Bruno Pieters

Bruno Pieters Keynotes - The Bruno Pieters speeches on transparency and making socially conscious decisions in retail speak... Need Inspiration?

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In his socially conscious business speech, Bruno Pieters of Honest By implores everyone to not only acknowledge their humanity, but also to make purchases that reflect their values. His fashion line is the only 100% transparent company, which offers information like the origin of materials, price calculation and mark-ups. To help companies be more sustainable, one should only buy from brands that align with personal values and stimulate transparency by asking questions. If one is against animal cruelty or child labor for instance, every time you make a purchase from a company who has these sorts of practices in place you are supporting their actions.

By asking questions like who made it, where was it made and what am i paying for, one can effectively use their voice and be the change they wish to see in the world. Pieters's socially conscious business speech also refers to money as a universal language that can be used as a powerful tool for social change.