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16. Fashionable Passport Promotions

Nine West's Passport to Fashion Loyalty Program is Great for Deals
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75 Innovative Startup Companies

1 75 Innovative Startup Companies

From Bodybuilding Exercise Sensors to Multitasking 3D Printers • 8,661 views
20 Custom Fashion Finds

2 20 Custom Fashion Finds

From Custom Shirt Builders to Custom 3D-Printed Shoes • 5,792 views
Consolidated Loyalty Apps

3 Consolidated Loyalty Apps

Stamp Me's Loyalty Reward App Replaces Multiple Paper Stamp Cards • 1,177 views
Braille Clothing Tags

4 Braille Clothing Tags

Rip Curl's Braille Clothing Tags Communicate Colors to the Visually Impaired • 538 views
Entertainment-Rewarding Programs

5 Entertainment-Rewarding Programs

L.A. Live Downtown Preferred Loyalty Program Rewards Fun Times • 538 views
Pretzel Point Apps

6 Pretzel Point Apps

Auntie Ann's Pretzel Perks Mobile Loyalty App Puts Points Towards Tasty Rewards • 519 views
Loyalty Program Coordinators

7 Loyalty Program Coordinators

RewardsNOW Helps Brands Develop and Execute Sophisticated Strategies • 454 views
Shop-the-Runway Services

8 Shop-the-Runway Services

Luevo Lets You Pre-Order the Latest Fashions & Support Emerging Designers • 386 views
Ice Cream Tracker Apps

9 Ice Cream Tracker Apps

O2 Turns an Ice Cream Truck Business Hi-Tech with a Mobile App & More • 327 views
Reverse Innovation Strategy

10 Reverse Innovation Strategy

Lisa Bodell's Reverse Innovation Talk Invites Challenge • 180 views
Gaining Transient Advantage

11 Gaining Transient Advantage

Rita McGrath's Non-Traditional Strategy Talk Looks at Competitive Edge • 163 views
Rudimentary Retail

12 Rudimentary Retail

Stores integrate simple, everyday aesthetics for comforting appeal • 0 views


40 Fresh Product Packaging Designs

1 40 Fresh Product Packaging Designs

From Delectable Juicery Branding to Artful Seafood Branding • 104,256 views
Top 55 Business Trends in July

2 Top 55 Business Trends in July

From Medieval Home Securities to Web Shopping Stylist Services • 72,257 views
Celebrity Self-Portrait Books

3 Celebrity Self-Portrait Books

The Kim Kardashian Selfie Book Boasts 352 Pages of Her Face • 20,175 views
50 Retail Technology Innovations

4 50 Retail Technology Innovations

From Interactive Shopping Signs to Futuristic Shopping Beacons • 17,350 views
FEI Toronto 2014

5 FEI Toronto 2014

The Front End of Innovation Kicks Off in Toronto on September 29th • 13,416 views
15 Ways to Become an Entrepreneur

6 15 Ways to Become an Entrepreneur

From Entrepreneurial Career Tips to Crowdfunding Mobile Apps • 5,505 views
10 Shipping Technology Innovations

7 10 Shipping Technology Innovations

From Reusable E-Retail Packaging to Public Transit Shipping • 5,095 views
14 Interactive Coffee Shops

8 14 Interactive Coffee Shops

From Feline-Focused Coffee Shops to Anime Character Cafes • 5,006 views
25 Social Media Retail Innovations

9 25 Social Media Retail Innovations

From Crowdsourced Fashion Retail to Social Media-Based Shops • 4,382 views
35 Colognes for Guys

10 35 Colognes for Guys

From Piquant Men’s Perfumes to Bold Meaty Colognes • 3,685 views
Men-Only Shopping Services

11 Men-Only Shopping Services

Selfridges' Personal Shopping Service Caters Specifically to Men • 3,482 views
13 Examples of Food-Focused Retail Locations

12 13 Examples of Food-Focused Retail Locations

From Artisan Meat Markets to Boutique Cafe Hybrids • 3,148 views
Shopping Survey Tablets

13 Shopping Survey Tablets

Co-operative Food's Smart Shopping Cart Asks Customers for Feedback • 3,069 views
Food-Inspired Fashion Shops

14 Food-Inspired Fashion Shops

Anya Hindmarch's Fashion Pop Up Presents Luxury Goods Like Groceries • 3,003 views
20 Apothecary Packaging Designs

15 20 Apothecary Packaging Designs

From Victorian Character Colognes to Old-Time Maritime Marketing • 2,994 views
Authentic Mexican Chocolatiers

16 Authentic Mexican Chocolatiers

Chocovivo's Pure Chocolate is Made Using Traditional Methods • 2,964 views
Suvankar Mishra of eKutir (INTERVIEW)

17 Suvankar Mishra of eKutir (INTERVIEW)

Agricultural Social Business in India • 2,381 views
Open-Concept Food Stores

18 Open-Concept Food Stores

This Specialty Food Store in Toronto Offers Quality Products & Guidance • 2,320 views
20 Personal Finance Management Helpers

19 20 Personal Finance Management Helpers

From Expense Tracking Apps to Personal Budgeting Apps • 2,229 views
Dreamy Fragrance Pop-Ups

20 Dreamy Fragrance Pop-Ups

The Dream Room by Marc Jacob Captures Dreams in Digital Time Capsules • 2,211 views


Top 100 Marketing Trends in June

1 Top 100 Marketing Trends in June

From Artisan Seafood Branding to Fashionable Frozen Treats • 125,376 views
39 Examples of Premium Spirits Packaging

2 39 Examples of Premium Spirits Packaging

From Crystalized Vodka Vessels to Leopard-Print Wines • 14,503 views
Beach Library Installations

3 Beach Library Installations

Herman Kompernas Promotes Reading by the Bulgarian Black Sea • 12,228 views
25 Examples of Interactive Retail

4 25 Examples of Interactive Retail

From Immersive Sports Stores to Personalized Virtual Boutiques • 11,744 views
51 Summer Subscription Boxes

5 51 Summer Subscription Boxes

From Monthly Manicure Subscriptions to Camping Gear Sharing Platforms • 6,643 views
Responsive Fitting Room Booths

6 Responsive Fitting Room Booths

Urban Research's Wearable Clothing is Portable and Interactive • 5,804 views
Books on T-Shirts

7 Books on T-Shirts

Litographs Creates Stunning Graphic Designs Using Only Text and Color • 5,292 views
11 Global Nike Innovations

8 11 Global Nike Innovations

From Temporary Underground Retail to Ballsy Art Installations • 4,977 views
Reusable E-Retail Packaging

9 Reusable E-Retail Packaging

RePack is a Concept That Helps Online Retailers Reduce Waste • 4,700 views
Unconventional Shops Displays

10 Unconventional Shops Displays

Fendi's Designer Pop-Up Shop Displays Include Vending Machines • 4,612 views
20 Digital Banking Innovations

11 20 Digital Banking Innovations

From Banking Assistant Apps to Financial Fitness Incentives • 4,463 views
22 European Retail Locations

12 22 European Retail Locations

From Hybrid Art Gallery Retailers to Ruggedly Raw Boutiques • 4,090 views
Mysterious Crowdfunding Campaigns

13 Mysterious Crowdfunding Campaigns

Jordan Bishop's Product Launch on Crowdtilt is for the Unknown • 4,007 views
Marriage Proposal Resumes

14 Marriage Proposal Resumes

Catherine Pelletier Likens Applying to the Right Job to Engagements • 3,963 views
11 Examples of Global Starbucks Initiatives

15 11 Examples of Global Starbucks Initiatives

From Frozen Dessert Dumplings to Lemon-Flavored Lattes • 3,732 views
Archery Themed Credentials

16 Archery Themed Credentials

These Unique Business Cards Transform Into a Working Bow and Arrow • 3,697 views
Fox Den Window Displays

17 Fox Den Window Displays

This Vibrant Hermes Window Display Shows a Fox at Home • 3,418 views
Sweet Selfie Deliveries

18 Sweet Selfie Deliveries

Founder James Middleton Says Boomf's Next Step is Tricycle Delivery • 3,319 views
Mobile Digital Wallets

19 Mobile Digital Wallets

CU Wallet is a Hi-Tech Credit Union Commerce Tool Targeting Millenials • 3,108 views
65 Creative Rituals of Social Entrepreneurs

20 65 Creative Rituals of Social Entrepreneurs

Resetting, From Drinking Coffee to Dancing and Yoga • 3,028 views