30 Unusual Valentine
Photos of 30 Unusual Valentine's Day Innovations (Via: Full Article)

30 Unusual Valentine's Day Innovations Photos

Valentine's Day is the undisputed day of love and romance. Whether it's spent with a spouse, significant other, group of single friends, or alone with a movie and a bottle of wine, it's a day to celebrate…[More]

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Nautical Rum Bottles

1 Nautical Rum Bottles

Savory Omelet Scones

2 Savory Omelet Scones

Patterned Chocolate Shavings

3 Patterned Chocolate Shavings

Phallic Latte Froth

4 Phallic Latte Froth

Custom Selfie Toasters

5 Custom Selfie Toasters

All-Inclusive Bicycle Tools

6 All-Inclusive Bicycle Tools