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18. 40 Speeches on Client Relations

From the Customer Revolution to Connecting with Clients
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Ceramic Paneled Stores

1 Ceramic Paneled Stores

Kengo Kuma Covers the Shang Xia Retail Space in this Material • 1,677 views
Visionary Vehicle Brand Collabs

2 Visionary Vehicle Brand Collabs

The Land Rover Discovery Vision Was Unveiled Beside a Spaceship • 786 views
12 Speeches on Brand Experience

3 12 Speeches on Brand Experience

From Selling a Lifestyle to Behavioral-Based Design • 609 views
Unprivileged Membership Cards

4 Unprivileged Membership Cards

Tigerair Now Has an Infrequent Flyers Club to Make All Feel Included • 476 views
Connecting to Clients

5 Connecting to Clients

Ramit Sethi's Understanding Clients Keynote Hones in on Psychology • 455 views
Interactive Outfit Rating Ads

6 Interactive Outfit Rating Ads

A.S. Colour's Interactive Retail Window Rates Outfit Colors • 446 views
Restaurant Deal-Digging Apps

7 Restaurant Deal-Digging Apps

The SimpleDeal App Uses GPS to Inform Users About Restaurant Deals • 439 views
Harnessing Momentum for Good

8 Harnessing Momentum for Good

Heather Payne’s Risk Taking Keynote is Enlightening • 418 views
Vow-Based Social Enterprises

9 Vow-Based Social Enterprises

'Promise or Pay' Motivates You to Get What You Want in Life • 349 views
Video-Centric Infographics

10 Video-Centric Infographics

'Show Me Something' Details How Video is Taking Over the Web • 336 views
Digital Retail Mirrors

11 Digital Retail Mirrors

The Mirrus Retail Mirror Supports Unparalelled Customer Interaction • 300 views
32 Hub-Empowered Social Enterprises

12 32 Hub-Empowered Social Enterprises

The Crowd is Where You Want to Be for Positive Change • 287 views
Organic Eyewear Stabilizers

13 Organic Eyewear Stabilizers

Nerdwax Promises to Keep Your Glasses on Your Face • 271 views
Airline-Themed City Lounges

14 Airline-Themed City Lounges

The Virgin Money Lounge by Allen International Opens in London • 241 views
Bespoke Beer Posters

15 Bespoke Beer Posters

Heineken’s ‘Legendary Posters’ Show Support for the Rights of Journalists • 218 views
Intangible Thought Sparks Innovation

16 Intangible Thought Sparks Innovation

Ron Pecunia, Director of Business Innovation Services at Dell • 130 views
Remaining Innovative from the Top Down

17 Remaining Innovative from the Top Down

Roland Dickey Jr., President, Dickey's Barbecue • 120 views
40 Speeches on Client Relations

18 40 Speeches on Client Relations

From the Customer Revolution to Connecting with Clients • 104 views
Focusing on Fresh Ingredients

19 Focusing on Fresh Ingredients

Eric Rosenzweig, CIO, Garden Fresh Restaurant Corp • 69 views
Innovation Through a Set of Distinct Processes

20 Innovation Through a Set of Distinct Processes

Dick Lynch, Chief Brand Experience Officer, Popeyes • 46 views


75 Bold Business Cards

1 75 Bold Business Cards

From Pop Culture Business Acumens to Laser-Cut Designs • 13,727 views
86 Contemporary Cafes

2 86 Contemporary Cafes

From Video Game Cafes to Social Coffee Houses • 13,647 views
Automated Grocery Stores

3 Automated Grocery Stores

The Speedy Store is a Vending Machine for Basic Necessities • 8,644 views
Eccentric Tokyo Fashion Photography

4 Eccentric Tokyo Fashion Photography

Thomas C. Card Finds the Fierce Females in 'Tokyo Adorned' • 6,988 views
Interactive Light Business Cards

5 Interactive Light Business Cards

Adrian Tan's Card Plays Tricks on Your Eyes • 4,992 views
38 Experimental Theme Parks

6 38 Experimental Theme Parks

From Underworld Amusement Parks to Surreal Designs • 4,903 views
42 Interesting Ways to Grocery Shop

7 42 Interesting Ways to Grocery Shop

From Auto Grocery Stores to Cuisine-Coaching Supermarkets • 4,168 views
27 Examples of Discount Innovations

8 27 Examples of Discount Innovations

From Customer Loyalty Cubes to Couples-Only Discount Codes • 4,082 views
Personalized Designer Heels

9 Personalized Designer Heels

For Two Days, Prada Allowed Consumers to Order Bespoke Shoes • 3,877 views
Reflective Clothing Installations

10 Reflective Clothing Installations

Emmanuelle Moureaux Creates a Colorful Retail Exhibition • 3,120 views
Pub-Inspired Offices

11 Pub-Inspired Offices

The New Office Design of Airbnb Dublin Resembles an Irish Pub • 3,028 views
Mainstream Protest Products

12 Mainstream Protest Products

B. Super Designs Protest Products for the Everyday Protester • 2,984 views
Nostalgic Anime Boutiques

13 Nostalgic Anime Boutiques

Get All Your Sailor Moon Products at This Sailor Moon Boutique • 2,952 views
Durable Motivational Water Bottles

14 Durable Motivational Water Bottles

This Line of Water Bottles by Izola Will Keep You Motivation Up • 2,849 views
Gender-Advancing Denim Collections

15 Gender-Advancing Denim Collections

Baldwin Denim is Debuting its First Women's Denim Collection • 2,630 views
20 Tech-Infused Stores

16 20 Tech-Infused Stores

These Technology Infused Stores Show Us a Glimpse of the Future • 2,303 views
Spaceship-Inspired Shoe Stores

17 Spaceship-Inspired Shoe Stores

Architect Zaha Hadid Designed this Shoe Boutique in Hong Kong • 2,178 views
Luxury Sock Subscription Services

18 Luxury Sock Subscription Services

Pharmacie is a Monthly Subscription Service that Ships Socks • 2,130 views
Handcrafted Organic Store Displays

19 Handcrafted Organic Store Displays

The Anthropologie Window Displays are Sentimental and Whimsical • 1,933 views
Space-Matchmaking Websites

20 Space-Matchmaking Websites

Spacified Connects Stores with Unused Retail Space • 1,842 views


66 Examples of Macho Branding

1 66 Examples of Macho Branding

These Masculine Branding Styles Spread the Testosterone Around • 16,976 views
100 Consumer-Driven Innovations

2 100 Consumer-Driven Innovations

From Hands-Free Delivery Apps to Burger-Customizing Chains • 12,732 views
90 Things to Give Up for Lent

3 90 Things to Give Up for Lent

This List Features Popular Things That People Give Up During Lent • 11,870 views
90 Fast Food Fashion Examples

4 90 Fast Food Fashion Examples

From Sugar Addict Editorials to Burger-Printed Apparel • 10,829 views
Video Game Business Cards

5 Video Game Business Cards

This Business Card Acts as a Mobile Video Game • 9,718 views
50 Eye-Catching Retail Displays

6 50 Eye-Catching Retail Displays

These Displays Effectively Pique Consumer Interest • 9,442 views
Chinese Character Logo Makeovers

7 Chinese Character Logo Makeovers

These Logos Swap Western Type with Chinese Characters • 7,590 views
Custom-Designed Shopping Bags

8 Custom-Designed Shopping Bags

Choose Your Package Can Be Printed with Ads or Nutritional Info • 7,543 views
Shoe Department Portable Bars

9 Shoe Department Portable Bars

Selfridges Put a Portable Bar in One of Its Shoe Departments • 7,202 views
47 Exemplary Flagship Stores

10 47 Exemplary Flagship Stores

From Modern Parisian Storefronts to Monochromatic Marble Retailers • 7,062 views
25 Modern Snack Bars

11 25 Modern Snack Bars

From Pop-Up Portable Coffee Shops to Amazing Treehouse Cafes • 6,718 views
Startup Timing Infographics

12 Startup Timing Infographics

This Infographic Shows it's Not Too Late to Start Something Successful • 6,280 views
Marketing Forecast Graphics

13 Marketing Forecast Graphics

This Offerpop Graphic Makes Some 2014 Marketing Predictions • 5,674 views
Rainbow Arched Drink Displays

14 Rainbow Arched Drink Displays

This Coca-Cola Display Brings the Smiles with Rainbow • 5,625 views
Chic Ladylike Spring Lookbooks

15 Chic Ladylike Spring Lookbooks

The Spring 2014 Holt Renfrew Lookbook is Elegant and Contemporary • 5,283 views
Gadget-Packing Manbags

16 Gadget-Packing Manbags

Germanmade's Leather Laptop Bag Fits an iPad and 13-Inch Laptop • 4,855 views
30 Unique Takes on Souvenirs

17 30 Unique Takes on Souvenirs

These Quirky Souvenirs Will Help Travelers Remember the Good Times • 4,795 views
Geometric Rugged Bikes

18 Geometric Rugged Bikes

The Horsethief Mountain Bike Combines Aesthetic and Technical Attributes • 4,780 views
90 Celebrity-Endorsed Products

19 90 Celebrity-Endorsed Products

These Celebrity-Endorsed Items Put Presence to Product • 4,682 views
Droplet-Shaped Water Displays

20 Droplet-Shaped Water Displays

This Evian Water Display Uses Its Product as Inspiration • 4,300 views