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Mitch Resnick

Mitch Resnick Keynotes - Mitch Resnick's keynote speeches focus on finding new ways to engage young people with technology.... Need Inspiration?

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In this technological fluency keynote, Mitch Resnick advocates for teaching kids coding so they can actually create and express themselves with technology rather than simply interact with it.

Resnick begins the keynote with an anecdote about a website he created called Scratch which is an easy to use interactive game generator. He logged on to create a Mother's Day card and ended up viewing cards made by kids on the site. While his mom was proud he'd created a site that allowed kids a chance to express themselves through technology, Mitch realized this wasn't happening enough. He compares the current climate for technological fluency to someone being able to read, but not write.

Resnick asserts that coding should be taught to children because it is becoming increasingly important.