40 Living Ecotecture Designs
Photos of 40 Living Ecotecture Designs (Via: Full Article)

40 Living Ecotecture Designs Photos

If you've lurked around's Eco category, you know how much we love living designs and especially what we've dubbed ecotecture--short for eco-friendly architecture. These large-scale living…[More]

From Rooftop Gardens to Skyscraper Greenhouses 1

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Portable Wind Turbines

1 Portable Wind Turbines

Indoor Reclaimed Farms

2 Indoor Reclaimed Farms

Upcycled Chinese Cafes

3 Upcycled Chinese Cafes

Paper Bag Book Bindings

4 Paper Bag Book Bindings

Eco-Friendly Rural Homes

5 Eco-Friendly Rural Homes

Portable Water Bottle Lamps

6 Portable Water Bottle Lamps