13 Vancouver Olympics Innovations
Photos of 13 Vancouver Olympics Innovations (Via: Full Article)

13 Vancouver Olympics Innovations Photos

The 2010 Vancouver Olympics are right around the corner and much is being made in the city to prepare to host the world; we've clustered some of our favorite Vancouver Olympics innovations below. Art…[More]

From Inukshuk Jewelry to Docked Cruise Ship Hotels 1

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Surfboard Tablet Stands

1 Surfboard Tablet Stands

Integrated Battery Boosters

2 Integrated Battery Boosters

Royal Birthday LEGO Sculptures

3 Royal Birthday LEGO Sculptures

Majestic Mountain Tumblers

4 Majestic Mountain Tumblers

Rainbow Ice Cream Cake

5 Rainbow Ice Cream Cake

Pixelated Fighter Cases

6 Pixelated Fighter Cases