Anti-Palin Alaskan Protests
Photos of Anti-Palin Alaskan Protests (Via: mudflats.wordpress)

Anti-Palin Alaskan Protests Photos

The largest rally in Alaskan history took place last week, and surprisingly it was against Sarah Palin. Thousands of protesters gathered and were instructed to get creative in making their own slogans…[More]

Pun-Laden Political Slogans 1Pun-Laden Political Slogans 2Pun-Laden Political Slogans 3Pun-Laden Political Slogans 4Pun-Laden Political Slogans 5Pun-Laden Political Slogans 6Pun-Laden Political Slogans 7Pun-Laden Political Slogans 8Pun-Laden Political Slogans 9Pun-Laden Political Slogans 10

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