Political Pumpkins
Photos of Political Pumpkins (Via: Full Article)

Political Pumpkins Photos

This Halloween, prepare to see Barack Obama and Sarah Palin themes in your neighborhood as people get creative with political pumpkin wars! Halloween is a great time to unleash some creativity, so we’ll…[More]

Obamalanterns & Sarah Palinkins 1Obamalanterns & Sarah Palinkins 2Obamalanterns & Sarah Palinkins 3Obamalanterns & Sarah Palinkins 4Obamalanterns & Sarah Palinkins 5Obamalanterns & Sarah Palinkins 6Obamalanterns & Sarah Palinkins 7Obamalanterns & Sarah Palinkins 8Obamalanterns & Sarah Palinkins 9Obamalanterns & Sarah Palinkins 10

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