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Who is Mask Masher you may ask yourself?

An avenger? A thief? INCOGNITO?

Yes. Mask Masher is all of these. And he has chosen to keep his identity secret for many a reason. Say you want to check out a place, but you DON'T want them to all know your blog-happy mug is reviewing them for his aficionados. HA! Mask Masher strikes again!

Suppose the man behind the mask just gotta whip it out to prove a point. MASK MASHER!!!

What if a rule or two just gotta be broke? No one wants to go to jail right?!? ~MM

All & all you need nothing more than faith.

Faith in Mask Masher.

And in return you will be enlightened in the ways of Tech, Los Angeles, Pop and Counter Culture from the true, or rather fake faced alley cat of computing & compton,