Peter Thiel

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There is a bias belief in our society pertaining to luck and accrediting it as the force behind the success of certain ventures; this start-up business keynote by Peter Thiel aims to debunk this theory and provide an alternative perspective for looking at and achieving success in the future.

When a new start-up business does extremely well or a new venture is very well received people have a tendency to attribute these achievements to luck. As Peter highlights in this start-up business keynote there are more concrete factors to consider before attributing a certain success to luck. By examining what happens to people after their initial success.

Peter describes the future of the potential success of a business by characterizing it into quadrants; determinate, indeterminate, optimistic and pessimistic. If you believe the future is determinate you have confidence and work towards solid ideas. If you believe it is indeterminate, the general rule is to diversify and try many ideas trying to find something that works. If you see the future in an optimistic light, you believe it will get better than it is now and a pessimistic view means you think it will get worse.