Nail-Studded Jack o
Photos of Nail-Studded Jack o' Lanterns (Via: extremepumpkins)

Nail-Studded Jack o' Lanterns Photos

Tom Nardone runs a site called Extreme Pumpkins which turns this once-gentle October pastime into a dark, shocking holiday. This is pumpkin carving for adults with knobs on. Pyrotechnic pumpkins can be…[More]

Extreme Pumpkins (UPDATE) 1Extreme Pumpkins (UPDATE) 2Extreme Pumpkins (UPDATE) 3Extreme Pumpkins (UPDATE) 4Extreme Pumpkins (UPDATE) 5Extreme Pumpkins (UPDATE) 6Extreme Pumpkins (UPDATE) 7Extreme Pumpkins (UPDATE) 8Extreme Pumpkins (UPDATE) 9Extreme Pumpkins (UPDATE) 10

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