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Greetings !

This month, the Trend Hunter team toured to sold-out Future Festival events in LA, NYC and Chicago. We had a blast meeting so many of you and were delighted that 88% have rated Future Festival the best 1-day event they've ever attended.

We also surprised the group with a couple guest speakers, including Francis Pierrel, CEO of Club Monaco and Tony Hunter, former CEO of Chicago Tribune. If you want to join us, London is already sold out, but we have a few tickets available to the Orlando Future Festival on April 6.


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CEO, Author & Keynote Speaker - JeremyGutsche.com

P.S. Here's my innovation keynote schedule:

Consumer Insights
Carbless Casual
Traditional side dish formats are revamped to be low-carb
Implications - Typically, flavor experimentation and truly inventive takes on healthier food were limited to formal dining. The demand for healthy, but imaginative food is increasing, and therefore... [More]
Lifestyle Trial
The try-before-you-buy model moves into unexpected places
Implications - As retail moves into the digital space, more brands are offering the option to try products before buying them. This concept is easier to execute in spaces such as fashion, but what... [More]
Novice Adulthood
Industries based in big-ticket items appeal to first-time buyers
Implications - The concept of “adulting” describes a tongue-in-cheek, reluctant approach to traditional pieces of adult life like car ownership. Though based in humor, youth’s... [More]
Automated Inhabitant
Technology has simplified the complications of renting a home
Implications - The real estate industry has embraced streamlining via technology in recent years, with things like hunting for a home to rent or buy becoming much easier. The steps following, however&... [More]
Personal Assistance Robotics
Robotics put voice-control features front and center
Implications - Robotics, particularly those intended for the home, are being designed in a way that establishes them as more of an in-home personal assistant than anything else. This occurs not only... [More]

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