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Rainn Wilson Keynotes - Rainn Wilson's keynotes reflect the comedian's unique sense of humor. Rainn Wilson is perhaps best...

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In this brief talk, The Office co-star and Soulpancake.com founder Rainn Wilson discusses the notion of awkward humor and the generational shift on which the show may have capitalized. Rainn Wilson describes The Office's approach to comedy not as "set up, set up, punchline," but as the reactions of some characters to the behavior of other characters.

Rainn Wilson touches upon the generational divide between fans, as the show's popularity has extended to children as young as 12, who appreciate the comedic effect more than some adults, who often describe the show as too painfully embarrassing to watch. He views the humor of the hit show as absurd but also realistic, especially when the audience's reaction is mirrored in some of the characters on screen.