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20. The Future of Crowdfunding

Kay Koplotivz's Crowdfunding Potential Talk Looks Forward (VIDEO)
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Top 55 Business Trends in July

1 Top 55 Business Trends in July

From Medieval Home Securities to Web Shopping Stylist Services • 54,226 views
25 Examples of Interactive Retail

2 25 Examples of Interactive Retail

From Immersive Sports Stores to Personalized Virtual Boutiques • 7,905 views
Men-Only Shopping Services

3 Men-Only Shopping Services

Selfridges' Personal Shopping Service Caters Specifically to Men • 1,850 views
Suvankar Mishra of eKutir (INTERVIEW)

4 Suvankar Mishra of eKutir (INTERVIEW)

Agricultural Social Business in India • 1,316 views
Drink Pre-Ordering Apps

5 Drink Pre-Ordering Apps

Starbucks' Mobile App Will Soon Let You Order and Pay in Advance • 980 views
Sweet Selfie Deliveries

6 Sweet Selfie Deliveries

Founder James Middleton Says Boomf's Next Step is Tricycle Delivery • 969 views
Realistic Retail Mannequins

7 Realistic Retail Mannequins

JC Penny's Retail Display Mannequins Reflect Diverse Body Types • 962 views
Work Productivity Infographics

8 Work Productivity Infographics

Data Indicates Working Longer Hours Does Not Mean More Productivity • 948 views
At-Home Call Center Platforms

9 At-Home Call Center Platforms

Kallfly's Call Center Service Platform Can Be Operated from Home • 702 views
Novelist Twitter Confessions

10 Novelist Twitter Confessions

Working on My Novel by Cory Arcangel is Full of Insights • 661 views
Texas BBQ Burgers

11 Texas BBQ Burgers

Carl's Jr. Has Released the Texas BBQ Thickburger for Customers • 549 views
Classic Fiction Infographics

12 Classic Fiction Infographics

This Lengthy Infographic Examines Famous Literature By the Numbers • 534 views
Shoppable Advertisement Apps

13 Shoppable Advertisement Apps

Target's In a Snap Smart Shopping App Lets You Shop Print Ads • 517 views
On-Demand Delivery Apps

14 On-Demand Delivery Apps

The Jinn App Allows You To Have Anything You Want Delivered in One Hour • 513 views
Facial Recognition Doorbells

15 Facial Recognition Doorbells

The Chui Offers Revolutionary Secure Access to One's Home • 492 views
Social List Apps

16 Social List Apps

The Socialist App Sets Itself Apart With Its Social and Integration Features • 461 views
Cultural Fit Apps

17 Cultural Fit Apps Provides Personality Quizzes to Determine Where You Should Work • 417 views
Mediterranean Baklava Milkshakes

18 Mediterranean Baklava Milkshakes

The Greek Restaurant Mad Greek Cafe is Serving Baklava Milkshakes • 403 views
Speedy Bike Delivery Services

19 Speedy Bike Delivery Services

Hurrier Picks Up Food, Packages and More for Busy Torontonians • 380 views
The Future of Crowdfunding

20 The Future of Crowdfunding

Kay Koplotivz's Crowdfunding Potential Talk Looks Forward • 367 views


39 Examples of Premium Spirits Packaging

1 39 Examples of Premium Spirits Packaging

From Crystalized Vodka Vessels to Leopard-Print Wines • 10,512 views
Beach Library Installations

2 Beach Library Installations

Herman Kompernas Promotes Reading by the Bulgarian Black Sea • 7,348 views
Too Cool Credit Cards

3 Too Cool Credit Cards

Magnises is a New Credit Card Company That's Too Cool for School • 6,085 views
Responsive Fitting Room Booths

4 Responsive Fitting Room Booths

Urban Research's Wearable Clothing is Portable and Interactive • 3,617 views
51 Summer Subscription Boxes

5 51 Summer Subscription Boxes

From Monthly Manicure Subscriptions to Camping Gear Sharing Platforms • 3,503 views
20 Digital Banking Innovations

6 20 Digital Banking Innovations

From Banking Assistant Apps to Financial Fitness Incentives • 3,485 views
22 European Retail Locations

7 22 European Retail Locations

From Hybrid Art Gallery Retailers to Ruggedly Raw Boutiques • 3,137 views
Books on T-Shirts

8 Books on T-Shirts

Litographs Creates Stunning Graphic Designs Using Only Text and Color • 3,027 views
Fox Den Window Displays

9 Fox Den Window Displays

This Vibrant Hermes Window Display Shows a Fox at Home • 2,599 views
Mysterious Crowdfunding Campaigns

10 Mysterious Crowdfunding Campaigns

Jordan Bishop's Product Launch on Crowdtilt is for the Unknown • 2,503 views
Unconventional Shops Displays

11 Unconventional Shops Displays

Fendi's Designer Pop-Up Shop Displays Include Vending Machines • 2,300 views
12 Banking Apps

12 12 Banking Apps

From Palm Print-Scanning ATMs to Check Depositing Mobile Banks • 2,237 views
Cellphone Charging Benches

13 Cellphone Charging Benches

The Solar Panel Park Bench Charges Your Phone in Public • 2,234 views
65 Creative Rituals of Social Entrepreneurs

14 65 Creative Rituals of Social Entrepreneurs

Resetting, From Drinking Coffee to Dancing and Yoga • 2,147 views
Sign Language Eateries

15 Sign Language Eateries

Signs Restaurant in Toronto is Meant to Create Jobs for Deaf Individuals • 1,804 views
50 Social Enterprise Tips

16 50 Social Enterprise Tips

Interviews with Entrepreneurs Changing the World • 1,803 views
Toy Rental Services

17 Toy Rental Services

Pley Lets People Rent LEGO Sets Instead of Buying Them • 1,798 views
Marriage Proposal Resumes

18 Marriage Proposal Resumes

Catherine Pelletier Likens Applying to the Right Job to Engagements • 1,637 views
Food Service Grievances

19 Food Service Grievances

Consumer Reports Compiled an Infographic of Common Restaurant Complaints • 1,593 views
Creatively Illustrated CVs

20 Creatively Illustrated CVs

Roberta Cicerone's Resume Infographic Demonstrates Artistic Talent • 1,576 views


Top 100 Marketing Trends in June

1 Top 100 Marketing Trends in June

From Artisan Seafood Branding to Fashionable Frozen Treats • 121,490 views
Top 30 Unique Trends in May

2 Top 30 Unique Trends in May

From Fast Food Tattoos to Neon Food Makeovers • 78,557 views
Top 50 Business Trends in May

3 Top 50 Business Trends in May

From Digital Retail Mirrors to Interactive Outfit Rating Ads • 20,383 views
23 Interactive Pop-Up Shops

4 23 Interactive Pop-Up Shops

From Socially Conscious Marketing to Augmented Reality Retailers • 16,211 views
Top 65 Social Good Trends in May

5 Top 65 Social Good Trends in May

From Catchy Cervical Cancer Raps to Feminist Statue Shows • 14,479 views
Marijuana Food Trucks

6 Marijuana Food Trucks

The Samich by MagicalButter Serves THC-Infused Sandwiches • 9,351 views
16 Examples of Virtually Stimulated Retail

7 16 Examples of Virtually Stimulated Retail

From Simulated Shop Assistants to Augmented Reality Ads • 7,964 views
16 Dynamic Retail Displays

8 16 Dynamic Retail Displays

From Musical Retail Displays to Interactive Storefronts • 7,648 views
30 Thrilling Shopping Services

9 30 Thrilling Shopping Services

From Emergency Fashion Deliveries to Adventurous Shopping Centers • 6,457 views
10 Interactive Mobile Shopping Innovations

10 10 Interactive Mobile Shopping Innovations

From Social Media Shopping to Mobile-Recognition Retail • 5,845 views
Notifying Tablet Covers

11 Notifying Tablet Covers

Apple's Newer and Smarter Smart Cover Lights Up Notifications • 5,342 views
44 Unconventional Delivery Services

12 44 Unconventional Delivery Services

From Breast Milk Deliveries to Champagne Delivery Drones • 4,956 views
Modernized Traditional Lighting

13 Modernized Traditional Lighting

The Botero Collection by Masiero is Sophisticatedly Cartoonish • 4,296 views
Cabin-Like Retail Stores

14 Cabin-Like Retail Stores

Torafu Architects Creates Another Aesop Store with Warm Details • 3,989 views
13 Examples of Innovative Customer Service

15 13 Examples of Innovative Customer Service

From Policing Positivity to Tech-Enhanced Services • 3,922 views
Hyper-Connected Dressing Rooms

16 Hyper-Connected Dressing Rooms

The Connected Fitting Room Lets Consumers Take Control of Shopping • 3,819 views
60 Father

17 60 Father's Day Gifts for the Book Lover

From 8-Bit Bookmarks to Vintage Novel Clocks • 3,814 views
11 Examples of Global Starbucks Initiatives

18 11 Examples of Global Starbucks Initiatives

From Frozen Dessert Dumplings to Lemon-Flavored Lattes • 3,286 views
11 Global Nike Innovations

19 11 Global Nike Innovations

From Temporary Underground Retail to Ballsy Art Installations • 3,250 views
Ghost Town Photography

20 Ghost Town Photography

Kodak City Documents the Haunting Remnants of an old Kodak Factory • 2,856 views