Daniel Suarez

Daniel Suarez Keynotes - The keynotes by Daniel Suarez reflect his experience as an American information technology...

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Science fiction author Daniel Suarez's robotic weaponry speech focuses on automated guns and the danger that comes along with developing and using them. Though Suarez is a writer of fiction, he sees threats associated with the use of lethal automated devices in war.

Suarez wrote a book on this topic in 2012 entitled 'The Kill Decision' and continues to share his concerns publicly. In his speech, Suarez talks about the use of automated drones controlled by humans as opposed to fully automated machine guns and snipers, which have reportedly been used in North Korea.

Suarez also argues that tools used in conflict resolution help to shape society and can also shift the power balance. He discusses the way that replacing an army with robotic weaponry can put power into fewer hands, which threatens democratic societies.

Daniel Suarez's robotic weaponry speech proposes that all nations need to stop using automated weaponry to remove the potential threat of anonymous war.