34 Multitasking Designs
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34 Multitasking Designs Photos

You might think that home decor involves adding things--a piece of artwork, wall color, a window treatment--but when the task is also home organization, subtraction is the guiding principle to follow.…[More]


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Minimalist Meditative Dwellings

1 Minimalist Meditative Dwellings

Woven Wax Tables

2 Woven Wax Tables

Handmade Horseshoe Decor

3 Handmade Horseshoe Decor

Multicolored Fish Mosaics

4 Multicolored Fish Mosaics

Vibrant Geometric Textiles

5 Vibrant Geometric Textiles

Culturally Fused Eateries

6 Culturally Fused Eateries