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Shannon Brownlee

Shannon Brownlee Keynotes - Shannon Brownlee's keynotes focus on the current state of the health care system within the United... Need Inspiration?

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Shannon Brownlee, a leader in the American healthcare debate and author of 'Overtreated,' discusses her stance on present-day healthcare issues in the United States. Shannon Brownlee's speech is simple and straightforward, yet delivers a powerful message. Sharing her research, she explains how America reimburses its doctors based on a fee-for-service method, which often represents an emphasis on the volume of treatment instead of the value. Shannon Brownlee explains how this fee-for-service method actually lowers the quality of care Americans receive. In America, doctors aren't paid to prevent illness, they are only paid to treat patients who have fallen ill. Shannon Brownlee explains how doing the right thing for patients often creates negative results for the business of healthcare, giving doctors little incentive to provide valuable treatment. Brownlee's speech offers a variety of solutions to these problems including open discussion amongst politicians and transparent healthcare spending.