Salman Rushdie

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Author Salman Rushdie discusses video games and the Internet from a novelists point of view in this storytelling talk. Rushdie has a son who plays a lot of current video games, and while Rushdie doesn't really know what these games are all about, they intrigue him as a storyteller.

Rushdie points out that in many current video games, the player is left to decide how they will explore this world that they're provided with. They not only provide players with a main story, they also offer many other excursions and side stories. This is extremely appealing from a writer's standpoint. He also enjoys the way that the Internet and video games allow people to jump into the middle of a story rather than starting at the beginning.

Rushdie does, however, believe that video games, while comparable to books in some ways, are likely to have a dumbing down effect in children.