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Salman Khan’s Remodeling Education Speech Discusses New Age Te

By: Tiffany - Published: Jan 28, 2014 • References: thelavinagency and youtube
Salman Khan’s remodeling education speech deals with the importance of reinventing the idea of traditional education. The former analyst of a hedge fund demonstrates the learning power potential in interactive exercises by flipping traditional education in the classroom.

Khan talks about his not-for-profit organization the Khan Academy, which is a virtual and automated version of traditional education. Originally, Khan started the academy through constructing online tutorials of math and science for his cousins to learn algebra, needless to say, the videos proved successful as Khan illustrates the effectiveness of learning through letting students learn at their own pace.

Salman Khan’s remodeling education speech also talks about his philosophy -- to learn math the way one learns anything and do it for as long as necessary until one has mastered the topic.