Faces as Artistic Objects
Photos of Faces as Artistic Objects (Via: levivanveluw.nl)

Faces as Artistic Objects Photos

Dutch artist Levi van Veluw’s “Landscape” and “Material Transfers” self portraits were featured on Trend Hunter a few months ago, where we explained that the concept of elemental transfers means that the…[More]

“BallPoints” by Levi van Veluw 1“BallPoints” by Levi van Veluw 2“BallPoints” by Levi van Veluw 3“BallPoints” by Levi van Veluw 4“BallPoints” by Levi van Veluw 5“BallPoints” by Levi van Veluw 6“BallPoints” by Levi van Veluw 7“BallPoints” by Levi van Veluw 8“BallPoints” by Levi van Veluw 9

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