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20. Luxurious Eco Abodes

Eentileen Arkitektur's Denmark Cabin Features a Sustainable and Chic Design (GALLERY)
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Pregnancy Scenario Illustrations

1 Pregnancy Scenario Illustrations

This Pregnancy Do’s and Don’ts List is Funny and Helpful • 78,679 views
Dramatically Aged Celebrities

2 Dramatically Aged Celebrities

Mashable Uses Oldify to See How Today's Stars Will Look in 60 Years • 54,038 views
Nerd Convention Stereotypes

3 Nerd Convention Stereotypes

Dorkly's People You See at Every Nerd Convention is Hilarious • 38,915 views
Intentionally Destroyed Paintings

4 Intentionally Destroyed Paintings

Artist Cesar Biojo Plays with the Idea of Creation & Destruction • 15,382 views
Piggy Egg Separators

5 Piggy Egg Separators

This Yolk Separator From Animi Causa Makes Isolating Ingredients Cuter • 11,941 views
100 Digital Media Infographics

6 100 Digital Media Infographics

From Sinful Social Media Guides to Cheap Campaigning Charts • 10,544 views
69 Bizarre Candle Creations

7 69 Bizarre Candle Creations

From Demonic Cat Candles to Dark Humor Candles • 8,386 views
60 Cozy Summer Cottages

8 60 Cozy Summer Cottages

From Backyard Grill Houses to Open Air Concept Homes • 7,442 views
Surprising Social Stats

9 Surprising Social Stats

This Mainstreethost Infographic Illustrates 10 Social Media Facts • 7,370 views
50 Tributes to Family Guy and The Simpsons

10 50 Tributes to Family Guy and The Simpsons

From Cult Cartoon Mash-Ups to Live Action Openings • 6,957 views
Detailed City Illustrations

11 Detailed City Illustrations

This Cosmopolitan Cities Illustration Series is Crafty and Colorful • 6,475 views
20 Humanized Superheroes

12 20 Humanized Superheroes

These Illustrations Depict Superheroes as Rather Mundane, Ordinary Heroes • 6,423 views
50 Examples of Superhero Decor

13 50 Examples of Superhero Decor

From Masked Hero Decals to Caped Crusader Home Furnishings • 5,757 views
Minimalist Nature-Entrenched Abodes

14 Minimalist Nature-Entrenched Abodes

Studio_GAON Builds the House in Macheon • 5,686 views
Illustrated Loving Moments

15 Illustrated Loving Moments

This Love Illustration Series Shows Little Everyday Moments of Love • 5,478 views
72 Backyard Furniture Pieces

16 72 Backyard Furniture Pieces

From Potted Furniture Pieces to Grassy Picnic Tables • 5,451 views
Humorous Hallucination Portraits

17 Humorous Hallucination Portraits

Stefan Zsaitsits' Surreal Art is Trippy and Intriguing • 5,373 views
31 Grilling Gadgets for Barbecuing

18 31 Grilling Gadgets for Barbecuing

From Robotic Barbecue Cleaners to Handheld Burger Makers • 5,183 views
70 Printed Pillow Designs

19 70 Printed Pillow Designs

From Celeb Face Cushions to Plush Social Media Decor • 4,832 views
100 DIY Paper Projects

20 100 DIY Paper Projects

From Folded Money Sculptures to Papery Donut Decorations • 4,380 views


50 Examples of Wedding Invitations

1 50 Examples of Wedding Invitations

From Tattooed Invitations to Romantic Retro Requests • 109,933 views
Renaissance Princess Recreations

2 Renaissance Princess Recreations

This Series Turns Disney Character Artwork into Fine Art • 56,803 views
Fighter Disney Princesses

3 Fighter Disney Princesses

This Disney Princess Crossovers Series is Fierce and Unique • 49,447 views
Unapproved Disney Characters

4 Unapproved Disney Characters

Rejected Princesses by Jason Porath Have Unsavory Back Stories • 44,954 views
Dangerously Armed Princesses

5 Dangerously Armed Princesses

These Disney Princesses Illustrations are Fierce and Feminine • 40,115 views
Sensually Quirky Photography

6 Sensually Quirky Photography

Annelie Vandendael Creates Femininely Mysterious Images • 39,708 views
Realistically Surreal Photography

7 Realistically Surreal Photography

Photographer Eva O’Leary Captures the Magic in Everyday Life • 32,673 views
LGBT Prom Photography

8 LGBT Prom Photography

This LGBT Prom Photo Series is Poignant and Touching • 28,417 views
Extended Phone Cases

9 Extended Phone Cases

The Fonhandle by Yonatan Assouline Boasts a Versatile Handle • 27,443 views
Landing Strip Photography

10 Landing Strip Photography

This Airport Runways Photo Series is Surprisingly Mesmerizing • 23,309 views
Lightning Storm Lamps

11 Lightning Storm Lamps

Cloud by Richard Clarkson is a Personal Storm Cloud • 21,455 views
Humanized Fashion Branding (UPDATE)

12 Humanized Fashion Branding (UPDATE)

Mike Frederiqo Re-Imagines Classic Fashion Logos • 21,155 views
Haunting Mental Illness Photography

13 Haunting Mental Illness Photography

This Bipolar Photo Series is Candid and Alluring • 20,776 views
Custom Facebook Cover Photos

14 Custom Facebook Cover Photos

Photoshopper Niki Creates Hilarious Images for her Facebook Header • 19,038 views
Surreal Mythological Photography

15 Surreal Mythological Photography

Joan Fontcuberta Creates Alternate Realities in His Photographs • 18,588 views
Comically Honest Slogans (UPDATE)

16 Comically Honest Slogans (UPDATE)

These New Hilarious Slogans Will Have You Nodding in Agreement • 17,720 views
56 Night Lights for Kids

17 56 Night Lights for Kids

From Whimsical Animal Lamps to Illuminating Globe Lights • 17,557 views
Bedroom Monster Photography

18 Bedroom Monster Photography

Terror by Laure Fauvel Shows Children Frightening Imaginary Monsters • 15,613 views
Mythical Musculature Sculptures

19 Mythical Musculature Sculptures

Carver Masao Kinoshita Creates Science-Worthy Works of Art • 15,290 views
Abstractedly Imperfect Homes

20 Abstractedly Imperfect Homes

The Open Air Sculpture House Has Room to Breathe • 14,380 views


Disney Princess Cosplays

1 Disney Princess Cosplays

Ultimate Fans Make Themselves Over to Look Like Favorite Cartoon Heroine • 384,942 views
Top 100 Marketing Trends in June

2 Top 100 Marketing Trends in June

From Artisan Seafood Branding to Fashionable Frozen Treats • 121,990 views
Incestuous Princess Posters

3 Incestuous Princess Posters

These Abuse Awareness Illustrations by Saint Hoax are Cringe-Inducing • 92,138 views
Top 90 Unique Trends in June

4 Top 90 Unique Trends in June

From Japanese Male Face Slimmers to Insect Protein Powder • 84,475 views
Murderous High Heels

5 Murderous High Heels

Designer Nixxi Rose Gives 'Pain is Beauty' a Whole New Meaning • 82,624 views
Top 70 Business Trends in June

6 Top 70 Business Trends in June

From Shared Washer Subscriptions to Cyclist-Focused Cafes • 69,242 views
Modern Slavery Photography

7 Modern Slavery Photography

This Sex Trafficking Photo Series Focuses on the Horrible Phenomena • 69,053 views
Top 100 Design Trends in June

8 Top 100 Design Trends in June

From Botanical 3D Art to Upright Walking Cycles • 59,078 views
Top 100 Tech Trends in June

9 Top 100 Tech Trends in June

From Surround Sound Earbuds to Laser-Guiding Mirrors • 58,848 views
65 Pieces of Futuristic Wearable Tech

10 65 Pieces of Futuristic Wearable Tech

Innovations That Will Forever Change Our Everyday Lives • 58,055 views
Top 100 Lifestyle Trends in June

11 Top 100 Lifestyle Trends in June

From Transparent Tennis Tables to Geometric Canine Accessories • 53,128 views
Suspended Space-Saving Sleepers

12 Suspended Space-Saving Sleepers

The Space is Luxury Bed is Raised to the Ceiling When Not Used • 47,644 views
Collapsible Origami Clutches

13 Collapsible Origami Clutches

The Distortion Bag by Bao Bao Issey Miyake Employs Complex Geometries • 42,923 views
Voyeuristic X-Ray Portraits

14 Voyeuristic X-Ray Portraits

Nick Veasey Reveals Secrets in His Series Entitled X-Ray Voyeurism • 36,785 views
Modern Villain Makeovers

15 Modern Villain Makeovers

Jeff Langevin Updates Maleficent’s Look for the 21st Century • 36,256 views
Top 100 Fashion Trends in June

16 Top 100 Fashion Trends in June

From Romantic Rocker Editorials to Flirty Summer Catalogs • 34,733 views
100 Innovations in Fashion, Tech & Design

17 100 Innovations in Fashion, Tech & Design

A Review of the Most Bizarre and Interesting Historical • 32,570 views
Digitized Disney Portraits

18 Digitized Disney Portraits

Gothic-Icecream's Hyperrealistic Art Works Evolve Iconic Characters • 32,282 views
80 Clever Cutting Board Concepts

19 80 Clever Cutting Board Concepts

From Hyper-Real Butcher Blocks to Gory Chopping Board Accessories • 31,276 views
Haunting Post-Mortem Photography

20 Haunting Post-Mortem Photography

These Eerie and Somber Death Portraits are Mesmerizing and Sad • 30,093 views