Rallying Against Homophobia
Photos of Rallying Against Homophobia (Via: stonewall.org.uk, pinknews)

Rallying Against Homophobia Photos

A host of high-profile celebrities are joining Stonewall in its widespread campaign against homophobic bullying in Britain's schools. Beloved stars such as Sir Ian McKellen, Dannii Minogue, Westlife's…[More]

Celebs Say 'Get Over It' 1Celebs Say 'Get Over It' 2Celebs Say 'Get Over It' 3Celebs Say 'Get Over It' 4Celebs Say 'Get Over It' 5Celebs Say 'Get Over It' 6Celebs Say 'Get Over It' 7Celebs Say 'Get Over It' 8Celebs Say 'Get Over It' 9Celebs Say 'Get Over It' 10

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