100 Recycled Gift Ideas
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100 Recycled Gift Ideas Photos

Recycled gift ideas used to refer to objects that could be regifted, but with eco-consciousness on the rise, the recession and the new wave of DIY crafters, it now often implies a homemade creation made…[More]

Creative Ways to Turn Old Goods into Something Worth Cherishing 1

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Recycled Soap Bottles

1 Recycled Soap Bottles

Recycled Bicycle Artwork

2 Recycled Bicycle Artwork

Collapsible Eco Mugs

3 Collapsible Eco Mugs

Space-Saving Backyard Cottages

4 Space-Saving Backyard Cottages

Scrap Constructed Skyscrapers

5 Scrap Constructed Skyscrapers

Urban Arboreal Farms

6 Urban Arboreal Farms