20 IKEA Innovations
Photos of 20 IKEA Innovations (Via: Full Article)

20 IKEA Innovations Photos

Swedish home furniture superstore IKEA has completely revolutionized the way we shop for our homes. By creating inexpensive, flat-pack furniture that the consumer takes home and assembles on their own,…[More]

From Flat-Pack Funerals to the Interactive Fauxval Office 1

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Cinematic GIF Makers

1 Cinematic GIF Makers

Concrete Framed Residences

2 Concrete Framed Residences

Panoramic Seaside Abodes

3 Panoramic Seaside Abodes

Lofty Carefree Homes

4 Lofty Carefree Homes

Geologically Sustained Abodes

5 Geologically Sustained Abodes

Clothes-Refreshing Robots

6 Clothes-Refreshing Robots