Handbags Made of Fish
Photos of Handbags Made of Fish (Via: unnurwear, notcouture)

Handbags Made of Fish Photos

These gorgeous handbags from Iceland’s Unnurwear are made using farmed Icelandic Salmon and African Perch. It’s not as bizarre as it seems; apparently the sea-leather, as it is called, performs as…[More]

Unnurwear Sea-Leather Purses 1Unnurwear Sea-Leather Purses 2Unnurwear Sea-Leather Purses 3Unnurwear Sea-Leather Purses 4Unnurwear Sea-Leather Purses 5Unnurwear Sea-Leather Purses 6Unnurwear Sea-Leather Purses 7Unnurwear Sea-Leather Purses 8Unnurwear Sea-Leather Purses 9Unnurwear Sea-Leather Purses 10

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