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17. Fried Tempura Tarantulas

The Bug Chef Serves Up Edible Bugs in His Latest Recipe
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Painful Insect Accessories

1 Painful Insect Accessories

Martin Azua's Beautiful Beast Pierces the Skin with Its Spidery Legs • 1,396 views
Furniture Store Snooze Photography

2 Furniture Store Snooze Photography

Kevin Frayer Photographed Customers Sleeping in an Ikea Store • 1,133 views
Comforting Chip Flavors

3 Comforting Chip Flavors

One of This Year's Finalists for Lay's Do Us a Flavor is a Bacon Macaroni • 968 views
Fake Cookie Flavors

4 Fake Cookie Flavors

These Mock Oreo Cookie Flavors Celebrate National Junk Food Day • 878 views
Record Breaking Picnic Blankets

5 Record Breaking Picnic Blankets

BIGNIK is the World's Largest Picnic Blanket • 870 views
Crystallized Thug Tees

6 Crystallized Thug Tees

This Swarovski Gangsta Frog Tee Shirt is Worth $600 • 589 views
Crazy Hairstyling Clips

7 Crazy Hairstyling Clips

Popheads' Poppers Crazy Hair Accessories Dress Up Sky-High 'Do • 493 views
Endangered Dessert Maps

8 Endangered Dessert Maps

This Google Map Raises Awareness on Japan's Disappearing Tanuki Cakes • 492 views
Video Confession Apps

9 Video Confession Apps

The Awkward App Lets You Unearth Your Deepest Secrets in a 10 Second Video • 421 views
Commemorating Cremation Designs

10 Commemorating Cremation Designs

Geraldine Spilker's 'Memento' Remembers the Dead • 409 views
Bizarre Beauty Rituals

11 Bizarre Beauty Rituals

Jaime Neely Discusses Her Favorite Unusual Beauty Routines • 325 views
Octopus Coffee Stands

12 Octopus Coffee Stands

Kirk McGuire's Bronze Sea Creature Tables are Creepy and Classy • 264 views
Parenting Song Spoofs

13 Parenting Song Spoofs

This Japanese Let It Go Parody Offers Encouragement to Japanese Parents • 202 views
Supercell Family Snapshots

14 Supercell Family Snapshots

Kelly DeLay's Family Portrait Stars a Supercell Storm in the Distance • 156 views


Horrifying Housewife Confections

1 Horrifying Housewife Confections

Christine McConnell's Cake Designs Depict Monsters and Demons • 21,395 views
Natural Hemp Sunglasses

2 Natural Hemp Sunglasses

The Hemp Eyewear Collection is Made Exclusively from Cannabis • 9,737 views
Abandoned Arboreal Autos

3 Abandoned Arboreal Autos

These Old Cars Have Been Left in the Forest for 70 Years • 8,851 views
Towering Toilet Exhibits

4 Towering Toilet Exhibits

The Next Best Thing to a Pile of Poop Emoji is a Hat Just Like it • 6,162 views
Gilded Tooth Accessories

5 Gilded Tooth Accessories

The Dubai Liberty Dental Clinic's Golden Grill Costs a Whopping $153,000 • 4,442 views
Mermaid Parade Photography

6 Mermaid Parade Photography

The Mermaid Parade is an Unusual Annual Event • 3,738 views
Dress Shirt Socks

7 Dress Shirt Socks

These Button Up Socks by Erimaki Sox Look Like Little Collared Shirts • 3,698 views
Leggy Sleeping Bags

8 Leggy Sleeping Bags

The Walking Sleeping Bag is Ideal for Those Prone to Sleepwalking • 1,681 views
Wildly Torn Jeans

9 Wildly Torn Jeans

Zoo Jeans Are Torn by Real Lions and Tigers • 1,585 views
Morphing Dust Jewelry

10 Morphing Dust Jewelry

This Unusual Jewelry Collection Uses Dust in Place of Precious Stones • 1,492 views
Authentic Reptilian Clutches

11 Authentic Reptilian Clutches

This Real Armadillo Purse is Made from a Dried Out Edentate • 1,136 views
Boozy Tomato Beverages

12 Boozy Tomato Beverages

Toma Toma Sparkling Combines Alcohol and Tomato Juice • 1,068 views
Secondhand Booze Shops

13 Secondhand Booze Shops

The Liquor Off Boutique Sells Unopened Booze at a Discounted Price • 1,061 views
Pore Strip Teeth-Whitening

14 Pore Strip Teeth-Whitening

This Dentist Office Uses Carbamide Peroxide Strips to Whiten Teeth • 1,054 views
Breakfast Tart Containers

15 Breakfast Tart Containers

The Pop Tart Container Neatly Holds Two Baked Tarts for a Later Snack • 1,042 views
Pet Food Publicity Stunts

16 Pet Food Publicity Stunts

Paws Natural Pet Emporium's Owner is Only Eating Dog and Cat Food • 1,021 views
Colored Sheep Campaigns

17 Colored Sheep Campaigns

This Tour De France Campaign Colored Sheep to Match the Yellow Jersey • 961 views
Potato Chip Burgers

18 Potato Chip Burgers

The New Calbee Kitchen Mixes Snacks and Fast Food • 935 views
Chicken Bone Jewelry

19 Chicken Bone Jewelry

Kentucky for Kentucky is Selling Gold-Plated KFC Bones to Wear • 899 views
Jail Cell Rentals

20 Jail Cell Rentals

Miao Jiaxin's Jail Cell was Up for Rent on Airbnb • 880 views


Creepy Killer Memes

1 Creepy Killer Memes

A New Paddington Bear Meme Features Him in Horror Films • 39,314 views
Designer Drafted Mugshots

2 Designer Drafted Mugshots

Smooth Criminal Jeremy Meeks Has Been Photoshopped Into Fashion Ads • 13,667 views
Faux Wood Leggings

3 Faux Wood Leggings

Adrienne Butikofer's Printed Leggings Give You the Look of Wooden Legs • 9,788 views
Bizarre Baby Artwork

4 Bizarre Baby Artwork

Johnson Tsang's Chubby Baby Sculpture Set Shows Dramatic Infant Portrayals • 6,588 views
Dewdrop Rice Cakes

5 Dewdrop Rice Cakes

This Delicate Japanese Rice Cake Dessert Embodies the Essence of Water • 3,482 views
Baby Buoyancy Spas

6 Baby Buoyancy Spas

The Float Baby Spa Help Infants Move More Than They're Usually Able To • 3,432 views
Scented Jewelry

7 Scented Jewelry

Jewels of L’Oeuvre Noire by Kilian is a Line of Perfumed Necklaces and Bracelets • 2,708 views
Asian Sleeping Bag Ponchos

8 Asian Sleeping Bag Ponchos

The Kimono Wearable Sleeping Bag is Styled Like a Japanese Dress • 2,662 views
Rear-End Facials

9 Rear-End Facials

Brooklyn Spa 'Skin by Molly' is Offering Butt Facial Services • 2,660 views
Colorful Commuter Installations

10 Colorful Commuter Installations

Katharina Grosse's Outdoor Art Called 'psychylustro' is Spicy • 2,583 views
Bizarre Blinking Bags

11 Bizarre Blinking Bags

This Hi-Di-Hi Winky Cross-Body Purse Winks At People As You Strut Your Stuff • 2,503 views
Disturbing Decapitated Accessories

12 Disturbing Decapitated Accessories

Bob Basset's Hannibal Lecter Purse Terrifies Fashion Fans • 2,187 views
Nightclub Tea Packaging

13 Nightclub Tea Packaging

Vibe Was Designed in Response to a Preference in Russian Tea Over Vodka • 2,156 views
Restroom Reading Devices

14 Restroom Reading Devices

This Hammacher Schlemmer iPad Bathroom Caddy Lets You Read on the Can • 2,107 views
Dollar Dream Homes

15 Dollar Dream Homes

This Historical Mansion Was Bought For a Dollar and Then Transformed • 2,039 views
Tasty Planetary Burgers

16 Tasty Planetary Burgers

Orbi Yokohama Cafe's Blue Burger is Like an Edible Version of Earth • 2,021 views
Competitive Puddle Pictures

17 Competitive Puddle Pictures

An Epic Puddle Photography War is Going Down on Instagram Right Now • 1,748 views
24 Bizarre Beauty Pageants

18 24 Bizarre Beauty Pageants

From Bedazzled Pooch Photography to Plastic Surgery Pageants • 1,718 views
Restaurant Check Caricatures

19 Restaurant Check Caricatures

'Check Please!' is an Art Book of Sketches on Restaurant Bills • 1,710 views
Squeezed Bulbous Structures

20 Squeezed Bulbous Structures

Renzo Piano Has Recently Constructed the Pathe Foundation in Paris • 1,602 views