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Greetings !

This month, the Trend Hunter team toured to sold-out Future Festival events in LA, NYC and Chicago. We had a blast meeting so many of you and were delighted that 88% have rated Future Festival the best 1-day event they've ever attended.

We also surprised the group with a couple guest speakers, including Francis Pierrel, CEO of Club Monaco and Tony Hunter, former CEO of Chicago Tribune. If you want to join us, London is already sold out, but we have a few tickets available to the Orlando Future Festival on April 6.


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CEO, Author & Keynote Speaker - JeremyGutsche.com

P.S. Here's my innovation keynote schedule:

Consumer Insights
Mobile Freshness
Food trucks differentiate by offering healthy, fresh options
Implications - Often associated with indulgent, experimental “frankenfoods,” food trucks are changing up offerings to suit consumers seeking out healthier options. Providing an... [More]
Biophilia Design
Nature-inspired aesthetics resonate with the desire to connect with life
Implications - The hypothesis that humans have an inherent desire to seek connection with nature, known as biophilia, is being consciously integrated into product design. Looking to create... [More]
Normalizing Disability
Handicaps showcased in everyday brand activations promote inclusivity
Implications - Connecting with consumers on a personal level, brands are promoting normalization to become more readily accessible to people with disabilities. With a focus on youth in particular,... [More]
Smart Car Park
Garages are adapting to accommodate demand for connected convenience
Implications - As IoT continues to permeate the home, garages are being updated with connected technology, making for more intuitive car parking. With emerging features such as mobile connection and... [More]
Resourceful Garage
Strategic garage innovations create simple solutions for new homeowners
Implications - Often doubling as a work station, storage unit and even a hangout zone, the garage is being further integrated as part of the home through innovative accessories that make it a more... [More]
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