Black & White Stencil Portraits
Photos of Black & White Stencil Portraits (Via: woostercollective, flickr)

Black & White Stencil Portraits Photos

Sten & Lex is an amazing street artist from Italy. He had a show in London recently at the Pure Evil Gallery where some of these stunning black and white stencil artworks were exhibited. I would love…[More]

Street Art By Sten & Lex 1Street Art By Sten & Lex 2Street Art By Sten & Lex 3Street Art By Sten & Lex 4Street Art By Sten & Lex 5Street Art By Sten & Lex 6Street Art By Sten & Lex 7Street Art By Sten & Lex 8Street Art By Sten & Lex 9Street Art By Sten & Lex 10

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