Synthetic Blood Nourishment Beverages
Photos of Synthetic Blood Nourishment Beverages (Via: hbo, thedieline)

Synthetic Blood Nourishment Beverages Photos

No, this is not another new energy drink on the market; it is part of the elaborate ad campaign for the new HBO series ‘True Blood’ which is based on, what else, 'vampires'. The show, which premiers…[More]

HBO 'Tru Blood' Promotion 1HBO 'Tru Blood' Promotion 2HBO 'Tru Blood' Promotion 3HBO 'Tru Blood' Promotion 4HBO 'Tru Blood' Promotion 5HBO 'Tru Blood' Promotion 6HBO 'Tru Blood' Promotion 7HBO 'Tru Blood' Promotion 8HBO 'Tru Blood' Promotion 9HBO 'Tru Blood' Promotion 10

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