Damon Horowitz

Damon Horowitz Keynotes - Damon Horowitz's keynotes centre around the need for education. Beyond traditional education,...

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In his talk on prison education, Damon Horowitz recounts his experience being a philosophy teacher to prisoners at San Quentin State Prison, through the Prison University Project.

Horowitz doesn't so much talk about his experience as he performs it. He brings an incredible level of energy and passion to his talk on prison education, the likes of which I have never seen. A simple lecture on the concepts of right and wrong takes an extremely personal turn for Horowitz when an inmate student expresses his own personal frustration knowing that his actions will forever brand him as wrong. Horowitz -- being an educator -- engages with his student in order to get him to think critically about his opinions and emotions.

At the end of the talk on prison education, we are left to contemplate not just what was said, but the emotion behind it; as well as discovering the power education can have in not just providing knowledge, but healing as well.