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20. Braided Bracelet Tutorials

This DIY Braided Cuff Transforms Ordinary Bangles into Chic Designs (GALLERY)
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Endless Summer Photography

1 Endless Summer Photography

Travel by Magdalena Wosinska is a Series for Dreamers and Adventurists • 85,646 views
Gender-Swapped CartoCharacters

2 Gender-Swapped CartoCharacters

Deviantartist Sakimi Chan Creates Gender-Swapped Disney Characters • 50,761 views
Apprehensive Adulthood Paintings

3 Apprehensive Adulthood Paintings

Tristan Pigott Speaks to the Challenges of Identity Formation • 16,017 views
Superhero Pin-Up Illustrations

4 Superhero Pin-Up Illustrations

Ant Lucia Illustrated Pin-Up Versions of Female Superheroes • 13,465 views
Asianic Protest Editorials

5 Asianic Protest Editorials

'SHUT DOWN' by Tom Potisit and Marty Angsakul Highlights Social Issues • 12,532 views
47 Lazy Pet Loungers

6 47 Lazy Pet Loungers

From Bridge-Like Pet Loungers to Deluxe Dog-Sized Beds • 11,871 views
Tidy Minimalist Tech Desks

7 Tidy Minimalist Tech Desks

The 01 Desk by Artifox is a Stunning Tech Desk for All Your Devices • 9,902 views
Realistic Paper Predator Illustrations

8 Realistic Paper Predator Illustrations

These Photoshopped Animal Images Look Three-Dimensional • 9,551 views
Futuristic Skyscraper Cities

9 Futuristic Skyscraper Cities

Launchspire Rethinks Modern Architecture and Aviation • 8,774 views
28 Illusory Graffiti Displays

10 28 Illusory Graffiti Displays

From 3D Illusion Chalk Drawings to 3D Dark Knight Designs • 7,677 views
Shipping Container Headquarters

11 Shipping Container Headquarters

Room 11 Opted for a Meta Design for the Royal Wolf Company • 7,592 views
Multi-Functional Key Designs

12 Multi-Functional Key Designs

The Quickey Multi-Tool is a Versatile Update • 7,383 views
Fashionably Smart Furniture

13 Fashionably Smart Furniture

The Clique Editions Mixes Household Materials with Electronics • 6,983 views
Abstract Fabric Artwork

14 Abstract Fabric Artwork

These Conceptual Art Pieces by Elodie Antoine are Stunningly Deceiving • 6,756 views
Iconic Rapper Painting Makeovers

15 Iconic Rapper Painting Makeovers

Blog B4XVI Compares Rap Music Artists and Famous Paintings • 6,417 views
Video Game-Inspired Photography

16 Video Game-Inspired Photography

This Grand Theft Auto Photo Series Mixes the Virtual with Reality • 4,891 views
36 Pastel Decor Ideas

17 36 Pastel Decor Ideas

From Whimsical Pastel Decor to Stacking Pastel Storage • 4,779 views
52 Gifts for Junk Food Fanatics

18 52 Gifts for Junk Food Fanatics

From Chic Street Meat Attire to Fast Food Device Dusters • 4,651 views
Braided Bracelet Tutorials

19 Braided Bracelet Tutorials

This DIY Braided Cuff Transforms Ordinary Bangles into Chic Designs • 4,588 views
3D Tape Installations

20 3D Tape Installations

The Aakash Nihalani Vantage Exhibit Creates Depth Illusions • 4,500 views


Emotional Break-Up Photography

1 Emotional Break-Up Photography

This Jordan Tiberio Photo Series Captures the End of a Relationship • 52,715 views
58 Futuristic Apartments

2 58 Futuristic Apartments

From Sharply Angular Apartments to Private Garden Apartments • 40,911 views
Symmetrical Face Photography

3 Symmetrical Face Photography

The Series by Alex John Beck Displays the Same Side of Someone's Face • 34,165 views
Comically Reversed Album Covers

4 Comically Reversed Album Covers

'Harvezt' Illustrates the Back Side of Famous Album Covers • 32,787 views
Deceptive 3D Tattoos

5 Deceptive 3D Tattoos

The Lippo Tattoo Studio's Realistic Work Will Make People Gasp • 32,732 views
Ethereal Long Exposure Photography

6 Ethereal Long Exposure Photography

Darren Moore Captures Otherworldly Landscapes • 32,339 views
Minimalist Italian Chalets

7 Minimalist Italian Chalets

This Cozy Mountain Cabin Keeps You Safe as You Enjoy the Last of Winter • 28,085 views
Pop Culture Workout Routines

8 Pop Culture Workout Routines

Neila Rey Designed These Fictitious Celebrity Workout Routines • 27,134 views
55 Tree Houses for Adults

9 55 Tree Houses for Adults

From Transparent Tree Abodes to Arboreal Tropical Villas • 26,474 views
65 Examples of Compact Architecture

10 65 Examples of Compact Architecture

From Cozy Blocked Abodes to Mini Mountainside Shelters • 24,176 views
Surreal-Surrounding Tattoo Photography

11 Surreal-Surrounding Tattoo Photography

Tiny Tattoos by Austin Tott Boast Matching Environments • 23,569 views
Tranquil Animated Scene Illustrations

12 Tranquil Animated Scene Illustrations

These Rebecca Mock Illustrations are Tranquil and Soothing • 18,319 views
35 Public Transport Photography Shots

13 35 Public Transport Photography Shots

From Human Pile Photography to Subway Snapshots • 18,127 views
10 Bold Bachelor Pads

14 10 Bold Bachelor Pads

From Exotic Bachelor Pads to White Washed Lofts • 16,818 views
Blob-Like Water Containers

15 Blob-Like Water Containers

The Ooho Water Bottle is an Edible Alternative to Plastic Versions • 16,011 views
Swapped Social Media Logos

16 Swapped Social Media Logos

Fabio Di Corleto Illustrated Popular Web Brands with Swapped Logos • 15,684 views
65 Crazy Japanese Restaurants

17 65 Crazy Japanese Restaurants

From Eroticized Coffee Shops to Toilet-Themed Restaurants • 15,596 views
Raw Crafted Branding Identities

18 Raw Crafted Branding Identities

The Branding Ideas and Solutions for This Company are Spot-On • 14,163 views
75 Bold Business Cards

19 75 Bold Business Cards

From Pop Culture Business Acumens to Laser-Cut Designs • 13,989 views
86 Contemporary Cafes

20 86 Contemporary Cafes

From Video Game Cafes to Social Coffee Houses • 13,767 views


Expecting Couple Photo Series

1 Expecting Couple Photo Series

This Series of Pregnant Couple Photography is Sweet and Serene • 93,135 views
54 Modern Disney Princess Makeovers

2 54 Modern Disney Princess Makeovers

These Modern Disney Princesses Come into the 21st Century • 92,774 views
48 Comically Altered Disney Characters

3 48 Comically Altered Disney Characters

From Retouched Disney Princesses to Animated Disney Selfies • 92,755 views
Distorted Beauty Photo Series

4 Distorted Beauty Photo Series

This Socially Revealing Photo Series Examines Beauty and Self Worth • 65,880 views
30 Dark Disney Princesses

5 30 Dark Disney Princesses

From Combustible Princess Videos to Violent Princess Street Art • 56,785 views
100 Bizarre Art Projects

6 100 Bizarre Art Projects

From Provocative Vaginal Knitting to Bird Feces-Produced Artistry • 48,995 views
Frightening Childhood Icon Illustrations

7 Frightening Childhood Icon Illustrations

Sarrailh Draws More Scary Cartoon Characters • 46,985 views
83 Examples of Minimalist Architecture

8 83 Examples of Minimalist Architecture

From Teeny Tiny Houses to Slimly Styled Architecture • 46,611 views
Hyperrealistic Eye Drawings

9 Hyperrealistic Eye Drawings

Graffiti Artist Redosking Creates Beautifully Believable Work • 40,671 views
Deceptive Cottage-Shaped RVs

10 Deceptive Cottage-Shaped RVs

The ESCAPE Luxury RV Cabin is Not Your Average Mobile Vehicle • 34,890 views
Hauntingly Evocative Female Captures

11 Hauntingly Evocative Female Captures

Laura Williams Takes Incredible Photographs • 33,703 views
Nostalgic Surreal Village Photography

12 Nostalgic Surreal Village Photography

Iveta Vaivode's Tiny Village Photography Series is Mystical • 28,495 views
Patient-Starring Portraits

13 Patient-Starring Portraits

Shawn Van Daele Transforms Sick Children into Fairy Tales • 27,846 views
Terrifying Childhood Icon Illustrations

14 Terrifying Childhood Icon Illustrations

Sylvain Sarrailh Makes Dark Cartoon Character Art • 26,848 views
Dramatic 3D Street Art

15 Dramatic 3D Street Art

Creative Duo '3D Joe and Max' Create Incredibly Realistic Graffiti • 24,976 views
Adorable Timelapse Pet Photos

16 Adorable Timelapse Pet Photos

These Pet Photos Show the Growth of Both the Pets and Owners • 24,803 views
Reorienting Couch Backrests

17 Reorienting Couch Backrests

The Iceland Sofabed Offers Convertible Storage and Lumbar Support • 24,739 views
Dream-Inspired Photography

18 Dream-Inspired Photography

The Alluringly Deceptive Photography by Caras Ionut is Breathtaking • 23,946 views
100 Terrific Timber Furnishings

19 100 Terrific Timber Furnishings

From Surfboard-Like Furniture to Surreal Nesting Seating • 23,188 views
Nurturing Body Image Photography

20 Nurturing Body Image Photography

This Thought-Provoking Food Photo Series is Ethereal • 22,494 views