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Sue Gardner

Sue Gardner Keynotes - Sue Gardner's keynotes focus on the values of the Wikimedia Foundation. As its executive director,... Need Inspiration?

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In this keynote, Sue Gardner offers an in-depth discussion on how Wikipedia is changing the world. As the executive director of this nonprofit organization, Gardner is conscious of the criticism and doubt generated by the site, and she addresses these issues in her speech.

Sue Gardner offers reassurance, with the help of statistics and a short video, that the content featured on Wikipedia is of high quality and is curated by high-minded and intelligent individuals. She expresses her belief that the site's editors and contributors volunteer their time and efforts to the site with the intention of making the world a better place. Sue Gardner argues that Wikipedia embodies a rather radical notion in that it provides people all over the world access to free knowledge. With over 408 million users a month, Wikipedia empowers individuals to educate themselves and create their own choices and decisions based on newly acquired knowledge.