Digitally Doggified
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Digitally Doggified Photos

A-listers with fur is where it's at, and I am not talking Lassie here. This is a gallery of celebrities merged with dogs (in a non-Christina Aguilera kind of way). In some of these images, the celebs…[More]

Celebrity-to-Dog Photoshop Fusion 1Celebrity-to-Dog Photoshop Fusion 2Celebrity-to-Dog Photoshop Fusion 3Celebrity-to-Dog Photoshop Fusion 4Celebrity-to-Dog Photoshop Fusion 5Celebrity-to-Dog Photoshop Fusion 6Celebrity-to-Dog Photoshop Fusion 7Celebrity-to-Dog Photoshop Fusion 8Celebrity-to-Dog Photoshop Fusion 9Celebrity-to-Dog Photoshop Fusion 10

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