34 Emotion-Based Innovations
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34 Emotion-Based Innovations Photos

Figuring out how someone is feeling can be tricky. Sometimes knowing what mood you are in can even be difficult. Technology and design have tried to tap into our moods with emotion-based innovations. Music…[More]

From Emotion Sensing Dresses to Metaphorical Mood Rings 1

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Bubble-Wrapped Soccer Matches

1 Bubble-Wrapped Soccer Matches

Wine-Stained Embroidered Artworks

2 Wine-Stained Embroidered Artworks

Preserved Prison Tattoos

3 Preserved Prison Tattoos

Urban Atmospheric Adjustors

4 Urban Atmospheric Adjustors

Charcoal-Infused Teeth Cleaners

5 Charcoal-Infused Teeth Cleaners

Humorously Surreal Household Objects

6 Humorously Surreal Household Objects