Photos of SolarKiosk (Via:, gizmag)

SolarKiosk Photos

Germany’s Graft architecture studio has helped to establish Ethiopia’s first ‘SolarKiosk’ in the Lake Langano region. The compact structure runs on photovoltaic panels and...[More]

Ethiopia's 'Solarkiosk' Focuses on Energy 1Ethiopia's 'Solarkiosk' Focuses on Energy 2Ethiopia's 'Solarkiosk' Focuses on Energy 3Ethiopia's 'Solarkiosk' Focuses on Energy 4Ethiopia's 'Solarkiosk' Focuses on Energy 5Ethiopia's 'Solarkiosk' Focuses on Energy 6Ethiopia's 'Solarkiosk' Focuses on Energy 7Ethiopia's 'Solarkiosk' Focuses on Energy 8Ethiopia's 'Solarkiosk' Focuses on Energy 9

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