30 Odd Greenovations
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30 Odd Greenovations Photos

While being green is a good thing, that doesn’t mean all the eco innovations out there are normal, or even necessary. But, you gotta give those eco-conscious designers and developers some credit. It takes…[More]

Bizarre Eco Innovations, From Green Upholstery to Moss Bracelets 1

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Pet Feeder Recycling Bins

1 Pet Feeder Recycling Bins

Vegetable Phone-Charging Walls

2 Vegetable Phone-Charging Walls

Compact Electric Cars

3 Compact Electric Cars

Droplet Hook Planters

4 Droplet Hook Planters

Sweet Selfie Deliveries

5 Sweet Selfie Deliveries

Ultra Energy-Efficient Homes

6 Ultra Energy-Efficient Homes