Katrin Baumgarten

Katrin Baumgarten Keynotes - Keynotes by Katrin Baumgarten surround the topics of design and explore the relationship between...

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Society as a whole has been conditioned into averting from all things that are aesthetically unpleasant; exploring this behavior is what Katrin Baumgarten discusses in this understanding disgust keynote.

Most people have been raised into avoiding anything unpleasant and instead shift their focus on beautiful, eye-pleasing aesthetics. The power of disgust is present in the everyday lives of people. A car accident or badly designed gowns are things that capture the attention of people and entices them into establishing some form of relationship with those things.

Introducing a design with unpleasant aesthetic can greatly intensify the user and object relationship. Disgusting things fascinate people; it forces people into acknowledging subjects or creations that they never would have addressed, if they were just regular mundane objects or scenarios.