Dan Ariely

Dan Ariely Keynotes - In Dan Ariely speeches, he examines how irrational behaviors affect decision-making. As a Professor...

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Dan Ariely discusses how the attitudes of people about a goal change when certain factors of motivation are altered in his work attitude keynote.

Most people in the labor force believe that in order for someone to work harder they need to be motivated by money, but according to Ariely there are other facets that contribute to a productive work force.

He explains that the reason people work so passionately on a task is because they are given a perceived end goal. There are numerous factors that contribute in motivating people, one crucial factor is the acknowledgment for a person’s work. To showcase how true this is Ariely uses the example where software engineers were told to build a product, later on the CEO decided to cancel all the projects, which led to a massive drop in work force morale. 

Ignoring the efforts of people is similar to destroying their work. Adding motivation is easy and eliminating motivation is incredly detrimental.