52 Celebrity Charity Stunts
Photos of 52 Celebrity Charity Stunts (Via: Full Article)

52 Celebrity Charity Stunts Photos

It’s important to give to the less fortunate, and considering that to celebrities almost everyone is less fortunate, it’s only natural that they would step up and take some action. Some celebs have taken…[More]

From Celeb Hat Donations to Comebacks for Charity 1

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Indoor Reclaimed Farms

1 Indoor Reclaimed Farms

Feminist Statue Shows

2 Feminist Statue Shows

Vow-Based Social Enterprises

3 Vow-Based Social Enterprises

Hope-Revealing Candles

4 Hope-Revealing Candles

Homeless Possession Photography

5 Homeless Possession Photography

Nonstop Standing Stunts

6 Nonstop Standing Stunts