Tom Hingley

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This Tom Hingey speech explores the changed dynamics of copyrighting. Hingley is a musician and professor, who began his career with the Inspiral Carpets in the 80s, amidst the "baggy" or "Madchester" scene.

Hingley explains the death of copyright within the music industry and the corporate world in general. He begins with the bold statement on his teaching style, admitting that he encourages music students to be money oriented. With the Internet preventing the tracking of pirated content and infringed copyrights, musicians must connect themselves with money in an alternative way.

Hingley argues that the music industry is stuck in a catch 22. Search engines will direct consumers to royalty free sites, where corporate levels and record labels will create more costs and less profits. His dynamic perspective on the industry suggests an urgent need for change and innovation in the process of consuming music. The industry must recognize music as art before it is recognized as product.