,916 views
Astonishing Aerial Photography

2 Astonishing Aerial Photography

Photographer Alex MacLean Took These Lovely Photos from the Air • 7,763 views
Pet Makeout Photography

3 Pet Makeout Photography

Chris Sembrot Snaps Owners Getting Some Sloppy Dog Kisses • 6,903 views
Fashionably Smart Furniture

4 Fashionably Smart Furniture

The Clique Editions Mixes Household Materials with Electronics • 6,284 views
Hi-Tech Stress Balls

5 Hi-Tech Stress Balls

Bossy is a Unique Stress Ball Will a Ton of Tech Capabilities • 5,963 views
24 Apps for Workout Fanatics

6 24 Apps for Workout Fanatics

From Interactive Running Apps to Boot Camp iPhone Apps • 5,478 views
Video Game-Inspired Photography

7 Video Game-Inspired Photography

This Grand Theft Auto Photo Series Mixes the Virtual with Reality • 4,555 views
42 High-Tech Wall Mounts

8 42 High-Tech Wall Mounts

From Wireless Wall-Mounted Speakers to Wall-Mounted Printers • 4,080 views
33 Sleek Laptop Carriers

9 33 Sleek Laptop Carriers

From Classy Computer Cases to Ultra-Thin Computer Knapsacks • 4,064 views
Cycle-Spun Laundry

10 Cycle-Spun Laundry

The Bike Washing Machine Encourages Activity and Eco-Consciousness • 3,660 views
App-Connected Drinking Glasses

11 App-Connected Drinking Glasses

The BU Personal Hydration System Makes Sure You Drink Enough Water • 3,555 views
Unusual Hi-Tech Beds

12 Unusual Hi-Tech Beds

Balluga's Smart Bed Has an Unconventional Shape & Lots of Tech Capabilities • 2,932 views
Homeless Boxer Photography

13 Homeless Boxer Photography

This Photo Series Shows a Homeless Boxer Building Himself a Huge Shack • 2,307 views
Chemistry-Focused Jewelry

14 Chemistry-Focused Jewelry

Fe Hardware Looks to the Periodic Table for Inspiration • 2,092 views
High Tech Super Trucks

15 High Tech Super Trucks

The KiraVan is No Ordinary Vehicle • 1,833 views
Paper-Replacing Whiteboard Notebooks

16 Paper-Replacing Whiteboard Notebooks

The Nuboard Ditches Paper for a More Reusable Material • 1,792 views
Amusing Gaming Toothbrushes

17 Amusing Gaming Toothbrushes

The 'Grush' Kids' Toothbrush Turns Brushing into a Video Game • 1,742 views
Precise Robot-Like Peripherals

18 Precise Robot-Like Peripherals

The New Logitech G502 Mouse Takes Gaming to Another Level • 1,568 views
Hybrid Sewing Machines

19 Hybrid Sewing Machines

The Bernina B100 by Laura Lang is a Portable Handheld Sewing Machine • 1,523 views
11 Google Glass Apps

20 11 Google Glass Apps

From Eyeglass Fitness Apps to AR Money Management Apps • 1,409 views


20 Outrageously Awesome Selfies

1 20 Outrageously Awesome Selfies

Find Out How Your Selfies Can Make You a Star (SPONSORED) • 62,329 views
Symmetrical Face Photography

2 Symmetrical Face Photography

The Series by Alex John Beck Displays the Same Side of Someone's Face • 33,708 views
Unleash Your Inner Selfie

3 Unleash Your Inner Selfie

Upload Photos For a Shot to Be the Face of a Global Advertising Campaign • 21,221 views
3D Printed Skulls

4 3D Printed Skulls

Dr. Bon Verweij Successfully Implanted a Tech-Made Cranium in the Netherlands • 19,871 views
35 Public Transport Photography Shots

5 35 Public Transport Photography Shots

From Human Pile Photography to Subway Snapshots • 18,122 views
Hands-Free Cell Phones

6 Hands-Free Cell Phones

The Nokia FIT Brings Your Cell Phone Directly to Your Finger Tips • 16,359 views
Blob-Like Water Containers

7 Blob-Like Water Containers

The Ooho Water Bottle is an Edible Alternative to Plastic Versions • 15,907 views
Folding Fusion Bikes

8 Folding Fusion Bikes

Experience the YikeBike Fusion for a Foldable Electric Journey • 15,697 views
25 Bold Bike Accessories

9 25 Bold Bike Accessories

From Cyclist Cup Clasps to Winter Bike Tire Attachments • 13,765 views
30 Examples of Futuristic Toilets

10 30 Examples of Futuristic Toilets

From Water-Recycling Toilets to Tuck-Away Toilets • 13,655 views
Manipulated Stuntman Photography

11 Manipulated Stuntman Photography

Robert Jahns’ Alters Pictures to Look Like Stuntman Photography • 10,441 views
What Does Your Phone Say About You?

12 What Does Your Phone Say About You?

Ladbrokes' Quiz Uncovers the Cleverest Smartphone Users • 10,346 views
The Perfect Self-Portrait

13 The Perfect Self-Portrait

Submit Your Selfies For a Chance to Be the Face of a Global Ad Campaign • 10,265 views
70 3D-Printed Products

14 70 3D-Printed Products

From Topographical 3D Sculptures to 3D-Printed Kayaks • 8,718 views
75 Carbon Fiber Products

15 75 Carbon Fiber Products

From Carved Lava Couches to Carbon Fiber Hockey Sticks • 8,113 views
Pop-Up Photo Studios

16 Pop-Up Photo Studios

'Lightcase' is a Portable Photo Studio that Eliminates the Need for Lighting • 7,989 views
Intricate Steampunk Insects

17 Intricate Steampunk Insects

Gaby Wormann's Bio Bugs are Strangely Beautiful • 7,225 views
Tactile Camera Phone Cases

18 Tactile Camera Phone Cases

The Snappgrip Makes for an Even More Excellent Camera Phone Experience • 6,772 views
Oversized Multimedia Tablets

19 Oversized Multimedia Tablets

The Samsung Galaxy Note Pro Has a Huge 12.2-Inch Display • 6,436 views
Unsettling Abandoned Building Photos

20 Unsettling Abandoned Building Photos

Max Boschini Uses Run-Down Places for His Shabby Photography • 6,271 views


Exquisitely Subtle Tech Covers

1 Exquisitely Subtle Tech Covers

The Understated and Low-Key Sleeves Collection by Mujjo are Chic • 20,673 views
Dissected Cartoon Illustrations

2 Dissected Cartoon Illustrations

Tea Wei Draws the Insides of Characters in These Cartoon GIFs • 14,755 views
70 Contemporary Bathroom Accessories

3 70 Contemporary Bathroom Accessories

From Modern Tub Hybrids to Invisible Geometric Basins • 11,170 views
Scooter-Inspired Point-and-Shoots

4 Scooter-Inspired Point-and-Shoots

The Vespa Cam Has the Same Streamlined Design as the Moped • 10,314 views
Water-Resistant Smartphones (UPDATE)

5 Water-Resistant Smartphones (UPDATE)

The Samsung Galaxy S5 Has Been Revealed Worldwide • 10,259 views
Video Game Business Cards

6 Video Game Business Cards

This Business Card Acts as a Mobile Video Game • 9,716 views
People-Tracking Lamps

7 People-Tracking Lamps

The Veilleuse Track Light Moves Back and Forth with the Person in the Room • 9,632 views
55 Innovative Fashion Shows

8 55 Innovative Fashion Shows

From Immersive Virtual Fashion Shows to Vertical Runway Shows • 9,494 views
Self-Lacing Shoes (UPDATE)

9 Self-Lacing Shoes (UPDATE)

Nike Brings It Back to the Future with the Re-Release of the Nike MAG • 9,068 views
Striking Minimalist Phone Cases

10 Striking Minimalist Phone Cases

Bumprz is a Corner-Only Case That Doesn’t Add Bulk to Your P • 9,029 views
Vital Organ-Shredding Projectiles

11 Vital Organ-Shredding Projectiles

The R.I.P Bullet is Designed to Fragment into Eight Pieces • 8,951 views
3D-Printed Fingernails

12 3D-Printed Fingernails

TheLaserGirls Manicures Give Dimension to Your Polish Job • 8,834 views
Eco-Friendly Smart Toilets

13 Eco-Friendly Smart Toilets

This Toilet Will Change the Way We Think About Going to the Bathroom • 8,740 views
Divine Shoe-Drying Shelves

14 Divine Shoe-Drying Shelves

The Spare Shoe Rack Subtly Integrates an Electric Airflow Function • 8,589 views
Flashing Phone Plugs

15 Flashing Phone Plugs

The myLED Phone Plug Blinks to Notify You of Missed Calls • 8,527 views
Tech-Integrated Desks

16 Tech-Integrated Desks

The SlatePro is Perfect for Keeping All Your Tech Neat and Tidy • 8,412 views
Interactive Wall-Mounted Modules

17 Interactive Wall-Mounted Modules

The HEXI Responsive Wall by Thibaut Sld. Detects People's Motions • 7,934 views
Custom-Designed Shopping Bags

18 Custom-Designed Shopping Bags

Choose Your Package Can Be Printed with Ads or Nutritional Info • 7,541 views
Integrated Camera Packaging

19 Integrated Camera Packaging

Fedrigoni Leica Uses Paper Thin Design to Combine Product with Casing • 7,482 views
30 Touch Screen Table Designs

20 30 Touch Screen Table Designs

From Touchscreen Dining to Futuristic Classroom Desks • 6,902 views