Mark Forsyth

Mark Forsyth Keynotes - The keynotes by Mark Forsyth focus on how reality controls the meaning behind words. Mark uses the... Need Inspiration?

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The who is a snollygoster keynote by Mark Forsyth makes the connection between words and politics. Mark Forsyth gives a brief history of how the word "president" has transformed from a humble title into a word representing grandeur.

Once America achieved its independence, the country was uncertain as to what to name the Republican leader. After a three-week long debate, the senate never formally endorsed the title, but agreed to use it temporarily. After 223 years, this title is still in use, and it has become a word that reflects a hugely dominant nation and a country of greatness.

The who is a snollygoster keynote by Mark Forsyth shows how reality and history can shape a word. Politicians use words to control reality, but it is reality that controls words.