35 Technicolorful Finds
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35 Technicolorful Finds Photos

Technicolor was once the greatest innovation in TV since, well, TV. Having colors explode across your screen sent you into pure pigment ecstasy and brought you one step closer to making television a reality.…[More]

From Hipster Art to Kaleidoscopic Batteries 1

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Gargantuan Lotus Landmarks

1 Gargantuan Lotus Landmarks

Cascading Waterfall Installations

2 Cascading Waterfall Installations

Layered Photograph Carvings

3 Layered Photograph Carvings

Doily-esque Street Art

4 Doily-esque Street Art

Minimal High-Security Wallets

5 Minimal High-Security Wallets

Minimalist Meditative Dwellings

6 Minimalist Meditative Dwellings