Seth Shostak

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Nicknamed 'The Alien Hunter,' Seth Shostak talks about the benefits of instilling children with an interest for science in this space exploration keynote.

Shostak specializes in the study of extra terrestrial life, a line of work that many people would consider incredulous work. However, with the exponential growth of technology in equipment and electronics, the amount of space that can be studied continues to expand. Within two dozen years people will able to explore roughly a million star systems, with each of those systems containing planets that may be able to support life.

Seth Shostak also takes his passion for space exploration to children. Giving presentations at Elementary and Junior High Schools, Shostak is adamant about instilling an interest for science in the younger generation. Many disciplines can be included within the work of exploring extra terrestrial life, a field that will continue to grow in importance in the upcoming years.