Thomas Thwaites

Thomas Thwaites Keynotes - Keynotes by Thomas Thwaites examine his design mission to create a toaster from scratch. Thwaites... Need Inspiration?

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Designer Thomas Thwaites hilariously relates his mission to build a toaster from scratch, resulting in an intriguing examination of the industrial processes surrounding our lives. Thwaites was inspired by a line from the book 'A Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy,' which states "left to his own devices he couldn't build a toaster. He could just about make a sandwich and that was it."

To begin, Thomas Thwaites took apart a seven dollar toaster into its 400 separate pieces. Thomas Thwaites' journey to build a toaster took him to an iron ore mine in an attempt to create steel, which requires many tries. Thwaites' attempt to build the toaster produced a fascinating exploration of the industrial materials and processes that surround us and on which we rely daily.