Hilarious Baby-Cropping
Photos of Hilarious Baby-Cropping (Via: photoshopfacelift, listoftheday.blogspot)

Hilarious Baby-Cropping Photos

Known only as the "angry baby", photoshopping infants for hilarity has become a favorite past-time for people who have both too much time on their hands, and are into keeping the public entertained. The…[More]

Photoshopping Infants for Laughs 1Photoshopping Infants for Laughs 2Photoshopping Infants for Laughs 3Photoshopping Infants for Laughs 4Photoshopping Infants for Laughs 5Photoshopping Infants for Laughs 6Photoshopping Infants for Laughs 7Photoshopping Infants for Laughs 8Photoshopping Infants for Laughs 9Photoshopping Infants for Laughs 10

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