18 Hand-Painted Innovations
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18 Hand-Painted Innovations Photos

I am not the craftiest of souls; I can turn a phrase, but put a brush in my hand and I am about as useful as a porcupine at a petting zoo. These 18 hand-painted innovations showcase the best in DIY decorating.…[More]

From Hand-Painted Sneakers to Peacock Mugs 1

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Addiction-Addressing Accessories

1 Addiction-Addressing Accessories

Interactive Hammock Installations

2 Interactive Hammock Installations

Magically Refreshed Book Covers

3 Magically Refreshed Book Covers

Shape-Shifting Houses

4 Shape-Shifting Houses

Colorful Cube Coolers

5 Colorful Cube Coolers

Floral Hair Fasteners

6 Floral Hair Fasteners